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    Written by: Maureen Ann Moran   Produced by: Don Battye   Directed by: Graeme Hodgson

Angela looks at Rob, and then says to Patricia, "Surprise us next time!" Rob says to Angela that there's no way they can get out of telling Patricia, and Angela agrees. Rob suggests a drink. They go into the lounge, and a short while later, Patricia says she can see why a drink was needed. Angela tells her mother that the whole thing was turning into a shambles, and Rob admits that he didn't put up much of a fight against Angela's elopement idea. Angela says she knew Patricia wouldn't like it, and Rob suggests that it's probably better that they stay and sort it out. Patricia says she agrees, adding that Angela's had some silly ideas in her lifetime, but eloping takes the biscuit! Rob tells Patricia that he knows she probably thinks he's not much of a catch, but he does love Angela, and he'll marry her whether Patricia likes it or not. Looking surprised, Patricia asks what made them think she wouldn't approve? She says she can see Angela is happy, and that's what matters to her most. Rob tells Patricia he thought she'd kick up a fuss, and Patricia admits that, once, she would have, but not these days. She congratulates the couple, and Angela says Rob is terrific. Patricia welcomes him to the family and says she hopes there's no more talk of eloping. She adds that, now that she's back, she can take care of the problems that have arisen. Angela says, though, that it's not that simple. Patricia says she'll be diplomatic when she sees the Palmers, but then Angela and Rob explain about holding the wedding in Melbourne, and how David and Beryl want to pay for it, which has caused problems with Gordon. Patricia says she'll see what she can do. Angela asks her mother if she minds the wedding being in Melbourne, and Patricia replies that she's a teeny bit disappointed, but at least she still gets to be there.

Sometime later, Wayne sits down with Patricia, and when he asks her how she is, she says she was feeling good until Angela dropped her bombshell. Wayne tells Patricia that Angela said she was fine about it, but Patricia says she had to say that, as they were eloping. Wayne looks surprised. He asks Patricia if she'll stop the wedding, but she replies that she can't - all she can do is have a go at Gordon for not calling a halt to it sooner. Wayne then tells Patricia that Gordon has a few other things on his mind, and reveals that he's found out about the extent of her inheritance. Patricia says it was only a matter of time. She asks if everyone else knows, and Wayne nods, but explains that his father wants to sort it out with Patricia, without anyone else getting involved. Patricia asks how Gordon is, and Wayne replies that he's not happy. He adds that Gordon and Barbara have been spending a lot of time together, which causes Patricia to say, "So much for his high moral standards!" She decides to go over to Barbara's and pay the two of them a visit. Wayne says it isn't advisable, but Patricia says she wants to catch Gordon with his other woman.

At Barbara's, Gordon tells Barbara that he's generally feeling more positive, and all the cocktail parties haven't been a total waste of time. The doorbell rings and Barbara goes to answer it. Gordon soon hears his wife's voice, and when she enters the room, she sarcastically says, "How cosy." She adds that she's glad that she came back when she did, as the rumours must be true, but Barbara snaps that that's old news, and they have nothing to feel guilty about. She says, though, that she's glad it's out in the open - there's nothing between her and Gordon, because he wants to sort things out with his wife first, but afterwards... Patricia says, "So it's true." Gordon tells her that things have happened, and Patricia replies that everything was fine when she left - but no wonder he was so keen to send her on holiday. Gordon suggests they discuss it at home. Patricia tells Barbara not to look so smug, as she's saved her marriage before, and she won't give up now. Gordon decides to go, but before he leaves, Barbara warns him not to let Patricia bluff him. Gordon replies that he has to give her a hearing.

At Dural, Paul looks at a photo of Patricia in the lounge, when Rob comes in and comments that she's a real looker. He asks Paul if he's still after a motorbike, and Paul agrees that he is. Rob tells him to meet him outside in ten minutes, and he'll show him some models. As Paul goes out into the entrance hall, he hears voices outside - a female saying she didn't know how he could do it, and the male replying that she's done worse to him. The front door opens, and Paul finds himself looking at Patricia. Gordon hurriedly introduces his wife to Paul Clark, and then he and Patricia go into the study, leaving Paul looking thoughtful. In the study, Patricia asks Gordon why he's given up on their marriage, and Gordon replies that she doesn't give a damn about him. He says he knows exactly how much money James left her, but Patricia replies that that's unfortunate, as she'd have liked to have told him herself. Gordon tells her she had time before she went, but Patricia says she couldn't face it then, as she knew how much trouble it would cause when she refused to save Woombai. Gordon tells her she knew how much it meant to him, but Patricia replies that it was a lost proposition, and without Fiona's property, it was even worse. She sarcastically tells Gordon that if he's all wound up because of that, that makes her feel just wonderful, but Gordon says Woombai is only part of it - it's the affair she had with James Sheppard that he can't handle. He adds that Fiona told him. Looking taken aback, Patricia asks Gordon if he believes Fiona, and Gordon replies that it all added up. Patricia tells him that James was nothing more than a friend, but Gordon asks why he left her so much money, then. Patricia replies that she didn't even know he'd changed his will until the reading after the funeral, but Gordon just sourly says, "Some friend." Patricia tells Gordon that she doesn't care what he believes - but then she admits that James was more than a friend. She tells him that he was like a father to her. He came and stayed at Dural when he was dying, and all she could do was be with him. She adds that he died right there in the study. With tears in her eyes, she leaves the room.

A short while later, in the lounge, Gordon says he didn't know James died there. Patricia tells him to believe either her or Fiona, but Gordon asks why Fiona would lie. Patricia tells him that it's because she has a score to settle with her. She realises Gordon doesn't know what she means, and comments about Fiona not telling him the whole story. She explains that James was Fiona's mistress when she met him. At the time, Gordon was having trouble getting started in business, and she approached Fiona and asked to be introduced to James, as he was a good business contact. James eventually pensioned Fiona off, but she saw it as Patricia taking James off her, and stored up a lot of hate over the years they didn't see each other. Gordon says OK - say Fiona is lying - there are still the other things. He asks Patricia why she let him go broke, but Patricia replies that she wanted to cut off the deadwood and make a fresh start. Letting Woombai go was the hardest decision she's ever had to make, but she thought it would strengthen their marriage - plus, it was getting rid of a reminder of her affair with David. She says she thought they'd never be happy there. She tells Gordon that he's never forgiven her, and he's seeing Barbara just so that his wife can be on the receiving end. Gordon admits that he likes Barbara, saying he can talk to her like he never could to Patricia. Patricia says, "But you don't love her," and Gordon replies, "Not the way I loved you." He then adds, though, "Yes - I do love her." Patricia tells her husband that she didn't love him when they got married, but she was fond of him, and thought that would be enough. When David came back on the scene, that all went to pieces. She adds that it was only when they were on the point of divorce that she realised how much Gordon meant to her. She says she wants the chance to make it up, but Gordon says, "I don't know." Patricia says they can do it if they give it time, but Gordon's not sure. He says he'll think about it tonight, and they can talk again tomorrow. As he wishes Patricia goodnight, she asks him if he's going to see Barbara, and he replies, "It's only fair to tell her what happened." He leaves, as Patricia sits looking upset.

Outside, as Gordon walks to his car, Angela tells him that Patricia is back, and Gordon says he knows, and has just had a long talk to her, and she explained a few things. Angela asks Gordon not to be too tough on her mother, as she's had a lot thrown at her since she got back. Gordon remembers about the engagement, and asks how his wife took it. Angela replies that her mother took it like an angel! Paul comes out, and Gordon gets in his car and drives off. Paul says to Angela that Gordon's a nice bloke, but Angela nastily asks Paul what he's doing there, so Paul explains that he's waiting for Rob, to go and look at motorbikes. Angela mutters, "As long as it's business." When Paul asks what she means, she tells him that Rob is easy going. She adds that Rob and Rosie might have given him the wrong idea about where he stands, and she tells him that they've had a lot of people in the past who have taken advantage of their position. Paul asks Angela if she thinks he's a troublemaker, but Angela just replies that Patricia will be the one to sack him - and she's not as easy-going as Gordon. At this point, Rob joins them, and he and Paul head off.

Later that evening, Rob goes into the lounge, where he unintentionally disturbs Patricia, who is dozing on the settee. He gets her a gin and tonic, and asks how Gordon reacted about the elopement, but Patricia says she didn't tell him, as she thought it would upset him. Rob says he can understand if it seems like he's taking Angela away, but Patricia drinks a toast to the wedding. She says, though, that it's a pity it's taking place in Melbourne, as Gordon always envisaged his daughter marrying in the garden at Dural. She tells Rob that Gordon is the best father Angela could have had, and Rob replies that it must be hard for him. Patricia says Gordon is putting on a brave front, but she can see through it. She adds, though, that it's too late to do anything now...

Gordon tells Barbara that Patricia's story sounded plausible, but he's been thinking it over, and he can't do anything anyway until after the wedding because he doesn't want to upset Angela. Barbara says she was afraid that would happen. She humourously suggests that she should have got Gordon to compromise her! Gordon says he's a long way from going back to his wife, but Barbara tells him he's nearer than he thinks, as he appears to believe the story about Fiona. Gordon says it makes sense, but Barbara points out that Patricia is good at thinking on her feet, and what she said may only be half-truths. She asks Gordon where she stands with him, and Gordon tells her that he cares for her a great deal, but he thinks they shouldn't see each other for a while until he decides what to do about Patricia. He tells Barbara that he knows he's let her down badly, and he shouldn't have let her think he'd leave his wife. Barbara tells him that it's not too late for him to have an affair, and Gordon replies that, if he had any sense, he'd let it happen. Barbara asks, "Why don't you?" but Gordon says that, when he reconciled his marriage, he promised he'd make a go of it. Barbara says she's had her say, and she'll shut up. She suggests dinner, but Gordon says he needs to be by himself. Barbara says she understands. Gordon tells her he knew she would, and he adds that he'll always care for her, whatever happens. He gets up and goes, leaving Barbara looking upset.


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