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The Articles section incorporates the text of Sons and Daughters-related articles that appeared in newspapers and magazines (primarily in Australia) during the time the series was originally on the air in the 1980s. The articles are divided into sections indicating whether they're about the series generally or about particular characters or the actors/actresses that played them. Many of the articles were illustrated with pictures which it has not been possible to reproduce here because the articles only exist as photocopies with low-quality graphics.

Five Shots - And One's Dead! (Spoiler for 1983 finale)
Sons and ...Shocks (Spoilers for 1984 episodes)
How Will We Cope When the Rat Leaves?
Star's Farwell - Tears Flow as 'Super-bitch' Quits Series
New Bitch Takes Crown
Who Killed Roger? (Spoilers for 1985 episodes)
Soapie Bitch in Crash Cliffhanger (Spoilers for 1985 episodes)
Dressing up the stars!
The Wedding That Almost Wasn't...
Stars in Wars
S&D's Death Throes
Seven to Axe Long Running Soapie
Tears Mark End of Era in Soapies
Goodbye to Daddy of Soap Dramas

Charlie Bartlett | Sarah Kemp
Chattering Charlie a Silly Character but she Rates
Soapie Kids Put Dizzy Charlie in a Spin

Alison Carr | Belinda Giblin
Belinda New 'Pat the Rat'
Pat the Rat Back to Shake Up Sons and Daughters
I'm No Copycat!
Belinda Signs On Again
A Second-Hand Pat? Not Me, Says Belinda
Rowena's Return Pleases Belinda

Ginny Doyle | Angela Kennedy
Wayward Daughter

Sarah Hunt | Christine James
Identity Mystery over Pat the Rat

Gordon Hamilton | Brian Blain
Acting Up

Patricia Hamilton/Morrell/Palmer | Rowena Wallace
Pat the Rat: Whoever Dreamt Up That One?
Brits Hate Pat the Rat!
No Rest for Rowena
At Last, Rowena's Back in the Soap Opera Rat-Race
Pat the Rat's Back

Wayne Hamilton | Ian Rawlings
Kids' Stuff
Ian Rawlings: What a Little Beauty!

Bob 'Mitch' Mitchell | Philip Quast
Off Camera
TV Week Article

Amanda Morrell | Alyce Platt
Dedication Pays Off for Alyce

Katie O'Brien | Jane Seaborn
Jane's Big Decision: Study or Stardom?

Kevin Palmer | Stephen Comey
Stephen's Back in Top Soapie

Mary Reynolds | Tessa Humphries
Barry's Little Girl Becomes a Daughter

Jenny Turner | Joanna Lockwood
Second Time Round for Joanna

Glen Young | Mark Conroy
Mark's Warning
Young Soapie Star's Shock Discovery... Cancer Fear!


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