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    Written by: Bevan Lee   Produced by: Don Battye   Directed by: Graeme Hodgson

At the dinner table at Dural, Patricia is still getting over her jetlag. Angela tells her there have been some more acceptances, and Patricia asks if there are many from the Melbournites, but Rob says there are only relatives and some of his old friends. He then announces that he has been thinking that it would make more sense to marry in Sydney, which causes Angela to ask him if he's serious. She also wonders if Patricia has been getting at him, but Rob says it was his idea, as he thinks Gordon has been feeling left out, and this might make him happier. Angela tells him that, now Patricia is back, she can handle Gordon, and she points out that she promised David and Beryl, and unless they change their mind, the arrangements stay. Rob suggests she get on the 'phone. Angela asks why he's changing his mind now, when there's only one week to go, but Patricia interrupts and says that, if plans are to be changed, it ought to be on David and Beryl's suggestion, otherwise there could be some ill-feeling. Angela tells her to stop worrying, saying she'll get Gordon involved.

John and Jill get back to the boarding house after a day out, and John asks if he can come in for a coffee, but Jill tells him he should get back to Dural and see Patricia. John asks Jill if she's still worried about giving things a go, but Jill replies that she doesn't want to. John asks if that's why she invited Paul to the picnic, adding that the gardener might get the wrong idea, but Jill says she feels the same about both men.

Paul tells Fiona that he's worried about lying to the Hamiltons, and about what they'll think when they find out who he really is. Fiona tells him that with his money, they can think whatever they like. She immediately regrets that remark and apologises. She tells Paul that, by a crazy fluke, he has the chance to get to know what Patricia is really like. Paul tells Fiona that she's determined he won't like Patricia. Changing the subject slightly, Paul says he's worried that he won't be able to handle the pressure of being involved in the business, but Fiona reminds him that it's what James wanted. Paul uncertainly replies, "Yeah, I know."

Patricia is on the 'phone arranging flight tickets, when Rosie comes in. After hanging up, Patricia remarks that she was hoping the housekeeper would be gone by now, but Rosie replies that she'll go when Gordon says. She adds that Gordon needs his head read for choosing Patricia over Barbara. Wayne comes in and Rosie leaves the room. He asks Patricia how her talk with Gordon went, and she admits that it wasn't good. Wayne asks what the problem is - money? Woombai? - but Patricia says it's all of it - and having to smile sweetly at her future son-in-law doesn't help. Wayne asks Patricia if she's really going to let the wedding happen, and Patricia replies that she can't help it, as it's what Angela wants. She adds, though, that the divorce rate is pretty high nowadays... Wayne suggests that the couple might live in Melbourne, but Patricia tells him they'll live in Sydney, and they'll get married in Sydney - she's going to Melbourne tomorrow to make sure the plans are changed. She tells Wayne that it's the practical way to show Gordon she cares. Wayne asks her what she's going to say, but she replies that she'll play it by ear. Wayne asks her what she'll do if the Palmers won't back down, but Patricia replies, "I won't give them the chance to..."

The next morning, Gordon joins Patricia for breakfast. She remarks on how late her husband came home last night, and Gordon says he sat in his car for ages, thinking. He tells Patricia that Barbara said something to him that made him realise what he and Patricia have over her relationship with David - he can deny it until he's blue in the face, but he loves her. Patricia says Barbara shouldn't have tried to take him away. Gordon tells Patricia that he believes her about James, but as for Woombai... He says they were trying to make things work before she went away, and now that she's back, he'll see how it goes. Patricia says, "And Barbara?" Gordon says he's told her. Patricia says she'll announce the good news to the kids after breakfast.

Beryl is fussing about having to make her third wedding cake in a year. David suggests she get someone else to fix it, but Beryl says it's her only personal contribution. David tells his wife that he's worried for her health, but Beryl says she'll be OK. She tells David that Susan is helping by sorting out the seating plans. David says it would be a good idea not to put Patricia and Fiona together, but Beryl humourously replies, "Oh I don't know - we could do with a good floorshow!"

Susan is sketching some plans on a piece of paper. Lynn says it's crazy, as there will be three sets of parents there - Bob and Aileen for Rob, and Beryl and David and Gordon and Patricia for Angela. Susan suggests they should leave Beryl and Gordon off, and put David and Patricia together, but Kevin says that will make Beryl feel bad. He adds that Rob needs his head examined for getting married, before going out to get some milk, leaving Lynn looking upset. Susan tells her that it was just a stupid comment, but Lynn says she thinks Kevin's sorry they got married. Susan points out to Lynn that she did start it, getting in a bother about Donna, and she asks what the point is of holding a grudge.

After breakfast, Patricia tells the family that she was left in the middle of a tricky situation when she found out about her inheritance. She says things now won't be easy, but they have to make the best of it - and she adds that that includes Rob. She says that she'll be able to provide whatever help is needed. Angela and John hug her, and Wayne says, "No arguments from me." Patricia replies, "Good - we can all get down to being a family again."

Later, Patricia calls Hal Mason, telling him she has sorted her personal problems out, but wants to see him before she leaves for Melbourne. As she hangs up, Wayne enters the study, and Patricia tells him that Mason is on his way round. Wayne asks her if she's heard about his job, and Patricia tells him that she has, and he's done very well in a short time. She adds that she hopes he can keep quiet. Wayne says he knows everything, including where she really was for her 'holiday'. He tells Patricia that he's glad she has the money, as Gordon never was much of a businessman - too honest. Patricia asks Wayne if he's prepared to go along with things, and Wayne says Mason is happy, and he hopes she is too. He adds, though, that he can't figure out why she's getting back with Gordon, as she has the money, she's getting on with everyone, plus she's going through all the rigmarole with the truck company for David... Patricia replies, "I'm not doing it for David - you'll see." Wayne points out that she doesn't like Gordon, but Patricia says she doesn't dislike him. Wayne asks if it's really worth it just to keep Angela and John around, and suggests that his father would probably be happier with Barbara. Patricia replies that there's no way she's getting him. She then tells Wayne that if he ever decides to use what he knows against her, he shouldn't bother hanging around to explain. Wayne replies, "I'm not that stupid." Patricia goes into the lounge, and tells Gordon that Hal Mason is on his way over as they have some business matters to discuss before she goes to Melbourne. Gordon says he doesn't like Patricia asking David for favours, but Patricia replies that David just doesn't understand the situation. Gordon tells his wife that Angela would be angry if she found out she'd been interfering, but Patricia says the kids think it's just a business trip. She tells Gordon that she's done a lot of things to hurt him, and she wants to try to make up for some of them.

Jill knocks at Fiona's room, to borrow some milk for Plan C. Fiona says she's been busy cleaning, as Di Miller is coming later, to look round. She adds that both John and Wayne had given the boarding house glowing references! Jill says Di must earn heaps of money, but Fiona says she still seems keen. She then asks Jill about the picnic, and inviting both John and Paul, but Jill says they're both just friends. Fiona says she's glad Jill included Paul in the invitation, as he needed some company. Jill replies that John thinks Paul's only there so he doesn't get his own way. Fiona gives John full marks for persistance. Jill says Paul is a bit like John was when he first arrived, in that he won't say anything about himself. She adds that she hopes he's not on the run as well, but Fiona replies, "Nothing so exotic." Jill realises, "There is something..."

Patricia tells Hal Mason that Paul Sheppard didn't want to be found - he called in from Arizona, and when he was told his grandfather was dead, he hung up, deciding to get over the death alone. Mason reminds Patricia that Paul didn't know anything about Patricia's relationship with James, and probably thought she had been sent from Ramberg. Patricia says the trip was a waste of time. She adds, though, that if he does turn up, she'll have to make sure she spends more time with him than Fiona does. She asks what went wrong between James and Paul, and Mason replies that something went haywire a couple of years ago, but he doesn't know what.

Outside, Paul is trying to start his new motorbike, but without success. Rob comes out and manages to start it straight away! As Paul roars off, Wayne comes out, wishing Patricia good luck as he goes through the door. Angela has been watching the whole incident from the lounge, and when she moves away from the window, she looks very thoughtful...

After showing Di Miller round, Fiona tells her her room is just like Jill's, and she hopes it'll be OK. Di says it's really just a place to sleep, as she spends a lot of time at work. They go into Fiona's room, and Di says she's happy to take the room if Fiona's happy to have her. She is, although she warns Di about Bunty and Thel wanting to know her business! She offers Di a drink, but Di has to go back to work. Fiona insists, though, and Di agrees.

Paul gives Jill a ride on his motorbike in the woods, and when they get back to where John is lying looking bored, he comments that they were gone for a while. Jill says it's a beaut afternoon, but Paul says they'd better pack up. John just lies there, though, and Jill accuses him of being a lazybones!

Kevin is playing a videogame in the lounge, while in the kitchen, Susan tells Lynn this is her chance. Lynn says it'll start another argument, but she goes and sits next to her husband anyway. She asks Kevin for a game, explaining that she's just trying to say sorry. After pausing a moment, Kevin says, "Me, too." Lynn tells him that she hopes he doesn't wish they weren't married, but Kevin admits that he has felt like that over the last few days. He says it got to him that they're having a baby, and they're tied down, but that's only part of it - he was upset that Lynn thought he'd try it on with Donna in the same way as his father did with Patricia - it made him feel pretty rotten. He tells Lynn, "I love you - I'd never do that to you."

There is a knock on the Palmers' front door, and Beryl asks David to get it. David is taken aback to see Patricia standing there, and he asks her what she wants. Patricia says she's there about the wedding plans, but David says he doesn't see any problems with them. As she smiles nastily, Patricia says, "Oh there won't be - not if you're reasonable..."


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