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Sons and Daughters:

The Australian Sons and Daughters Home Page

Chris Daly set up Sons and Daughters Mania.

Robert Myall has compiled a potted history of Sons and Daughters at

There is a section on Sons and Daughters, together with information on other classic Aussie soaps, at the aptly named Classic Aussie Soaps.

There is a Sons and Daughters site at

For discussion about Sons and Daughters, check out Drew's Yahoo Group at

Paul Dawber, who appeared in the final year of Sons and Daughters as Todd Buckley, has his own website, entitled Paul Dawber: An Actor with Attitude.

Brett Climo played Peter Healy in Sons and Daughters. Susan Heal is a big fan of Brett's and has set up a website devoted to him at:

Danielle Fairall has compiled a website dedicated to Rowena Wallace, at

Philip Quast, who played Bob 'Mitch' Mitchell in Sons and Daughters has an official site at

Other Australian Soaps:

A fantastic site about that other great Aussie soap of the 1970s and 1980s, The Young Doctors.

If you want to find out about more about the stars of Australian stage and screen entertainment, check out Aussie Actors.

If you're a Neighbours Fan, why not visit the Neighbours Worldwide Fanpages or the forums at

For an extensive guide to A Country Practice, check out the Wandin Valley Bush Nursing Hospital or A Country Practice: A Fan's Website.

There's lots of information about Return to Eden at the Harper Mining Inc. website.

Information on Australian soaps, other Australian TV shows and TV shows from around the world can be found in the ultimate TV encyclopaedia at TV Australia.

An Australian look at Australian soaps can be found at AuSoaps.


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