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    Written by: Greg Haddrick   Executive Producer: Don Battye   Directed by: Russell Webb

A short time later, Wayne and Doug are back outside, walking across to Wayne's car. Wayne is saying, "Get in touch with dad as soon as you can, OK?" Doug offers, "I'll fly up now, if you like. I'll call you when I get back." Wayne tells him, "I'll have a cheque waiting." He then holds out his hand and adds, "It's been a pleasure doing business with you." Doug, however, retorts sourly, "Don't kid yourself, Wayne." He ignores the outstretched hand and walks off.

Caroline is pouring coffee in the lounge room at Charlie's. She looks across at Alison, who's standing by the french windows, wearing her dressing gown, and asks, "Any more ideas?" Alison sighs, "No. You?" Caroline just replies, "I thought the safe deposit box was a good one..." Changing the subject, Alison asks, "So, how was your trip to Brisbane? Were you mobbed by hundreds of adoring fans?!" Caroline, however, tells her, "No, only actors and pop stars get mobbed! Writers have to be content with curious onlookers and a free lunch!" She sits down on the couch as Alison remarks, "You wouldn't like being mobbed, anyway. All that noise..." Caroline agrees, "Pushing and shoving..." Alison adds, "Terrible." Caroline nods, "Shocking!" She then asks, "Where would people keep guns? I mean, if it's not kept in the house or the bank..." Alison muses, "I suppose we have to try and think like Wayne." Caroline mutters, "Is that possible?" Alison shrugs, "Well, he's vain, cunning, stupid... pretend you're an inbred Doberman: that should make it easy!" Caroline laughs, "Do you think he's buried it?! Maybe we should get hold of Isabella to go sniffing around the back yard! I could grab a shovel; we might get lucky!" Alison, however, stares at her, a look of inspiration having appeared suddenly on her face. She says to Caroline quickly, "Hang on a minute; I'll just get changed." Caroline exclaims, "I was only joking!" Alison, however, retorts, "No - I think you're right. I bet he has buried it." Caroline asks in surprise, "In the back yard?" Alison, however, just replies enigmatically, "No..."

A while later, Alison and Caroline approach Glen's grave. Alison crouches down and moves the large plant pot that's resting next to the headstone. Revealed underneath is a partially-hidden plastic bag. Picking it up, Alison smiles as she discovers that it contains the gun.

Andy and Janice are out jogging. As they run up a hill, Andy is enthusing, "What did I tell you, eh? Feels great! Get all that aggression out of you." Janice asks, "How far are we going?" Andy replies, "I'm not too sure. What do you reckon? About 5 Ks?" Janice smiles, "Watch!" With that, she starts charging off ahead of him!

Fiona is sitting in the lounge room at Dural, a drink in her hand, saying in disbelief, "It is really diabolical. How can we all sit here, knowing Beryl is innocent, with the proof to free her right there in front of our very own eyes, and even consider not using it?" She's talking to Alison, Caroline and Susan. Susan, however, cries curtly, "What's more diabolical? Leaving Wayne to raise my child?" Fiona snaps, "No one is claiming that Wayne is going to be the perfect father, but is it any worse than leaving Beryl in jail for fifteen years? Wayne has wanted a child for a long time; I can't see him not loving it. In fact, where children are concerned, Wayne is an entirely different person; it's one of the few better sides of his character. Look at the fuss he made about that boy, Tick: he couldn't do enough for him." Susan cries, "I still don't want my child taught how to live by a ruthless, lying cheat." Caroline asks gently, "What makes you certain he'd get custody?" Susan turns to her and retorts, "Just a wild guess, Caroline! Apart from being the father... a successful businessman with money who's able to offer a stable home life... he doesn't have a leg to stand on, does he?" Caroline tells her calmly, "He wouldn't if you told them that he'd been forcing you to stay with him." Susan cries, "And how do I prove that?" Caroline, however, just sighs in exasperation, "Proof. Why is everyone so worried about proof? Just tell them. That's what the police are for. Just tell them what happened. I know the evidence is circumstantial, but it's still pretty damn strong. You shot him because you hated him. And if you hated him and you'd already left him, why go back and live with him? Because he forced you to; it stands to reason. They'll buy that." Susan, however, snaps, "But what if they don't?" Caroline insists, "They will." Susan repeats more curtly, "What if they don't? I'm not taking one risk; not one." Caroline assures her, "You won't be taking much of a risk. You'll probably get acquitted, anyway." Susan gasps, "Acquitted? Mum gets fifteen years and you think I'll be acquitted?" Alison chips in suddenly, "You know, we could plead insanity." Susan mutters, "Thanks a lot." Caroline adds, "Just temporary insanity. It shouldn't be too hard to establish: an estranged wife driven to a moment of madness by her maniac husband." Alison muses, "It's not too far wide of the mark, really, is it?" Susan just snaps, "So once the jury's convinced that I'm prone to the odd day of insanity, we ask for the custody of the child, do we?" Glaring at Caroline, she adds angrily, "Tell me how we'd win that one, Rumpole." Alison murmurs, "Yes, she does have a point there. Maybe we should just leave Beryl in jail?" Fiona turns to stare at her, a shocked expression on her face. Alison reminds her, "That's what she wanted in the first place - especially now Susan's pregnant." Fiona just gasps, "You are really incredible. You really enjoy seeing Beryl in jail, don't you?" Alison points out, "She's the one who put herself there in the first place; she's the one who made the sacrifice." Fiona retorts, "Yes, and now we know that it was an injustice - and I, for one, am not prepared to sit here and let this injustice continue." Susan asserts coolly, "I am not going to jail. I'm not letting Wayne raise my child. No matter what you do, I won't let it happen. I'd rather kill myself." Alison says quickly, "I don't think there's any need to go that far, do you?" Susan, however, retorts, "Oh, I think there is..."

Doug has arrived in Sydney. He's standing in the doorway to Fiona's room at the mansion. Gordon invites him in and closes the door behind him. Doug then tells him, "First, I'd like to say that I've calmed down - about you hauling Caroline off to the cops. We all make mistakes, and I can see that's what it was - so no hard feelings, OK?" Gordon nods, "I understand: you were trying to protect your wife; I was trying to do exactly the same thing." Doug smiles, "I'm glad that's sorted out." As Gordon sits down, Doug then asks, "How you been?" Gordon replies, "I'm surviving - but I'm sure you didn't fly up all this way to ask after my health!" Doug smiles, "Dead right: I didn't. I have a proposition for you. I've heard that you haven't... well, you're not committed at the moment... and I'm in need of an experienced manager. I thought we might have been able to help each other out." He takes a file out of his briefcase as Gordon asks, "What's the offer?" Doug explains, "I got involved with an airline: small; private. 'Sanders Air Charter', it's called; the one that young Debbie's working for." He hands over the file as he carries on, "Bill Sanders is the major shareholder and he's keen to expand; well, the cargo market is there for the taking - and put simply, more 'planes and more pilots--" Gordon interrupts and concludes, "More turnover and bigger profits." Doug nods, "Spot on." He sits down as he then continues, "The problem is that although Bill knows all there is to know about 'planes, he's a rank amateur when it comes to business - and although I was going to manage the thing myself, the fact is that I'm too tied up with Caroline's promos and the T-shirt business. So the first person I thought of was my old mate, Gordon. Any questions?" Gordon asks in concern, "It means I've got to raise the finance?" Doug, however, tells him, "No. It's already done." Gordon looks at him in surprise. Doug explains quickly, "Bill organised it through a broker. It's in the bank, so you wouldn't have to worry about that. All you'd have to do is worry about the expansion." Gordon comments, "I take it that means Sydney." Doug looks at him blankly and says, "What?" Gordon replies, "Well, he'll be flying here; I presume this'll be the new base." Doug, however, tells him, "No. There wouldn't be any new base. We'd still be operating out of Victoria." Gordon remarks, "Then I'll have to go down there." Doug nods, "Yeah - to Melbourne." Gordon, however, retorts, "I can't leave Beryl." Doug tells him quickly, "We'd fly you down there and back - say four days down there and three days back here." Gordon insists, "No, I couldn't." Doug, however, asks, "Why not? Beryl wouldn't mind; I'm sure she'd love you to have a job." Gordon retorts, "She'd prefer me to have a job here in Sydney - which is exactly what I'd prefer." Doug, growing irritated, snaps, "You can't always have exactly what you want, can you?" Gordon demands, "Are you suggesting that I can't get a job here in Sydney?" Doug, standing up, retorts, "I'm not suggesting anything. All I'm suggesting is that this is a solid offer. We are not calling for applicants. It's on the table, Gordon. You are our number one choice. Can you afford to turn it down?" Gordon hesitates before saying, "I appreciate your confidence in me, but yes, I have to." Doug cries, "Gordon..." Gordon, however, just retorts, "I am not leaving Beryl. End of subject." Doug stands there and sighs heavily.

Susan is standing at the bar at Dural, writing a note on the page of a notepad. She hears the front door bang suddenly and Wayne calling, "Susie?" She quickly stops writing and goes and hides the notepad behind the bar. She then calls back, "In here." Wayne walks in and asks, "How's things?" Susan, a smile on her face, replies, "Fine!" Wayne looks at her in surprise and remarks, "That's the cheeriest I've heard you for quite a while. And you're looking better. What brought on the change? Thought if you can't beat 'em you might as well join 'em?" Susan just nods, "More or less." Looking pleased, Wayne then tells her, "I have to go out again for a while; I'll unpack when I get home. I should be a couple of hours. See ya." Susan smiles, "Bye." With that, Wayne heads out again. Susan sighs heavily before picking up the notepad again and continuing to write. The completed note says:

'To everyone. There's no point. Every second is pain and sadness. This way I'll be happy. I'll be with Glen again.'

She places the pad on the bar and then takes off her engagement and wedding rings and places them on the pad. She closes her eyes as she stands there, looking cold-hearted...

Charlie walks into the mansion and knocks on Fiona's door. There's no answer, though. She then heads up to the door to Michael's room and calls for him. There's still no response. She heads over to the stairs and calls up, "Hello? Is anyone there at all? This is your last chance. I am shouting lunch." There's still no answer, leaving Charlie to mutter to herself, "Typical You drive three-quarters of an hour to surprise your friends and where are they? Out!" At that moment, however, Janice and Andy run in through the front door, Janice smiling, "I won!" Andy retorts, "It was a draw!" Janice, however, tells him, "It was nothing of the sort. You're not as fit as you think you are, Andy!" She then turns to Charlie and smiles, "Hi!" Charlie just says, "Alright, both of you: upstairs, shower, change and back here in five minutes." Andy asks in surprise, "Why, who's coming?" Charlie replies, "No one. You are going out to lunch with me. It's my last meal before committing myself to a health farm and I am not having it alone. Now move!" With that, Andy and Janice start racing each other up the stairs!

Wayne is sitting with Pamela at a table outside a cafe in a busy street. They have cups of coffee in front of them. Pamela is telling Wayne, "She hasn't got a clue." Wayne asks, "Positive?" Pamela nods her head. Wayne adds, "You've been following her?" Pamela replies, "Well not everywhere, but then she doesn't go anywhere very much. Didn't even bother getting dressed this morning. I left her standing there in her dressing gown, staring at a piece of burnt toast. I tell you: Alison's completely baffled!" She then asks, "How's Susan?" Wayne tells her, "Fine. She's really picking up, I think." Pamela asks, "You've told her she can go?" Wayne, however, replies, "She's pregnant. I don't think I can tell her now. If she leaves I'll never see that child. I'm the father and I'll never see it. Can you imagine how that feels?" Pamela gives him a look. She then tells him, "Yeah. Yeah, I can." Unnoticed by either of them, Nick is walking along the street, nearby. He stops in his tracks as he spots Wayne and Pamela sitting there. At the table, Wayne tells Pamela, "I don't want to keep fighting with her, though. I still love her. I guess I have to make her see that; convince her to trust me again." Pamela comments, "Still the eternal optimist." Wayne, however, sighs, "I'm not pretending it's going to be easy - and I know it's not going to happen overnight, either; I just can't let go, I suppose." Pamela looks down at the table. She then glances around behind her - and spots Nick standing there. She calls over to him and beckons to him to join them. She then smiles at Wayne, "I think he got a fright, seeing you there!" Wayne beams, "It'll keep him on his toes, won't it!" As Nick reaches them, Wayne stands up and smiles, "Nick!" Nick says uncertainly, "Hello, Wayne..." Wayne just smiles, "Relax! I've got a terrible memory when it comes to lunches. I'm always forgetting who I bump into. Alison's not about to find out Pamela's been dating her old boyfriend. See you later!" With that, he walks off, gleefully! Pamela and Nick stare at him as he goes.

Susan is standing in the visitor's room at the Bendala Detention Centre. The door opens and Beryl is escorted in by a warder. Susan says nervously, "Hi." Beryl, however, seeing her daughter standing there, turns back to the warder immediately and tells her, "I'd like to go back to my cell." Before she can move, Susan says quickly, "I just came to say I've fixed everything. You're going to be alright. I love you, mum." Beryl looks at her. She then turns back to the warder and says coolly, "Would you let me past, please?" She then heads out of the room. The warder tells Susan, "Sorry." With that, she heads out of the room as well. Susan stands there looking shocked and upset, tears beginning to well-up in her eyes.

Janice, Charlie and Andy are walking along a street, Charlie saying as they do so, "Carrot juice, I'm told; that's what we have for breakfast. And then from then until lunchtime, nothing. Can you believe it? Not a morsel; not even a pumpkin seed! I don't know how I'm going to make it through the week!" A short distance away, Pamela and Nick are enjoying coffee at the table outside the café. Nick is saying to Pamela, "What about tonight?" In reply, Pamela asks, "What time do you finish?" Nick replies, "About seven." Pamela shrugs, "I won't be able to stay long." Nick smiles, "I'll have to be quick, then, won't I!" Pamela mutters, "You're all heart!" She then glances round - and spots Janice, Charlie and Andy approaching. She mutters, "Oh hell..." A short distance away, Charlie stops in her tracks, her mouth open wide as she spots Pamela sitting there with Nick.

A while later, Alison is standing with Pamela in the hallway at Charlie's. Charlie is watching as Alison takes items of Pamela's out of a cardboard box and throws them on the floor, snapping angrily at Pamela as she does so, "This is yours... and this... and this..." Pamela cries, "Alison, will you just let me explain?" Alison, however, carries on throwing things. One item smashes as it hits the floor. Having emptied the box, Alison marches into the lounge room to get some more ammunition. Pamela follows her and insists, "I was just saying goodbye." Charlie, who follows them into the room, cries indignantly, "She wasn't!" Pamela turns to her and snaps, "You keep out of it, dingbrain!" Alison glares at her sister and snaps, "You're so ugly when you're angry; you know that? Your nose is growing, Pinocchio." Pamela gasps, "You think I'd risk losing you for him?" Alison retorts, "Yes." She then orders Charlie, "Get her clothes." Pamela snaps at Charlie, "Stay right where you are." Alison, however, repeats, "Get them." Charlie trots out of the room. When she's gone, Pamela snaps at Alison, "What are you going to do? Trample them in the dirt?" Alison snaps back, "Something like that." Pamela suggests curtly, "Why not rip a few holes in them first?" Alison retorts, "Yes, if you like." Pamela glares at her and snaps, "You're a childish little bitch, aren't you?" Alison just says coldly, "If you're saying I'm angry, you're damned right - and hurt. All my life my family have turned their backs on me: dad... mum... Margaret... even my own children: they all hated me." Pamela muses, "I can't imagine why!" Alison ignores her, going on furiously, "If I was guilty of anything, it was retaliation. All I ever wanted was to get close to people. I need love; who doesn't? How stupid to think you'd ever be different - but I did. This time I thought this time I might find someone who'd honestly--" Pamela interrupts and retorts, "Like you? You really expect people to like you? Well that's amazing. You're really deluding yourself if you really believe that--" Alison interrupts and snaps back, "If you believed what you were doing wouldn't hurt, you're pathetic." Pamela glares at her.

Wayne is standing in the hallway at Dural, the notepad in his right hand. He'd holding the 'phone to his ear with his left hand, saying down it coolly, "The police... no, the police. I want the police." Looking annoyed, he then slams down 'the 'phone - just as someone knocks on the front door. He runs over to it and says eagerly, "Susan?" as he opens it. Finding Pamela standing there, however, he demands, "What the hell do you want?" Pamela, who's holding a cardboard box, retorts sarcastically, "I'm collecting for charity. What do you think?" Wayne snaps, "You haven't seen Susan, have you?" Pamela shrugs, "No." Wayne sighs, "Look." He points across to the wall by the telephone. The word 'GOODBYE' has been scrawled on it in red lipstick. He hands Pamela the notepad, adding as he does so, "And read that. It was waiting for me when I got home. I've checked the grounds, the pool... there's nothing." Tears welling in his eyes, he cries, "I can't believe it. I can't believe she'd do that."

Fiona heads into the mansion through the front door to find Gordon just emerging from her room. Gordon smiles at her, "Hello. Where have you been?" Fiona tells him evasively, "Oh, just off seeing a friend." She then asks, "You going out somewhere?" Gordon replies, "Only down to the shops: there are a few things Beryl asked me to get for her." He then goes on, "I thought we might have Susan over for lunch one day soon." Fiona looks at him, warily. She then looks down at the floor, murmuring, "Oh," as she does so. Gordon continues, "Obviously this problem with Beryl has to be sorted out, and the sooner the better. I thought between the three of us we might come up with some sort of reconciliation." Fiona murmurs nervously, "Yeah, it sounds like a good idea." Gordon puts his hand on her shoulder and says gently, "It might be a better idea if it came from you." Fiona nods, "Alright - you just leave it with me and I'll get onto it soon." Gordon says, "Thankyou." With that, he heads out. Fiona stands in the hallway, looking worried. She then heads into her room to find Janice and Andy sitting there. Looking taken aback, she murmurs, "Hi, guys." Janice and Andy stand up and Janice says to her Aunt, "We're just on our way to the gym; do you feel like coming with us?" Fiona, however, murmurs, "No, thankyou, dear, not today. You have a nice time." Janice nods, "We will." With that, she and Andy head out. As soon as they've gone, Fiona goes over to the table, puts her handbag down on it and removes an envelope. She holds it in her hands and then picks up the telephone receiver. She dials three digits. When the call is answered, she says slowly and deliberately, "Will you please connect me with the police?"

A car pulls up near the edge of some cliffs. Susan is driving. She turns the engine off and then sits back in the driver's seat, apparently thinking. A few seconds later, she climbs out of the car. She closes the door and then drops the car keys on the ground next to the car. She walks over to the very edge of the cliffs and looks down at the water foaming far below...

Charlie walks into the lounge room at her house, holding two suitcases. She smiles at Alison, who's standing by the french windows, "Done! I've prepared for every possible variation in the weather and I didn't try to smuggle in even so much as one bit of chocolate!" Alison, however, is staring out at the garden. Charlie sighs, "Alison, are you listening?" Alison murmurs, "I'm all ears." Charlie sighs, "I've made list of everything; there's a note on the kitchen table. And there's a telephone number there too, just in case--" Alison interrupts and sighs, "Oh Charlie...!" Charlie then comments, "I guess I can't put it off any longer." Alison walks over to her, picks up one of the cases and heads out to the hallway, saying as she does so, "You just make sure you enjoy yourself." Charlie muses, "I think the best I can hope for is a sense of achievement." Alison tells her, "Well enjoy that! And keep out of mischief!" Charlie smiles, "You too! Bye!" With that, she heads out. As Alison closes the door behind her, the 'phone starts ringing. She heads back into the lounge room to answer it. She picks up and says, "Hello?... Fiona... Yes, it's me... What happened?" She listens. She then cries, "Oh God. What time?" She listens again before asking in a concerned tone, "Have you called the police yet?... Yes, well they will've contacted Wayne by now. I might call myself in a few minutes, then I'll get on over there. I'll pick you up on the way through... Yes, OK. Bye." With that, she hangs up. She then dials another number. It has three digits. When the call is answered, she says, "Hello, it's Alison Carr here. I, er, think I've got something here you might be interested in." She picks up the bag-wrapped gun from the drinks cabinet...

A car pulls up behind Susan's car, parked by the cliffs. Wayne jumps out of rear driver's-side seat, crying, "That's it! That's it!" He runs over to Susan's car as two other men and Pamela climb out of the first car. Wayne looks at Susan's car and cries, "It's unlocked! She never leaves it unlocked." Looking into the car, he goes on in a panicky tone, "Her bag's here... everything... her money..." One of the men says gently, "Mr. Hamilton... come on..." Wayne just runs over to the edge of the cliff and yells, "Susan..." He looks down at foaming water below. Pamela and one of the men join him. As the man then steps back, he treads on Susan's car keys. He bends down and picks them up. He then calls over to his colleague, who's peering into Susan's car, "Jack?" Wayne, however, walks over and grabs the keys from him. He stares at them for several seconds before murmuring in shock, "Oh..." He turns to Pamela, who rubs his arm, sympathetically.

Caroline is sitting with Susan at a railway station. She holds out an envelope and tells her, "One rail ticket to Perth, and some money." Susan takes the envelope and murmurs, "Thanks." Caroline then asks, "Did anyone see you?" Susan replies, "Not a soul - and it was high-tide; I looked." Caroline tells her, "Alison was worried about you." Susan replies, "Tell her not to be. I timed it right: they won't expect a body." She then says gently, "Say goodbye to Fiona for me." A whistle sounds as Susan adds, "What you three are doing is just... I can't tell you how much it means." Caroline says softly, "Forget it. And if you get lonely over there, just think about the hell that Wayne is going through. That should cheer you up a bit!" Tears well-up in Susan's eyes and a weak smile crosses her face as she and Caroline hug. When they pull apart, Caroline says sincerely, "Look after yourself, Susan - and be happy." Susan murmurs in relief, "Thankyou."


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