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    Written by: Don Battye   Produced by: Don Battye   Directed by: Greg Shears

Rob gets home to Dural after work, and Angela asks him how he feels about the change of plan. Rob says it's OK, but he's not so sure about the change of date. Angela says she can't see why they shouldn't stick to the original date. Rob says he thinks his parents will love coming to Sydney. Rosie says it's going to be difficult to organize a church at short notice, but Angela then suggests that they could have the ceremony at Dural. She adds that she'll see Barbara for a hand.

Barbara, though, doesn't think she should get involved. Angela says Patricia would be grateful for the help, but Barbara replies that Patricia is more than capable of handling it. Angela tells Barbara that she's still invited to the wedding, but Barbara says that's out of the question, as she has a long-standing appointment, and she's going to be out of town that night. She adds that she's sure her absence won't be missed. Angela says it would still have been nice, and Barbara agrees, but she says she's sure one person can handle things. Angela decides to go for a ride, to stop herself from going nuts.

Lynn is at the Palmer house, having cooked lunch for David in Beryl's absence. Lynn asks where Mrs. Palmer is, but David doesn't know. At this moment, though, Beryl comes through the front door, and David asks her where she's been, but Beryl just says she had a couple of things to do. Lynn enthusiastically says it's great news about Sydney, as she's never been there. She leaves. David tells Beryl that Rob called, and the wedding date hasn't been changed after all. He adds that he's asked for some more time off, as he has to go up to Sydney for the suit-fitting, and the rehearsal. He asks Beryl to put on an act for the kids when she sees them, but Beryl says she can't forget how she feels about Patricia, and she adds that she refuses to stay in the same house. She says she'll go to Sydney only long enough to see the marriage. David asks how he'll explain her absence, but Beryl replies that that's his problem.

Kevin isn't very keen on the wedding being in Sydney. Lynn says it'll be like another honeymoon, but Kevin says he's not going, as he wants nothing to do with the Hamiltons. Lynn tells him that if Beryl can go along, then he should, but Kevin says it's two-faced. He says he's not going to back his parents, and he's happy to tell them that.

At the Palmer house, Beryl tells Kevin that it's happening, and he has to make the best of it. Kevin says, though, that if that's the way it's going to be, he won't be there. Lynn tells him that that will mean he's home alone, and adds that she's going, and she's going to enjoy it. She accuses Kevin of not caring about her, and Kevin agrees that he doesn't if she's stupid enough to go along with it. Beryl says she'll tell David how his son feels, but Kevin says he'll tell him, and show what he really thinks of the Hamiltons.

Patricia arrives back at Dural, and immediately goes to see Gordon in the study. She says she's glad to get out of Melbourne, but Gordon warns her not to let her southern friends hear that! Patricia says, though, that she couldn't care less about the Palmers, as they were rude, and it was like a catfight trying to get them to change their minds. She tells her husband that she had to make a couple of concessions. She explains about David wanting to give Angela away, and Gordon says, "Oh, " before adding that he can't say he's pleased. Patricia tells him that David and Beryl made it clear they'd ruin the day if their 'requests' weren't met. Gordon suggests he could call their bluff. Patricia says it's an advantage that the wedding is on home ground, as it will mean a great deal to Angela. Gordon asks what the other concession was, and Patricia says it's to do with Fiona. At this moment, Angela runs in the front door, calling for Gordon. He and Patricia rush into the hall, and Angela says she's just been speaking to Alan at the stud, and she invited him to the wedding, but he said he couldn't come because he had to go and work at Woombai for the new owner - Fiona Thompson! Gordon quietly says, "Yes, that's right." Angela asks why it was kept a secret, and Gordon explains about not wanting people to take sides, or for there to be any squabbling during the wedding. Patricia adds that Gordon is right, and adds that the Palmers felt very strongly about Fiona coming to the wedding - which was the second concession. Angela says Fiona can come, but she won't talk to her. Gordon says the main thing is that the wedding goes smoothly.

Angela and Rob are up early the next morning, and find Rosie in a state of excitement. She shows them a picture of a wedding cake in a book, and says she's thought about a lot of other things that need arranging. Rob says he's sure it'll be terrific. He heads off to work, and Patricia comes in. She sees what Rosie is doing, and tells her that she's wasting her time as she's already contacted the best caterers in Sydney. She adds that they cost a fortune, and she was lucky to get them, as they're normally booked up. Angela looks annoyed at her mother's interference, but keeps quiet. Rosie says the cake will still take her long enough, but Patricia says the caterers do that as well, and it would be better if Rosie kept out of things. Rosie storms out, leaving Angela to tell her mother that that wasn't very nice, but Patricia says Rosie is too old to cope with all that, and she suggests that it would be nicer to have the housekeeper as a guest rather than a servant. Angela admits she hadn't thought of it like that, and she goes to calm Rosie down. Patricia smiles to herself. Angela finds Rosie cleaning the hall, and tells her that Patricia didn't mean it to sound like that. Rosie says she thought Angela liked her cooking, and Angela says she does - but she'd rather Rosie enjoyed herself than being stuck in a kitchen on the big day. Rosie says she knows Patricia didn't mean it - she just thought she could do something to help. Angela says she's happy for Rosie to be a guest, and adds that the cake is terrific, and she'll ask the caterers to get one the same. Rosie accepts the invitation.

David tells Beryl he's lucky he can work his times around, and as he's doing OK at his job, the blokes at the depot are prepared to be flexible. He tries again to persuade Beryl to come to Sydney earlier, but Beryl says no - she'll be there for the wedding only. She adds, though, that at least she's going, which is more that Kevin is. David says he thought things were sorted out, and he asks what he's expected to say, but Beryl says she doesn't know. David says he'll call in to see his son on the way to work.

Kevin tells David that he can't convince him. David says Angela is getting married in Sydney, and she deserves to have her family there for her and Rob. He adds that he's not happy, but he and Beryl are going along. Kevin accuses his father of giving into Patricia and doing whatever she wants, which causes David to warn his son to stop stirring things with Beryl, as she already has enough on her plate. Kevin says he's still not going. David says that's fine, then, and he goes. Lynn joins her husband, and Kevin admits to her that he wants to see Rob and Angela get married, but the whole thing will involve the Hamiltons showing off their money. Lynn tells Kevin not to be stupid, but Kevin says Patricia has David where she wants him, and she'll make Beryl look stupid. Kevin tells Lynn to go if she wants, but if she does, she's as bad as the rest of them.

Rosie calls to see Barbara, although she says she feels funny dropping in. Barbara asks how everything is, and Rosie replies, "Terrible - she's back." She starts telling Barbara about how much better she would have been for Gordon, but Barbara doesn't want to talk about it. Rosie says Patricia wants to boot her out, but Barbara says Gordon wouldn't stand for it. Rosie says Patricia is crafty, though, and she'll make her husband pension her off. Barbara says Gordon won't let it happen, but Rosie points out, "She made him get rid of you - and he likes you." Barbara says that was a different sort of choice, though, and she assures Rosie that it will be alright. Rosie says she wishes she could be so sure.

Angela is out in the garden, and Paul smiles at her, telling her that she's in one of his favourite areas of the grounds. He starts telling Angela about his plans for the garden to prepare it for the wedding, and he picks a single rose. Angela goes to take it from him, but Paul warns her to be careful, as it could be thorny. He asks if he should call her 'Miss. Hamilton', but Angela says they won't be talking enough for him to call her anything. Rob comes over and Angela kisses him. She says 'the gardener' was just telling her about how he's decorating the garden for the wedding. Rob immediately invites Paul as a guest to thank him for his effort, and Paul accepts. Angela tries to drag Rob inside, and, on the way, asks him why he invited Paul to the wedding, as he's an employee, and they don't even know him. Rob says, though, that he doesn't go for the 'employee bit'. He says Paul is a bloke just like he is, and adds that there will be so many people at the wedding anyway, that noone will probably notice Paul.

Inside, Patricia, Angela and Rob look at patterns for wedding dresses, and Angela remarks that she wishes the designer would hurry up. Patricia asks how the guest list is going, and Angela tells her that Rob has just invited Paul. She adds that she invited Barbara, but she can't come. Patricia says, "Oh, pity." Angela decides to go and get some fresh air, and as she steps into the hall, she notices some packing caases. Patricia says they're from Woombai, and Rosie is supposed to be unpacking them. When Angela has gone out, Patricia asks Rob what's wrong with his fiancée, but Rob replies, "Don't ask me - nerves?"

Angela is out in the garden, and Paul tells her that he's sorry about before. He says he won't come to the wedding, but Angela tells him it's OK. Paul says he's not used to people taking such a dislike to him, but Angela tells him that she doesn't dislike him. Paul says, "Could've fooled me." Angela tells him that she's tried to ignore him because she's getting married in a couple of days' time. She says, "If you want to come to the wedding, that's up to you." She walks off, leaving Paul looking anguished.


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