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    Written by: Ray Kolle   Produced by: Don Battye   Directed by: Denny Lawrence

At Dural, Rob stands in front of Gordon and asks him if he can marry Angela. He says he knows he doesn't have much behind him, but he has a good job, and he's doing well, so he'll be able to look after her. Gordon asks Rob if he's spoken to Angela, and Rob says he has - and she's waiting outside. Angela is indeed standing in the entrance hall, listening to every word Rob says. Gordon tells Rob that it's sudden, and Rob replies that, after a slow start, the relationship snowballed. Gordon says, "More like an avalanche!" He asks Rob to call Angela in, and when the couple are standing in front of him, Gordon tells them that he can't see any point in making waves. Angela smiles and hugs him.

The police 'phone David, and tell him that Susan's car has been found dumped in a side street with the keys still in it. He passes the news on to Beryl, but when she asks if there's any word of Noel, David says he reckons he's lying low. Changing the subject, David decides that he might have a walk round to the truck showhouse while there aren't any salesmen around. Beryl says she'll let Susan know about her car. Just after David goes out, the 'phone rings, and Beryl answers it - it's Angela and Rob, who are each on a different extension. Beryl asks what the idea of that is, and Angela replies that they have some news. Beryl asks what's going on, and Rob asks his sister if she's sitting down! Angela then announces, "Rob and I are engaged!" A taken-aback Beryl asks if Angela's having her on, as she didn't even know they had it in mind, and Rob admits that it came out of the blue. Beryl asks when the wedding's going to be, and Rob says it'll be soon. Beryl remarks that she supposes John was surprised as well, which immediately causes Angela to look down guiltily. Rob says John hasn't been told yet, but he's going to ask him to be best man.

At the boarding house, Jill tells Fiona that Angela was really excited. Fiona suggests they could hold a party for the happy couple, but quickly remembers the current 'hostilities' with the bride-to-be. She asks Jill whether the Hamiltons have arranged some sort of get-together, but Jill says there's nothing that she knows of, and they probably couldn't afford it anyway. Fiona sits down, and Jill notices that she's been sorting through some old photos, which Fiona describes as, "Years of my life." Looking at one, Jill comments that John has changed, and Fiona remarks that, in those days, she could do no wrong. Now, though, she can't hold a candle to Patricia in his eyes. Jill tells Fiona that Beryl will probably invite her to the wedding, but Fiona says she'd prefer that Angela wanted her there. She suggests that it might be an idea to buy them a present.

Rosie congratulates Angela and Rob, but Wayne says to Angela, "Knew you didn't have a brain in your head." He also wishes them luck, telling Angela that she'll need it when Patricia gets back. Gordon asks Angela if she's going to call Patricia, but Angela says she'll wait until her mother gets back - not that she can do anything anyway. Gordon announces that he'll take everyone out to a restaurant tomorrow night. Angela is concerned that he can't afford it, but he insists. Rob then turns to John and asks him if he'd like to be best man. After some hesitation, John agrees, explaining that he was thrown for a minute. Angela thanks him. John then suggests beers for the men, and he invites Gordon, but Gordon declines. Rob tells his fiancée that she'll have to get used to the men's nights out! When they've gone, Gordon tells Angela that Patricia won't be a pushover, but Angela doesn't think it matters, as she and Rob have talked about things, and they're sure they're right. Gordon tells Angela that he's right behind her. Angela replies that, when Patricia gets back, she'd rather have him in front of her!

It's breakfast time the next morning at the Palmer house, and David is in a bad mood over the impending marriage, telling his wife that he thinks Rob and Angela should have had more sense. Beryl says Rob has always been a wanderer, but she knows he'll take care of Angela. David says that, when he came in last night, he'd seen a great truck and wanted to take Beryl to see it, and then she hit him with that. They decide to go and look at the truck that morning instead, though. Down at the showhouse, Beryl looks round David's dream truck, and he invites her to get inside. Beryl is initially reluctant, but David helps her up, and he gets in the other side. He tells his wife that it's a nice truck, and easy to handle. Beryl asks him where he's going to keep it, as there's no room outside the house. David says he'll find somewhere, but mischieviously adds that he could keep it outside the house for when Beryl goes into labour! He asks Beryl if she likes it, and Beryl replies that she'd like it more if David is reasonable about Rob and Angela. David says he knows Rob's not such a bad bloke, but he is worried about Angela. Beryl says the truck is looking better every minute!

At Dural, Wayne is sitting at the table writing on a form. Angela comes in and asks him if he's applying for a job, quickly adding that he's going to find it difficult, having no qualifications. Wayne tells Angela that she'll be in the same position once the stud changes hands, and every prospective employer is going to know she got that job through family connections. Angela tells Wayne that she's not going to let him spoil her mood. Wayne says he doesn't know why Angela and Rob are getting married so quickly, and he suggests that they live together first in case Angela gets bored. Angela says she won't get bored, which causes Wayne to ask what happend to the old 'love 'em and leave 'em' days. He asks Angela if she's told Rob about all the men she went through, but Angela snaps, "Shut up." She says she'll tell Rob before they get married, and she adds that she'll never treat Rob the way Wayne treated Jill. Wayne looks annoyed. Gordon comes in and Angela tells him that she wants to change the restaurant they're going to, to the one that Jill works at. Wayne gives Angela a nasty look. Gordon tells Angela that they can do that if that's what she wants. Wayne says that they can book for one less, then, and he adds that the whole thing is a waste of time anyway, as Patricia won't let them get married. Angela says, though, "Mother can't stop us."

At the boarding house, Fiona gets in from shopping, She takes out a card and starts writing it.

As the Hamiltons gather to set off for the restaurant, Angela comments that she wishes David and Beryl were there to come with them. Wayne enters the room and tells Angela that they have to do something about Rosie, because everyone's going to stare at her, and she'll feel an awful fool. Angela gets to see what he means a moment later, when Rosie comes in wearing an old-fashioned hat and coat. Once she has left the room again, Angela quietly suggests that she and Rob could go into the restaurant while Gordon and Rosie park the car, and they can arrange for Jill to take Rosie's coat and hat as soon as she goes in. Wayne snaps, "Enjoy yourself," and leaves the room. Angela wonders aloud why Wayne can't care about anyone else in the way he cares about Rosie, adding that there's only one person he really loves - himself! Rosie comes in, and sourly announces that Fiona is on the 'phone, wanting to speak to Angela. Angela is surprised, but takes the call. Fiona tells her that she's heard the terrific news and would like her and Rob to drop by. Angela says, though, that they're in a hurry, and the boarding house is out of their way. Fiona says she has a present, which she'd like Angela to pick up, but Angela says she doesn't think so. Fiona starts to say that she knows how Angela feels, but Angela interrupts, saying the others are waiting. Fiona hangs up, then sadly picks up the card and looks at it.

In Melbourne, Beryl says to David that she supposes the wedding will be in Sydney. David says Pat will take care of that. Beryl says it will be awkward being there with Gordon and Patricia, but they'll have to carry it off for the kids' sake. David is looking through the drawer for his bank book, but can't find it. Beryl asks him if they'll be able to get a loan, and David replies that they should do, as they have a good enough deposit. Beryl says she was thinking that they should contribute something to the wedding costs, but David says they'll have to pay for all of it, as it's his daughter who's getting married. Beryl points out that Gordon will feel the same. David says they should have the wedding in Melbourne, and make all the Hamilton family come down there, and he reckons Rob and Angela will like that. Beryl says Patricia and Gordon won't. She asks if they'll be able to afford the truck as well, and David says he has his heart set on it. He says he'll talk to the bank manager, and maybe he can put a small deposit on the truck and use the rest for the wedding. He adds that he'll have to admit to losing the bank book, and then tells his wife, "Everything will be alright."

It's just gone 10am, and Jill calls at Fiona's - much to Fiona's annoyance, as it's much too early in the day! Jill tells Fiona that she looks worse than usual, and Fiona admits that she didn't sleep very well after ringing Angela. Jill says she thought it might be like that. She then tells Fiona about the Hamiltons eating at the restaurant last night, and reveals that, on the way out, Angela cornered her and asked her to be her bridesmaid. Jill says, "Terrific, eh?" Fiona quietly replies, "Yeah, great." Jill tells Fiona that she'll have a chance to sort things out. Fiona says she doubts it.

At Dural, Gordon, Angela and Rob all have hangovers, but Rosie is very bright, and says the previous night was lovely, with Jill looking after them. Gordon tells Rosie not to say that to Wayne. When Rosie leaves the room, Rob remarks on Rosie's surviving the evening on a glass of sherry, while the rest of them got stuck into the champagne! Gordon asks if a date has been set for the wedding, and Angela says it'll be in about a month - which will give Patricia time to get it out of her system. She adds that there's no point in waiting. Gordon says there's a lot to arrange if they want a wedding with all the trimmings, but Angela asks if they'll be able to afford it. Gordon says they'll need to book the church, and he asks if they have any ideas where they want to marry. Rob says he'd always thought that he'd be getting married in Melbourne. Angela says she quite likes the idea, and Rob chips in that it'll save his parents the long trip to Sydney. Angela says she'd need to ask David and Beryl first.

Beryl is on the 'phone and tells Angela that David will be really pleased. The call ends just as David is coming in, slamming the front door in the process. Beryl tells him that Angela and Rob want the wedding in Melbourne without them even having to offer. She suddenly notices that something is wrong, and David tells her to forget about the truck - the bank book wasn't mislaid, but was taken by Noel. He explains that Noel did a good copy of his signature, and Beryl asks if he's taken all the money. David says most of it - some is left so that there were no questions about closing the account. Beryl says they saved for so long - there'll be no wedding in Melbourne, now, and Angela and Rob will be disappointed. David says, though, that he'll give them the wedding they want. Beryl asks him how, and David says he'll work his guts out, mortgage the house if necessary... He says "We're going to do it."


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