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    Written by: Bevan Lee   Produced by: Don Battye   Directed by: Graeme Hodgson

Patricia's taxi pulls up outside Dural, and Wayne comes out to welcome her home. He asks her how the funeral was, and she says, "Depressing." He then asks - pointing out that he's risking getting a slap in the face again - how the will-reading went, but Patricia just says there were no surprises. Wayne tells her that Gordon is asking why James was at Dural, but Patricia just tells Wayne that she'll tell everyone what happened, together. Inside, she explains that she felt sorry for James, as he was a very lonely man with just a grandson who was in America. Gordon tells his wife that she should have got him to come back, as it was a lot for her to handle on her own, but Patricia says it was something she had to do. Gordon rhetorically states that money doesn't buy everything, but Wayne says, "It helps!" Patricia says she had a very difficult time, but at least the small amount she did inherit will help them save Dural, and once they're rid of Woombai and the stud, they can start building things up again. Gordon says, "We'll manage." He then adds that Charlie called by earlier, and Patricia replies that, if she calls again, he should send her out to join her by the pool.

As Patricia heads outside, Rosie is just coming in, and upon spotting her least-favourite person, says, "You're back." Patricia makes it clear that she's just as annoyed to see Rosie, but Rosie tells Patricia that she'll stay out of her way. Patricia says, "Good." She goes and sits down on a sun lounger, picks up the 'phone and makes a call, asking to speak to Hal Mason.

Back indoors, Rosie looks around but can't see anyone about. Gordon suddenly starts coming downstairs and Rosie immediately tells him that she saw Patricia. Gordon says, "Oh dear." Rosie says she thinks Patricia isn't very happy about her being there, and she offers to go back to Woombai, but Gordon says there's no need for that - he tells Rosie just to make sure she doesn't annoy her. Rosie then asks who the old man was who died, and Gordon explains that it was James Sheppard, an old business contact. Rosie says she can't see why Patricia is upset, then, but Gordon tells her about James dying right there at Dural, which was a lot for his wife to go through. The doorbell rings - it's Charlie, and Gordon sends her out to the pool as requested.

Patricia is just finishing her call, telling Mason, "We'll manage." Charlie tells her best friend that she's there to cheer her up, but then notices that Patricia doesn't look like she needs it. Lowering her voice, Patricia says, "I don't - I'm worth a fortune."

John tells Angela about his trip to Melbourne, and about Beryl being pregnant. Angela initially thinks he's joking, but when he assures her it's true, she thinks it's wonderful news. John adds that Beryl is rapt, and Angela says it'll be like Rob, as he was born quite a long time after Beryl. John then tells Angela about how he tried to show off about his status and his job, which caused Beryl to have a go at him. Angela asks what Beryl thought of Prue, and John replies, "What do you think?!" Angela tells John that Prue is his girlfriend, and he's blind to her faults. John says Beryl did get through to him on one thing - he'd better be careful, or he'll turn into another Simon Armstrong, or Wayne! He then says that he has decided to make things up with Rob. Angela explains that he's away at the moment, so John says he'll do it when he gets back. He adds that he hopes Prue won't get snitchy when he tells her that he won't change.

Charlie asks Patricia if Fiona will say anything to the family about Patricia's inheritance, but Patricia says the whole family is offside with Fiona at the moment. Charlie asks how long Patricia thinks she can keep it quiet, and Patricia replies that it will hopefully be long enough for Woombai and the stud to be sold, as she doesn't want her money propping up dodgy investments. Charlie asks what will happen when Gordon finds out, but Patricia says she'll talk him round - he's gullible, and a few crocodile tears never go amiss. She then tells Charlie that she needs her help for the next step of her plan...

Inside, Charlie tells Gordon that, underneath the brave front, Patricia is quite upset, and she asks if he knows the full details of the death. She then suggests to Gordon that he should talk Patricia into taking a holiday, but Gordon says he can't get away at the moment. Charlie says, though, that she thinks Patricia should go on her own, but Gordon makes it clear that he's not keen, so he suggests that Charlie or Angela could go with her. Charlie says it's up to Patricia, and adds that she's in a bad way, although she's hiding it well. Gordon says that, if he thinks it's needed, he'll be the first to put Patricia on a 'plane.

At the Palmer house, David tells Kevin that it'll be hard for him and Lynn without the money from the carwash, but Kevin snaps that he came round to talk about Noel. He adds, though, that he'll get another job. David asks for the whole story about Noel, the cigarette case and the sackings.

At Susan's apartment, Noel tells Susan that her whole family will reckon he's a no-hoper, and that he's ripping her off, but Susan says she knows he's not. Noel says there's no way they'll get money for Bill from David now. Susan tells him that he just needs to explain things properly, and she suggests that they go round to see her parents right away, but Noel says it would be better waiting until tomorrow, when things have calmed down. Susan points out that the main thing is to get the money for Bill. Noel replies, "Certainly is."

Kevin tells David that Lynn may have been right all along. David asks his son if anyone else could have taken the lighter, but Kevin says it's doubtful. David then asks if the car owner could be trying it on, but Kevin again says it's unlikely, as he's a regular. Kevin asks his father if Bill could really be getting bashed, and David says that, if you believe what you read in the papers, it's quite possible. He says that there is a way to find out - he'll ring the jail tomorrow afternoon and arrange to see Bill.

At the dinner table, John asks if there's any news on Woombai, and Gordon says there's been a little interest, but nothing definite. Wayne chips in that word has got around about the Hamiltons being desperate to sell, and so people want to buy for crazy prices. Patricia suddenly snaps that she doesn't want to hear business-talk at the table. Gordon says Rob has sold the fleet of vehicles for a very good price, but this just causes Patricia to snap again about the current topic of discussion. Rosie then comes in and starts clearing the table, and Patricia yells at her about making so much noise. She goes to pick up Patricia's plate, but Patricia snaps that she hasn't finished yet. Rosie asks how she was supposed to know, as Patricia has barely touched her food. Patricia then yells, "Oh, for God's sake, take it then." She adds that she had to put up with Rosie at Woombai, but she didn't expect to have to tolerate her at Dural as well. She gets up and starts to go upstairs, but Gordon goes after her and stops her. He asks her to come into the study, but Patricia just sits down on the stairs and starts 'crying'. She says she's sorry, and she was aware that she snapped whenever anyone opened their mouth. Gordon tells her that Charlie thinks she needs a holiday, and he agrees. He says he'll put her on a flight to wherever she wants to go in the world.

The next morning, at Susan's, Susan asks Kevin if Noel has gone out, but Kevin says he's in his room. She tells her brother that she wants to sort things out with David, and she adds that she's glad Kevin isn't holding his losing his job against Noel. Kevin tells Susan that he doesn't like her giving Noel money, but Susan says it's for Bill. Kevin says, "Maybe, maybe not." Susan thinks everyone is too suspicious, but Kevin explains that he thinks Noel is trying too hard. He tells Susan that she'll have her work cut out trying to persuade David, but Susan says she'll have to try, as she's going to ask him for a loan. Kevin tells her that if it's money for Bill, she has Buckley's. Susan storms off.

Patricia tells her family that she can't believe it's happening, but Gordon tells her to have a good time in Honolulu. Charlie gives Patricia a list of her friends to get in touch with. Gordon tells his wife that he wishes she was going with someone, but Patricia says she'll be fine, and she's sure everyone can get on better without her snapping. She then says she'd better hurry, as she'd hate to miss her flight.

David is sitting looking in a 'phone directory as Beryl tells him that Susan rang earlier. She says her daughter called to say that Noel apologised to Kevin and Lynn for Kevin losing his job, and she adds that Susan and Noel are coming over later. David says he'll have to keep smiling until he gets the truth from Bill. Beryl asks her husband what he'll do if Noel is lying, and David says he'll take him apart and then hand him over to the police.

John puts Patricia's bags in the boot of the taxi and tells her to have a good time. Patricia tells Wayne that she hopes to see him off his crutches when she returns, and Wayne says he hopes so, too. Angela tells her mother that she wishes she'd let them take her to the airport, but Patricia says she hates airport goodbyes - and besides, she's only going away for a few weeks. Patricia then thanks Charlie for her list of contacts, and she says she'll be in touch. Turning to Gordon, she tells him not to call everyday, as she'll be fine. Gordon promises, telling his wife that it will be good for her to have a break. Patricia says to the assembled crowd that she'll miss them, and they'd better miss her, or she'll make their lives thoroughly miserable when she gets back! As Rosie watches from a distance, Patricia gets into the taxi and is waved off by everyone. As the taxi moves down the drive, Patricia asks the driver to go via Ramberg Industries.

When they arrive at Ramberg, Patricia asks the taxi to wait, as she won't be long. She goes into the building and tells the receptionist that Mr. Mason is expecting her. The receptionist buzzes Mason, who says to send Patricia in. When he sees Patricia, he asks her if she got the family to bite, and Patricia tells him that Gordon insisted she take a holiday. Mason gives her some tickets and a file of information on Paul Sheppard. Patricia asks if there's a photo, but Mason says there isn't, because James found them too sentimental. Patricia tells Mason that she'll be in Honolulu for a few days, and Charlie has given her a contact who will forward postcards, so, to all intents and purposes, that's where she'll be. Mason tells Patricia that it could all be a waste of time, and she could find it boring hanging around until Paul shows, but Patricia explains that Fiona's attitude will make things impossible unless she gets Paul on side. Mason tells Patricia that she has all she needs, and so Patricia gets up to leave, thanking Mason for his help. Outside by the taxi, she tells him that she hopes the Melbourne business will be fixed up by the time she gets back, and Mason says it'll be no problem. He suggests that she seems very keen to help David Palmer, and Patricia replies, "Yes, Mr. Mason - very keen."


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