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    Written by: Maureen Ann Moran   Produced by: Don Battye   Directed by: Mark Piper

Rob drives to the boarding house, goes in, and rings Fiona's doorbell. When she answers, she laughingly says it's a bit early in the day for him to drop in for a drink, but Rob explains that it's a business visit. He offers to sell Fiona a car, pointing out that she must be in the market for one, what with all her new-found wealth. Fiona says, though, that there's one problem - she's never owned a car in her life! Rob remarks that it doesn't hurt to try. He tells Fiona that he needs the money so he can buy Angela the best engagement ring in town. On his way out, he gives Fiona a card in case she changes her mind, but Fiona stops him, and asks him if he'd like to stay for coffee. Rob asks to make it another time, as he has to get back to work. Fiona says she supposes Patricia will be planning a fancy wedding, but Rob tells her that Patricia doesn't even know he and Angela are engaged, yet. Fiona comments that she can't see Patricia being happy about it, but Rob replies, "Too bad." Fiona asks about plans for the wedding, and Rob says it's going to be a T-bone special, as the Hamiltons can't afford anything else. Fiona asks about all Patricia's money, but Rob says that, as far as he knows, it doesn't amount to much. He goes, but says he'll be in touch. Fiona stands by the door, looking thoughtful.

Later, Fiona and Jill are out in the city, and Fiona tells Jill that Patricia can't have admitted to how much money she inherited. Jill asks what the point of lying is, and Fiona replies, "Search me." Jill says she thinks it's terrible. Fiona says she thinks someone ought to tell Gordon the truth, but hurriedly adds that she can't do it because Gordon would think she was getting back at him. Changing the subject, Jill says she can't believe Rob tried to sell Fiona a car! Fiona explains that she didn't have the heart to tell Rob that she'd done most of her money already. Jill asks if the business deal is still a secret, and Fiona says she'll explain after tomorrow night. She then tells Jill that she should get a car to replace her VW, but Jill says she can't afford it yet.

David is hurrying breakfast so he can get to work and get some extra trips. Beryl tells him that he should 'phone Angela first, but David is reluctant. Beryl manages to persuade him, though. She then asks him if he's going to tell the kids about their money problems, but David says it would just make Susan feel worse, so they should keep it to themselves.

Rob shows Jill and Fiona various cars, but Jill says she needs something for under $500. Rob says there are very few cars in that price range, and he asks her to consider a slightly more expensive vehicle. He then leaves Jill and Fiona to discuss things while he sees to another customer. Fiona offers Jill a small loan, but Jill declines the offer, leaving Fiona to say that Angela's not going to get much of a ring from the commission Rob makes on this sale!

Rosie and Gordon are preparing to head up to Woombai, and the two of them reminisce about old times. Angela says she wishes she was going too, but Gordon says they'll manage. The 'phone rings, and Gordon says that, if it's for him, he can be contacted at Woombai, later. The call isn't for him, though - it's David, for Angela. She immediately tells him that she wondered when he was going to call, and she asks him if he's pleased. David says, "As long as it makes you happy." Angela then asks him if he's sure about paying, and David assures her that it's fine. Angela says she doesn't expect anything fancy, but David replies that they're going to do things properly. He asks, though, if Rob can spring for two tickets to Melbourne, and Angela says she'll get him to draw it out the bank. David says that Rob has never had a bank account in his life, but Angela says she'll get him to show David the book when they come down! David tells his daughter that Beryl said Rob would settle down when he found the right girl.

At Susan's, Kevin tells Lynn that he doesn't know why she's being so stubborn, but Lynn says she's concerned about money. Kevin says he'll get another job, but Lynn says she's been offered another four hours per day at the baker's, and she's going to take it - even though she's already working four hours per day. Kevin tells her that she'll never be able to keep it up, but Lynn says she will if he helps around the house. Kevin immediately takes offence, but then accepts that he has to do it. He tells Lynn not to say anything to Nelson, though, or he'll kill her! He then suggests that she go and get some sleep. Lynn says she's only trying to make things easier, and she assures Kevin that she can handle it - "Just you wait and see."

The next morning, Lynn is working at the cake shop when she has to deal with an awkward customer who complains about the speed of the service and the prices. On her way home, Lynn is walking very slowly, and looks depressed. She is heading towards the Palmer house, and totally ignores her father who is coming down his own path next door. Inside the Palmer house, Beryl tells her that she looks worn out, and Lynn replies that she's not to tell Kevin. Vic Hardy walks in, but Lynn says she's not in the mood. Vic tells Lynn that he saw her walk past, and he's concerned that she's not taking proper care. Beryl chips in that Lynn is tired, but Vic says he thinks Lynn should give up her job. He asks if they can't survive on Kevin's money, but Lynn says they can't. Vic offers to help her draw up a budget, and he asks how much Kevin is earning, at which point Beryl suggests to Lynn that she tell her father the truth, so Lynn admits that Kevin lost his job at the carwash. Vic immediately rages that Kevin should be shot for sending Lynn out to work while he lounges around, but Lynn says Kevin has school, and he is trying to find more work. Vic says, "I bet." He offers his daughter a lift home.

When they get to Susan's, Vic shows Kevin a job vacancy notice that he spotted on the way. It's for a newsboy to deliver papers, and Vic says he had a word with the owner, and Kevin can start straight away. Kevin points out that it's not going to pay much, but Vic says it's a start - and he reminds Kevin of his responsibilities to support Lynn. They start arguing, until Lynn eventually interrupts, and points out that Kevin is doing all the cooking and cleaning to help. Vic isn't impressed, but Lynn says Kevin is doing a good job, and she suggests that her parents could come round for dinner. Vic agrees, although he isn't very encouraging, telling Kevin, "The day you can cook a decent stew, I'll eat my hat!"

Beryl tells David that he and Lynn make a fine pair, both working themselves into the ground. She looks at David's new roster, and tells him that he's going to fall asleep on the road if he goes ahead with it. David assures his wife that he'll be careful, and promises not to bend any rules. He adds that he just wants to give Angela a good wedding, but Beryl says Angela doesn't want too much. She tells her husband that he's a stubborn old mule!

Muriel Hardy says the stew smells nice, but Vic says, "The proof is in the tasting." He duly tastes Kevin's meal, and complains that it's watery, but Muriel tells him that he probably couldn't do any better. Lynn tells her father that he owes Kevin an apology. Vic admits that maybe Kevin can look after Lynn, but he adds that he still thinks he's right about the job. Muriel suggests to her husband that they could go into the kitchen to cut some bread, and this leaves Kevin free to tell his wife that he thinks her father is a pain in the neck, but at least he does care about her. He adds that the extra money would help, but Lynn points out that Kevin would have to get up at 5am, making it a long day. Vic and Muriel return, and Muriel prompts her husband to spit out what he planned to say. Vic says he'll call the newsagent and tell him that Kevin doesn't want the job, but Kevin replies that he and Lynn have talked, and he'll do it - at least it'll be a start in journalism!

Rob delivers Jill's new car to the boarding house and hands over the keys. Jill tells Fiona that she can run her up to Woombai, now, and Fiona hurriedly explains to Rob that she's going to try and patch things up with Gordon. She asks him about the engagement ring, and Rob says he had a good day today, so he'll be going to buy the ring tomorrow. When he's left, Fiona remarks to Jill, "He's a hustler, but you can't help liking him!" Jill apologises to Fiona for dropping her in it, and she explains that she could have fallen through the floor when Fiona told her! Fiona says she hopes Gordon will swallow his pride and make the best of it.

The next morning, at Dural, Angela demands to see the ring, and when Rob shows it to her, she remarks that it must have cost a fortune. She then adds, "Why did you buy something like that?" Rob asks if Angela doesn't like it, and she demands to know how much it cost. Rob says it was $2,000, which causes Angela to say what a waste it was. Rob says he wanted her to have a nice ring, but Angela says she doesn't give a damn about jewellery. Rob tells her to put it on, but Angela says she doesn't want it. Rob says he can't take it back, but Angela replies, "Yes you can." Rob tells Angela to do what she wants with it - she can chuck it out for all he cares.

Gordon is nailing the lid onto a crate at Woombai when Rosie comes in and says she's packed the dinner service. She remarks that the place looks bare, and she tells Gordon that he shouldn't have come. Gordon says, though, that it's his place to be there to hand it over. Rosie says she still can't believe it, and Gordon replies that it's best to make the best of it. They hear a car pull up outside, and Gordon says, "That'll be the new owner." Rosie goes to let him in, and Gordon quickly starts tidying the room. Rosie then comes back in, saying it's Fiona who has just turned up. Gordon looks taken aback. Outside, Fiona and Jill get out of Jill's new car and Fiona says she wants to go in alone, adding that it won't be pleasant. Jill wishes her luck, and Fiona replies that she's been turned out of worse places than this before! She walks towards the front door, but Gordon comes out before she gets there. He tells her that there's nothing to say, but Fiona says she wants to apologise - she made a terrible mistake, and she's very sorry. Gordon says it's a bit late in the day. Fiona asks if they can talk inside, but Gordon tells her that he'd rather she just left. Fiona says it's more than apologising, as they have a lot to discuss. Gordon says he can't imagine why, but he then looks extremely startled as Fiona replies, "I bought Woombai - I'm the new owner..."


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