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    Written by: Peter Pinne   Produced by: Don Battye   Directed by: Greg Shears and Sam Simmonds

Beryl tells Patricia that she can't just walk in and take over, adding a warning that she won't get her own way. Patricia says, "We'll see." David asks Patricia why they should listen to her, and Patricia replies that Angela should have the best. She asks the Palmers if they can possibly provide a wedding on the same scale, and Beryl replies that they have the money, but Patricia says she meant style-wise. She asks David and Beryl to think about how Gordon feels, particularly with Fiona paying for things after she tried to ruin him. She says everyone seems to have forgotten about Gordon, but Beryl tells Patricia she's not being fair on either Gordon or Angela. David says all the arrangements have been made, and it's too late to change them. Patricia replies that, if the wedding is in Sydney, it'll probably be the happiest day of Angela's life. If it's in Melbourne, she'll make sure it's the most miserable...

Paul, John and Jill get back to the boarding house, soaked from the pouring rain. Paul goes off to dry while Jill goes to her room, leaving Fiona to ask John if they had a nice day. John sourly replies, "Fine." Fiona tells him that Di has decided to take a room, and then adds that she thought Di didn't like Wayne. John says she doesn't, and Fiona says she must be getting used to his hard luck stories about his accident. She goes and prepares some coffee, and when she comes back, she invites the two men to stay for dinner, but John says he has work. Fiona goes off to hurry Jill up, leaving John to ask Paul if he's interested in Jill. Paul replies, "Nice lady." John tells Paul that Jill has been through a rough trot with Wayne, and he's helping her get over it. He tells Paul that, if he's keen on her, he's wasting his time. Paul replies, though, that he's not interested in anyone right now - the picnic was just a good time. He points out that Jill doesn't seem keen on John, but John just says, "For now..."

David tells Beryl he's been thinking, and if Patricia says she'll do it, she will, and Angela will come off worst. Beryl says they have every right to hold the wedding in Melbourne, but David says he doesn't want to spoil things. Beryl says Patricia will have a field day if they change their mind. The 'phone rings, and David answers it - it's Angela. She tells her father that Patricia is OK about the wedding, even though she thought her mother would stack on a turn. She explains about how she and Rob nearly eloped, and were stopped by Patricia just in time. David asks her if she's kidding, but she says she's not. He tells her it's a good job they didn't elope, as a lot of people are looking forward to the wedding. Angela asks David if Patricia has called in, and adds that if she hasn't, he ought to ring her. She then asks how the preparations are going, and David says everything's fine. The call ends, and Beryl immediately queries what she overheard about eloping. David explains that Angela and Rob were going to. He says Patricia's not going to muck it up - they can have the wedding in Sydney. Looking disappointed, Beryl says that will mean making excuses to Fiona, too, as she's paying, and won't be happy.

Jill, Paul and Fiona enjoy dinner, and Jill jokes about Fiona finally having cooked a meal for herself! Fiona tells Paul and Jill that they both have something in common - they both like chicken and apricots. She adds to Paul that that's a good enough reason to ask Jill out! Jill sighs annoyedly, and leaves the table. Paul tells Fiona that he'd rather she didn't say things like that, as it's not a good idea for him to get to know her too well, as John's still keen. Fiona says she thought John had given up, but Paul tells her about John warning him off.

When he gets back to Dural, John is asked by Angela about the picnic, but he just says it was, "Alright." Angela asks if Paul enjoyed himself, and John tells her about Paul and Jill spending most of the time together - so much so, that he might as well not have been there. Angela asks John if he's keen on Jill, and John replies that it reminds him of how Angela must have felt when she found out they were twins. Angela remarks that that was a funny time, and she couldn't figure it out. John says he can't figure Jill out, either, but he tells Angela not to worry, as she has Rob...

Fiona apologises to Paul for being a bit obvious, excusing herself by saying she thought he was lonely. She tells him that James was always worried about him being on his own, but Paul says he's used to it, and he likes it. He then tells Fiona he's sorry for having been so mysterious, and decides to admit the truth. He says, "OK: I've been studying to be a priest." He explains that his mother hoped he'd enter the priesthood, but James didn't agree, and thought his mother was just pushing him. He says that when he started training, he and James didn't see each much of one another, but James' last wish was that his grandson should bum around for a while and consider whether being a priest was what he really wanted to do. He says that he thought coming to Sydney would help him sort things out, but now, he honestly doesn't know.

Patricia is back at the Palmer house, and Beryl leaves her and David to talk. Patricia tells David that, seeing as he and Beryl are being sensible, she'll pay for the flights to Sydney, but David replies that they can manage. He tells Patricia that he still wants to give Angela away, but Patricia says he'll have to talk to Gordon about that. David also explains that Fiona offered to help out, and so she is entitled to be at the wedding. Patricia agrees that she'll have to make some concessions. She also says the wedding should be put back a week so there is more time to organise everything. David agrees. Patricia then tells him that he'll need to talk to Angela to explain the change of plans, as she'll listen to him. David asks what excuse he should use, but Patricia says it's up to him - as long as Angela's happy.

Fiona tells Jill that she's upset at losing a tenant, Bobby, who's getting married. Jill 'thanks' Fiona for last night, and Fiona tells her about Paul having a go as well, which prompts Jill to comment that at least someone else understands her. Fiona then tells Jill that John is even more enthusiastic, as he warned Paul off. Jill immediately snaps, and says she wants to know when and why John did that. Fiona realises she's said too much. Jill asks to use the 'phone, but Fiona tells her that John is at work, and shouldn't be disturbed. Jill decides she'll go and see him in person.

David is on the 'phone to Angela, telling her that he thinks the wedding should be held in Sydney, and that it should be put back a week. He explains that it's because of Beryl, and the strain of organising, which is getting to her. He tells Angela that Patricia has agreed to take the whole lot over. Angela says, "I bet she has." She asks if Beryl will still be coming, and David says she will - it's just the organising that's getting to her. Angela tells her father that he and Beryl can stay at Dural, but David declines the invitation. Angela says Patricia and Gordon will want it, so David reluctantly says, "Oh, alright." Angela assures him that Beryl will be waited on hand and foot. The call ends. Angela goes into the study, where John is working, and tells him about the change of plans. John says he's sorry. Angela says things would be simpler down in Melbourne, but John points out that the main thing is that she has Rob. Angela also bemoans that fact that the wedding has been put back a week, but John says a week won't make much difference.

Beryl tells David she could kill him! She's put in a lot of hard work, and now she's got to cancel everything. David asks what else he could have said, but Beryl asks if he had to agree to staying at Dural. David says Angela thought everyone was getting on OK, and it was natural for her to ask. He adds that he did it to shut Patricia up, and he warns Beryl not to start, before storming out.

Jill finds John at the tennis court, and asks to talk to him inside. The two of them leave Angela on-court, with Paul nearby, gardening. As Angela goes to serve a ball, Paul warns her to be careful of her rib, but she starts to go ahead anyway, immediately regretting it when she winces in pain. She storms off in embarrassment, saying, "OK - you told me so."

Indoors, Jill tells John that she should thump him, but John says he just told Paul that she had had a tough time, and he thought he was in a better position to help her. Jill says she can look after herself, and John replies that he's sorry, and won't do it again. Jill says, "Good," adding a warning that if he does do it again, they'd be better off not seeing each other.

Beryl visits Patricia at James' old property, saying she wants to talk. Patricia says she thought everything had been said, and adds that it's too late for the Palmers to change their mind about the wedding. Beryl says David doesn't know she's there, but she has a few things to say. She tells Patricia that she'd never put her children's happiness on the line to get her own way, and she says David only agreed to the wedding changes so that Angela wasn't unhappy. She says Patricia doesn't give a damn about the wedding, and accuses her of just trying to get back at her and David. She tells Patricia that she's never got over David returning to his family, but Patricia retorts that she could have given him a lot more than Beryl can. Beryl tells Patricia that she hasn't a hope of getting him back, now. Patricia asks, "Is that a challenge?" Beryl asks Patricia why she always has to fight, but Patricia says there's no fight if there's no competition. Beryl says that if Patricia wants competition, she has twenty years of marriage, is carrying David's baby, and he loves her. She says Patricia hasn't a hope in hell, so she shouldn't waste her time trying. Beryl tells Patricia that that's all she has to say, and she leaves, as Patricia stands rooted to the spot, looking stony-faced.


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