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    Written by: Peter Pinne   Produced by: Don Battye   Directed by: Mark Piper

Jill is sitting in the Reid property, drinking coffee, when Fiona comes in. She asks how it went, and Fiona says she told Gordon - what he does now is his business. Jill asks Fiona if Gordon believed her, and Fiona says it's a large pill for him to swallow, but everything is against Patricia, and he'll probably never forgive her for letting him sell Woombai. Jill tells Fiona that she has at least got back at Patricia, and Fiona agrees that she should be celebrating, but really, she feels sorry for Gordon, as he's lost Woombai, and probably Patricia as well, Angela's getting married, and Wayne is a no-hoper - it doesn't leave him with much.

Gordon comes out of Woombai to meet Barbara, who arrives with strawberries. Gordon says he has too much on his mind to worry about food, and Barbara says she thought something must have happened, as he sounded so cheerful on the 'phone, and now... Gordon explains about Fiona being the new owner of Woombai, and Barbara asks where the money came from, so Gordon tells her about James Sheppard leaving it to her. He adds that Patricia was also a beneficiary, and according to Fiona, she inherited far more than she let on. Barbara asks him if he believes Fiona, and he says he doesn't know. He also tells Barbara about what Fiona said about Patricia having an affair with James, which causes Barbara to say it's a lot to take in. She asks if there's any way of checking, and Gordon suggests he could ring Patricia's solicitor, but Barbara says there's not much chance of him being told anything over the 'phone. Gordon says he's entitled to know. Barbara asks why Patricia would keep her wealth a secret, and Gordon replies that his wife probably only went away so she could get her thinking straight. Barbara tells Gordon that he should check everything out first, as Fiona may be lying. Gordon picks up her case and they go inside.

Fiona tells Jill that she can use her room at the boarding house while she's away. Jill offers to give Fiona a lift back to Sydney, but Fiona says she has a lot to do - as soon as Woombai is hers, a team of professionals are coming in to finish the job off while she just sits back and pays the bills! Jill says she can't see Fiona being popular with John or Angela, and Fiona replies that that's why she's keeping it under wraps. Jill says she can't see Gordon not telling them, but Fiona just replies, "If he does, he does." She adds, though, that he'll probably leave it until after the wedding, and says, "Wish I'd never listened to my solicitor - would have saved a lot of trouble."

Gordon comes off the 'phone and tells Barbara that what Fiona said was true - and if she's right about the money, she's probably right about the affair as well. Barbara asks what he's going to do, and Gordon says he'll get hold of Patricia in Honolulu and have it out with her - he wants to know one way or the other.

Kevin watches as his mother makes Lynn's dress, and he tells her that his wife is really looking forward to tonight. He tells Beryl that they spend too much time worrying about money, and not enough having fun. Beryl asks if Lynn will like the dress, and Kevin assures her that she will. He asks how long it'll take to finish it, and Beryl says it'll be about ten minutes. She aks why, and Kevin says he's just had a thought.

Lynn is serving a customer at the cake shop when a shop dummy wearing a dress, suddenly appears outside the window! She bursts into laughter, and, when Kevin then steps out from behind the dummy, Lynn tells the customer that it's her husband, and he's mad! Later, the two of them head home, and meet up with Donna on the way. At the apartment, Lynn says she felt a right idiot. Meanwhile, Donna teases Kevin about him having a chance with all the girls at the social. Kevin makes some tea, and Donna remarks that he's well-trained. Lynn emerges from her bedroom with the new dress on, and both Kevin and Donna tell her how nice she looks. Lynn agrees that she likes it. Kevin serves tea, but Donna refuses biscuits, saying she has to watch her figure. She tells Lynn, though, that she doesn't need to worry about what she weighs now that she's married. Lynn doesn't look happy.

At the boarding house, John tells Jill that she'll enjoy herself if she comes out to dinner with him, but Jill declines, as she has to work. John suggests supper instead, and Jill is eventually persuaded. They agree to meet once Jill has finished her shift. She asks John if he's going home, as she has something she wants him to give Wayne - the diamond earrings. John says he thinks Wayne will want her to keep them, but Jill says she doesn't want them.

Fiona is surprised when Gordon pays her a visit at her property. He has come to apologise for this morning, saying it doesn't matter how he felt about other things, but he does know she's not a liar. Fiona accepts the apology, but Gordon immediately asks her if what she said about the affair was true, and she assures him that it is. She adds that she doesn't like Patricia, but she wouldn't make things up about her. Gordon asks how long it lasted, but Fiona says it's better to ask Patricia. Gordon says he needs to know, but Fiona won't say any more. Gordon says he's been trying to contact his wife, but she's checked out of her hotel and left no forwarding address. He contacted Charlie before she left for Paris, and she seemed to think Patricia was going island-hopping, but she had lost contact as well. Gordon reiterates that he needs to know the truth, but Fiona says it's not her problem - she's said all she has to say.

In the entrance hall at Dural, Angela tells John that she and Wayne are going down to Melbourne for a couple of days, and John says to tell David not to be stingy on the wedding! Angela says she doesn't want anything too fancy. Wayne hobbles out of the lounge and asks if he's invited. Angela tells him that he is if he behaves himself. Wayne then drops his crutch, and stands up straight - he can walk properly again! The only reactions, though, are a muted, "Good," and, "Great." Wayne tells them to be more enthusiastic, and he suggests they go out celebrating, but both twins decline. Wayne says he'll go to the yacht club, then. John gives him the earrings from Jill, causing Wayne to look annoyed. Later, he's sitting by the bar when Angela comes in and asks him if he's still going to the yacht club, but Wayne says they wouldn't be interested, either. Angela tells Wayne that, if he went to the trouble of getting to know people, he might have more friends. Wayne asks Angela if John is seeing Jill, and Angela says they were friends long before he came on the scene.

Kevin and Lynn drop in to show Beryl Lynn's dress actually being worn. Kevin says his wife looks terrific, and Lynn hugs Beryl in appreciation. They go, and Beryl smiles.

As they walk towards the school, Kevin, Lynn and Donna discuss the night's music. Several girls pass them, and a couple tell Kevin that they hope they'll get a dance with him. They tell Lynn it's good to see her, but they laugh as they walk off. Some boys also make a comment about her being Mrs. Palmer, and, as the three of them are about to walk in, she hesitates. Kevin stops and asks her what's wrong, and Lynn says she feels stupid. Kevin reminds her that she wanted to come, and adds that the other girls are just jealous because Lynn's with the best looking bloke in the room! Later, though, Lynn is sitting outside looking bored, when Kevin comes out looking for her. Lynn tells him that she's surprised he could drag himself away from the other girls. She also says she wants to go home, but Kevin says it's only 9:30pm. Lynn says she doesn't care, as she's had enough. Kevin tells her to come inside, but Lynn says that if he won't give her a lift, she'll get a taxi. She refuses to go back in, and storms off. Kevin quickly chases after her. When they get home, Kevin asks Lynn if she's sure she's feeling alright, and Lynn says she's fine. Kevin asks what the problem is, then, adding that Lynn didn't give herself a chance to have a good time. Lynn tells Kevin that if it was so great, he should go back again, and Kevin replies that it would serve his wife right if he did. Lynn goes off to bed as Kevin yells her name, but she slams the door. Kevin sits down and puts the television on.

Gordon is sitting, drinking and brooding, when Barbara comes in and asks him if he wants to talk. Gordon asks what there is to say, adding that he just wishes he could get in touch with Patricia. Barbara asks him what he'd say, and asks if he really thinks he can achieve anything over the 'phone. Gordon says he'd have a damn good try. He then announces that he's thinking of heading back to Sydney in the morning, and Barbara says that's fine by her. Gordon says he knows exactly what he's going to do when Patricia comes back: he'll wait until after the wedding and then kick her out - something he should have done years ago. He says he'll forget about her and their 'marriage', and start again on his own.

Jill gets home from work and finds a drunk Wayne sitting outside her door. He has brought the earrings back, but Jill says she doesn't want them. She tells him to leave, but Wayne asks to come in for a coffee. He stands up and makes a show of having no crutches. Jill agrees to give him a strong, black coffee, as he's too out-of-it to drive.

Rosie is tidying up late at night when Barbara joins her. Rosie picks up an almost empty decanter and remarks that Gordon is getting too fond of the drink. Barbara says she thinks he's OK, and Rosie tells Barbara that she's glad she's there. Barbara asks Rosie if she'll be alright, and Rosie says she's had her weep. Barbara offers an ear for Rosie to talk to, but Rosie tells Barbara that she's Gordon's friend. Barbara tells Rosie that she's her friend as well. Rosie smiles sadly.

Wayne drinks his coffee, and tells Jill that noone at the yacht club gave a damn. Jill says she wouldn't bother with them, then. Wayne suddenly notices Plan C, and remarks that Jill doesn't want to get rid of everything he gave her. Jill tells her that he's not having Planny back, and adds that John will be there soon. Wayne is annoyed at hearing Jill talk about her new 'boyfriend'. He stands up and tries to kiss her. John is just coming in, though, and he orders Wayne to stop. Wayne squares up to him, but Jill tells him to get out. Wayne tries to hit John, but then decides to give it a miss, saying, "You'll keep - both of you." As Wayne leaves, John gives Jill a comforting hug.


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