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The links below lead to background information on the main characters that appeared in Sons and Daughters during its run. Included is almost everyone who had more than a couple of lines - so that's the main cast plus any guest artists who appeared in more than one episode or who played a role in terms of instigating a major plot twist.


Adams, Barney
Andrews, Gayle
Andrews, Rosie
Armstrong, Barbara
Armstrong, Prue
Armstrong, Roland
Armstrong, Wendy
Ashley, Bill


Bainbridge, Chris
Bainbridge, Colonel
Banning, Laura
Bartlett, Charlie
Barton, Shelley
Bates, Mr.
Benson, Michael
Benson, Nick
Bourke, Desmond
Boyle, Mrs.
Brandon, Alan
Brinkley, Moya
Brooke, Owen
Brooks, Darren
Buckley, Todd
Burns, Kelly


Campbell, Jess
Campbell, Rod
Carlyle, Luke
Carlyle, Roger
Carr, Alison
Chaplin, Tom
Cook, Lisa
Crampton, Richard
Curtis, Neville


Devlin, Noel
Dimitriou, Nikos
Doyle, Ginny
Duffy, Neil
Dunne, Margaret
Dutton, Gloria


Elliott, Kathleen
Elliott, Robin
Evans, Gary


Ferguson, Lucy
Fisher, Irene
Fisher, Nat
Fisher, Todd
Fletcher, Billie
Fletcher, Caroline
Fletcher, Doug
Fox, Karen
Frazer, Jodie


Green, Andy
Green, Helen


Halliday, Debbie
Hamilton, Angela
Hamilton, Barbara
Hamilton, Beryl
Hamilton, Gordon
Hamilton, James
Hamilton, Karen
Hamilton, Patricia
Hamilton, Susan
Hamilton, Wayne
Hansen, Enid
Hansen, Terry
Hansen, Warren
Hardy, Lynn
Hardy, Victor
Hawkins, Ruby
Healy, Jennifer
Healy, Martin
Healy, Peter
Henderson, Frannie
Holland, Nikki
Hopkins, Colin
Hopkins, Jean
Hudson, Barry
Hudson, Doris
Hudson, Greg
Hudson, Pamela
Hudson, Phyllis
Hudson, Sarah
Hung, Nguyen
Hunt, Cassie
Hunt, Maggie




Jackson, Donna
Jones, Angel


Keegan, Angela
Keegan, Brett

Keegan, Rob
Kennedy, Matt
Kingsford, Stuart


Mason, Hal
Matsoukis, Helena
Matthews, Christine
Maxwell, Craig
McCarthy, Tick
Miller, Di
Mitchell, Bob 'Mitch'
Mitchell, Kerry
Morrell, Amanda
Morrell, Caroline
Morrell, Dee
Morrell, Denise
Morrell, Patricia
Morrell, Samantha
Morrell, Stephen
Morrell, Wayne


Newman, Beth
Newman, Ross
Nilsson, Bjorn
Nolan, Cheri


O'Brien, Heather
O'Brien, Jeff
O'Brien, Jim
O'Brien, Katie
O'Brien, Mike
O'Donnel, Brian
O'Donnel, Jill
O'Donnel, Sean


Palmer, Angela
Palmer, Beryl

Palmer, David
Palmer, Donna
Palmer, Doug
Palmer, John
Palmer, Kevin
Palmer, Leigh
Palmer, Lynn
Palmer, Patricia
Palmer, Rosie
Palmer, Susan
Palmer, Tim
Parker, Alice
Parker, Joe
Parker, Ned
Parker, Tony
Pascoe, Alan
Phipps, Duncan
Plan C
Porter, Frank
Pratt, Micky
Pryor, Ron


Reid, Janice
Reynolds, Mary
Ryan, Mick
Ryan, Shirley


Sanders, Bill
Sheppard, James
Sheppard, Paul
Smith, Liz
Souchon, Phillipe


Tate, Adam
Tate, Eric
Tate, Sally
Taylor, Jill
Thompson, Fiona
Thompson, Scott
Todd, Bill
Todd, Susan
Treece, Eloise
Turner, Colin
Turner, Denise
Turner, Jenny


Walsh, Leo
Walters, May
Watson, Leanne
Webb, Arthur 'Spider'
Webb, Julie
White, Michelle
Wilkins, Bert


Young, Bernie
Young, Glen


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