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    Written by: Ian Coughlan   Executive Producer: Don Battye   Directed by: Alister Smart

Wayne and Pamela are still standing by the cliff-edge. Wayne is staring down at the foaming sea. Pamela says to him gently, "Wayne, there's no point in staying here any longer." Wayne, still looking down at the water, just murmurs, "The police think I killed her." Pamela insists, "Of course they don't." Wayne, however, murmurs, "All those questions..." Pamela points out, "They always ask questions; that's their job. It doesn't mean that they think that you're guilty. They've got her note; they will confirm that it's her handwriting." Wayne mutters, "It doesn't matter what they think; I did kill her. As good as." Pamela retorts, "That is rubbish and you know it. You didn't hold a gun to her head and push her over the cliff; she killed herself because she was too weak to cope with life." Wayne snaps through tears, "No. She couldn't cope with me; the things I did... I was going to give her her freedom... she'd be alive today if I had; but I changed my mind." Pamela tells him, "Talking like that isn't going to bring her back - so you've got two choices: either you go over there with her; or you get on with your life." Wayne cries, "I loved her. Everything I did was for that reason." He then murmurs again, sadly, "I loved her..."

Alison walks into the lounge room at Charlie's, followed by Fiona. Alison is saying to her, "I wish you'd let me give you a lift home; it's no great trouble." Fiona, however, assures her, "There's no need. If I could just use your 'phone, I'll call a cab." A smile crosses Alison's face as she then says, "Didn't you just love the way Wayne carried on? I bet Susan wishes she'd been there to see it!" Fiona, however, muses, "I doubt that very much. She's not vindictive, like you." She then adds, "You know, I imagine that's the only reason you went through with all of this: a chance to get back at Wayne." Alison, however, replies, "No, no, that was more a fringe benefit. You don't have the monopoly on good deeds, Fiona." Fiona, looking suddenly thoughtful, says, "I wonder if I should maybe call the prison and make an appointment to see Beryl." Alison asks sharply, "What for?" Fiona replies, "To tell her what's happened, of course." Alison exclaims, "What are you talking about? Susan doesn't want us telling anyone." Fiona retorts, "I doubt very much that she would include her mother in that." Alison, however, snaps, "Of course it does. There are four people who know the truth - Susan, Caroline, you and I - and that's the way it has to stay." Fiona stares at her and growls, "Have you got any idea what this is going to do to Beryl? She's already been through it once, worrying and thinking that Susan was dead, and on top of everything else that's happened, you think that--" Alison interrupts and insists, "It won't be long; we'll tell her as soon as she gets out of prison." Fiona snaps, "And how long is that going to be?" Alison retorts, "No time at all. The police have the gun, and as soon as they confirm that it was the one used to shoot Wayne and that Beryl's fingerprints aren't on it, she'll be free." Fiona says curtly, "I still think Beryl should be told - and now." Alison retorts, "We can't risk it, for Susan's sake. What if one of the warders overhears you telling her or she lets it slip to one of the other women? The police will know Susan's alive and they'll have every chance to track her down. Do you think Beryl will thank you for that?" Fiona stands there, looking worried.

Gordon is standing in the grounds at the Bendala Detention Centre, a serious look on his face. Beryl emerges from the building and, walking towards him, smiles, "Hello, Gordon. I didn't think they'd let me see you again so soon." Gordon replies quietly, "I had to get special permission: I have some bad news for you." He then adds quickly, "I have some good news for you, too; maybe I should tell you that first; make things a little easier?" Beryl nods at him. Gordon then goes on, "The police found the gun with Susan's fingerprints on it. I imagine you'll be released as soon as they finish running tests." Beryl murmurs in shock, "Then they'll know she did it. They haven't arrested her, have they?" Gordon just murmurs, "Beryl, I'm terribly sorry but Susan's dead. She killed herself." Beryl stares at him and then smiles, "No! She was here just a couple of hours ago!" Gordon starts to tell her, "I wish I could say that it wasn't true, but--" Beryl interrupts and retorts, "No, she was here." Gordon insists, "It just got too much for her: the strain... everything that she's been through..." Beryl, looking suddenly thoughtful, murmurs, "She wanted to talk to me, but I turned my back on her." Gordon says gently, "I'm sure she'd understand. I really am terribly sorry. As though you haven't been through enough..." As tears well-up in Beryl's eyes, Gordon tells her, "I'll try and arrange for a nurse to give you something." Beryl, however, insists, "No, I'm alright." She then says, "It wouldn't have happened if she'd listened to me. I told her not to go back to him." Gordon murmurs, "I know. I'm sure she didn't want to." Beryl, staring into space, mutters, "She didn't have to go back, but she did. I did all I could; it's what she wanted. If anyone says it was my fault, they'll just have to think again." Gordon looks at her in concern.

Caroline emerges from the main room at the gym and places a holdall on the reception desk. Doug walks in from outside, suddenly, and smiles, "Hi!" Caroline looks at him and smiles back, "Hello! Fiona said you were up. I was just going to ring the mansion and leave a message." Doug walks over and kisses her, explaining as he does so, "I called you at the hotel, but they said you were down here. How are you?" Caroline murmurs, "OK." Doug goes on, "I just found out about Susan. Must've been a hell of a shock for you." Caroline nods at him and replies, "It was." She then changes the subject quickly and asks, "Have you talked to Gordon?" Doug nods, "Yeah. That was before he knew about Susan. Poor devil: he's the one that's going to have to break it to Beryl." Caroline murmurs, "Right." She then continues more brightly, "Fiona said you'd joined up with some air charter firm and you want Gordon to manage it." Doug smiles, "Yeah! Great opportunity; came right out of the blue! Gordon's being a bit cautious at the moment, but he'll come through." Caroline remarks, "She must've got her wires crossed because she said something about you buying a jet." Doug raises his eyebrows and says 'innocently', "Did she?!" Caroline adds, "I was talking to a pilot on the way up and he mentioned they're worth millions!" Doug nods quickly, "That's right. We're still thinking about it." Caroline stares at him and gasps, "Where you going to get that kind of money?" Doug just replies nervously, "We've got a possible backer." He then suggests, "How about we go to dinner? We haven't seen much of each other for the last few days." Caroline, however, retorts, "Quite frankly, I'm not even sure I'm talking to you after you pulled out of our trip up here." Doug just smiles, "It doesn't matter if we don't talk. As long as you don't go throwing the restaurant's crockery around!"

It's dark outside as Debbie sits in the office at Sanders Air Charter, talking on the 'phone, making a tentative booking for a customer. Bill is standing nearby, writing on a file. Debbie hangs up. She sighs as she looks at her watch and asks, "Are you going to be much longer?" Bill looks at her and replies, "Half the night, at this rate. Why?" Debbie explains, "I'd better 'phone Craig and tell him I'll be late, then." Bill, however, says, "There's no need for you to stay; you should've finished-up ages ago." Debbie murmurs, "I wasn't sure if you still needed me." Bill just smiles, "You don't need to wait around for permission. I just got you back; I don't want to lose you again by pushing too hard!" Debbie grins, "OK!" As she stands up, she goes on, "Tomorrow's Saturday: do you still want me to come in?" Bill replies, "It's up to you. You don't have to punch a time-clock; just work whatever hours you want to." Debbie nods, "OK. I'll come in for a bit and I'll see how busy it is. Night!" She goes to head out. As she does so, Bill calls, "I'll tell you what: why don't you bring Craig? I'll take you both up for a spin." Debbie exclaims, "In the 'plane?!" Bill replies sarcastically, "Unless you'd rather try jumping out of a tree and flapping your arms!" Debbie grins, "That'd be great! Craig'd love it!" Bill smiles, "Right! See you both tomorrow!"

The next morning, Debbie is driving her and Craig across to the car park at the airfield. She brings the car to a halt and turns off the engine. She and Craig climb out and Craig looks around and beams, "This is great! Can't wait to get airborne!" Debbie tells him, "I'm just glad you finally got here. You'll see why I love to work here so much." Craig looks over at the building containing the office and remarks, "It doesn't look very big." Debbie admits, "No, it is a bit cramped - but we get by." They start walking towards the building, Debbie saying as they do so, "You should have seen the office when I first started: what a mess! I cleaned everything up, though; got everything organised." Craig, giving her a kiss, grins, "Regular little whizzkid, aren't you!"

A short time later, Debbie and Craig head into the office to find papers strewn everywhere. Craig comments, "I see what you mean: must have taken ages to get it as neat as this!" Looking annoyed, Debbie mutters, "I don't believe this." She marches over to the small camp-bed, where Bill is just stirring. She glares at him and demands, "What has happened here? It looks like a 747 has just passed through!" Bill explains, "I was looking for the fuel accounts. Had a hell of a job finding them." Debbie says tersely, "In the filing cabinet - under 'F' for 'Fuel'?" Bill nods, "Yes, I found them - eventually!" He adds, "Don't worry: I'll straighten it all up again. Any chance of some coffee?" Debbie retorts, "No! After I've tidied all this up." She gets to work!

Gordon is sitting with Fiona at the table in her room at the mansion. There's suddenly a knock on the open door to the room and Doug steps inside. He says to Gordon sympathetically, "Sorry to hear about Susan, mate." Gordon murmurs, "Thankyou." Doug then tells Fiona, "I caught up with Caroline yesterday. I'm going to be moving into a hotel with her; chance for us to be together for a few days, so I won't be needing the room here anymore. Is that alright?" Fiona nods, "Yeah. Course. That's OK." Doug sits down at the table as he then goes on, "Caroline told me about the gun being found. Heard any more news from the police yet?" Gordon murmurs, "No." Doug tells him, "It's just a formality now. Beryl will be out before you know it." Gordon murmurs, "We all hope so." Doug then says to Gordon, "I've been thinking: you said you didn't want the job because it was down in Melbourne - but I imagine, when Beryl's out, you'll both be moving back there." Gordon shrugs, "I really haven't given it much thought." Doug points out, "Her home's down there - and assuming you do, there won't be anything standing in your way of taking the job." Gordon just says, "It's too early to talk about it; we really don't know what we're doing yet." Doug insists, "You will in the next day or so. I can certainly wait that long." Gordon, however, tells him, "Even if we do go back down there, I don't think I'll take the job." Doug asks in surprise, "Why not?" Gordon explains, "It's an area I know nothing about. I don't think I'd be the right person for it." Doug insists, "Of course you would! We've got the flying expertise with Bill; what we need is administrative ability." Gordon, however, tells him, "No, I really wouldn't feel confident." He then stands up and adds, "I should be going. I'm going over to see Wayne." Looking at Fiona, he asks, "Should I pass on your condolences?" Fiona growls, "If you must." Gordon murmurs, "Yes, well, I'll see you later." With that, he heads out. When he's gone, Doug remarks to Fiona in concern, "Heck of a mess." Fiona nods, "Yeah, Gordon's taking all this very hard." Doug comments, "I don't know what his problem is about taking the job, though; you think he would've jumped at it. Got any idea what his real reason is for turning it down?" Fiona shrugs, "I imagine it's what he says: he just doesn't feel as though he can handle it. Gordon's been through a lot, lately, and his self-confidence has really taken one heck of a hammering." Doug muses, "He's had a couple of bad breaks... but he's still one of the most competent businessmen I know." Fiona nods, "I agree! But it's Gordon you've got to convince of that, not me." Doug sits there and sighs heavily.

Gordon has arrived at Dural. He's standing in the hallway with Pamela, who's saying, "I'm glad you've come. I stayed because I didn't want him to be on his own." The two of them head into the lounge room. Wayne is standing staring out of the window. Pamela says to him gently, "Wayne, it's your father." Gordon tells Wayne, "I thought I'd better look in; see that you were alright." Wayne, not looking round, says distantly, "She was going to have our baby. She had everything to live for." Gordon just murmurs, "Yes, well... she couldn't have thought so." There's silence. Wayne turns to his father and growls, "I suppose you're like the rest of them: blaming me for it." Gordon, however, insists, "I didn't come to blame anybody; I just wanted to say I'm sorry that it happened." Wayne retorts, "And you think I'm not?" Gordon replies, "I imagine that you are. It's just a pity that you didn't consider the consequences of what you were doing 'til it was too late." Wayne says coolly, "So you do blame me." Gordon tells him, "I hope you get over it, and I hope you learn something by it. That's all I wanted to say." Turning towards the hallway, he adds, "I probably shouldn't have come." Wayne, however, says suddenly, "Dad... I didn't mean to hurt her. I loved her." Gordon just says dismissively, "Yes, alright." Wayne cries, "I did. Do you think I would've taken her back otherwise, after the way she cheated on me with Glen?" Gordon just retorts, "I don't know any more what you would do or what you would not do - but obviously you forced her to come back here when she desperately wanted to be free of you." Wayne yells, "I didn't force her into anything. She came back because she wanted to." Gordon, however, snaps, "That is a lie and you know it. What disgusts me is that her memory must carry the stigma of suicide because you aren't man enough to admit that you drove her to it." With that, he storms out, slamming the front door behind him. Looking concerned, Pamela goes and puts her hand on Wayne's arm, saying gently, "He didn't mean that; he's upset." Wayne, however, cries, "He meant it - and he's right: the decent thing for me to do would be to go back to that headland and throw myself after her - except I don't have the courage." Pamela soothes, "Come on, don't be silly; just--" Wayne interrupts, though, and yells, "Just leave me alone. I just want to be alone." Pamela stands there, looking concerned.

Debbie is sitting tidying up some papers at her desk at the office at Sanders Air Charter. Across the office, Craig is saying to Bill, "It's good of you to invite me along; I love flying!" Bill smiles, "No trouble." He then looks across at Debbie and says, "Leave them, Deb; I told you I'll clear that up later." Debbie, however, retorts, "I want things where I can find them..." The 'phone starts ringing suddenly and Debbie answers it. After a few seconds, she holds out the 'phone to Bill and tells him, "It's Doug." Bill takes the 'phone and says to Doug, "G'day, mate, how's it going?... What sort of hitch?... Yeah, well talk him round; there's a lot riding on this." Doug, sitting in Fiona's room at the mansion, sighs, "I know. I just don't want to seem too eager or he'll start to suspect something. We just need to be a bit patient. Gordon's a top businessman, but the way his luck's been running lately I doubt he'll get a better offer. Just leave him to me." Bill nods, "Let me know what happens. I'll talk to you later." With that, he hangs up. He then turns to Craig and says, "Come on - I'll show you around." All-of-a-sudden, Debbie hears a whining sound. She looks down and spots a small dog in a cage on the floor. She then looks at Bill and exclaims, "Hey! Where did he come from?" Bill explains, "Some bloke dropped him off a couple of hours ago. He's got to go up with that lot to Bendigo." Debbie comments, "He wants some water. You two go ahead; I'll catch up." Bill and Craig head out, leaving Debbie to fuss over the dog!

A short time later, outside, Bill points out to Craig, "That's our main hangar over there. Behind us is the aero-club." Craig asks, "Which is your 'plane?" Bill indicates an aircraft nearby and replies, "That's it over there." Craig, starting to head towards it, asks, "Ready to go?" Bill, however, admits, "Not quite: it won't start." Craig laughs, "You're not expecting me to push, are you?!" Bill, however, tells him, "I was hoping you might be able to help me put the battery back; I've had it out on charge overnight." He adds, "I might put a new set of spark plugs in it while I'm here. You don't mind getting your hands dirty, do you?" Looking put-out, Craig murmurs, "No..."

In the office, Debbie opens the door of the cage that the dog has been placed in, but it ignores the water she's put down for it. She then picks up a biscuit and the dog takes it. It keeps whining, though, and Debbie sighs, "You want to get out, don't you? Look, I know it's awful crowded in there, but I can't let you out; I'd be in all sorts of trouble if I did... Stop looking at me like that! Honest - if I let you out now, it'll be more than my job's worth."

The front door opens at Charlie's and Pamela heads inside. Alison comes round the corner of the hallway and demands, "What are you doing here?" Pamela retorts, "Don't worry: I've just come to pick up the rest of my things." Alison growls, "Yes, you do that - and don't forget to leave the key when you go; you're going to have to find some other way to do your spying." Pamela smiles, "Oh, I will - but that's not really what's bothering you, is it? It's the fact that I took Nick away from you and didn't really have to try." Alison just retorts, "Smile while you can. You might have been number one in jail, but you've still got a lot to learn about the real world. I'll make damn sure you do." Pamela suggests tersely, "Better make your move quickly, then, because you've got less time than you think: Wayne and I have plans for you." Alison taunts, "You don't really think Wayne's going to be any use to you after what's happened?" Pamela, however, insists, "Oh, he'll get over Susan soon enough - then he's only got one interest left: putting you out of business - and I'll be right there helping." Alison remarks coolly, "You're not very smart, are you? Most rats have the brains to leave a sinking ship." Pamela just shrugs, "We'll see." She then heads off to her room. Alison stands in the hallway, looking thoughtful. After a few seconds, she picks up her keys from the hallway table and heads out.

Wayne is sitting hunched-up on the couch in the lounge room at Dural, staring into space. There's suddenly a knock on the front door. The door then opens and Alison walks in. Marching into the lounge room, she appears to have a change of heart about her method of attack, as she then says softly, "Wayne, I'm probably the last person you want to see right now, but I just wanted to say I'm sorry." She sits down next to him as she goes on, "You mustn't blame yourself for what happened; it was nothing to do with you." Wayne growls, "What do you know about it?" Alison tells him, "Susan confided in me - not that she was going to do this, but I knew she was desperately unhappy about something. From what I could tell, she somehow seemed to blame herself for Beryl being in jail - but she couldn't stand the pain any longer and there was no way out for her... so you see, it certainly wasn't your fault." Wayne, however, tears welling in his eyes again, murmurs, "You're wrong. It's was all because of what I did." Alison tells him, "I just said it was because of Beryl. It wasn't your fault she was in jail. No, if you ask me, Susan was lucky to have you looking after her. If it hadn't been for your kindness to her, all of this would've happened a lot sooner." Wayne, looking even more upset, buries his head in his hands as the tears start to flow. A malicious grin crosses Alison's face...

Pamela emerges from her room at Charlie's and heads for the front door. As she does so, she calls, "Keys on the hall table." She puts them down and then goes to the door. She heads out.

Next door, Wayne is still sobbing as Alison tells him, "Wayne, you know you loved Susan; everyone knew it. For heaven's sake, why would anyone in their right mind want to drive a beautiful person like Susan to suicide? It doesn't make sense." She doesn't hear the front door open as Pamela arrives back there. She stands and listens in the hallway as Alison goes on at Wayne, "So you see, no one's blaming you. Susan's happiness was the most important thing in your life. Now, if she'd shared her trouble... if you'd realised just how terribly unhappy she was, you'd've done everything in your power to help her." Wayne lets out a sudden wail and cries, "No... I didn't mean..." He staggers to his feet and picks up a glass from the coffee table in front of him. He throws it at the wall as he cries, "It was my fault... it was my fault..." He picks up another glass and throws it at the wall. He then clutches his hands to his stomach and collapses to his knees, still sobbing, "I drove her to kill herself. I didn't mean it..." He ends up lying on the floor, sobbing heavily. Alison then looks at Pamela and smiles, "And this is the person who's going to help you put me out of business?" Pamela just glares at her.

A while later, Alison is standing in the reception area of the gym when Nick walks in. Alison muses sourly, "Well, well, well: Casanova." Nick just nods, "Alison." Alison then says, "Can I see your membership card, please?" Nick asks in surprise, "Why?" Alison tells him, "Charlie's new policy. People have been trying to sneak in without using their cards." Nick growls, "You know I'm a member." Alison just shrugs, "I'm sorry. I've been asked to look after the place. I'm going to do my job thoroughly." Nick mutters, "Of course, it wouldn't have anything to do with the fact that I'll have to unpack my gym bag to take all my stuff out?" Alison just replies airily, "Would I do that to you? You'll just have to keep your card at the top of your bag from now on." As Nick starts unpacking his bag up, he remarks, "You do the scorned-woman number so very badly." Alison just says innocently, "Me? Woman scorned?" Nick mutters, "What a wonderful look of wide-eyed innocence." Alison, however, tells him, "There's nothing very innocent about me. Then again, you should know that!" Nick retorts, "Certain on that account." Alison asks, "You don't approve?" Nick, however, assures her, "Oh, I approve thoroughly!" Alison muses, "You're a fool, you know?" Nick shrugs, "Tell me about it." He then finds his membership card in his bag and, handing it to Alison, says, "I'm legal - as if you didn't know." Alison insists, "Just doing my job." She then goes on, "Yes: you're a fool. We had something nice there; could only have got better. All you saw was the tip of the iceberg." Nick remarks, "That's a Freudian slip." Alison retorts, "I wasn't aware there was anything particularly icy about me. From what I can remember, I found it distinctly hot." Nick nods, "In some ways, sure, but on the battlefield we're talking sub-Arctic-frost time." Alison points out, "You're the one who walked out into the snow." Nick smiles, "This is beginning to sound like a weather report!" He then carries on, "We both did our fair share of laying both ends against the middle: you, me and Pamela. I'm sorry it worked out like it did, but I hope we can be adult about it." Alison declares, "I'll be adult any time you like. Enjoy your workout." With that, Nick finishes re-packing his bag and heads off into the main room. Alison stands by the reception desk, a grin on her face!


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