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Background Index



Transcripts of newspaper and magazine articles from the 1980s



A record of the babies born during Sons and Daughters' run



A look at the various novelisations of Sons and Daughters storylines


Cast Album

The album recorded by the casts of Sons and Daughters and A Country Practice


Closing Credits

How the closing credits change over time



A record of those characters who lose their life during Sons and Daughters' run


Details of the Sons and Daughters DVDs available and planned


Facts & Stats

Interesting facts and statistics about Sons and Daughters, plus answers to some frequently-asked questions.


Fan Cards
Promotional cards sent to fans of Sons and Daughters.



A complete guide to all 970 cliffhangers



Visit further websites on Sons and Daughters, its cast and other Australian soaps



A look at when Sons and Daughters characters graced the covers of Australian TV magazines


Opening Titles

Every opening sequence and every character named!



Where the characters live, work, hang out or are taken against their will!


Setting the City

The shots used to establish where the action takes place


Theme Music

Download the opening and closing theme tunes!


Time Lapse

A record of the occasions when time jumps by more than a day



A record of all those occasions where Sons and Daughters characters marry - or nearly marry!

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