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    Written by: John Alsop   Produced by: Don Battye   Directed by: Denny Lawrence

David is hurrying to get ready for work, telling Beryl that he should have been at the depot half an hour ago. He adds, "Damn Noel." Beryl asks what she should do if the police find Susan's car, and David tells her that it may be driveable, but if it's not, she should arrange to get it towed. Beryl remarks that it's funny that Noel didn't touch the housekeeping money, and David adds about him not being worried about the $300 either. He says Noel must have thought the Palmers an easy touch all the time they didn't talk to Bill. He heads off to work.

When he gets to the depot, though, Bates tells him he's late, and orders him to go home. David tries to explain that he had problems with his kids, but Bates isn't interested, telling him to deal with them in his own time. David asks for a fair go, but Bates tells him to be a bright boy, and get out of there while he still has a job.

David duly goes home, and tells Beryl what has happened. He adds that he expects to get a drive tomorrow, though. He says the sooner he gets his own truck, the better, and Beryl asks him why, if Bates worries him so much, he doesn't go and see the bank manager to see if they qualify for a loan. David says he'd prefer to have a bigger deposit, but Beryl points out to him that he's always saying the truck will pay for itself. David realises the house is virtually theirs, and the truck would be collateral, and Beryl adds that $7,000 is a good deposit... David says there will be another mouth to feed soon, but Beryl asks David if he doesn't want him growing up saying his dad is a truck driver. David queries, "Him?!"

Lynn tells Susan that she's sorry about her car, but Susan says it's OK, although she feels terrible for being so blind. Kevin comforts his sister by saying Noel was her only contact with Bill, and points out that he fooled everybody - except Lynn. Susan says she'll listen to Lynn in the future. She goes into the kitchen, leaving Kevin to give his wife a hug. Lynn quietly tells Kevin that she didn't want Susan to see how frightened she was. Kevin then says David was amazing, and Lynn says she was never so glad to see anyone. Kevin points out that she shouldn't forget his father's offsider! but adds that it was good that David was there. Lynn tells Kevin that he should tell his father that, and Kevin says he will, the first chance he gets.

Gordon is at Barbara's, and Barbara is talking about arranging a golf match for tomorrow, but Gordon says he has to be in Newcastle on business. Prue comes into the room and announces that she's going back to Adelaide. Gordon gets up to leave, but Prue says, "Don't let me upset anyone." Gordon tells her that he doesn't know what will happen about her horses at the stud now that the place is under new management, and Prue sarcastically asks if that means she's supposed to pick them up. Barbara snaps that Gordon was only trying to be helpful, and Prue says, "I'll bet." She agrees to go to the stud, though.

As Prue is loading her horses into a horsebox, John walks up and explains that Gordon 'phoned him to tell him that she was leaving, so he's come to say goodbye. Prue just says, "Big of you." John asks Prue if she'll be alright, but Prue just replies that he'll be sorry when she's gone. Angela walks up to Prue and gives her her account, which causes Prue to moan about the cost. As she is about to drive off, she tells John and Angela that she hopes they will be very happy together. When the car is gone, Angela says she's glad to see the last of Prue. She suggests to John that the two of them head home together.

At Dural, Angela says it's hard to believe the stud belongs to someone else. She then asks John if he's worried about Prue, and John says he can't help it. Angela tells him that he did the right thing. John says he's just sorry it didn't work out. He asks Angela if Prue's comment about the two of them worried her, but Angela says she did a lot of thinking, and she knows she and John have to lead their own lives. She invites John to join her and Rob for dinner this evening, but John declines, saying he wouldn't be much fun.

At Barbara's, Barbara tells Prue that she's found a few things that her niece missed. Prue gives Barbara a cheque, which she says is for the Hamiltons, and which she asks Barbara to pass on. Barbara tells Prue that she doesn't like her driving this late, but Prue says she doesn't know why everybody is so concerned about her all-of-a-sudden. She explains that John came to the stud, and Barbara tells her that Gordon rang him to tell him that she was leaving. She adds that she thinks John is very fond of Prue, but Prue says, "Not enough." Barbara tells Prue that she expects too much, but Prue replies that she doesn't want to go out with a guy who's under his mother's thumb, and she also didn't like that way that Angela was always in the background. Barbara tells her niece that she doesn't know the meaning of a close family, causing Prue to suggest that Barbara must be pleased that she's leaving so that, instead of inviting Gordon round for breakfast, she can have him stay over. Barbara slaps Prue round the face, and tells her that if she'd had a few more beltings when she was young, she might not have grown up into such a snob. Prue says she knows what's going on between Barbara and Gordon, but Barbara tells her that it's nothing improper, adding that Prue wouldn't understand what it means to be in a relationship that isn't based around selfishness. She tells her niece that she has a lot of growing up to do before anyone will love her. Prue says, "I'll get by," and she leaves.

At Dural, Gordon is looking at a map, trying to find the route to the stud he's visiting tomorrow. He tells Wayne that he's going there to advise on new procedures and to pass on the names of some contacts. Wayne asks him if he'll be charging for it, but Gordon says he was offered a fee, but doesn't feel able to take it. Wayne points out that some people make a living from consulting, but Gordon says it doesn't seem like work after running his own business. Wayne says that, if it was him, he'd talk until he was blue in the face, if he was getting paid. Rob comes in, and Wayne sarcastically remarks that he's early, before adding that he would draw the line at selling cars. Gordon says, though, that car dealers need to be honest nowadays, and Rob points out the expectations placed on him by the Consumer Protection Act. Wayne tells his father and Rob that they'd make a good double act, and he gets up and leaves the room. Gordon tells Rob that Wayne is touchy about not having a proper job - well, a proper income! He adds that he wishes Wayne would show some of Rob's enterprise. Angela comes in as it's time for her and Rob to leave for the restaurant. She says the restaurant is in Manly, and she wants to stop off at Jill's on the way. Rob asks, "What for?" but Angela tells him, "It's a secret."

As they pull up outside the boarding house, Angela tells Rob that he has a suspicious mind. Rob asks if Angela wants him to see Jill so that he'll like her more, but Angela says it's not that. They get out of the car just as Fiona is returning from shopping. Angela grudgingly introduces Rob to Fiona, and Fiona tells him that she's heard a lot about him from Beryl. She asks how long he'll be staying, but Rob says he's in Sydney permanently, as he has a job there. Fiona tells him to drop in for drinks sometime, and she invites Angela as well, but Angela says, "No thanks." Fiona says it's silly to keep quarrelling, and she adds that, thanks to Patricia, Gordon must be smiling now. As Fiona goes inside, Angela says to Rob that she wonders what Fiona meant. Rob says, "Search me!"

The 'restaurant' is actually the beach, and Rob curses himself for swallowing every word that Angela said about the posh place they were going to! Angela says that only the fish and chips are fresh - everything else was stored at Jill's, ready and waiting. Rob gets out a bottle of wine, only to find that there's nothing with which to remove the cork. He tries using a key, but soon gives up, saying, "Who needs alcohol?!" As they eat, Rob asks Angela why they're there, and Angela explains that someone else once arranged the same surprise for her. Rob asks, "Someone nice?" and Angela replies, "Someone like you actually." Rob says, "Must have been nice!"

Fiona is unpacking her shopping when Jill comes in and says Angela and Rob have gone. She points out that Fiona made a hit with Rob, but Angela couldn't work out what Fiona's comment about Gordon being happy again meant. She says that the Hamiltons are still selling the stud and Woombai, and Fiona says it must be from choice. It then occurs to her that perhaps Patricia is keeping her inheritance a secret, or has told her family that she inherited less than she really did. Jill tells Fiona that she can't do anything until Patricia returns from Honolulu, and Fiona says she'd like to know what Patricia's doing there - she certainly doesn't believe she's just gone for a rest.

Rob and Angela are walking on the beach, and eventually sit down. Rob says, "Perfect end to an otherwise average day!" Angela says she's glad they've got rid of Prue. Rob tells her that Wayne had a go at him, but adds that Gordon has got used to having him around now - which makes it all the harder for him to find a reason not to ask Angela to marry him. Angela says that for an awful moment, she thought he was serious, and Rob says that for an awful moment, he was. He says to Angela that if he did ask, would she say yes? Angela says, "Are you asking?" "I think so." "Yes!" They kiss, and Rob picks up the unopened wine bottle and says noone can even say they were drunk!


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