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    Written by: John Alsop   Produced by: Don Battye   Directed by: Greg Shears and Sam Simmonds

As Angela walks back to the house, Paul chases after her. He tells her he's sorry, and says he was dumb not to work it out, but Angela tells him that she didn't want him to. Paul tells Angela that it's no wonder she's freaking, and he asks her what she'll do, but Angela just says, "Depends." She starts to walk off again, but Paul stops her and assures her that he won't say anything. He tells Angela that he likes her and he'd hate her to mess up the wedding because of him. He adds that he thinks Rob is a nice guy, and then announces that he'll be leaving soon, anyway. Angela tells Paul that he mustn't let her drive him away, as she was just being stupid. She adds that she can't let Gordon think she made the gardener quit. She walks off again.

John is at the boarding house, and brings up the subject of Woombai. Fiona tells John that she's glad he's not cross, and John agrees that it does make sense to develop Woombai and the Reid place together. Fiona says she's surprised John took her side, but John says he can see both sides. Fiona tells him that he's grown up, but John attributes his feelings to his job. Fiona asks him if he can use his business sense to persuade Angela to accept a wedding present from her, but John says Angela took the news about her being the new owner badly - he agrees to have a bash, though.

Hal Mason tries to persuade Wayne to pack up work for the day, although Wayne seems keen to show his boss he's happy to put in the hours. Mason asks how things are going with Di Miller, and Wayne replies that she's moving into the boarding house. Mason says, "Stage one." He asks Wayne if it's likely Di will open up to him, and Wayne replies that he's working on it - and he's going to ask her to a dinner party at Dural tomorrow, as there's someone there who will make him look really good.

At Dural, Rosie is unpacking the crates of belongings from Woombai, but Patricia tells her she's worried about the mess, and what David and Beryl will think when they arrive. She adds that she hopes there's not going to be too much clutter in the kitchen when the caterers want to get in there. Rosie comments that she'll probably have to nail the stuff down! She tells Patricia that she likes having things around that are familiar. Gordon chips in that he thought the housekeeper was feeling OK, but Rosie says it's not like Woombai.

Wayne approaches Di Miller as she's loading up her car with shopping, and invites her to dinner. Di is incredulous that she is being asked to Dural, but Wayne tells her that it'll give her a chance to meet the Melbourne side of the family. Di says she can survive without knowing the ins and outs of the family, but Wayne tells her that Patricia wants her there - and she's rather big on the board. Although she's surprised, Di accepts the invite.

Paul calls to see Fiona, telling her that he's come to say goodbye, as he's made a hash of things. Fiona says she'll get a drink, and she asks what's so dreadful. Paul replies, "I'm in love... it's Angela Hamilton." Fiona tells him he has to be kidding, but Paul says Angela told him she feels the same. Fiona says, "Oh, God." Paul says it would be best if he goes back to where he came from, but Fiona suggests he give things some time to calm down. Paul says hanging around will make it worse, but Fiona reminds him about his inheritance. Paul replies, though, that the last thing he's worried about is money.

Rob tells Angela that he's found a trench of land through the estate agent, and he thinks they should have a look, but Angela seems rather noncommittal. She tells Rob that she's been thinking - she says they got engaged in a hell of a hurry, but now that they've got to know each other better, she's worried she's been trying to change him. Rob tells Angela that he wants to make her happy, but Angela replies that if he wants to call the wedding off, it's better now than later. Rob agrees that he has changed, but says he's picked up more on the swings than he's lost on the roundabouts. He suggests to his fiancée that maybe she's having second thoughts, but Angela assures him that she isn't.

Patricia is outside, walking towards the front door, when Paul pulls up on his motorbike. He tells Patricia that he'd like to finish up, and move on. Patricia asks him if he's giving any notice, and Paul says one week. Patricia says that's fine - it'll get them through the wedding. She tells him to talk to Rosie to sort out the details.

Inside, Angela tells John to send the present back, but John reminds her that Fiona will be at the wedding, and adds that he's intending to talk to her and be polite while she's around. Angela says she doesn't want Fiona there, which causes Rosie to comment that this is a fine state of affairs for David and Beryl's arrival.

In Melbourne, David is busy packing, and Beryl reminds him to make sure he has his ticket. David tells her it's not too late to change her mind and come up early with him, but Beryl says she's staying where she is. David says he doesn't want to stay in Sydney, but Angela's his daughter. Beryl points out that Angela is his and Patricia's daughter. She adds that she's going to be in Sydney for the shortest time possible. David goes.

Patricia asks Rosie if she can speak to her, and she tells the housekeeper to sit down. She tells Rosie that it's obvious she's missing her friends, and the country ways, and she doubts whether either of them see her being there as permanent, so she thought she and Gordon might buy her a little cottage near Woombai. Rosie tells Patricia that she's just keen to see the back of her, but Patricia says she's just doing a small favour. Rosie, though, says she won't budge until Gordon gives her her marching orders. Patricia tells Rosie that she's offering her an easy way out, and adds that it'll soon become obvious to Gordon that his housekeeper is as useless as the other old junk dragged up from Woombai...

Rosie goes out and sits on a garden bench, where Paul notices her. He goes and asks her if anything's wrong, but Rosie just asks him if he knows anything about dishwashers! Paul says he'll try! Rosie sadly says she supposes all new places have them now.

At the Palmer house, Susan is finishing the washing up, and she asks her mother if she's worried about David, and wishes she'd gone with him, but Beryl says it's not just going to Sydney that's the problem - she's spoken to her doctor, and that hasn't made her any happier. She says she's worried about the flight, but she hasn't told David. Susan points out that her father probably has the wrong idea, but Beryl says David was so wrapped up in the wedding plans that she couldn't tell him - anything not to do with the wedding, and he didn't want to know. Susan tells her mother to let her know if she feels too bad, but Beryl says she'll make the wedding if it kills her - she'll never let David say she ruined the day.

David arrives at Dural, and is greeted by Patricia, who immediately calls Gordon. Angela asks where Beryl is, and so David explains - and he adds that his wife will be staying with Fiona, before saying that he's thinking of doing the same. Patricia won't hear of it, though, and she asks Angela to talk her father into staying at Dural. David says it looks like he's outnumbered! Patricia says she'll talk to Beryl when she arrives, and everything will be fine.

Wayne and Di Miller enter Dural together, and Wayne introduces his colleague to Rosie. He quickly notices that the housekeeper doesn't look happy, and he asks what's wrong. Rosie says she doesn't want to bother Wayne with it in front of visitors, but Wayne tells Rosie to come out with it. Rosie says she's thinking of getting a place nearer her sister, but Wayne immediately replies that Dural will fall down around them without her there. Rosie says, "Not according to some." Wayne tells Rosie that he'll take her to Rob's car yard to look for a small car, so she can go and see her sister, and stay at Dural. Rosie sobs with happiness.

In the study, Patricia tries to cheer Gordon up, but Gordon says he's not thrilled with this evening. Patricia tells him not to let David put him off, as there's no personal feelings between them now. She tells her husband it's just like him and Barbara - they were adult enough to know when things have run their course. Patricia tells Gordon that she was very lucky, because she thought she'd lost him. Gordon asks his wife to be pleasant to Barbara if she sees her socially, and Patricia agrees that she will if Gordon is nice to David. She then picks up an ornament from the desk, and tells Gordon that she's glad he has things to remember Woombai by.

Patricia leaves the study and crosses into the lounge, where Rosie is working. She tells Patricia that she won't be going, as both Wayne and Gordon have made it clear that she's to stay. Patricia says Rosie shouldn't underestimate her chances of getting Gordon to change his mind. She says she's prepared to help the housekeeper, but if she keeps on causing problems, she'll make sure Rosie leaves with nowhere to live, noone to care for her, and no money. Rosie replies that Patricia might get her way in the end, but she's not going to make it easy for her. She says, "I'm staying as long as there's a chance Gordon will wake up to you - and I'll be doing everything I can to make sure he does..."


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