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    Written by: John Alsop   Produced by: Don Battye   Directed by: Graeme Hodgson

At Dural, Wayne and Rob are lounging about while Rosie tidies up. Rob offers the sports section of the newspaper to Wayne, but Rosie suggests that perhaps he should have the jobs section. Wayne says it's a waste of time, but Rob points out that the mountain has to come to Mohammed. Wayne says he's tried to find a job by using his contacts, but it's been no good so far. He then adds that James Sheppard is bound to have left Patricia something. Rosie says it would be nice if Patricia brought some money into the house, instead of spending it. Rob has to go to work. Before he leaves, he offers Wayne some money to tide him over, and although Wayne declines, Rob shoves a $20 note in his hand and walks off. Wayne puts the money in his pocket.

Beryl is taking Fiona breakfast in bed, but Fiona is already up and about, having been driven out of her room by Prue drying her air with what sounds like a jumbo jet! Beryl tells Fiona that she's just told John a few home truths, about him, Prue and Fiona, but Fiona says she can't avoid it any longer, and it's time he heard the facts. Beryl says, "He's not going to like it." In the kitchen, Fiona asks John to remember when he turned up at the boarding house when he was on the run for murder, and how she gave him the identity as Scott Edwards. She tells him that she didn't just pluck the name 'Scott' out of thin air - and John interrupts, saying he guessed that when he met Scott Thompson. Fiona continues by saying that Scott is the name she gave the baby she had to Scott almost thirty years ago - a baby that only lived three days. John says he's sorry, and Fiona tells him it's a sentiment not shared by Patricia. She tells John that they levelled some graves, one of which was Scott's. John asks how it happened, and Fiona says Patricia gave the word - she knew, but gave them the go ahead to knock it down to hurt her. John says he knows Fiona and Patricia hate each other, but they can't hate each other that much. Fiona says that, over the years, she and Patricia have seen each other a lot, and there are important reasons why Patricia would like to get at her. John asks what they are, but Fiona doesn't want to talk about it. John says he'll ask Patricia, and adds that it must have been a mistake. Fiona asks, "What if I'm right?" John just says he wants to hear Patricia's side.

At James' property, Patricia gives John her word that she knew nothing about Fiona's baby. She tells him that he must know how she feels about him and Angela, and she could never disregard another mother's feelings. John asks why Fiona has got it into her head that Patricia did it deliberately, and Patricia says Fiona has always had a low opinion of her - it's bad chemistry. John says there were things that Fiona didn't want to talk about, and Patricia says, "More secrets." John says he thought Patricia must have seen the graveyard, and Patricia says she had, but just took it for granted. She adds that she feels sorry for Gordon, as Fiona is taking it out on him, whereas she should realise he'd never go along with doing something like that. John says Fiona is also angry with Jill, and Patricia says that's even more crazy, because Jill actually stood on the land and tried to stop the bulldozers. John asks, "So whose fault was it?" and Patricia says Wayne has to take some of the blame. She says she can understand Fiona wanting to use it against her, but it's terrible that Gordon and Jill aren't getting the benefit of the doubt. She asks John to talk to Fiona, but John says she needs to cool down before he can do that.

Jill turns up at the stud and tells Angela that she's got a job in a restaurant, as a hostess. Angela is really pleased for her, but Jill is worried that she hasn't got enough decent clothes. Angela offers to lend Jill some of her stuff. Jill says that when Wayne finds out, he'll spit chips!

Rosie tells Wayne that she's off to catch a bus to the nursing home. Wayne suggests she call a taxi, but Rosie says it's too dear. Wayne tells Rosie that she must have been stashing it away for years, but Rosie says a room in a nursing home isn't cheap. Wayne is astonished to realise that Rosie has been paying for her sister, and Rosie explains that her sister has no money of her own. She adds that she doesn't know who'll pay the bills once she's unemployed. Wayne says there's plenty of work in the city, but then he adds that Rosie would probably want to stay with Gordon, and Rosie agrees, saying that Gordon has always been so good to her. Wayne gives Rosie the $20 in his pocket for a taxi, but Rosie doesn't want it. Wayne says he'll be rolling in it when Patricia gets back, and he gives Rosie a lesser-value note for a taxi to get her there, which Rosie accepts - although she tells Wayne that she should put him over her knee!

In Melbourne, Fiona joins Hal Mason for lunch, and after smalltalk about the food, Mason tells Fiona that, as a major shareholder in Ramberg, she's entitled to sit on the board if she wishes. Fiona remarks that the board are probably all fat and balding! Mason tells her that she's probably better off sitting back and waiting for the dividend cheques, but Fiona asks if Patricia is going to sit on the board, and when Mason says she is, Fiona says, "Then so will I!" Mason says, "Just as you wish." He tells Fiona that she and Patricia should liven things up no end, and adds that that's probably what James wanted to talk to Fiona about when he knew the end was approaching. A surprised Fiona asks, "James wanted to speak to me?" and Mason explains that Patricia tried to contact her several times, but without success. He tells Fiona that James' grandson will also be on the board when he turns up. He then proposes a toast to the new director, and Fiona says, "To the ladies of the board."

Back at the Palmer house, Fiona tells Beryl that she's surprised she didn't choke, and she adds that Patricia is as shifty as an outhouse rat! She says she'll be watching both Patricia and Hal Mason in future. Beryl asks what Patricia can do, and Fiona says she reckons Paul has something to do with it. She tells Beryl that she's going to make Patricia sorry she stopped her from seeing James, by blocking every move she makes. Beryl asks about the rest of the board, and Fiona says they can go to hell - Patricia has too much to answer for.

Angela is mucking out a stable when a bunch of flowers appears over the door, quickly followed by Rob! He apologises for last night, and Angela forgives him. She adds that she hopes Rob has some flowers for Jill as well, but Rob says he hasn't, as he doesn't like that type of girl. He tells Angela that Jill isn't a patch on her, as he knows she wouldn't cheapen herself with other guys like Jill did. Angela looks somewhat guilty.

Fiona looks in a hand mirror and says, "Mirror, mirror, on the wall, the faster you go back in the box, the better!" The mirror is part of a new make up set for Lynn. John comes in and Beryl asks him if he saw Patricia. John says he did, and, turning to Fiona, he tells her that she may believe what she said, but she's got it wrong. Fiona tells John that he's been the subject of a whitewash job, but John says Patricia spent the whole time defending Gordon and Jill. He tells her that if she's got a grudge against Patricia, she shouldn't make innocent people suffer - a point which Fiona says she'll think about on the 'plane. John tells Fiona that he'll drive her to the airport, as long as they agree not to talk about Patricia. Fiona tells John that one day he'll realise she was right about Patricia. She goes to pack, leaving John to tell Beryl that he loves her, Fiona and Patricia, but it's hard for him.

Mason tells Patricia that it was an impossible situation, and Patricia comments that at least it won't be dull. Mason also reveals that he let slip about James wanting to see Fiona, but Patricia just says it was unfortunate that his wishes weren't fulfilled. She asks about the other business, and Mason says he's going to meet David later. He duly turns up at the truck depot, and approaches David when he's filling up his truck with fuel. He introduces himself as a business colleague and friend of Patricia. David says, "So?" Mason says he has a message, but David tells him to keep it. Mason persists, saying that a dear friend of Patricia's has just died, and she's in a bad way. David doesn't see what he can do, but Mason tells him that Patricia sees him as a friend, and dropping by to see her would make a great deal of difference. Mason gives him the details, and David says he'll go home and get changed first.

David is cleaning his boots in the kitchen when John comes in and tells him that, at Ramberg, there's a shoe-shining machine in the executive toilet! He then asks David if he thinks his son has changed, and David says, "Of course you have." John then asks David if he thinks he's having himself on, and David says it takes some getting used to, but you always want what's best for your kids - Susan is doing OK as a nurse, and Kevin thinks he's going to take over the Herald! David just hopes John will make his name in PR. Beryl comes in and says they may have to slap John down occasionally, but underneath, he's not a bad sausage! David puts his jacket on and says he's popping out for a few minutes. Beryl asks where he's going, and David says he has a few odds and ends of business to sort out - he adds that he'll explain later. Beryl suddenly realises she's forgotten the blackforest cake that she was going to get for John, and she asks David to pick it up on his way. David says, "Yeah - as soon as I fix up...eveything."

At James' property, Patricia thanks David for making the effort, but David says he can't stay long. He tells Patricia that he's sorry to hear that her friend died, and Patricia replies that the house still has James' feel about it. She explains that James was like a father to her, and David says, "Like your dad never was?" Patricia tells David that she knew he'd understand. She reminds him of how her dad swore he'd never talk to her again if she didn't leave David, and she says she hasn't been in touch with him since she and David ran away. She tells David that her father objected to them being together, they spent the last twenty years apart, and then made each other unhappy when they got together. David suggests to Patricia that she call her dad, and says it's a long time to hold a grudge. Patricia asks, "Why?" She tells David that she couldn't understand why he left her at Woombai, but she eventually worked out that he wouldn't want to stay on Gordon's property, or live off his money from the divorce settlement. She tells him that she's a very wealthy woman now. David starts to say, "You don't think..." Patricia says she'd be prepared to leave everything to start a new life with him, but David tells her that he left her because he loves Beryl. Patricia says, "No." David says he and Beryl have never been happier, particularly as Beryl is expecting a baby, and he doesn't want Patricia. He says, "I shouldn't have come in the first place." A shocked Patricia pitifully cries out, "Don't leave me David, please - I make a much better friend than an enemy." David asks if that's a threat, and Patricia says, "Yes, it is," but David walks off anyway, as Patricia stares after him.


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