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    Written by: Don Battye   Produced by: Don Battye   Directed by: Peter Sharp

Rosie is on the 'phone. She asks the caller if everyone is alright, and then says to take it easy, and she'll get onto Gordon at once. She hangs up and tells John it was Rob - there's been a terrible accident, but everyone's OK. John says Gordon and Barbara are playing golf. Rosie says the truck is a mess - David fell asleep at wheel, and the vehicle went into a roll and turned right over. As John sets off for the golf course, Rosie asks him how he knew about Angela. John replies that he doesn't know - he just does if something is wrong.

At the garage, David says he reckons he'll cop it when he gets back - he's not worried about his job, but he does need to get the truck sorted out. He's asked if he's called Beryl, but he says he rang Susan instead, as Beryl was been a little off-colour recently, and he'd rather have someone to be there with her in case it's a bit of a shock. In Melbourne, Beryl and Susan sit down at the table, and Beryl says she can't say she's surprised, and perhaps now, David will come to his senses. She tells her daughter that David has been a pain in the neck about the wedding, and adds that he should have taken the money from Gordon - there was no reason why he shouldn't accept Gordon's help - "God knows we'll need it now." She asks Susan when David's coming back, but Susan says the truck was nearly in Sydney, so he'll probably stay with Fiona. Beryl decides to call Fiona and warn her.

At the garage, Gordon yells at David, telling him he hopes he knows how serious things are. David snaps that he knows, but at least everyone is alright. Angela tells Gordon that noone's hurt, so he should just leave it, but he won't. He says David showed a complete lack of responsibility towards Angela, Rob, and, least of all, his job. David yells that his job is nothing to do with Gordon, but Gordon tells him that if he's the sort of person to fall asleep at the wheel, he shouldn't be driving. Gordon says he hopes David gets the book thrown at him, and he adds that he hopes David loses his licence, so he can't do anyone else any harm. An upset Angela cries, "Please." Barbara chips in that all the arguing isn't helping, and she suggests they should calm down and talk more later. Rob finds himself alone with Angela, and he tells her that all sorts of things went through his mind while the truck was rolling, but his main thought was her. He says he doesn't give a hoot about what happened before they met - he loves her and wants to make her happy. Angela happily hugs him.

Upon her arrival back at Dural, Angela is immediately told to go to bed by Rosie, and Gordon says he'll call the doctor, but Angela says she's fine, and she asks everyone to stop fussing. She tells Gordon and Barbara that they should go and resume their game of golf, and Barbara agrees with the idea. When Rosie adds that she agrees, Gordon asks how he can fight two women! Angela reiterates that she's positive she'll be alright. When Gordon and Barbara have gone, though, Rosie is about to go and run Angela's bath when she suddenly notices that Angela doesn't look as well as she said she did. Angela admits that she's not feeling that good. Rosie says she'll call Dr. Foster.

When David arrives at the boarding house, Fiona hugs him and says it's good to see him in one piece. She adds that Beryl called and told her the whole story, and she tells David that his wife isn't upset. David is still worried about her, though. Fiona suggests they could all use a drink. In the kitchen, Rob remarks to John that David doesn't look too good, but John says Fiona will snap him out of it. Rob comments that John has a lot of time for Fiona, and John reminds Rob that Fiona did bring him up for the first five years of his life. Back in the main room, Fiona is joking about all the stories David will have to tell his grandchildren about today, but David looks as if he has his mind elsewhere.

Dr. Foster tells Angela she has a cracked rib and a few bruises, so she mustn't do any strenuous exercise for a few weeks, and she must spend the next couple of days very quietly. He goes, and Rosie remarks to Angela that she should have called him to start with. Angela says she didn't want Gordon to know she felt bad. She adds that she hopes he'll have calmed down after golf, as she has to give him the cheque back which David refused. Rosie heads off to run a bath, while Angela lies back on the couch.

Fiona jokingly says it's good to spend time with so many men! Her 'phone rings, and she answers it, and then tells David that it's for him - STD. She adds that the caller sounded pretty sour. David takes the call in the kitchen, but it isn't long before Fiona, John and Rob overhear him yelling at the caller to give him a go. John immediately says it must be Bates, and Fiona says it doesn't sound good. David finishes the call by sarcastically saying, "Terrific - thanks," and he hangs up. He emerges from the kitchen to announce that he's just been fired, although he adds that Bates is just covering his back, because he deliberately loaded the roster to give David more work. David says he reckons he could lose his licence as well, and he asks how he's going to get a job without that. John asks David how he's going to tell Beryl, but David says he doesn't know. Fiona suggests John and Rob should go home and see how Angela is, and they leave. David says to Fiona that at least Patricia isn't around, as she'd be like a pig in muck. He adds that there's no way he can afford to give Angela a proper wedding now, but Fiona replies, "I don't see why not - you may be down to your last penny, but I'm not."

Beryl is trying to hang wallpaper in the nursery, but ends up yelling, "Damn." Susan comes in and asks her mother if she's OK, but Beryl says she's mad as hell. Susan says she can't understand her mother's mood, but Beryl replies that David is being stubborn. They then both agree, though, that when they told Kevin what had happened, he seemed quite concerned about his father, and Beryl suggests it may be a start to reconciling them. She asks Susan what she thinks of her mother's attempts at decorating, and Susan takes a look at the wallpaper and says it's good. Beryl then points out that Susan is looking at Rob's handiwork! Susan looks at what her mother has done, but notices the paper is misaligned. Beryl blames that on David, but adds that she reckons the baby won't mind! She thanks Susan for being there.

At Dural, John thanks Rosie for cooking an enjoyable dinner, and he reveals that he's off to the movies this evening with a couple of work colleagues. Gordon suggests to Angela that she has an early night, and she says, "I will." Rob looks at her, and Angela nervously tells Gordon that she has one thing to say first, about the wedding. Rob hurriedly says it's not off, much to Gordon's relief! Angela gets the cheque out of her handbag and gives it to Gordon. She tells him that David and Beryl were knocked out by the offer, and they appreciated the gesture, but they know how things are for Gordon at the moment with money, and David thought he should pay... Rob chips in that he and Angela didn't want a big fuss. Gordon just says, though, that he hopes they'll show a greater sense of responsibility when they're married. Angela decides to head off to bed, and Rob follows her upstairs. Gordon stands by the bar, and is just putting the cheque in his wallet when the doorbell rings. He goes and answers it - it's David. Gordon invites him in, and when David enquires after Angela, Gordon says she's having an early night. He tells David to take a seat, and he offers him a drink, but David declines. Gordon says he doesn't want to discuss the accident, but he does want to talk about the wedding. He tells David that he may be Angela's father, but he's left his run pretty late for showing her affection. He says he has been her father ever since he married Patricia, and he helped raise her. He says David is being high-handed with his newfound fatherhood, and he didn't even find out what happened to his daughter after Patricia walked out on him. David yells back that that's bull, and Gordon knows it. He says the only reason Gordon wants to take over is because of him and Patricia. Gordon says David can't expect him to forget that, and he says David didn't care for Angela's feelings when he had the affair. David says he doesn't give a damn about that - there's just no way he's taking handouts from Gordon. He adds that it'll be bad enough having to mix with the Hamiltons at the wedding. Gordon tells David that Angela still loves him as a father, and he tells David that he'd better get used to it. He says Angela's still his daughter, and he'll fight as long as he has to, to keep it that way. He ends the conversation by ordering David out of his house. David leaves.


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