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If there weren't new arrivals every now and again, there wouldn't be much point in calling the show Sons and Daughters! The kids selected to play the babies in soaps can be interchangeable, so this page charts them as they looked when they first and last appeared in the show.

John and Angela

John and Angela

The very first babies to be born in the show are John and Angela - the twins to whom Patricia gives birth in Episode 1 - in 1962. By the time the modern-day action takes place, the twins are on the verge of their 20th birthdays.

David Ernest Palmer

David Ernest Palmer Davey in his final appearance, approaching the age of 2

The first modern-day baby to arrive is David Ernest Palmer, son of Kevin and Lynn Palmer. He's named after Kevin's father, David, and Lynn's grandfather, Ernest Hardy.

Felicity and John Matthews

Felicity and John Matthews

In order to avoid a wait of several years for him and Angela to adopt a child, Paul Sheppard arranges to buy the baby of a young mother-to-be, the plan being that his name will go down on the birth certificate as the father. The woman he finds, Christine Matthews, actually gives birth to twins - a boy and a girl. She names the boy John, after John Palmer, who's there when she gives birth, and she names the girl Felicity. The babies are not seen for very long, as Paul and Christine move into an apartment away from Dural, leaving Angela to reconcile with Rob and move up-north.

Fee O'Donnel

Fee O'Donnel Fee (with Jill) in her last appearance, at just over a year old

Jill O'Donnel is raped by Terry Hansen and finds herself pregnant. Terry then turns out to be Fiona Thompson's son, making Fiona the grandmother of Jill's child. The baby is a girl, and Jill names her after Fiona to thank her for everything that she's done for her. To avoid confusion, she decides that her daughter should be known as Fee. Jill brings Fiona up in Sydney until early-1985, when she moves to be near Terry in the country.

Robert Palmer

Robert Palmer Robert Palmer in his last appearance, aged about 2½

After Beryl and David Palmer split up in 1984, they spend an unexpected night together after David loses Margaret Dunne and Beryl loses Jim O'Brien. Beryl falls pregnant as a result of that night. She almost gives birth in an abandoned mine-shaft, which she falls down while looking for David in the country house he owns in Sunbury, but she's rescued just in time and a baby boy is delivered in a nearby hospital. She names the boy Robert, after her father, Bob Keegan.

Coco, Chanel and No. 5

Isabella with Coco, Chanel and No. 5

Charlie's pet dog, Isabella 2, is - to Charlie's horror - impregnated at Woombai by a dog called Kokoda. When Isabella subsequently gives birth to three puppies - a dog and two bitches - Charlie names them Coco, Chanel and No. 5!


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