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    Written by: Greg Stevens   Produced by: Don Battye   Directed by: Mark Piper

Gordon asks Fiona if what she's saying is some sort of sick joke, but Fiona explains that it was a business decision - her place and Woombai are worth more combined - it's good investment sense. Gordon asks Fiona what she knows about investment, after she left the Reid place derelict for years, but Fiona tells her that she's going to get professionals in, and get the riding school project up-and-running again. Gordon tells Fiona that she sued the Hamiltons for everything , and forced him to sell the most precious thing in his life, so there's no way he can hold a dignified chat with her. Fiona says that it was her solicitor who recommended the investment, but Gordon replies that his parents came up to Woombai after the First World War, and they cleared the place by hand. When he took it over, he tried to make it something that his parents would be proud of. Fiona says she knows that, and she tells Gordon that she didn't deliberately set out to hurt him, but Gordon tells Fiona that she's hurt him more than anyone, and he won't talk to her. He says Woombai is still in his possession, and he tells Fiona that she's not welcome and would prefer she left. Fiona sadly walks away, towards where Jill is standing by her car. She says to Jill, "Let's go." Jill asks how it went, but Fiona just asks Jill to drive to the Reid property. Gordon watches them drive off, and then goes inside, where Rosie tells him that she heard. She says that Fiona had better not show her face again, or she'll have her to deal with. Gordon pours himself a stiff drink, and stands, looking shocked. Rosie offers to leave him by himself. Gordon downs his drink.

At her property, Fiona tells Jill that she tried to apologise but Gordon wouldn't listen. Jill points out that Fiona has to expect Gordon to be upset, but Fiona says she didn't set out to hurt him - it was Patricia she was after - she just didn't think. Her solicitor suggested the idea, and she'd just had a blazing row with Patricia... Jill suggests that they return to Sydney, but Fiona wants to stay and take official possession. Jill offers to stay until tomorrow. Fiona suggests that she could sell Woombai back to Gordon, but Jill points out that, while Patricia is keeping quiet about her wealth, Gordon can't afford it. Fiona then says she reckons she's done exactly what Patricia wanted - she's keeping quiet until the Woombai and stud were off the Hamiltons' hands. She says that Patricia knew that without the Reid place, Woombai was a dud - after all she's only interested in money. Fiona says Patricia caused all the trouble, and it's her who's got off scott free. "The devil looks after his own."

Kevin is out early the next morning, delivering papers, and feeling cold. Meanwhile, Lynn has the company of one of her old schoolfriends, Donna, who is telling her about a social at the school tomorrow. When Lynn hears Kevin come in, she realises she hasn't even started his breakfast yet, and goes into the kitchen. Donna apologises to Kevin, explaining that Lynn called her yesterday, and she thought she'd drop round before school. Lynn tells Kevin that she's upset because he didn't mention the social, and so Kevin tells her that, what with his early starts, and Lynn's long shifts, they can't really go out raging. Donna chips in that that's what married life does to you, but says one night won't hurt, and adds that it will do them good. Kevin tells Lynn that he can't see her dancing, but Lynn says she doesn't want to dance - she just wants to get out of the house for once. Kevin agrees that they can go, and says he doesn't care what Donna says - there's not too much wrong with being married!

Angela is staring at her engagement ring when John comes in, and tells her that she's supposed to wear it, not look at it! Angela says it belongs in a shop window, and she explains about Rob spending the $2,000 on it. John says he thought something was up. Angela says they have no money, and there's Rob, expecting her to parade around like Lady Muck. John tells his sister that he thinks Rob wants to keep up with what she's used to, but Angela says that's the stupid male ego. John asks Angela what she's going to do, and Angela replies, "What do you think?"

Kevin is getting ready for school, and tells Lynn that she should have seen the look on the faces of the other newspaper boys - most of whom were 14-years old - when he turned up! Lynn says the old ladies at the cake shop are funny too, and they make comments about her tying herself down at such a young age. They both agree that there's no point in trying to explain things to people. Lynn says that Angela is only three years older than they are, but noone's making a fuss about her getting married. Kevin says that's because Rob is so much older, but Lynn says she doesn't care how old they are - "Noone could be happier than us!"

Rob is checking over a car engine when Angela approaches, looking unhappy. She tells Rob that she took the ring back and she's got a refund, as they need the money. Rob says he thought Angela had come to apologise, and adds that he slaved his guts out to buy that ring. Angela says she doesn't need Rob to spend $2,000 to prove he loves her, but Rob tells her that he wanted her to have it. Angela points out that he told her to do whatever she wanted with it, but Rob says he didn't mean hock it. Angela asks why not? - she didn't want it. Rob tells her that giving it to her was very important, but Angela says marriage is a two-way thing, and he should have seen sense. They both agree that they don't know each other very well, and Angela says there's no point in talking marriage. Rob agrees, and Angela storms off.

Lynn is glad to get home after a hard day, and Kevin agrees that she looks worn out. Lynn offers to take over the ironing, but Kevin tells her to relax. Lynn admits that she feels all zonked out! Kevin suggests that she return to working part time as he has the paper round now, but Lynn says she wants to give it a bit longer. Susan suddenly rushes in, looking really happy, and tells Kevin and Lynn that Bill has agreed to see her, and she's even bought a new dress to wear when she goes to the prison. She goes off to have a shower, leaving Lynn to pick up the new dress and say she wishes she had a new outfit to wear to the social. She quickly adds, "Waste of money, though."

At Dural, Rob is staring at a wad of notes, totalling $2,000. John comes in, and immediately says, "She did it?" Rob asks if Angela told him, and reveals that the engagement is off - they both got on their high horses and broke it off, all over the lousy, stupid, ring. John says it's a bit more than that, and he tells Rob that he knows how he feels - the same as he did when he first turned up at Dural - a place that's out of their class. He tells Rob that he was calmed down by Angela, because she was so normal - not a bit like Prue. John says he thinks Angela wants Rob to know that he didn't have to prove anything. Rob says it's the way Angela did it that gets him, but John says he knows neither of them want to break it off - it just comes down to who'll swallow their pride.

Kevin is mending his bike when Vic Hardy calls by and asks how the paper round went. Kevin says it was cold! Vic then admits that he's been overbearing lately, and misjudged Kevin. He says he'll go in to see Lynn, but before he disappears, Kevin tells him about the school social tomorrow, and he says he'd like Lynn to have a new dress. He asks to borrow $20, saying he'll pay it back, and Vic agrees. He also gives Kevin an extra $10 for a taxi, and tells him to keep this a secret between the two of them. He tells Kevin to make sure they have a good time.

Angela gets home and looks round, but noone appears to be in. However, Rob then comes downstairs and tells her to be careful, or the wind will change! Angela says she's sorry, and Rob admits that he is, too - but at least they can say they had their first argument! Rob then says he has a great idea - they'll go out tomorrow and buy a cheap engagement ring, because he has a tartar of a fiancée who won't let him spend very much!

At the Palmer house, Susan tells Beryl that Bill was really pleased to see her, and he wants her to visit more often. She says she loves him so much, and adds that if it wasn't for Noel, none of this would have happened. She says it was worth losing a few hundred dollars for. Beryl ruefully replies, "Course it was. What's money?"

On the 'phone, Gordon tells Barbara that he'll see her when she arrives. After he hangs up, Rosie tell him that it'll do him good - especially having Barbara there. She then says she went out for a walk at first light and saw Fiona wandering around where the graves used to be. She adds that it was a terrible thing, but there's no excuse for what she's doing to the Hamiltons.

Fiona is kneeling on the earth that now covers the land where the graveyard was. She picks up some dirt, and, as she sobs quietly, she lets it run through her fingers, and she picks at some of the stones. Jill comes over and puts a hand on Fiona's shoulder. She says she's made breakfast. Fiona says she couldn't help looking at what had been done, but there's absolutely nothing left. Jill tells Fiona that she's being morbid, but Fiona suddenly perks up and sharply says, "She's not going to get away with it - it's about time Gordon was told exactly what sort of woman he's married to."

At Woombai, Fiona tells Gordon that Patricia has made a fool of him, but Gordon replies by telling Fiona that she just doesn't give up. Fiona says there was no need for him to sell Woombai, as Patricia's inheritance was more than enough, but Gordon says the amount Patricia received was just a drop in the ocean. Fiona says she was at the reading of the will, and she knows for a fact that Patricia is a very wealthy woman, but she still lied to him. Gordon asks why James would leave Patricia so much money, as they were just friends, but Fiona says, "They were lovers, Gordon, for years. That's why he left her a fortune..."


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