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There are a number of occasions in Sons and Daughters when, instead of following the day-to-day struggles of the Hamiltons, Palmers, Morrells et al, time jumps forward suddenly by a few days or, on occasion, a few months. Chronicled below are the times when the action moved more quickly than normal.

Episode 1

'Sydney 1962' caption

The very first scene of the very first episode of Sons and Daughters is set up using this caption to indicate a flashback to Sydney in 1962.

Episode 1

'Melbourne 1982' caption

Halfway through Episode 1, the action switches to modern-day Melbourne, heralded by this caption.

Episode 4

'Sydney 1962' caption

At the beginning of Episode 4 - the first 'proper' episode after the three half-hours that make up the series opener - there is a recap of events covered in the first three episodes - beginning with a return to Sydney in 1962.

Episode 4

'Melbourne 1982' caption

Events then move forward to Melbourne in 1982...

Episode 4

'Sydney 1982' caption

...and then to Sydney in 1982.

Episode 531

'Three Days Later...' caption

There's a very long gap before any further captions are used to indicate that time has jumped. The next occasion occurs after Patricia undergoes surgery on her leg in the 1984 season finale (Episode 528): she's released from hospital but has to use a wheelchair. Three days pass and she starts walking - albeit tentatively - again - just a few hours before the wheelchair explodes, it having been boobytrapped with a bomb.

Episode 540

'Three Months Later' caption

Karen Fox manipulates events so that Wayne thinks he's killed Bob 'Mitch' Mitchell. At the end of Episode 539, Karen persuades Wayne that they need each other. At the beginning of Episode 540, this caption appears: three months have elapsed and Wayne and Karen are marrying at Dural.

Episode 545

'Rio De Janeiro Two Days Later....' caption

After Patricia flees Australia following the attempts on her life by Roger Carlyle's men, Charlie tracks her down to Rio De Janeiro. Charlie's arrival in Rio is heralded by this passing of time.

Episode 588

'One Week Later......' caption

After Jenny Turner discovers that someone wants to build an abbatoir at Woombai, a week passes and the action switches to the plans to save the area from a development that will destroy it.

Episode 650

'Two Days Later.....' caption

Gordon and Barbara meet Mary Reynolds at Woombai and take care of her after she's tracked down by Mark Sproule, who's determined to kill her to gain an inheritance that he believes should have gone to him instead of Mary. When Gordon and Barbara decide to return to Dural, two days pass between their announcing the fact and their arrival in Sydney with Mary.

Episode 657

'Two Weeks Later.' caption

Time moves on by two weeks in this episode after Roger Carlyle has tricked Gordon into selling Woombai to him; Mary Reynolds has agreed to have reading and writing lessons; and Leigh has decided that her son, Shane, is better off staying with Leigh's mother.

Episode 719

'One Week Later' caption

A week passes after Fiona undergoes an operation to treat her cancer, Caroline is blackmailed into selling her shares in the company and Alison expresses interest in the mansion.

Episode 888

'Three Days Later' caption

After Ginny Doyle and Glen Young are killed in a car accident while chasing Wayne, three days elapse, covering the day of Ginny's funeral and carrying events forward to the day of Glen's funeral.

Episode 896

'Six Days Later' caption

This caption appears at the beginning of the episode in which Gordon and Beryl marry.

Episode 905

'One Week Later' caption

After a drunken Wayne is shot by the pool at Dural, he's treated in hospital, where he struggles to remember who pulled the gun on him. A week passes before he's released. The passing of time also speeds up the release of Pamela Hudson from prison back into society.

Episode 915

'One Month Later' caption

Wayne tells the police that it was Beryl who shot him - even though he recalls later that it was Susan. Beryl is held on remand and a month passes before the beginning of her trial.


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