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    Written by: Sally Webb   Produced by: Don Battye   Directed by: Mark Piper

As the women of Dural gather by the front door to depart for Barbara's, Patricia taunts Rosie about the hat she's wearing, but Rosie defiantly says she'll wear what she likes. Patricia calls upstairs for Angela. Rosie remarks on Patricia having suddenly changed her mind about coming, but Patricia just says she had time to spare. Rosie asks if it's because it's at Barbara's place, but Patricia snaps that she's the mother of the bride, and it's none of Rosie's business. When Angela comes down, she tells Rosie not to worry about the hat, as it won't be that sort of do. Rosie says it doesn't worry her.

Jill and Angela walk into the lounge at Barbara's together, and Jill announces to everyone that the bride-to-be has arrived. Patricia walks in a few seconds later, and Barbara looks annoyed to see her. One of the guests comes up to Angela and leads her over to another part of the room to talk. Barbara 'smiles' at Patricia, and Patricia 'smiles' back! Jill warns Patricia to be careful of the lethal punch! Patricia tells Barbara that she couldn't possibly not come when she heard she was helping...

At Dural, David tries to persuade Gordon to come out for Rob's buck's night, but Gordon says he doesn't find drinking beer and watching blue movies fun. David says he thought Gordon would swallow his pride, and Gordon starts to reply that he's been swallowing his pride for... when Wayne, John and Rob come in. Rob checks again with Gordon that he's sure about not coming, and then he and John head out. Wayne lingers a moment, but then says he'd better go as he wouldn't want to miss any of the fun.

At the shower tea, Jill tells Angela she's glad she's happy, and Angela says she was just being stupid this morning. Patricia suddenly announces to the whole room that a friend of hers, Tina, has been telling everyone that Barbara and Gordon had a fling while she was overseas. Turning to the hostess, she says, "Isn't that ridiculous?" Barbara snaps, "Yes, it is." As the party returns to normal chatter, Barbara says to Patricia, "How dare you ridicule me in my own home." Patricia replies, "Did I?"

Later, as the guests leave, Jill and Barbara thank them for coming. Angela hugs Barbara in appreciation, and asks her if she's sure about not coming to the wedding. After a moment's thought, Barbara says she'd like to change her mind if that's OK. Angela assures her it is. Patricia doesn't look happy. As Angela and Jill leave, Rosie hangs on, but Patricia orders her out, leaving her alone with Barbara to ask, "What the hell are you up to?" Barbara says she wasn't going to go the the wedding because she thought it was in poor taste, but after tonight, she'll be there because Angela wants her there. She warns Patricia that if she makes a fool of her again, she'll make sure she shows her up for the woman she really is. Patricia says she's Gordon's wife, but Barbara replies that Gordon needs a woman who can give love, as well as take it. Patricia says it's funny that Gordon doesn't see it that way, but Barbara replies that Patricia's type always trip themselves up - she can wait, but when Gordon wants her, she'll be there. Patricia asks Barbara if she really believes that, and Barbara simply replies, "Yes."

David and John call in at the boarding house after the buck's night comes to an end. They are both reasonably drunk. Fiona asks where Rob is, and John says he was on top of a table doing a strip last time they saw him! They explain that they've just stopped off to sober up. Fiona says she'll get some coffee.

Patricia, Angela and Rosie get back to Dural, and when Gordon sees Angela holding a pile of presents, he remarks that she must have had a good night. Angela says it's time she went to bed, and Rosie agrees that would be best for her as well. When she's alone with Gordon, Patricia comments on how nice it is to have some quiet, as the women at the party really talk. Gordon says he could have done with some noise, but he couldn't relax with David. Patricia tells her husband that it's not often they get some time alone together, and she proposes a toast, to 'Us'. She says she's glad she went to the shower tea, which prompts Gordon to ask after Barbara. Patricia says it was good to show her there were no hard feelings. She adds that she feels sorry for Barbara, as she knows how she felt when she thought she was losing Gordon. Gordon suggests they take their drinks to bed before the boys get home.

Fiona tells John and David that there was a time when she thought they'd never get on. David says he's glad he woke up to himeself when he did. He says it was that time at Woombai that did the trick, when the two of them worked together - it's just a pity it wasn't sooner. John says, "Better late than never." Fiona tells them to keep up the good work.

The next morning, John is in Hal Mason's office, saying he can't see the big deal. Mason says they could have lost the account, and tells John that he should have been prepared. He adds that he didn't appreciate John being late, and so John explains that he slept through the alarm. Mason asks John if he spent the night out drinking with his mates, and he tells John that he can do what he likes during outside hours, but while he's there, he should do his job. John says he won't make the mistake again. Mason tells John that he's got two weeks to show he's still up to the job. John leaves the office. Mason then 'phones Patricia and asks her see her. Patricia says she's tied up until 1pm, and so they agree to meet at 3pm.

Patricia hangs up the 'phone in the study at Dural, and tells Paul that he's chopping and changing. Paul explains that he was keen to move on, but he's thought about it now, and changed his mind. Patricia tells him she's glad he's staying, as she's pleased with his work. Paul starts to leave the room, but then hesitates. Patricia asks if there's something else, but Paul replies, "No." He then adds that if any help is required with the wedding... Patricia says she'll let him know. She asks him to let Rosie know he'll be staying. Paul leaves the study, and hears David, Angela, John and Rob in the lounge, talking about last night. He goes in and tells Rosie that he's staying on, but he'll stay in the background. Angela says, "Thankyou," but she looks upset.

Susan arrives at the Palmer house, and on seeing her mother, tells her she looks terrible. Beryl says she's never felt like flying less in all her life, and so Susan suggests they leave the trip until tomorrow. She says she'll 'phone David, but Beryl says she wants to do it.

David tells Angela that she's very quiet, and Angela replies that she's feeling seedy. The 'phone rings and Rosie answers it, soon passing the call onto David, who decides to take it in the hall. Beryl tells him not to get mad, but she won't be coming until tomorrow. David tells his wife that he thought she was about to pull a swifty, but Beryl says she's feeling sick, and she's in no state to travel. David asks when she'll arrive, but Beryl just says to expect her when he sees her. She then sarcastically thanks him for being so concerned for her health.

At Ramberg, Hal Mason tells Patricia that Wayne told him about John's employment record, and it's hardly responsible. Patricia asks what Wayne knows, adding that she thought John was doing well. She tells Mason that he can't let her son go after one-or-two mistakes, but Mason makes it clear that, if John continues to do badly, he'll get rid of him. He says he's giving John a go just as he's giving Wayne a go, but Patricia chips in that Wayne was nothing to do with her. Mason says, though, that Wayne is the best of the lot. He says he's had reports from Melbourne that David's work isn't encouraging either, and he asks Patricia to remember that Ramberg is a business, and not her personal employment agency. Patricia says it takes David a while to adjust to new ideas. Mason asks her why she's so interested in the Palmer family, saying that she doesn't strike him as the guardian angel type. Patricia replies, though, "Who says I'm doing it to help him...?"

When Lynn and Kevin arrive at Manly, Lynn is immediately impressed by the boarding house, and Kevin says he'd like to go to the beach tomorrow. Lynn says she'd like a place like the boarding house, and she asks to have a look around. Fiona tells the couple that David, John and Rob hope to come round later. Kevin asks if David has said how things are going, and Fiona replies that the trip is doing him a lot of good, and David and John are very close now. Kevin says it's OK for John, as he doesn't know... Fiona says, "And he's not going to know - is he?" Kevin sullenly replies, "No."

Wayne leaves Ramberg for the day, and sees Hal Mason in the car park. He tells the MD that it's the wedding tomorrow, and then asks how things went with Patricia. Mason says Patricia wasn't keen, but he made his point. He remarks on John's personal problems, so Wayne 'explains' that John is mixed up with a girl who was a prostitute. Mason says, "Charming - his own silly fault, then." He adds that he hopes nothing else will upset John's own personal apple cart.

At Dural, Rosie comments on Wayne being chirpy, and Wayne says he's had a good day. Patricia tells Rosie she wants some tea, and Rosie replies that the kettle is on, but Patricia tells the housekeeper to concentrate on tea, rather than arranging flowers. Wayne tells Patricia that he must have just missed her at Ramberg. Patricia replies that they're having tea out by the pool, and Wayne's welcome to join them, but Wayne declines, saying he has work to do. Patricia tells him that Angela and Rob have seen a block of land they're really keen on. Wayne remarks that he thought they'd be staying, but Patricia just says she might speak to Gordon. Wayne tells Patricia that she must be keen to keep them around, and Patricia replies that she certainly is. She goes out to the pool, and asks David where Angela is, and David replies that she's gone to hurry Rosie up. Patricia apologises to David for snapping at him when he was going to see Fiona. She asks if Kevin and Lynn have arrived yet, and David replies that Fiona is giving them the royal treatment! Patricia remarks that she's surprised Beryl's not with them, but David says his wife is leaving it until the last moment. Patricia asks if Beryl will definitely come, and David says of course. Patricia thanks David for his effort, and David replies that Angela is his daughter.

Indoors, Wayne is sitting at the bar, looking at a file, when he hears Rob come in. He dashes out into the hall and says he'd like a private talk, although he warns that it would be best to talk quietly. He tells Rob that Kevin arrived today, and he's worried about what he might say about what happened at Woombai. Rob warns Wayne to keep his voice down, but, unbeknown to him, John is sitting in the study, and can hear every word. Rob asks Wayne what it is to him, and Wayne says he thinks they need to work out a way to keep Kevin away from the twins. As the two men head into the study, Rob loudly says, "As if Kevin's going to start spouting about Patricia and David having an affair!" John looks stunned.


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