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    Written by: Bevan Lee   Produced by: Don Battye   Directed by: Greg Shears and Sam Simmonds

The next morning, Wayne pulls up at Ramberg as Di Miller gets out of her car. Wayne says he hoped Di enjoyed herself, and Di agrees that she did. Wayne suggests they should do it again sometime, but Di makes it clear that she isn't keen.

Rosie tells Angela that she hopes Wayne will treat Di better than he treated Jill, but Angela points out that Di is not Wayne's girlfriend, just a work colleague. Patricia comes in and asks Rosie for two boiled eggs. Rosie storms off. Gordon asks Patricia what she's done now, but Patricia says Rosie is always in a bad mood when she's overworked. She suggests to Gordon that they should put Di Miller on the wedding guest list, saying Wayne would like that, but Gordon tells her she's as bad as Rosie! Patricia asks if David and John are up yet, and Angela says they've gone for a walk. She adds that Rob got a call, and had to go into work.

Jill pulls up at Dural, just as John is walking up to the front door. He offers to help her carry her dress and other items indoors, and Jill accepts. John comments that the dress is nice, and when Jill looks annoyed, he adds that he hopes he's not going to have to apologise every time he speaks. Jill says she's sorry. She asks if Wayne is about, but John says he's at work.

At Ramberg, Wayne tells Hal Mason that he thinks he's scored a few points. Mason points out, though, that Di isn't a fool. He asks Wayne how Di found Rosie, and Wayne explains about how the housekeeper is related to the family, and she'll do anything for him. Mason asks if John is around, but Wayne replies that he's at the wedding rehearsal. Mason says he found about five errors in the report John wrote. Wayne says that John has bummed around a lot in the past, and he's probably got fed up with this job just as quickly. Mason tells Wayne to let John know that he wants to see him when he comes in.

Patricia is on the 'phone to the car yard, and is told that Rob is delivering a car to a client. John comes in and Patricia tells him that his uncle will be at least another hour. John says he can't stay, as he has work, so Patricia suggests the rehearsal should go ahead without the groom. She suddenly notices the table hasn't been cleared after breakfast, and snaps at Rosie that she 'd appreciate it if the housekeeper didn't leave it cluttered all morning. Rosie says she only has one pair of hands, so Patricia replies that perhaps she'd better employ someone with two! She goes out into the garden, where she finds Paul and asks him to come round the back, where the rest of the family is congregated along with the vicar. Various people make comments on Rob's absence, and Gordon makes it clear he's not impressed. Angela says she'll kill her fiancé! Patricia asks Paul to stand in for Rob, and Angela immediately looks at him, guiltily. Paul hesitatingly says he doesn't mind. He and Angela put their hand in each other's, and the vicar guides them through what will happen during the ceremony, while Angela continues to look uncomfortable. As soon as the rehearsal is over, she walks off, blaming her wanting to be alone on nerves. Gordon says it's a shame Rob's not there. Patricia asks Jill to go in and see if Angela is alright, and she thanks Paul for his help. As John heads back indoors, he jokingly asks Paul if it felt good standing there with Angela. Paul nervously replies, "Yeah!"

Jill finds Angela inside, and asks her if she's alright. Angela says of course she is - she just feels like being alone. Jill brings up 'the other guy' and says it's Paul isn't it. Angela tells her not to be stupid - the 'other man' is someone Jill doesn't know. She says she's feeling a bit sick, that's all. Jill leaves her friend alone, telling her she'll see her at the restaurant tonight.

At the boarding house, Jill tells Fiona that she wishes she knew who it was, as all Angela would say was that she'd met someone, and couldn't stop thinking about him, and she was even edgy at the rehearsal... She suggests that Fiona should ask Paul, but Fiona says she doesn't see what good it would do. She tells Jill to buzz off, as she has a pile of paperwork to get through. Jill asks if it's to do with Woombai, and wonders when it's opening. Fiona says it'll be about a month. She tells Jill that Angela is in love with Rob, and whoever the new man was, he's probably forgotten about by now. Jill leaves, as Fiona sits looking thoughtful.

Rob gets back to Dural, and David remarks that he's better late than never. Rob says he sorted out a couple of good deals, so it was a worthwhile morning's work. He asks if Angela's OK, and David replies that she has an upset tummy. Rob says he hopes his fiancée's not too upset, but David says Patricia and Gordon are worse. Rob heads off to the kitchen. Patricia comes out of the study, saying she thought she heard Rob's voice. David tells her that he's off to see Fiona, which causes Patricia to comment, "Going to have a little bitch session, are we?" David says Fiona is a friend. He tells Patricia that she pushed to have the wedding in Sydney, and he's just trying to make things work. Patricia says she can't see him and Fiona talking without her name cropping up, but David tells her, "We've got better things to talk about, Pat."

At Ramberg, Mason tells John that he hopes he can see what he means. John says he's had a few personal problems, but Mason says he doesn't want excuses - he just hopes it won't happen again. John says, "No." Mason adds that there's one more thing - anything John learns at work is confidential, so when he heard that Patricia was on the board, he shouldn't have gone to his family with it, but he should have gone to Mason first, for clearance. John tries to argue about it being a matter that does concern the family, but Mason just snaps, "Clear enough?" and John agrees that it is. He doesn't look happy, though. When he leaves Mason's office, he finds Wayne outside, and he comments that it didn't sound too good. He tells John that he's making it nice and easy for him to ensure John gets the boot. Di comes in and tells John that things don't look too good. She warns him to be careful.

Jill tells Fiona that it' a disaster! and she explains to Fiona that she can no longer hold Angela's shower tea at the restaurant. Fiona says she didn't think Angela was the sort of person who'd want that sort of thing, but Jill points out that David and Rob are going on a buck's night, so she should give Angela a shower tea - but now they have nowhere to hold it. Fiona says she wishes she could help. Jill suddenly says she knows who might be able to help, but she dashes off without saying who. Fiona tells David she'd give her eye teeth to hold it at the boarding house, and David replies that it's a shame Angela is still against her. Fiona says Patricia's no help. David says he wishes everyone would let bygones be bygones.

Kevin gets home from school, and Susan tells him that Lynn is lying down, upset because, when her boss asked her why Kevin wasn't going to the wedding, it made her realise how selfish her husband was being. Kevin says the old dears at the cake shop probably put ideas in Lynn's head, but this causes Susan to tell Kevin that he's changing. She tells her brother that what she and Lynn see is a selfish brat - Lynn is really keen to go to the wedding, and will go with or without her husband, but without him, she'll have a boring time. Kevin says he loves Lynn. Susan suggests he show it for a change.

When Lynn wakes up, she tells Kevin that she hopes they're not going to fight again. Kevin says he'd like to go, but he can't hack seeing David and Patricia together. Lynn points out that Rob used to be Kevin's favourite uncle. Kevin tells Lynn that she must really want him to go, and Lynn replies that they've never had a holiday together. Kevin agrees that he'll go. Lynn tells him she loves him.

Jill is at Barbara Armstrong's, but Barbara says she can't see why the shower tea shouldn't be held at Dural, as she's not even going to the wedding. Jill remarks that it's all a mess up, and says she'll have to tell Angela that there's no shower tea. Barbara suggests asking Patricia, but Jill replies that there's no point, because Patricia's not even going to the tea because she wants to keep David company so that he's not all alone. Barbara suspiciously says, "Oh, I see." She suggests talking to Angela, and if it's OK by her, she'll throw her doors open. Jill is really happy.

Kevin and Lynn 'phone Fiona to tell her that they're both coming, and they'd like to stay with her. Fiona agrees that that's fine, and asks them if they've called David yet. Kevin asks Fiona if she can let him know, but Fiona says it's not up to her. Kevin says he doesn't want to call Dural, but Fiona replies that it won't kill him. Kevin still says he'd prefer Fiona to do it, and Fiona finally relents, but says she won't be a go-between all the time Kevin's up there. She puts the 'phone down, and there's a knock at the door - it's Paul. Fiona tells him that they have a lot of talking to do.

At Dural, Rob tells Angela that he expected it in the neck, but Angela asks what the point of getting miserable is, when something like that can't be helped. She tells Rob that she loves him so much, and Rob replies that the day after tomorrow will be the happiest day of his life. He tells Angela that he hopes it will be for her, as well, and Angela says, "Course it will."

Paul tells Fiona that she should have seen Angela this morning - he could feel how mixed up she was. Fiona asks him if he's made up his mind about Patricia yet, but Paul says he hasn't. Fiona tells him that, if he chooses everyday life over religion, he'll get Ramberg, the money, her, Patricia, the lot... She says Paul has to have his feelings clear on all that, rather than worrying about a silly crush on Angela. She says Angela will be married in two days' time. She tells him to take back his notice, and get to know Patricia - it's what James would have wanted.

At Dural, Jill tells Angela that it took some talking, but Barbara agreed. Angela thanks her friend. Patricia comes downstairs and asks what's going on. Angela tells her about the shower tea, and Patricia remarks that she's surprised Barbara agreed - but she's glad she can come now. Angela tells her mother she thought she couldn't make it, but Patricia says she's just learned that David will be going on Rob's buck's night, so he won't need any company. She tells Angela that it couldn't have worked out better...


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