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    Written by: Bevan Lee   Produced by: Don Battye   Directed by: Peter Sharp

John chases Jill as she heads back to the boarding house, and when they finally get there, he tells her that he didn't mean to upset her. Jill asks him why he did it, and John replies that he wanted to. Jill asks him if he thinks she's some sort of free woman, but John says it was only a kiss. Jill tells John she thought he was a friend, so he should have understood what she said earlier. She asks him to leave her alone, and with that she storms into Fiona's and slams the door - to find Fiona standing there looking bemused! She explains that she arrived back about ten minutes ago, and she asks Jill what's got her upset, but Jill just says not to worry. She changes the subject, and asks about Woombai, and Fiona tells her that Gordon left a couple of days after Jill, and it was Rosie who handed over the keys. Fiona asks what reaction there has been in Sydney, but Jill says she doesn't think Gordon has told anyone. Fiona says that's good, and things should be left that way. She then asks Jill if she's seen much of anyone, but Jill just snaps, "No." She then asks Fiona if Hal Mason managed to get hold of her, and Fiona explains that that's why she's back early - it's her first board meeting this afternoon. She adds that she trusts Mason about as far as she can throw him. She asks Jill if she's sure she's OK, and Jill assures her she is.

At Ramberg, Mason is on the 'phone to Patricia, and he tells her that he'll manage, and he'll give her a call to let her know how the meeting goes. He adds that the board are split down the middle, and if he can bluff Fiona, he can carry it. He hangs up, and Di Miller comes in, with a list of Melbourne truck companies which are in a position to be taken over. She asks if she should distribute it to the board, but Mason tells her not to bother them with the specifics. He adds that this is confidential until he says otherwise. Di tells him that Fiona is on the line waiting to speak to him, and she returns to her desk and puts the call through. Wayne suddenly appears with a cup of coffee, which is white, and which is being delivered before 4pm, explaining that it's a peace offering! Di asks him how the reading's going, and Wayne says, "Fine." He says the transport division figures were pretty rotten last year, adding that he knows something about transport because his old man used to have a transport firm, and that was affected by the strike. He then tells Di that he saw the agenda for the board meeting lying around, and he asks how come Ramberg want to expand their transport division. Di doesn't look impressed at his 'snooping', though. Wayne asks if Hal Mason is in, but Di replies that he's busy. Wayne says he'll wait, and he asks Di to check with Mason anyway.

Fiona is still on the 'phone to Mason, telling him it'll take an hour for her to make herself presentable. There's a ring on the doorbell, which Jill answers - it's John. He says he's been for a walk round the block, and he still doesn't know what he's done. Jill just says that that makes it worse. Fiona suddenly notices him and invites him in. John says he thought Fiona was up in the mountains, and after realising that that was the cover story Jill put around, Fiona says she had a lovely time, but she's back now. She asks if something's wrong, and John says he and Jill have something to sort out. Jill says it's sorted as far as she's concerned. John goes, and Jill tells Fiona it's none of her business - she's sorry, but it isn't.

Wayne tells Mason he wasn't being nosey - he twigged from something Di said. Mason says Patricia asks him not to broadcast the extent of her inheritance, so he didn't. He asks Wayne if he's told Gordon, but Wayne says he's an employee of Ramberg, and he wants to be trusted, so he's kept quiet. Mason says he expects Patricia will explain when she returns from her holiday. Wayne asks why Patricia isn't there for the board meeting, and Mason explains that he is voting for her as her proxy. Wayne tells Mason he just thought he'd better let him know he wouldn't say anything. As Mason heads off to see Fiona, he tells Wayne that if he keeps going like he is, he'll do well...

Susan remarks to Kevin that it's a shame Rob and Angela couldn't stay to accompany him to the football, and Kevin agrees, as he didn't particularly want to go on his own. From an armchair, Lynn snaps that she doesn't feel like it. Kevin says he wasn't having a go, but Lynn tells him to try having a baby. Kevin laughs that it might be a bit hard! As Kevin leaves, Lynn sits in her chair, sullenly knitting. She comments to Susan that Kevin wouldn't have wanted her there anyway. Susan tells Lynn that she mustn't become a whinger - Kevin won't understand Lynn's moods, but he'll have to get used to them. Lynn says everything was fine until the social the other night. Susan tells her to cheer up, and Lynn smiles, and decides to go after her husband. As she walks outside, though, she sees Kevin up ahead with Donna, and the two of them are laughing and mucking around. Lynn looks upset, and she turns round and heads back home.

At the boarding house, Mason tells Fiona that it's important there are no misunderstandings. He gives Fiona a wad of papers, but tells her that they'll probably be gobbledegook to her. He adds, though, that he's looked through them, and he's positive it's the right decision. Fiona looks at the papers, but admits she's not one for figures. She tells Mason, though, that if she'd had the papers a few days earlier, she could have got them checked out. She says she assumes Patricia's not voting, and Mason replies that Patricia send her vote by telex - he vaguely waves a telex around - and she is against it, probably because Gordon had his fingers burned by transport. Mason tells Fiona that if he can rely on her vote, the motion is sunk. Fiona asks if it's a definite no vote, and then says, "Alright Mr. Mason, you can count me in." Mason says, "Good." He looks at the telex purporting to contain Patricia's 'no' vote, but it is actually just a message from her saying she arrived safely, and thanking Mason for the flowers...

David, Angela and Rob have lunch at the roadside on their way to Sydney in David's truck. Meanwhile, Wayne is sneaking around Hal Mason's office while Di is out having her lunch. He comes across a file, looks at it and says, "Hmm, Southern Freight." 'Southern Freight' are the very words printed on the side of David's truck...

Gordon comes in the front door of Dural, accompanied by Rosie, who he tells not to look so glum. Rosie asks what Patricia will say, but Gordon says that will be the least of her worries. Rosie asks Gordon what he's found out, and she wonders if Patricia has done something that noone knows about, but Gordon just says he and Patricia have big troubles, and he'll leave it at that. He says all he wants to worry about at the moment is the wedding - noone must know about Patricia, or Fiona owning Woombai. Rosie agrees to keep her mouth shut. Gordon says he's going off to play golf with Barbara, and Rosie immediately remarks that Mrs. Armstrong is a very nice woman. Gordon agrees: "Yes, she is."

Kevin gets home and tells Susan the game was terrible. Susan asks him if he's worried about Lynn, and Kevin says he felt awful going off without her. Susan tells him that his wife is even worse now, as she followed him and saw him with Donna. Kevin snaps that he's sick of it, but Susan tells him he has to get used to it - pregnancy affects all women differently. She tells Kevin to be patient, but Kevin just mutters, "Women can be stupid sometimes."

Jill is vacuuming Fiona's room when there's a ring on the doorbell - it's John again. Jill says she has to do the cleaning, but John says he wants to know what the problem is, and he won't go until he does. Jill asks John if he's suddenly fallen in love with her, but John replies, "No." Jill asks why he kissed her, then, and John says you don't have to be in love with someone to kiss them - he kissed her because he liked being with her - he wasn't trying to get her off to bed. He explains that he's been missing Prue, and she's been dumped by Wayne, and he just thought she could do with some company. He tells Jill that he doesn't love her, but just likes being with her. Jill confesses that when she first met John seven-or-eight months ago, she thought they could get together, but he found Angela, and she got together with Wayne... She says Wayne was the first person who she ever really loved, but she's not ready to get involved again, yet. She tells John that she thought he was trying it on this morning - she doesn't need anyone yet, though - she just wants them to be friends. John says he thinks he feels a bit more than that, but Jill says, "I'm sorry... sorry."

Later, Jill is cleaning again when Fiona gets home and slams the door. Jill says she sounds like she did earlier, and Fiona remarks that Jill sounds chirpier. Jill explains that she's sorted things out with John. She asks Fiona what the problem is, and Fiona says she thinks she's just been conned - she voted with Mason, and then he pulled out a late telex from Patricia which stated that she'd changed her vote - so they ended up voting the same way. Jill asks why Fiona would have been conned, but Fiona doesn't know - she just says Mason is far too smarmy for her liking. Jill asks what they were voting for, but Fiona says she doesn't know - she doesn't like having the feeling that something's going on, and not knowing what it is, though. Jill says she thinks Fiona might have been reading too many mystery stories, but Fiona replies that she's known Patricia too long...

Angela is asleep in David's truck. Rob offers to take over the driving, but David says that losing his licence would be all he needs. Rob asks David if he is doing all the extra work to pay for the wedding, and David finally comes clean. Rob thanks him, but David warns Rob not to tell Angela. Rob decides to get some shuteye as well. David carries on driving, but he, too, looks tired.

Rosie greets John when he gets back to Dural, and John asks her how everything went at Woombai. Rosie says it's sad leaving a place you've lived in for thirty years. John goes into the lounge to do some paperwork. Wayne soon comes in and asks him if he had a nice day, and John says, "Fine." He returns the question, and Wayne says he thinks he scored a few points with the boss. John says, "Don't tell me you actually did some work?!" Wayne doesn't look impressed.

David is driving along on his way to Sydney. At Dural, John is at the table, writing. Rosie is busy cleaning, and she starts talking to John, but, although he turns to listen to her, he has other things on his mind. At the wheel of his truck, David's eyes are gradually closing, and he soon slumps over the steering wheel. At Dural, John tells Rosie that he senses something is seriously wrong. Rosie tells him that he looks as white as a sheet. John suddenly says, "It's Angela - something's happened to her..."


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