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    Written by: Bevan Lee   Produced by: Don Battye   Directed by: Peter Sharp

At Barbara's, Gordon tells the epnoymous owner that he intended to see reason with David, but that plan went haywire. Barbara says that, from what she heard from Angela, Gordon and David could have been friends, but Gordon tells her that David was like a red rag to a bull. Barbara says she doesn't think David is trying to come between Gordon and Angela, and she puts the whole problem of who pays for the wedding down to male pride. Gordon says he just hopes David will see how unreasonable he's being.

David gets back to Melbourne, and Beryl tells him it was a good job he didn't return last night, as she was in a rotten mood. She says that at least noone was hurt, but David has to tell her about Angela's cracked rib, although he hurriedly adds that his daughter is otherwise fine. Beryl asks about David's job, and he has to admit he got the sack and could lose his licence. Beryl asks what he's going to do, and David says he'll get another job. Beryl reckons it could be hard, but David says something will turn up.

At Dural, Gordon asks Angela how she's feeling, and she replies that she's fine, although she's still a bit sore. She asks Gordon where he's been, and he tells her he was at Barbara's - she's lined up some business contacts for him to meet this evening, and she was giving him the lowdown on them first. He adds that Barbara is a good friend, out to help. He then asks Angela why she didn't say anything to him last night about her injuries, but Angela says she didn't want to make him even angrier with David. The 'phone rings, and Angela picks it up. Just as she answers, she remembers she has to tell Gordon that John rang earlier, and he wants to speak to him about something urgent. He didn't say what it was, though.

David picks up an envelope, takes out the piece of paper inside and goes and shows it to Beryl. He explains that he called in at the depot on the way home to ask for a reference, and what's written on the paper is what he got. Beryl reads it, and is shocked. She tells him that he's been there years, and it's not fair. David says he wanted to speak to the company's top bosses, but they were all running around in a flap because the company was bought out yesterday - the last thing they wanted was to bother about him. Beryl says that things will settle down, but David asks why bother? He never liked Bates anyway. Beryl says that things are bad, and she suggests that David asks Gordon for the money back, but David says, "Not on your life - something will turn up."

John dashes into Dural, sees Gordon and Angela in the lounge, and announces, "Patricia's been lying to us - she's worth a fortune."

A short while later, Gordon says he's known for a couple of weeks. Angela asks John how he found out, and John replies that it came through the PR department - it was revealed that there were two new board members, and he knew of Fiona, but Patricia... Gordon says he's been trying to contact his wife all week, but he can't get hold of her. Angela asks why Patricia didn't tell them, and Gordon says he has a number of theories. He snaps that she made him sell Woombai for no good reason. John tells Gordon not to go off the deep end with Patricia when he sees her, and Gordon replies that his wife will get the chance to explain. Angela asks why Patricia would do it, and Gordon says that that's why he didn't say anything - because of the wedding, and not wanting to upset Angela. He says that when Patricia does get back, it'll just be between the two of them. John and Angela agree not to buy into it.

At Susan's, Lynn yells that she doesn't want to go to a concert, but Kevin yells back that it's her favourite group. Lynn says she doesn't understand why he came home with two tickets when he's not even taking her, but Kevin replies that his wife should be grateful he thought of her. Lynn asks why they can't go together, but Kevin says he has a history assignment due in the day after next. He tells Lynn he thought the concert would cheer her up, and Lynn says she just wishes Kevin could come. Kevin says he'd like to. Lynn asks who she can take, then, and Kevin suggests she go with Nelson. Lynn asks Kevin if he's sure that'll be OK, and Kevin replies that it's a bit bad if you can't trust each other with your friends.

Gordon calls Barbara to say he might be a bit late, as John and Angela have found out about Patricia. He adds that they're prepared to give their mother the benefit of the doubt. He tells Barbara about John stating that Patricia is a member of the Ramberg board, and how this has made him realise that Hal Mason must know how much Patricia got. He wonders about the fact that he spoke to Mason last week, and he never said a word, so he thinks Patricia must have asked him to keep quiet. Gordon says he's decided to ask Mason for the truth, but Barbara warns him that Mason might not want to say anything. Gordon says he's got to go on fighting to find out the truth, and Barbara suggests that he might be more successful if Mason was relaxed. She tells Gordon to invite Mason to her drinks party, and Gordon agrees that it's a good idea.

When Wayne gets home, he remarks to his father that Mason told him he's going to Barbara's do, and Gordon replies that they have business to discuss, regarding Patricia. He leaves John and Angela to explain the situation. When Gordon is gone, Angela tells Wayne that John found out Patricia is a major shareholder in Ramberg. Wayne looks annoyed that this news has leaked out, but he just calmly says it's a turn up for the books. He asks John how he found out, and John explains that it came through PR. Wayne asks John if he's told Gordon, and John says Gordon knows already. A surprised Wayne says, "Really?" He adds that it's a wonder his father's not spitting chips, and Angela replies that Gordon is het up, but he's holding fire until Patricia returns. Wayne leaves the room, closing the doors behind him. He makes a 'phone call, to Hal Mason, and asks him to call into Dural on his way to Barbara's - "There's something I think you should know."

Mason thanks Wayne for telling him, and remarks that he doesn't think Gordon would be pleased to know his son had informed on him. Wayne agrees. Mason asks him why he did it, and Wayne replies that he's not like John - he can keep his mouth shut. Mason appears to be impressed with Wayne's attitude, and asks him if he'd like to be his Personal Assistant, meeting minor clients, and liaising with people Mason has no time for. Wayne asks why him, and Mason explains that honesty can be a drawback sometimes - he wants someone who is prepared to lie and bend the rules occasionally. Wayne accepts the job, and Mason tells him that his first task involves a trip to Melbourne.

Donna calls at Susan's to see Lynn, but Kevin explains that his wife is out with Nelson. He invites Donna in, telling her that he's in the middle of doing an assignment, but it's very boring. Donna asks to read it. Kevin offers her some coffee, and Donna accepts.

Beryl and David are watching TV, when David gets up and turns it off. He says, "We'll be alright, love." He decides to come clean about his barney with Gordon in Sydney, but he insists again that he has to pay for the wedding. Beryl tells him he can't, but David says he'll just have to, and he'll start job-hunting tomorrow.

Donna is impressed by Kevin's work, and she asks to spend some time using his textbook. Kevin suggests she take it home, but Donna says she'd like to stay and look at it. She adds that she wants to see Lynn, but Kevin says he doesn't think that's a good idea, as Lynn could be jealous. Donna says she can't believe it, and Kevin says he doesn't know what's wrong with his wife. Donna eventually agrees to take the book with her. Kevin says it's only because Lynn's pregnant, and Donna replies, "I hope so - for your sake."

The next day, Lynn is at the Palmer house, telling Beryl that it was a good concert, and adding that it was a shame Kevin couldn't come. She admits that she's been bad to him, and she'll try and behave better from now on. David comes in, but says the job hunting hasn't been much good. Beryl tells him that there's a message from the depot - the top manager wants David to call. David calls!

Angela jokes to Gordon about Rosie interviewing for a new gardener, and Gordon says he's sure she'll get the right person. He then says he's lost the papers to do with the sale of the stud, but Angela hasn't seen them. She tells Gordon that John called to say Wayne has got a promotion to Hal Mason's PA. Angela comments that she thought Mason had more brains, but Gordon says it proves Wayne is doing well at his job. Angela asks about the drinks party, but Gordon says Mason's no fool, and it was embarrassing trying to get information from him. He says Mason told him Patricia's business is her own, and he has better things to do. He says that if Mason and Patricia are mixed up, he'll just have to wait for her to tell him about it.

David hugs Beryl and says, "Someone's looking after us." He explains that the new depot boss looked over the place today, heard what had happened and thought David had got a raw deal. He adds that it's sort of like getting promotion! Beryl asks him what he's going to be doing, and David replies that, because he can't drive any more, he'll be doing scheduling in an office, and he might even end up bossing Bates around!

Fiona is preparing tea when there is a knock on the door - it's Hal Mason. Before letting her visitor in, Fiona says to herself, "Battle stations!" Upon her opening the door, Mason tells Fiona that he's dropping in some papers so she can prepare for the next meeting. Fiona replies that she does like to make decisions based on her own judgement, causing Mason to say he hopes Fiona doesn't think he tricked her before. He tells Fiona that if she has any questions, he'll be in Melbourne for the next few days, but Fiona says she thinks she'll manage. When Mason has gone, she smiles and says, "You can come out now." A young man steps out from the room he was hiding in, and sits down. Fiona says, "You're a big enough surprise for me!" She adds that if Hal Mason had seen him, he would have died! The man says he supposes everyone will be wondering where he is, and Fiona replies that his whereabouts are the talking point of Ramberg. She adds, "I feel I've scored quite a coup, having the long lost Paul Sheppard turn up out of the blue..."


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