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    Written by: Don Battye   Produced by: Don Battye   Directed by: Graeme Hodgson

Beryl is surprised to see Kevin turn up at the Palmer house, as John and Prue have just left to see him at Susan's. Kevin explains that he has been at the library and he thought he'd pop in to apologise for not making more fuss about the baby. He tells his mother, though, that David shouldn't have let it happen, and seeing as Beryl hasn't been well, and David hasn't been a good father in the past... Beryl tells her son to see sense over David. She points out that Noel is trying to get on with his life, and David just wants to do the same. Kevin asks what sort of life the baby can expect if David runs off with Patricia, but Beryl says David promised point blank not to see Patricia again after their affair. Kevin says he can't see how his mother can trust David, but Beryl asks if Kevin trusts Noel, and when he says he does, she tells him that she knows David far better than he knows Noel, and, therefore, the subject is closed.

Noel is looking at the withdrawal slip when Susan comes in and startles him. She asks if she heard the 'phone, and although noone has actually rung, Noel tells her that there was a call about the money - $200 isn't enough, but another $300 should do it. Susan says she'll ask her friends, or go to the bank for a loan, but she makes it clear that she doesn't want to involve David, or the rest of the family. Noel says it can wait a couple of days, as he's sure Bill will be alright.

Upon her return to the boarding house, Fiona calls to see Jill, and explains that she made a terrible mistake thinking Jill would have let the graveyard be bulldozed. She adds that John bent her ear about it all the way to the airport, and she couldn't get home fast enough to say sorry. Jill points out that Gordon isn't to blame either, but Fiona says he was weak, as he let Patricia get her way. Fiona adds that it was probably Patricia who planned the whole thing. She asks Jill to stay, and Jill says she'd like to - plus Plan C likes the place because it's her old stomping ground! She tells Fiona, "Yeah, we'll stay."

Kevin goes to collect Lynn from a friend's house before going home to catch John and Prue at Susan's. As he's on his way out of the Palmer house, David comes in, and the two men exchange vague greetings. Beryl tells David to take no notice of his son's mood. She suddenly notices that David has forgotten to pick up the cake, and so David says he had other things on his mind. Beryl notices that he's all dressed up, and asks where he's been, and so he explains that he went to see Patricia - hurriedly adding that it was for a very good reason. He tells Beryl about how Patricia called and wanted to see him, and he agreed to go as she thought it might be a chance to finish things for good. Beryl asks David if Patricia wanted to start their relationship again, and David admits that she did, but he told her that there was no way he'd be in it. Beryl says she can't understand how Patricia made such a big deal of getting back with Gordon, only to then come after David. David tells Beryl about Patricia's threat to 'get him'. He adds that it felt like Patricia wanted to own him rather than love him. Beryl asks if Patricia meant what she said, and David says she probably did, but he doesn't care, as she can't get to either of them anymore.

Patricia calls Hal Mason and tells him that she's going home tomorrow morning and wants to see him before then, as she has a couple of questions about the company's operations. The next morning, Mason duly calls at James' property and Patricia asks him if Ramberg has any connection with the transport industry. Mason explains that the company has a transport division, but it's one of their weakest areas. Patricia asks how likely it is that Ramberg will be expanding their transport field, but Mason says it's not very likely - it would have to be a board decision. Patricia says she supposes it just requires a majority vote. Mason tells her that if she lets him know the company to be bought, he'll make some moves, but the board might not be keen, and Patricia would need Fiona to help push it through. Patricia says, "Or Paul," but Mason says they have no idea when he'll surface. Patricia tells Mason that she's sure he'll be discreet, but Mason says he's in a precarious position - he was a favourite of James, but he wasn't so popular with the other board members, and he has to be sure he's backing the right horse. Patricia tells Mason that he'll be fine as long as he doesn't try to play both sides. She adds that she's sure they can be frank with each other in the future, and Mason says, "And benefit in the process."

Fiona cooks breakfast for her and Jill, although it's not up to the quality of Jill's breakfasts! Jill, though, says she doesn't think they should return to the old arrangement, as she'd like to be more independent. After a short period of silence, both women start talking at the same time, but it is Jill who continues the conversation, saying that, after Woombai, she hoped she'd grown-up. Fiona says it doesn't have to mean growing away, and she looks disappointed, adding that she'll have to get used to cooking her own breakfasts!

Kevin turns up at the Palmer house, where John is getting ready to head back to Sydney. Kevin tells his brother to thank Fiona for Lynn's make-up, which she loved. He tells John that he's really pleased about his job, and he hopes he can be as good. Prue emerges from the kitchen and tells Kevin that he'll make a great journalist, but he shouldn't let himself get tied down by marriage. Beryl tells Kevin to go to school. Kevin says he has to call in at the local paper as he has to finish his article on Noel. Prue asks if Susan and Noel are together, but Kevin says they're just friends. Prue then says she wouldn't like to live in a house with an ex-con, and adds that there's not much to rip off at Susan's house even if Noel wanted to! Beryl shakes her head, as a disapproving look crosses her face! She yells at Kevin again to go to school, and so Kevin gets up and shakes John's hand. Prue tells Kevin that it's nice to meet him. Kevin leaves the house and Prue goes to pack, leaving John to humourously say to Beryl that Prue's good at putting her foot in it. Beryl says Prue just doesn't care about other people. John asks Beryl if she thinks he's like that, and Beryl tells him that a lot has happened to him, and it's easy to change. John says there's no way he wants to give up how he's living now, and his job, but he hasn't forgotten the family - Beryl, David, Susan, Kevin... He says he can't keep still, and adds that there's nothing wrong with Kevin being ambitious. Beryl says it's fine, as long as it doesn't get out of hand. John says he could never be a real snob. He asks his mother if she likes him being with Prue, and points out that there are some nice things about her. The mother and son hug.

While out in the town, Susan spots Noel at the carwash and goes over to him. Noel asks her if she's got the money, but Susan says it's hard asking for money when you can't say why you need it. Noel tells her that she might have to ask David, and Susan says it won't be easy. Noel then tells her to go home and relax. His boss, Mr. Henderson, yells at him to get on with his work.

Beryl shows Lynn some flowers that John sent her from the airport. She then tells Lynn that she thinks Kevin is afraid of competition between his baby and hers. Kevin comes in and says he saw the editor of the paper, and was told he did a good job. Beryl tells Kevin he must be pleased with himself, and Kevin says he is. He says he's going to go home and tell Noel - "He'll be rapt!"

At the carwash, Noel is polishing the windows inside a car, when his glance wanders to the glove box. Checking that noone's looking, he opens the box, reaches inside and takes out a cigarette case and lighter. He examines them - they're gold-coloured - and then puts them in his pocket, before closing the glovebox and returning to his work.

Lynn tells Susan that Kevin is really on top of the world. She then notices that Susan looks upset, and asks if she's alright, but Susan says she's fine. Lynn asks if Noel is causing trouble, but this causes Susan to snap that she knows Lynn would like that, but he's a good friend. She then reveals that her problem is Bill - she needs money to keep him out of trouble, and she's given up $200, but she needs another $300 for Noel to pass on. Lynn is incredulous that Susan is giving money to Noel, and Susan explains that Noel is taking it to the prison to stop Bill from being bashed, but Lynn just says, "Yeah, right." Susan says that that sort of thing does happen, but Lynn tells her that Noel is ripping her off, and she's stupid to give him money. Susan tells Lynn not to interfere, as Noel doesn't need any more trouble.

At the carwash, Henderson accuses Noel of stealing a cigarette case from the glove box of one of the cars, but Noel denies it. Henderson wants him to empty his pockets, but Noel refuses and gets increasingly angry, until he ends up pushing Henderson so he has his back to one of the cars. Kevin is just approaching as Noel tells Henderson to stuff his job. He walks off, as Henderson yells that he's going to call the police. Kevin hurriedly tells his boss not to do that, as it would mean Noel having to go back inside. Henderson says, "What?" Kevin tells him that Noel is OK, but Henderson asks him what he meant by 'inside'. He asks Kevin what 'Rob''s real name is, and Kevin has to admit that it's Noel Devlin, but he says he needed a second chance. Henderson tells Kevin that Noel has blown it, as he stole something,. He adds that he doesn't want to see either Noel or Kevin's faces again - Kevin is sacked.

At Susan's, Kevin tells Lynn that they've got $30. Lynn points out to Kevin that she said Noel would cause trouble, but Kevin says Noel is out of a job as well as him. Lynn sarcastically says that Noel has Susan's money to keep him going.

Having revealed to Kevin about what Susan said, Lynn and Kevin go straight to see Beryl, who says Lynn could be right, but they need to check it out first. She adds, though, that she'll leave it to David to sort out. Kevin asks his mother to speak to David, but Beryl suggests to Kevin that it's time for him to be adult with his father, and for him to do the asking.

Charlie welcomes John and Prue when they arrive back at Dural. She asks where Patricia is, and John explains that she caught a taxi from the airport, as she had some business to attend to. Charlie then asks if Patricia inherited much, but John says that apparently she didn't. Charlie invites herself to join John and Prue to hear all about it. As they go inside, Prue remarks that the Palmers were quite a nice change, really. John doesn't look impressed.

Patricia calls at the boarding house, and Fiona immediately tells her that she has a hide showing her face. Patricia says the will has placed an obligation on them, but Fiona asks her if she really thinks she's there for Paul's sake. Patricia says it was James' wish, but Fiona tells her not to talk about James' wish - not after the way she ignored them by not calling Fiona on the day he died. Patricia says, "I tried," but Fiona retorts, "I bet," and so Patricia confesses, "Alright, I didn't try." She tells Fiona that James didn't need her telling tales. Fiona asks Patricia what she wants, and Patricia says she wants an assurance that Fiona will work with her. Fiona says, though, that she'll do whatever she can to ensure Patricia never gets her own way again - she may have beaten her over James, but there won't be a second time. Patricia says she knows where she stands, and says, "You want a fight, you've got one." Fiona orders her out, but Patricia says, "There's no way you can get back at us now, is there?" Fiona reiterates her order for Patricia to get out.


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