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    Written by: John Alsop   Produced by: Don Battye   Directed by: Peter Sharp

John is just walking up to the main entrance at Ramberg when Wayne drives past him and parks. John asks him who he's there to see, and Wayne replies that he's working there. He tells John that he's not the only one who can get strings pulled for him. A woman pulls up and parks in the space next to Wayne's. She gets out, and tells Wayne that he can't park there, because the space is reserved, but Wayne just ignores her. The woman says good morning to John and walks inside. Wayne asks who that was, and John tells him that her name is Diane Miller. Wayne makes a comment about jumped-up typists, and adds that it's too bad about his car. As he walks off, John tells Wayne to have a good first day, and Wayne replies that he intends to. Another car pulls up, and Hal Mason gets out. He sees Wayne, and says he forgot he was starting today. He says they'll have to see about finding Wayne an office and something to do.

In Melbourne, Angela tries to talk about the wedding reception, but Rob virtually ignores her and watches TV. Beryl comes in with some wallpaper so they can do up Kevin's room to use as a nursery. Angela asks Beryl if she's sure the kids won't be returning home, and she suggests that Susan's room might be a better choice, but Beryl says she's not going to kid herself any longer that Kevin and Lynn will come back. Rob offers to move the furniture in the bedroom, and he hurries out of the lounge, leaving Angela to tell Beryl that Rob has been in a similar mood since yesterday. Beryl says she has a good mind to put Rob over her knee! Angela says she was sure she'd picked the right time to talk to him, but Beryl tells Angela that she has to tell Rob how she feels. She adds that everyone needs to be put in their place from time to time.

Di Miller asks Wayne if he's going OK, but Wayne complains that his office is poky. Di gives him a copy of last year's annual report, and Wayne is incredulous that he's expected to read all of it. He asks Di how long she's been there, but she just says, "A while." He then asks her who has the clout in the place - Mason may be the MD, but there are other people who normally have their fingers on the pulse, and who it's good to get to know. Di tells Wayne that she doesn't know what he means, and Wayne replies that that's why she's delivering reports and he's reading them. He asks her what she actually does - her proper job title, and she replies that she's Hal Mason's Personal Secretary - she has her finger on the pulse, but Wayne can't expect her to do his PR for him. Wayne looks sheepish.

Rob is moving furniture in Kevin's old room when Angela comes in and asks him to stop, as she wants to talk. She tells him that she's not happy at the way he's treating her. Rob asks what he's done, but Angela just tells Rob that she loves him. Rob explains that what Angela said yesterday came out of the blue, as he thought she hadn't been round much. Angela explains that she was a kid, and she adds that it may have been revenge against her mother - it was dumb, but she can't change it. She tells Rob to forget it for now, and they can talk about it on the way to Macedon. She leaves the room, while Rob sits down and looks thoughtful. She goes and stands outside the front door, when she suddenly hears Rob calling her name. He eventually finds her and simply says, "Sorry." He tells Angela that he never thought about things from her side. He says that when he first met her, he couldn't believe he'd found a perfect girl who also liked him - he just felt strange when he found out Angela was like the rest. Angela gives him a look, and he quickly apologises for that last comment. He tells Angela that he'll forget about her past, and won't bring it up again. Angela says she supposes that's OK. Rob tells her that she doesn't sound convinced, but Angela assures him it's fine. Rob says, "I do love you - I'd be crazy to argue."

At Ramberg, Mason is talking to John and his supervisor about a report, and he is impressed when the supervisor gives John the credit for writing much of it. Wayne overhears as Mason tells the two men to have a good weekend. The supervisor asks Mason what he's doing over the weekend, and Mason explains that there's a board meeting tomorrow, so that they can ensure a quorum. When John and his supervisor have gone, Wayne walks over to Di Miller and places a cup of black coffee on her desk, saying it's an apology for him being a dill earlier. Di tells him, though, that she takes milk, and she never drinks coffee after four o'clock. Wayne says he might as well get going, but Di then tells him that his car has been towed away, as he didn't have permission to park there, and noone could be sure the car didn't belong to a shopper. Wayne asks Di why she didn't say anything, but Di reminds him that she warned him not to park there. She tells him that he won't be able to get it back until Monday, now.

At the boarding house, John tells Jill that he wishes he could have stayed to see the look on Wayne's face! Jill asks John if he's worried about Wayne's threats to get back at him, and adds that it's a bit of a coincidence him making those threats and getting the job at Ramberg. John tells her to stop worrying, though, as he's in a lot better position than Wayne is, and Di certainly won't let Wayne get away with anything. Jill remarks that Wayne must be doing something right, or he wouldn't have got the job in the first place.

Wayne is standing outside the front doors of Ramberg when Di comes out. He explains that he's going to catch a bus, but it was a bit cold at the bus stop. He adds that he wouldn't say no to a lift, but Di says he won't get a chance to! She tells Wayne that neither she or Hal Mason came down in the last shower, and she adds that he should take a leaf out of John's book. Wayne doesn't look impressed. Di says she'll see Wayne tomorrow, but Wayne queries, "On a Saturday?" Di tells him that it's good enough for her, and today was Wayne's first. Wayne agrees to come in tomorrow. Di suggests to him that he take a cab, but Wayne says he's broke. Di incredulously says, "The son of our second biggest shareholder - broke?!" She walks off, leaving Wayne looking very surprised. He calls after her, saying, "You mean my mother?" Di replies, "Who else?" Wayne asks how come Patricia is the second biggest shareholder, and Di tells him that Patricia was left a large number of shares, which have made her the second biggest shareholder. She adds that it's a shame Patricia won't be there for the board meeting tomorrow.

Wayne gets back to Dural and finds John sitting at the bar reading the newspaper. Wayne makes a comment about never using public transport more than once in your life, and John tells him that he should have listened to Di. He then asks Wayne what the idea of getting a job at Ramberg is, and Wayne replies that he needed a job, and they offered. John suspiciously asks, "They offered?" but Wayne just snaps that at least he didn't suck up to Patricia. John says he didn't know Patricia had anything to do with his getting the job until weeks after he started, but Wayne points out that he didn't see John quitting once he discovered the truth. John says he was doing well at the job, so what was the point? Wayne then asks John if he knows anything about the contents of James Sheppard's will, but all John knows is that Fiona got some and the bulk went to James' grandson. Wayne asks if Gordon has said anything, but John asks why should he? Wayne tells John that he's going to make him sorry for hitting him, but John sarcastically asks Wayne if he's going to go to the boss with nasty stories. Wayne just replies that he's going to wipe the smile off John's face.

Angela and Rob are back at the Palmer house after their trip to Macedon, and Beryl asks how things went. Angela says everything was fine. She sits down at the table with a sheet of paper, and Beryl asks her how things are with Rob. Angela says things are settled, but not the way she wanted - Rob promised to forget about her past, but she wanted him to accept things, and understand them. She adds, though, that it doesn't matter, and maybe it was too much to expect. David arrives home, tired after another trip. He asks what's going on, and Angela tells him about the trip to Macedon, and Beryl tells him about creating a nursery for the baby. David asks how much the wallpaper cost, and Beryl replies that it was 'reasonable'. Angela goes to see how Rob is going with the decorating, leaving David to say the nursery could have waited. Beryl says she wanted it ready, but David snaps that he's been slogging his guts out to pay for the wedding, and Beryl's spending it as fast as he makes it. Beryl warns him to keep his voice down, but David carries on his rant, telling his wife that she could have asked before going ahead with the decorating. Beryl reminds David, though, that he's either not there or, when he is, he's asleep. David says he was there yesterday, but Beryl replies that she didn't think of it yesterday - besides which, she had the barbecue. She tells her husband that he may not want a nursery, but she does, and she takes him to see it. In Kevin's old room, Angela is sitting watching Rob doing the wallpapering. David comes in and has a look, but his only comment is, "Neat." He adds that the wallpaper makes the room look bright. Rob asks when tea is going to be, and David chips in that he doesn't want to eat too late because he has a run to Sydney tomorrow, and he has to be up early. A dismayed Angela tells him that she's barely seen him since she's been there, and she and Rob are leaving tomorrow. David goes into the kitchen, where Beryl lays into him about his roster and how he's working too hard, but David says he'll be fine. Beryl tells him that he's been flat out all week, but David asks what else he's supposed to do when she spends the money as fast as he can make it?

At the dinner table that evening, the air is tense, and there is silence, until Rob starts a conversation by saying that David will be up early to leave for Sydney in his truck, and he and Angela will be up later to leave for Sydney by 'plane, but all three will probably arrive at the same time. Angela says it's a shame they can't all go up together, but Rob says he's tried to get a ride in the truck in the past, but there are rules. David agrees, saying he'd like to give them a lift, but rules are rules. Angela says she'd love it, and David asks Beryl what she thinks. Beryl admits she would be happier if he had someone with him, but David is still concerned about Bates finding out. He eventually agrees, though, and Angela tells him she loves him.

The next morning, Jill is still in her night attire when John calls at the boarding house to cheer her up, saying she looked miserable last night. Jill explains, though, that she just wasn't looking forward to work. She invites him in for breakfast. John tells her that Wayne headed off for work this morning, as there's a board meeting. Jill says, "What a greaser!" She tells John that she doesn't know why he's bothering with her, as she's not much fun, but John tells her that she's been spending too much time by herself, particularly without Fiona there, and without having a boyfriend. Jill tuts, telling John that he's as bad as Fiona, Bunty and Thel! She asks why everyone thinks she needs a man to be happy, but John tells her that she does need friends. He suggests they go out to cheer her up.

They end up going to the beach, and have their photo taken sticking their faces through holes on top of painted bodies! John then suggests they go to the fun pier, but Jill is reluctant, explaining that she went there with Wayne. John manages to persuade her, though, and they go into the Topsy Turvy house. When they come out, John asks Jill if she's feeling cold, and Jill nods. She says she's been thinking of how she could have ended up if she'd stayed with Wayne - she'd have given up more and more, and she's glad she got out of it when she did. John tells her that he's glad she's come out with him today, and he gives her a quick kiss. A horrified Jill, though, immediately runs off. John shouts after her, asking what's wrong, and Jill tells him that he didn't understand a word she said this morning - he's as bad as the rest of them. She walks off, leaving John looking perplexed.


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