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    Written by: Bevan Lee   Produced by: Don Battye   Directed by: Denny Lawrence

On the 'phone, Gordon tells Patricia to have a good flight. He then hangs up and goes and tells Charlie, in the lounge, that his wife is about to board her flight. Charlie says she has a week before she leaves - she then quickly explains that she'll be going to Europe for the Paris collection, and she'll be away for months. Rosie comes in with the liquor order, and Charlie sarcastically wonders how the Hamiltons ever survived without Rosie there to help them. She then offers to help Rosie if she needs it - an offer Rosie listens to with utter astonishment! Gordon thanks Charlie for helping Patricia to get away, and Charlie leaves. When she's gone, Rosie says she must have been joking - as if she could tell her how to run a house! As Charlie is walking to her car, Rob chases after her and asks her how things are going. Charlie says things are fine, and then comments on how Rob has fallen on his feet, what with living at Dural, his job, Angela... Rob tells her that he and Angela are just good friends. Charlie gets into her car and drives off. Angela then comes out and runs into Rob's arms. She asks him if Charlie chatted him up, and Rob asks if it worries her! She then tells him that John is back and wants to sort things out, as Beryl talked to him.

At Barbara Armstrong's house, John tells Prue that he didn't like the cracks she made about his family, but Prue says she wasn't making cracks - she just couldn't see how he could stay there all those years. John says that not everyone can afford a big house, and Prue apologises. John says he's not ashamed of how he grew up, and Prue tells him that it's the way he lives now that's important. John says not necessarily - being happy is the main thing. Barbara comes in and apologises for interrupting the argument, but she wants to get a book. Prue says they weren't arguing, but Barbara says, "Could have fooled me!" Prue says she's sorry again, and tells John that she won't say anything more. John leaves. Barbara then tells Prue that she'll stay out of the way next time she and John are arguing. Prue complains about how John used to love Sydney, but after one trip home, it's suddenly Melbourne that's wonderful. She adds that she doesn't know why she bothers, and Barbara says she doesn't see either. Prue tells her that she likes him because he could be successful. Barbara says, "How romantic!"

Noel tells David and Beryl that what he said about Bill is the honest-to-God truth. David says he could talk to the prison authorities, but Noel says that could make things worse. Susan pleads with her father to help her. David asks what will happen if they want even more money, but Noel tells him that there's a code of honour - they set a price and stick to it. He adds that he's not out to con anyone - he just wants to help Bill. Susan again appeals to her father to write the cheque, and he agrees. Noel smiles at him.

Prue is looking for her car keys, but Barbara says she hasn't seen them. Prue then spots them right next to her aunt. She notices the book Barbara is reading, and comments on how she didn't think her aunt would read that sort of pulp, but Barbara says it's escapism. She tells Prue that she can't always impose her ideals on everyone else, and she'll come a cropper one day if she doesn't watch it.

Kevin tells Lynn that she should give Noel a go if David and Beryl believe his story, and he adds that Noel may be telling the truth. Lynn isn't keen, but says she'll apologise if she is wrong - but she doesn't think she'll have to.

David writes the cheque and Susan tells him she loves him. She gives him a hug, and Noel shakes his hand. Susan then invites her parents to come round for dinner, and Noel adds that it was his idea - Kevin and Lynn are invited as well. He explains that he knows everyone is still jacked at him, and he wants people to get to know him better. Beryl and David agree to go. Later, though, Beryl tells David that she's still worried about the cheque. David says that, by the time it's cashed, they'll know whether they have Noel nailed. He says the cheque is like tonight's dinner - something to keep Susan happy until they find out the truth one way or another.

Kevin isn't keen on having a dinner party after last time, but he eventually gives in. He, Susan and Lynn decide to go shopping, and Noel says he'll stay at home and clean the kitchen. Just as Susan is heading out, he tells her that it would be best if she left the cheque behind so that she doesn't lose it. Susan agrees, and puts it in the drawer. The three shoppers go out as Noel watches. When the front door has been shut, he opens the drawer and takes out the cheque. He then sits down with a pad of paper and starts copying David's signature...

Rob is under the bonnet of his car when John comes out of the house. Rob explains that his car started playing up on the way home from the car yard. John offers to take over, and Rob accepts the offer. John then says he's been thinking, and Rob tells him, "Don't worry about it!" He says Rob should have thumped him for the way he behaved. Rob accepts the apology. Inside, Angela tells Gordon that Rob and John have sorted things out. Rosie chips in that it's about time too. Gordon then asks if everyone will be in for dinner tonight, but Angela says John will be out with Prue, and Wayne will also be absent. Gordon asks if it's therefore alright for Barbara Armstrong to join them, and Rosie says nothing is too much bother for her - "Not like some!" Gordon explains to Angela that Charlie blotted her copybook earlier by giving Rosie domestic advice. Angela says incredulously, "Charlie?!" Gordon rings Barbara, and Barbara makes it clear that she's pleased to hear from him. She tells him that John informed her that Patricia is on holiday, and adds that Gordon should be the one taking a break. Gordon says he's a survivor. Barbara tells him that she'll introduce him to some of Roland's contacts, and Gordon suggests they discuss it over dinner. Barbara initially isn't keen, but Gordon tells her that the gossips can't say anything when Rob, Angela and Rosie will be there as well! Barbara accepts the invitation and says she's looking forward to it. When she hangs up, Prue remarks, "Didn't take him long," but when Barbara doesn't look impressed, she adds that she's joking. Barbara sits down and looks thoughtful.

Beryl points out to David that the problem with Noel made him and Kevin talk, and David agrees that she's right, as Kevin actually relaxed last night. Beryl adds that he does still tend to come round when David's not there, and David says he didn't think it would go on so long. Beryl says that last night was a start. David says, "And tonight," adding that he just hopes Kevin doesn't put on any more bets.

At Susan's, Susan is setting the table while Noel watches. In the kitchen, Susan asks Lynn to check the oven. Noel says he feels bad, as he's not doing anything, but Susan tells him that he cleaned the kitchen. Noel then offers to get some champagne, but Susan tells him he can't afford it. Noel says a couple of bottles won't break the bank, and he adds that there's a special offer on at an off licence a short drive away. He asks to borrow Susan's car, and she agrees. He picks up the keys and leaves Susan's apartment. He heads straight for the empty Palmer house, and goes in, carrying a torch. He starts looking round in the dark.

Susan 'pours' a beer for David. Beryl remarks that she doesn't like to think of Noel wasting his money on champagne. Beryl says Noel is taking his time, and Susan doubtfully says he is a bit. She adds, though, that he must be trying to sniff out a bargain.

Noel leaves the Palmer house with the bank book from the drawer. He looks at the balance in it and smiles...

John and Prue are kissing at Barbara's, when John says they should be going. Prue says she'd rather stay - she prefers the house when Barbara's not there. John says he thought Barbara and Roland were Prue's favourite relatives, but Prue says it doesn't say much for the rest of them. John says he likes all his relatives, and Prue tells him that it's because they're all so homely. John sternly says, "Prue..." She points out that he was keen to put Rob down when he arrived, but John says Rob's not that bad, as they've sorted things out. Prue asks if she's supposed to change her mind to agree with him, and she adds that he's inherited his father's sexist mentality. John orders her to sit down and listen to him.

At Dural, Rob tells Angela and Barbara about life up north. Gordon comes in and announces that an offer has been made for Woombai - cash on the nose. He doesn't know who the buyer is yet, though. When Rosie comes in, he tells her as well, and a startled Rosie asks if it's definite. Gordon says it is, and he adds that he's sorry. Rosie says she didn't think it would ever really happen. She starts to clear the table, and Gordon apologises for breaking it to her like that. Rosie tells him that he must be happy, but she then sobs that she doesn't know what it will feel like without Woombai as her home. She runs off into the kitchen, causing Gordon to say, "God, I'm stupid sometimes." Barbara asks him if Rosie will be alright. Gordon says he'll make sure she's looked after.

John tells Prue that she's trying to turn him into a snob, but Prue replies, "Bull." He tells her that she has to take him as he is, and adds that she's a spoilt brat. When she starts looking angry, John tells her that, just because someone's honest with her, she gets nasty. Prue tells John that she won't go round with him if he goes back to how he was when they first started going out, and adds that everything he has now is her doing. John says he'd better start worrying then, hadn't he. He walks out, leaving Prue to stand there yelling his name.


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