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    Written by: Sally Webb   Produced by: Don Battye   Directed by: Denny Lawrence

At Dural, Angela tells John that he had to expect an argument sooner or later, and she asks what it was about. John says it was all sorts of things, although it was triggered by her making comments about Beryl and the house in Melbourne. He adds that he didn't think she was such a snob deep down. Angela tells John that he should have told Prue where to get off a lot sooner. John says Prue reminded him of how he was towards Angela and Rob. Angela tells John that he must really like Prue, and John says he knows she's a spoilt brat, but yes, he does. Gordon comes in and Angela asks him if he had a good talk with Barbara last night. Gordon says, "Yes, nice." John leaves the room, and Gordon remarks on his cheeriness, so Angela explains about his problems with Prue. Gordon then says he's playing golf later with some of Barbara's business contacts, and Angela remarks that at least through her relationship with Simon Armstrong, the Hamiltons got to know Barbara.

At Barbara's, Prue asks her aunt about her evening, and Barbara says it was very pleasant. Prue says, "I bet." Barbara isn't at all impressed at yet another sarcastic remark, and she tells her niece to watch her step, otherwise she'll be out so quickly that she won't know what's hit her.

John drives to the boarding house, and Jill is outside when he arrives. He gives her a box of clothes from Angela, and after quickly examining them, Jill says they're perfect. John comments that they look a little big, but Jill tells him that Fiona has a sewing machine she can borrow to take them in. John then says he feels guilty about not ringing back the other day when Jill called, but Jill says she understands. She asks how Wayne is going, and John says he's still moping, and trying to get out of doing any work. Changing the subject, John then asks Jill what she's going to be doing on her nights off, and Jill says, "Sleeping!" John asks her if she'd like to come out to dinner, but Jill says she doesn't think Prue would like it. John says, though, that he just meant the two of them. Jill declines the invitation, though, saying she'd prefer to get some sleep. Looking disappointed, John says, "Just a thought." Inside, Fiona tells Jill that she'll wow everyone in her 'new' clothes. John brings the sewing machine into Fiona's room, and Fiona remarks on how she hasn't used it for years! John tells the two women that he's glad they've sorted things out, and Fiona says she's glad as well. John asks if she can forgive Gordon as well, and he tells her that she's being one-eyed about it, but Fiona says she's always one-eyed with people who do things like that to her. John says, "But he didn't." Giving up, he tells Jill to give him a call if she changes her mind about dinner, and he leaves. Fiona immediately asks Jill what John meant by the comment, and Jill explains that he's broken up with Prue and wants a shoulder to cry on. Fiona tells Jill that she should have gone, as she could have cried on his shoulder afterwards, but Jill says she didn't want to go. Fiona points out to Jill that she used to be keen on John, and adds that it would be something to get her mind off Wayne, but Jill says she doesn't want to talk to John, anymore than Fiona wants to talk to Gordon. She then holds the dress up against herself and looks in the mirror. Fiona says she thinks they could do with Beryl's help!

At the Palmer house, Beryl tells Kevin that if David finds out that Noel has being telling the truth all along, they might have a problem. Kevin tells his mother that Lynn has agreed to give Noel a go, but Beryl asks what will happen if Lynn can't relax. Lynn says it'll be hard. David comes in and says Bates agreed he could do a run later this afternoon. Lynn decides to stay at the Palmer house until it's time for work, and Kevin tells her that he'll get home before Noel does.

At Susan's, Noel looks at the withdrawal slip, and then puts both it and the bank book, back in the drawer. He goes into the kitchen and tells Susan that he needs to use her car. Taken aback at Noel's abruptness, Susan explains that he can't have it, and Noel snaps, "Why the hell not?" He adds that he has some interviews lined up, but he'll have to scrap them. Susan tells him that he can use the car, then, as she was just going to drive herself and Beryl to the markets. When Noel starts saying it doesn't matter, Susan insists, and Noel tells her that he appreciates what she's doing. He suggests that she stays at Beryl's afterwards, and he'll come and pick her up on his way home. Susan says she hopes Bill will be alright, and Noel says he's sure everything is fine. When Susan leaves the room, Noel clenches his fist, and smiles in victory.

At Barbara's, John tells Prue that he wants to talk to her, but she says she has to go out. John says he still thinks they can make it work, to which Prue replies, "That's big of you." He tells her to stop making him into what she wants him to be, but she says she only wants what's best for him - his being a messenger at Woombai was a dead-end, for example. John asks her why she didn't say anything, instead of going to all the trouble she did. Annoyed at John's attittude, Prue decides to tell John that it was all Patricia's idea, but John won't listen. Prue says that maybe she knows Patricia better than he does, and she adds that it's the truth, but John says he doesn't really care much anymore, and he leaves.

Jill is trying on the dress, and says to Fiona that she supposes she'll be running out on them soon, and kicking her heels up overseas. Fiona says, "It's what I should be doing." Jill asks Fiona what she is going to do with all the money, but Fiona says she's already spent most of it, by borrowing against her inheritance. Jill asks what Fiona's done with all the money, jokingly asking if she's invested in a casino, but Fiona just says that she's got involved in a boring old business deal - nothing Jill would be interested in. Jill doesn't look impressed that Fiona won't tell her.

Gordon tells Angela that a new buyer has been found for the stud, causing Angela to say that she knows how Rosie felt last night. She asks if the staff will be kept on, and Gordon says it would be nice, but he isn't in a position to bargain. Angela says it's not bad, selling both Woombai and the stud in two days. She then sadly adds that it was the first proper job she's made a go of. She tells Gordon that he should let Alan Pascoe know, so Gordon goes out to call him. Barbara tells Angela that it won't take her long to find another job, and Angela says she hopes so, as she needs the money. She explains about falling in love with someone who is as broke as she is. Barbara asks if it's the real thing, and Angela says she thinks so. Barbara asks if he feels the same way, but Angela has to admit that he hasn't said anything. Barbara says she assumes it's Rob, and she asks what Patricia thinks, but Angela says her mother doesn't have a clue about their relationship. Barbara asks Angela what she'll do if Patricia doesn't like it, and Angela replies, "Too bad!" Barbara says, "Good on you - and for the record, I like him."

Beryl and Susan get home after the trip to the market, and Beryl is exhausted, commenting that having to catch the tram doesn't help. She then wonders how Noel's job hunting is going, and adds that dinner last night was nice. Susan says Lynn relaxed, and Beryl comments that the champagne was a nice thought, especially as Noel went all over town to find it. Susan remarks that David and Noel got on well, but, feeling guilty, Beryl decides to admit that her husband has taken the morning off to go and see Bill. Susan snaps that it's just to check up on Noel, but Beryl tells her daughter that David is worried about her and Bill, and it's best to be sure. Susan says Bill will back Noel up, and then she'll expect David to apologise.

As Barbara is leaving, she tells Rob that it's nice to meet him. When she's gone, Rob tells Angela that Barbara is nice. He then decides he needs some sleep, but before he heads off, Angela tells him that it's important to her that Barbara liked him, as she's a good judge of character.

Lynn is at home doing some sewing when Noel comes in, and he looks surprised to see her. He asks what she's doing, and Lynn sarcastically says, "I live here." She asks Noel if he's leaving, as she noticed his bag is packed, but Noel nastily asks her if she's been snooping. Lynn says she was going to iron Noel's shirts, as a favour, but Noel says he doesn't need favours. Lynn tells Noel that he has caused nothing but trouble since he turned up, but Noel says he's done his time. Lynn says, "Just go, will you?" Noel leaves the room, and Lynn goes into the kitchen, and looks in the pot on top of the 'fridge, but Noel quickly comes back and asks her if she's expecting him to steal the housekeeping money. Lynn goes back and sits down at the sewing machine, but Noel comes over and rips the cotton reel off the machine. He yells at Lynn about what he'd do to her if she was a bloke. Lynn tells him to leave her alone, and she gradually backs away until she's sitting on the sofa. Noel tells her that he's had a gutful of her pushing him. As Lynn cowers on the sofa, Noel nastily says, "Scared, are we?"

Kevin is walking home when David pulls up hurriedly next to him and tells his son to get in. He pulls away, and quickly gets up speed, but is stopped by a red light. While they're stationary, David tells Kevin that the only true thing Noel said was about him and Bill sharing a cell, and he adds that he's dangerous. Kevin says Beryl and Susan went shopping, but Lynn is at home on her own. The lights change. Outside Susan's house, Noel gets into Susan's car. David pulls up to a junction, but his car stalls. Kevin gets out, and spotting Noel just driving off, starts chasing after him, but it's no good. Having got the car started again, David drives the short distance to Susan's, stops, and runs inside, where Lynn is still on the sofa, crying. Kevin asks if Noel hurt her, and Lynn says she's frightened. Kevin asks her what Noel did, and Lynn says she thought he would hit her, although he didn't hurt her in the end. Meanwhile, Noel dumps the car in a side street, and gets out with his suitcase. He takes out the bank book, and looks at the balance inside, which has fallen from $7,035, to just $35. He throws the book down a drain. Back at Susan's, Kevin comforts Lynn, and David asks why Noel turned nasty. Kevin says Noel can't have cashed the cheque yet, and he suggests that maybe he found out about David seeing Bill. Lynn tells them that Noel's bag was packed when she got home. Kevin says, "Noel's crazy." David replies, "Who cares? He's gone now, and he can't cause us any more trouble..."


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