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A soap opera wouldn't be a soap opera without its fair share of marriages. This page records the celebrations seen in Sons and Daughters and charts what eventually happened to each of the couples.

Bill Todd and Susan Palmer

Bill and Susan Todd

The first couple to tie the knot are Bill Todd and Susan Palmer. The marriage is short-lived, however, as Bill confesses to murdering his boss at work. When he goes to prison, he tells Susan that he never wants to see her again and that he's going to file for divorce. Susan refuses to give up on the marriage though, and Bill eventually relents. When he's transferred to a lower-security prison, Susan moves away from Melbourne to be near him. Three years later, shortly after Susan has moved back to Melbourne, Bill is killed in a prison brawl.

Kevin Palmer and Lynn Hardy

Kevin and Lynn Palmer

Lynn Hardy falls pregnant to her boyfriend and neighbour, Kevin Palmer, and the teenagers decide they want to marry and raise their child. The marriage survives a number of ups and downs, including Kevin having flings with Amanda Morrell and Sharon Holland and Lynn having flings with Phillipe Souchon and Andy Green. They eventually get back on track, though, and move away to England.

Rob Keegan and Angela Hamilton

Rob and Angela Keegan

After a whirlwind romance, Rob Keegan and Angela Hamilton almost elope, but are stopped and marry at Dural. Angela has to fight the feelings that she still has for Paul Sheppard, and she ends up leaving Rob for him. However, when that relationship breaks down and she discovers that Rob will give her another chance, she returns to him and the two of them move away up-north.

Jill Taylor and Brian O'Donnel

Jill and Brian O'Donnel

Jill Taylor is set to marry John Palmer but fears that her past as a prostitute will cause him to become a laughing stock amongst his airforce mates. When she meets Irishman, Brian O'Donnel, and learns that he's in Australia illegally, his visa having expired, she offers to marry him - as a business arrangement - so that he can stay in the country. Although she initially doesn't love him, she's grateful when he stands by her after she's raped by Terry Hansen and finds herself pregnant. The two of them move away to the south of Australia, but Brian disappears one day and Jill discovers that he's returned to Ireland to avenge his father's death at the hands of the IRA. A few weeks later, Jill learns to her horror that the same terrorist group has claimed Brian's life.

Gordon Hamilton and Barbara Armstrong

Gordon and Barbara Hamilton

Gordon Hamilton and Barbara Armstrong are old friends who have always been close. Barbara's first husband, Roland, dies while overseas, and Gordon splits from Patricia, meaning both are single again. Some months later, Gordon proposes to Barbara and she accepts. They marry when Gordon's divorce comes through and after Barbara has recovered from brain surgery she has to undergo after being kicked in the head by a horse. The marriage is a happy one until Liz Smith appears on the scene, and Gordon begins to fall in love with her. Gordon and Barbara come through this, but face further trials when it transpires that Roland Armstrong isn't dead after all. Barbara faces the temptation of returning to her first husband, but eventually chooses Gordon. It isn't until Barbara is left with devastating facial injuries following a car crash, followed by her discovery that Gordon has lost his memory as a result of the crash and thinks he's still married to Patricia, that the marriage falls apart. Barbara decides to move away from Sydney to be with Roland again.

Stephen Morrell and Patricia Hamilton

Patricia and Stephen Morrell

Patricia Hamilton meets Stephen Morrell when he decides to buy Toorak after she has to put the mansion on the market following the collapse of Ramberg in 1983. Stephen quickly woos Patricia and asks her to come on holiday to London with him. While there, they fall passionately in love and decide to marry, honeymooning in Paris before returning to Australia to announce the news to stunned friends and relatives. The marriage only lasts a few months, however, and the two of them split up after Stephen grows tired of Patricia's scheming to get her hands on the money she felt he should have been left by his mother, Dee, in her will.

Doug Palmer and Rosie Andrews

Rosie and Doug Palmer

When Rosie Andrews meets Doug Palmer while on a trip to Melbourne in 1982, there's an immediate spark between them. However, it's another year before Doug proposes to Rosie, after she suffers an illness and he is almost knocked out in a punch-up between Rob Keegan and Paul Sheppard. They marry up in Queensland and move into Doug's home there.

Wayne Hamilton and Jill O'Donnel

Wayne Hamilton and Jill O'Donnel

Jill agrees to marry Wayne after she breaks up with John, is raped by Terry Hansen and learns that Brian has been killed in a car crash. She tells Wayne that she doesn't love him, but that maybe that will change over time. The couple take their vows - but just as they are about to go and sign the register, Brian 'returns from the dead' and walks up the aisle to ask what's going on. It transpires that his belongings had been stolen and it was the thief who had been killed in the car crash. Wayne and Jill's marriage therefore doesn't become legal. Wayne tries to threaten Brian to stop him from interfering between him and Jill, but Jill realises that it's Brian that she really loves, and she tells Wayne that she can't be with him anymore.

Wayne Morrell and Amanda Morrell

Wayne and Amanda Morrell

When Dee Morrell is anxious for a male grandson and discovers that Patricia and Stephen can't provide one for her (Patricia can't have any more children), she draws up a deal with Wayne and Amanda in which they agree to marry and give her her grandson in return for a large amount of money. Wayne also has to change his surname by deed poll so that the child is a Morrell. Dee dies before the plan can be put into action, but that doesn't stop Wayne deciding that the first thing he and Amanda should do before they tell anyone about her death is to marry so that no one can challenge the inheritance Dee has promised them is in her will. Amanda soon falls pregnant but has a miscarriage. She begins to grow tired of Wayne's jealousy and possessiveness and she decides to go on the pill because she doesn't think Wayne is ready to start a family. She doesn't tell him, but he finds out nonetheless, and his fury spells the end of the marriage.

David Palmer and Patricia Morrell (1)

David Palmer and Patricia Morrell

Following the death of her sister, Margaret, Patricia begins to lean more and more heavily on David. After she divorces Stephen and David divorces Beryl, Patricia looks upon David as the steadying influence she needs in her life. However, she has to trick him into marrying her by getting him drunk and then telling him the following morning - when he wakes up in her bed - that he proposed to her. Wanting to do the honourable thing, David goes along with the idea. However, on the morning of the wedding, Luke Carlyle reveals to Patricia that he's embezzled every cent from her company in revenge for her going into business secretly with his father, Roger. On top of this, Patricia is horrified when she meets David's 'common' best man and his wife, and the fears about her financial future and about the sort of wife David might want her to turn into cause her to run out of her own wedding.

David Palmer and Patricia Morrell (2)

David and Patricia Palmer

Four weeks later, Patricia's nerves are in shreds after she's accused of Luke Carlyle's murder and has been chased by Roger Carlyle's hitmen in revenge. She hides out at the country house David that has bought in Sunbury, with police protecting the place outside. David fears for Patricia's sanity as she seems slowly to be going mad, and so he decides that she needs stability in her life. He upholds his promise to Margaret that he'd look after Patricia and he persuades her to marry him. The ceremony is a low-key affair with just a celebrant and Irene Fisher and Barbara Hamilton as witnesses.

Wayne Hamilton and Karen Fox

Wayne and Karen Hamilton

When Wayne fights with Bob 'Mitch' Mitchell in late-1984 and knocks him out, he's terrified when Karen pronounces subsequently that Mitch is dead. Unknown to him, Mitch was only unconscious, but Karen pays Mitch to disappear and tricks Wayne into believing that she disposed of the body, leaving Wayne gradually to go to pieces as his guilt at killing someone steadily gets the better of him. Karen uses the situation to talk Wayne into believing that the two of them need to be together to support each other, and so, when his divorce from Amanda comes through, Wayne changes his surname back to Hamilton and he and Karen marry in early-1985.

Stephen Morrell and Jenny Turner

Stephen and Jenny Morrell

After his separation from Patricia, Stephen Morrell settles into life at Woombai. He meets a neighbour, Jenny Turner, and they start seeing each other. When Caroline - Stephen's first wife - comes back on the scene, she makes things difficult for Stephen and Jenny, but they persevere with their relationship and decide to marry. The ceremony takes place in the grounds at Woombai, with Jenny's son, Colin, and daughter, Denise, as best man and bridesmaid respectively. Stephen's eldest daughter, Samantha Morrell, is the second bridesmaid.


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