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    Written by: Bevan Lee   Produced by: Don Battye   Directed by: Mark Piper

John pours Jill a large brandy, and she remarks that he's as bad as Fiona! She tells him that she felt sorry for Wayne, as it was his first day off crutches, and noone seemed to care. John replies, though, that that's Wayne's own fault. He asks Jill if she'd feel better if he stayed the night - in Fiona's room - and Jill accepts. She goes to take Plan C for a walk, but realises she can't find her anywhere. She frantically starts calling out the cat's name and goes out into the corridor to search.

Angela and Rob are cuddling on the couch at Dural when they hear a car draw up. Angela says it must be Wayne, and she adds that she hopes he goes straight to bed, as it has been nice and peaceful without him around. Wayne storms in, makes a comment about the 'happy couple' and goes off to his room. Angela remarks that the good thing about going to Melbourne is no Wayne! Rob says he feels a bit sorry for Wayne, but Angela tells him that he's too soft.

Jill can't find Plan C anywhere, and she tells John that she suspects Wayne might have taken her, but John replies, "Even Wayne's not that bad." He tells Jill to remember that the last time Plan C went missing, she was found up a tree. Jill recalls the occasion, and tells John that it was when she was deciding whether she should go and see Wayne at the hospital after his accident. She says, "Oh, I did love him." John gives her a comforting hug.

Rob decides to go to bed. As he is on his way upstairs, Angela says she hopes she can talk David out of spending too much on the wedding - particularly as she doesn't want him spending his savings on freeloaders. She tells Rob that she just wants to invite family and close friends, but Rob warns her not to hurt David by being too stubborn.

The next morning, Rob taunts Wayne about his hangover, and remarks that John will probably feel the same after he came in at 7:30am. Wayne looks annoyed, and tells Rob to can it. John enters the room, and Rob asks him if he had a good night. John explains that he was just helping a friend out, but Rob says, "I bet!" Turning to Wayne, John asks him if he has seen Plan C, as Jill can't find her anywhere. Wayne asks if he's being accused of taking her. He snaps that he could barely make out his car last night, let alone a cat. He then reiterates his promise to 'get' John, and John tells him that he's game, whenever Wayne feels better.

At Susan's, Kevin tells his sister that he was in bed at half past ten last night, after they stayed at the dance for less than an hour. Susan asks why, but Kevin tells her to ask Lynn. Changing the subject, Susan says Rob and Angela are coming down today, and Beryl and David are holding a barbecue tonight in their honour. Kevin virtually ignores this, though, and says he wishes he could figure Lynn out. Susan tells him that his wife is pregnant, and he has to be patient. Kevin says he supposes so. Susan tells him to buck up by tonight.

Gordon and Barbara arrive at Dural just as Rob and Angela are about to leave. Angela tells Gordon that he looks drawn, but Gordon attributes his appearance to too much hard work. He tells the young couple to hang on, as he wants to write them a cheque to contribute towards the wedding expenses. Angela tells him that David will be alright, but Gordon insists, saying it's the least he can do. He tells Rob and Angela to put their stuff in the car, and he then goes into his study, where Barbara asks him if he can afford it. Gordon replies that it's too bad if he can't. Barbara suggests using some of Patricia's money, but Gordon says he doesn't want to touch that - the less he has to do with Patricia, the better. Wayne comes in, saying he thought he heard his father's voice. He asks how the packing went, and Gordon says it was fine, and Rosie is up there finishing off. Wayne asks what the new owner is like, but Gordon just vaguely says, "Ooh, you know..." The 'phone rings and Wayne goes to answer it. Barbara asks Gordon if he'll say anything about Fiona, but he replies that he'll leave it until after the wedding, as he doesn't want everyone feeling they have to take sides. Afterwards, people can say what they like - he just doesn't want to muck things up for Angela. On the 'phone, Jill is asking Wayne to tell John that she has found Plan C. Wayne asks her if she thought he took the cat, and Jill replies that she wouldn't put it past him. Wayne, though, says it's not his style. They both hang up. Wayne stares at the 'phone for a few seconds, then, after rifling through the telephone index, dials a number and, when the call is answered with the word, "Ramberg," he asks to speak to Hal Mason.

Angela and Rob are greeted by Beryl, who tells them that David is asleep after doing a lot of trips recently. Rob says he supposes there's a pavlova in the 'fridge for them! He goes and checks, and finds he's right! Beryl tells them about the barbecue, and adds that she invited Bob and Aileen, but they've been having car trouble, so can't come. Angela looks round at the kitchen, and Beryl asks what is it. Angela says it feels so good to be back - things are a lot less complicated.

Lynn gets home and crashes on the sofa. Susan comes in and remarks that she thought Lynn was going straight to the barbecue, but Lynn says she'd prefer a shower first. Susan asks her if she's going to wear the dress from the dance, but Lynn says she doesn't like to wear the same thing two days running. Susan asks what happened last night, and Lynn tells her that the social was awful - all the other girls looked great, and she had a maternity dress on. All the boys were laughing behind her back, she couldn't dance, and Kevin spent most of the night dancing with Donna. Susan says she knows Lynn probably feels fat, frumpy and pregnant, but in three months, it'll all be over. Lynn says she thinks the kids at school think she and Kevin are a bit of a joke, and she wouldn't blame Kevin if he was sick of her. Susan tells Lynn, though, that she's just feeling sorry for herself.

David is up and about, and Angela tells him that she hopes he's not doing all the extra jobs to pay for the wedding. She gives him the $2,000 cheque from Gordon, but David says he doesn't want it - he said he'd pay for the wedding, and he's going to. Angela says she'll hold onto it in case he changes his mind, but David assures her he won't. She goes into the kitchen, where Beryl says she overheard the conversation. Angela says David is stubborn, but Beryl replies that David is not stubborn, but proud. Angela says she never thought David would say no. Kevin comes in the back door and gives Angela a hug. She shows him the ring and Beryl asks him how the social went, but Kevin just says it was OK. He asks where Rob is, then grabs some beers and joins his uncle and father in the living room. Beryl says Kevin is as bad as David - unpredictable! Angela looks thoughtful. She pulls the kitchen door shut quietly, and asks Beryl how well she thinks she can predict Rob, and his attitude to women. She explains about his ideas of there being bad girls and good girls, the latter being the ones you marry. Beryl says Rob has always been a funny kid. Aileen was 40 when she had him, and some of their parents' old fashioned ideas probably rubbed off on him. She adds that she's been married to David for 20-odd years, and he certainly had his secrets. She tells Angela that if Rob can't love her for who she is, she should give him a good kick up the backside and find someone else. After thinking for a few seconds, Angela says, "What the hell!" and adds that there's plenty worse than her in the world.

John is playing with Plan C at Jill's. Jill offers him something to eat, but he declines, saying he doesn't want to ruin his appetite for the big work dinners. Jill says she's worried about Wayne, as he was saying on the 'phone earlier that he still wanted to get back at John, but John says he can't see how Wayne can get at him. He asks Jill if he looks worried, and tells her not to be concerned.

Hal Mason arrives at Dural to see Wayne, who tells him that Patricia suggested they should have a talk. He says Patricia rang last night, and thought that Mason could set him up in the same way as he set John up. Mason looks at Wayne's CV, but doesn't look particularly impressed. He tells Wayne that it's funny Patricia didn't mention it when she rang this morning. Wayne looks slightly sheepish, but quickly recovers his composure and asks why she 'phoned, so Mason explains that she inherited some shares and had some questions about them. He adds that she called from 'wherever she's holidaying.' Wayne decides to come clean, and admits that he's had trouble getting a job, and he thought Mason could do the same for him as he did for John. Mason tells Wayne that having the skills to bluff is very useful. He tells Wayne he expects him at 9 o'clock the next morning, adding that he's sure that if Patricia wanted him to help John, she'd probably want him to help Wayne as well. Wayne asks what he'll be doing, but Mason just says, "We'll find something." As Mason leaves, Wayne smiles to himself.

David is reading the paper while Kevin and Rob talk in the corner of the room. Beryl tells her husband that Susan told her Lynn has the pregnancy blues. She also says that Angela told her about Gordon's cheque, but David reiterates that he won't accept it, and he tells his wife to leave it. Rob offers to get some more beers, so he goes into the kitchen where Angela is preparing food. Rob says Kevin has been busy bashing his ear about his marriage problems. He adds that it's enough to put him off, but then says he knows Angela will be the perfect wife. Angela looks guilty, and tells Rob not to build her up into something she's not. Rob asks her what she's talking about, and Angela says there are things she has to tell him. She says she's not entirely innocent - she's been round with a lot of men, and she was pretty wild - she even broke up a marriage just for the hell of it. Rob says he never thought she was perfect - and he can't talk. He says David will be waiting for his beer, and tells Angela he'll see her outside. As he heads back out of the kitchen, he says, "Doesn't worry me - honestly." Angela doesn't look convinced, though.


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