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In the early-1980s, when Australia's Seven Network was broadcasting both Sons and Daughters and A Country Practice, it decided to cash in on the shows' success - and provide the shows with some publicity - by producing and releasing a cast album.

The album was called 'All My Friends', and featured the cast of Sons and Daughters on the A-side and the cast of A Country Practice on the B-side. The songlisting and singers are given below.


Sons and Daughters cover




1. Sons and Daughters Theme
2. Some Kind of Friend (Ian Rawlings)
3. Bosom Buddies (Pat McDonald and Rowena Wallace)
4. The More I See You (Peter Phelps and Kim Lewis)
5. Behind Closed Doors (Thomas Richards and Leila Hayes)
6. Sometimes When We Touch (Stephen Comey)
7. Help Me Make It Through the Night (Leila Hayes)
8. Friends (Rowena Wallace)

A Country Practice cover


1. A Country Practice Theme
2. Dream a Little Dream (Shane Withington)
3. As Time Goes By (Brian Wenzel)
4. Let's Call the Whole Thing Off (Penny Cook and Grant Dodwell)
5. True Love (Lorrae Desmond and Brian Wenzel)
6. Yesterday When I Was Young (Lorrae Desmond)
7. Wooolloomooloo (Syd Heylen)
8. My First Night Without You (Helen Scott)



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