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    Written by: Michael Gillett    Executive Producer: Don Battye   Directed by: Russell Webb

Andy and Janice are standing just inside the front door at the mansion, Andy trying to push the door shut and Janice is trying to pull it open. Andy is snapping at Janice, "I should've known: it's OK for me to change, but you're perfect, aren't you? You don't need to." Fiona emerges from her room suddenly, sighing, "Alright, alright, alright. They can hear you the other side of Burke!" Andy sighs, "After all the effort I have put into approving her appearance, I--" Janice interrupts and, indicating her drab clothing, tells Fiona curtly, "I am dressed like this for a job interview as a trainee social worker - and I have a good chance of getting it if I look like a responsible member of society." Andy looks at Fiona and asks tersely, "What do you think, huh?" Fiona retorts, "I think there must be a terrible shortage of problems in the world if you have to fight about how someone looks - but if you must, then kindly do it outside." Andy murmurs, "Sorry. I didn't mean to upset you; it's just--" Fiona interrupts and snaps, "Well you have. I've got enough on my mind without listening to you behaving like a couple of delinquents." Janice asks in concern, "What else is on your mind?" Fiona sighs, "I've just been talking to Wayne." Andy tuts, "Figures." Janice adds wearily, "What's he done now?" Fiona replies, "What he has done is get Susan pregnant." Janice gasps, "That's wonderful!" Fiona rolls her eyes, leading Janice to ask, "Isn't it?" Fiona just growls, "I have got work to do. If you two are going to go on with this fighting, please just go on outside." Looking at Janice, she then adds, "And good luck with the interview." With that, she heads back into her room. Andy tells Janice immediately, "You are not going to the interview dressed like that." Janice, however, retorts, "I am staying like this until after the interview whether you like it or not. It's smart and sensible; it's exactly what a social worker would wear." With that, she pushes past him and marches out.

It's evening-time. Debbie is packing some things into her handbag in the office at Sanders Air Charter. As she does so, Bill looks across at her and says, "Thanks for checking those bills from the mechanics - they'll try and rip you off at every turn. Don't know what we'd do without you. Have to check their invoices next month, too." Debbie, however, smiles as she stands up and tells him, "You'll have to check them; I won't be here, remember?" Bill sighs, "Why don't you change your mind and stay? Where else will you find such excitement and adventure? Right now, you might be useful to have around, but once we start expanding, you'll be a necessity. How about it." Debbie grins, but then tells Bill, "Thanks, but no - I've made up my mind." Bill asks, "Was it something I said or did? I know I'm short-tempered at times--" Debbie interrupts and assures him, "No, no, no, no, it's got nothing to do with you. I told you: it's personal." Bill pauses before saying, "Alright: an extra $50 a week." Debbie stares at him. She then sighs, though, and says, "No, I can't. I'll stay and help train somebody else, but that'll have to be it. Sorry." With that, she heads out. Bill stands there, looking disappointed.

Debbie arrives back at Beryl's to find Michelle arranging some flowers on the dining table. She smiles at Debbie, "Hi! I can't figure out whether these would look better here or over there." She looks across at the mantelpiece. Debbie asks warily, "Where did they come from?" Michelle explains, "I bought them for Craig - and you; I thought they might brighten up the place a bit." Debbie asks, "Where is Craig?" Michelle replies, "He went over to see Doug about something; left me here to do my homework." Debbie mutters, "You really look busy..." Michelle, ignoring this, says, "Can I get you a coffee or something? You look as if you could do with one after a hard day." Debbie glares at her before snapping, "No. I'm quite capable of looking after myself in my own home, thanks." Michelle murmurs, "I was just trying to help." Debbie says gleefully, "Well there's no need to, anyway. Craig hasn't told you yet? I've just quit my job, so I'll be able to spend a lot more time with him now." Michelle just looks at her and says, "That's great - but what will you do for money? Don't forget it is your job that's getting Craig through school. Be terrible if he had to drop out now and support you both, don't you think?" A sly look crosses her face. Debbie glares at her and says coolly, "You can drop the act, Michelle." Michelle replies 'innocently', "Sorry?" Debbie snaps, "We were meant to be friends, but a friend doesn't try and steal your own fiancé from under your nose. You're out to get Craig and you don't care who you hurt. Well you're not going to, so you may as leave now - and I wouldn't try and see Craig, if I was you, because he doesn't want to see you, understand?" Michelle yells quickly, "No I don't understand - because you've got it wrong: Craig doesn't want anything more to do with you. He's just using you to pay the bills until he can leave school. He told me." Debbie growls, "You're lying." Michelle retorts, "Am I?" Debbie gasps, "I must have been blind not to see what you were doing." Michelle, however, snaps, "I wasn't doing anything. The simple fact is Craig doesn't like you anymore; he likes me." Debbie cries, "He told you that?" Michelle retorts, "He told me that he's sick of you." Debbie demands, "When?" Michelle retorts, "When we've been here by ourselves." Debbie snaps, "I don't believe you. Craig wouldn't even say something like that." Michelle yells gleefully, "Do you think we've been here doing homework together?" Debbie stares at her. They suddenly hear a noise at the front door. Craig walks in - followed by Doug. He glares at Michelle and orders coldly, "Get out. Pick up your books and get out." Looking suddenly shame-faced, Michelle grabs her rucksack. She turns back to look at Debbie before heading for the front door.

A short time later, Doug is sitting in one of the armchairs. Craig and Debbie are sitting on the couch, Craig with his arm around his girlfriend. He's saying, "I guess I should feel sorry for Michelle. She hasn't had it easy, has she, always being picked on at school or made fun of." Doug, however, points out, "It still doesn't excuse her, especially after what you both did for her." Craig sighs, "I should've picked up on what was happening." Changing the subject, Doug stands up and says to Craig, "I'll go and get the beer you promised me. You want to join us, Deb?" Debbie, however, replies, "No, but if you're making some coffee I'll have some!" Doug grins, "Talk about a slavedriver!" With that, he heads off into the kitchen. Craig looks at Debbie and asks earnestly, "You OK now?" Debbie nods, "Yep. I'm glad you came along when you did, though - I don't know what she was going to say next." There's suddenly a knock on the front door. Craig looks at Debbie and says in concern, "It couldn't be... She wouldn't show her face again so soon, would she?" Debbie replies, "I hope not." Craig gets up and goes to answer the door. A few seconds later, He walks in with Bill Sanders, who's holding a small bunch of flowers. Debbie looks at him and exclaims, "Bill!" Bill tells her, "I just happened to be in the neighbourhood and thought I'd drop in. These are for you." He hands over the flowers. Debbie then introduces him and Craig to each other and the two men shake hands. The greetings over, Bill looks at Debbie and says, "I know this is unusual - and you can kick me out if you like - but you're a damn hard worker and I'd be a fool if I didn't try and talk you one more time out of resigning. I know I'm a pain in the neck to work with at times, but that's curable, and whatever personal problem you have... well, I'm sure if we put our heads together we could come to some arrangement." Debbie stands there, smiling at him. Craig says quickly, "She'd love to. We've just worked that... er, personal problem... so there's no worries!" Bill looks at Debbie and asks, "Is that right?" Debbie nods, "Only as long as you haven't forgotten then $50 raise!" At that moment, Doug emerges from the kitchen and exclaims, "Bill Sanders!" Bill looks at him and laughs, "Doug! How are you?" Debbie asks in surprise, "Do you know each other?" Doug nods, "Sure do!" As he shakes Bill's hand, he says, "Debbie works at your air charter company?" Bill smiles, "Yeah! Just been re-employed!" Doug grins, "Good for her!" He then explains to Craig and Debbie, "When I was dating Caroline, I hired one of Bill's 'planes to fly the 'Marry Me' banner overhead." Bill comments, "It was a great stunt! Did it work?" Doug smiles, "Sure did! I'm a happily married man now!" He then looks at Craig and asks, "Do you reckon we could spring another beer for this bloke?" Craig smiles, "I reckon we could probably manage it!" Bill laughs, "You'd better: I expect something for that fifty buck rise I just gave your woman!"

A while later, Doug and Bill are standing in the kitchen at Caroline's. Doug is putting some food in the oven, saying as he does so, "These won't take long to heat up." Bill looks around and remarks, "It's a pity Caroline's not here; I'd like to meet her." Doug assures him, "You will - when she gets back from Sydney." Bill smiles, "Famous author, eh?!" He then sits down at the table and goes on, "Actually, I'm glad I've run into you again, Doug; I thought I might pick your brains on some business advice." Doug tells him, "Shoot." Bill explains, "I've been thinking of expanding my little show. There's a contract out for tender handling goods the major airlines aren't interested in." Doug asks, "Such as?" Bill replies, "Flammable goods, gourmet foodstuffs, that sort of thing; but my aircraft haven't the range or the cabin facilities. I need to buy a jet - which means moving into six-figure territory. Big bucks - which I don't have." Doug comments, "It sounds quite an undertaking." Bill tells him, "It's a very good contract; we'd have our investment back in three years." Doug shrugs, "Since you want my advice, I'd say you need a partner; someone with access to that sort of money. Why don't we eat, then we can talk some more..."

Craig and Debbie are eating at the kitchen table at Beryl's. Craig tells Debbie earnestly, "Michelle would never have come between us, whether you're working or not. You do realise that?" Debbie murmurs, "Yeah. I couldn't help getting a little bit worried, though." Craig says sincerely, "Sorry I hurt you. You still love me?" Debbie smiles, "Of course!" Craig adds, "You still want to marry me?" Debbie grins, "Yes!" She then adds, "There is one condition, though: you'll have to hire a 'plane from Bill with a big sign saying 'Marry Me, Debbie'. Only then!" Craig gasps, "I've already asked you!" Debbie smiles, "Ask me again!" Craig laughs, "You drive a hard bargain!" He then take Debbie's hand and kisses it affectionately.

Wayne is sitting by the bar in the lounge room at Dural, talking on the 'phone, saying, "So that's confirmed, then? The 8:30 flight to Melbourne... Fine. Thanks very much." Fiona walks into the room as he hangs up. She tells him, "Susan's gone back to sleep." Wayne asks, "What did she have to say?" Fiona muses, "Nothing much. She seemed very tired." She then adds pointedly, "I suppose I should thank you for letting me see her at all." Wayne, however, insists, "I'm not trying to stop anyone from seeing her. When you called this afternoon she was resting and I didn't want to disturb her." Fiona mutters sarcastically, "I'm so glad to know you've got her interests at heart." Wayne tells her, "I've always loved Susan; you know that." Fiona asks, "Nothing's changed between you?" Wayne replies, "Nothing - except Susan's decided she wants to live with me again." Fiona presses, "You didn't give her any 'help' deciding?" Wayne just retorts, "Fiona, I've got nothing to hide. Susan and I both want our marriage to work." He then changes the subject and says, "I have to fly to Melbourne tomorrow morning on company business. I was wondering whether you'd keep an eye on her in case she needs anything. That way, you'll get another chance to quiz Susan about your nasty little suspicions you have about me." A hint of a smile crosses Fiona's face as she replies, "Of course I'll look after her - and I already know more than enough about you..."

Bill Sanders is standing with Doug in the office at Sanders Air Charter, telling him, "I'm not exactly ready to take on the big boys yet, but I manage to keep my head above water - just!" Doug, looking around, comments, "It's a good operation. I just wonder how you managed before Debbie joined. You say she runs the office and the flying school?" Bill nods, "Yep. She's in charge of aircraft maintenance, refuelling, updating weather reports - and she doesn't mind making coffee and a sandwich for clients!" Doug smiles, "You're going to have to hold onto her!" Bill replies, "I'm doing my best. My whole life revolves around this place. All I care about's flying. I haven't got a family or much of a social life to worry about, which suits me fine. The trouble is, I assume that most people working here feel the same; I forget they've got lives of their own." Doug remarks, "You must find it hard to get staff." Bill, however, tells him, "Not get them, keep them; Debbie's the first secretary I've had who hasn't burst into tears and run away after two days!" Doug grins, "Deb can stand up for herself." Bill comments, "She doesn't mind telling me off, either - which is good, and I need her." Doug pauses before then saying, "Bill, I think you need me, too. If you take me on as a partner, I'll raise the finance for a jet and manage the business side of the venture as well. All you have to do is fly the thing. What do you say?" Bill looks at him and then smiles, "I'd say it's a deal, partner!" They shake hands. Doug, however, then muses, "Maybe I should be shaking hands with Debbie? She's obviously the one in charge round here!"

Andy is sitting back on the couch in Fiona's room, watching television. Fiona arrives back from Dural and looks at him. He explains, "I'm just waiting for Janice." Fiona comments in a surprised tone, "In my flat?" Andy explains, "She's more likely to drop in here than my room." Fiona goes on sarcastically, "And you thought you'd make yourself nice and comfortable while you're waiting. Is there anything good on?" Andy shrugs, "Not a thing." He then comments, "Janice is taking her time with this job interview; it was hours ago." Fiona, turning off the TV, suggests, "She's probably got the position and she's gone out celebrating." Andy, however, points out, "Celebrating? Janice? She wouldn't know how to!" He then suggests, "We should ring the police - or call the hospital." Fiona, though, sighs, "Let's not worry unnecessarily; I've done enough of that for one day." Andy insists, "We should do something." Looking suddenly thoughtful, Fiona clicks her fingers and says, "I've got just the thing." She heads over to the bar and picks up a small velvet bag. She then sits down next to Andy and tips the contents of the bag onto the coffee table. A series of flat stones falls out; each stone as a small diagram on it. Andy looks at them and exclaims, "Rocks?!" Fiona tells him curtly, "These are rune stones. Depending upon what symbol turns up, and by referring to the chart, I can find out almost anything I want to." Andy remarks, "Sounds like a whole lot of mumbo jumbo to me!" Fiona turns all the stones face down. She then picks one up and looks at the diagram on its face. She consults a sheet of paper and then muses, "Oh... Oo... Well..." Andy asks in surprise, "What is it?" Fiona turns to him and says, "You're two weeks late with your rent!"

Out in the hallway, Janice has arrived back at the mansion. As she heads for the stairs, Michael emerges from his room. He smiles, "Hi, Janice. I heard you went for a job today. How did you go?" Janice just glares at him.

In Fiona's room, Andy grabs a heap of the rune stones and says, "How about I have a turn at rolling the dice, huh?" Fiona, however, retorts, "They are not dice; they are rune stones - and they are not to be taken lightly."

In the hallway, Michael is telling Janice encouragingly, "It was only a job interview. You'll get the next one; you'll see." Janice snaps back, "I should've got this one."

In Fiona's room, Andy, who appears to have overhead Janice's muffled voice, asks Fiona, "What do your 'rune stones' say about Janice. Where is she?" Fiona, however, murmurs, "It's all a bit hard; they're quite fuzzy." Andy suggests, "Maybe they're tuned into the wrong channel? She's out in the hall!" With that, he chuckles, stands up and heads for the door.

Out in the hallway, Andy joins Janice and Michael as Janice says to Michael glumly, "I know you mean well; I just want to go up to my room." Andy asks Janice gently, "No go?" Janice shakes her head, sadly. Andy murmurs, "Sorry." Fiona walks up to them and asks Andy, "Why are you sorry? What's wrong?" Janice snaps, "I didn't get the job." Fiona sympathises, "Oh, Janice, that's no good. But never mind - there'll be others." Janice just says glumly, "I've never missed out on a job I've applied for in my life. All my talk about becoming a social worker... I just want to help people; it seems people don't want my help." Fiona says gently, "Oh darling, come on, you're taking all this too seriously. Don't let it get you down." Janice, however, snaps, "Why shouldn't I let it get me down? You weren't at the interview. You weren't there to hear what they said to me. I was the one who was humiliated. Not you; me." With that, she runs off upstairs, looking upset.

The next morning, Andy is sitting in Fiona's room with his feet up on the table. He's looking at a magazine. The door to the room opens suddenly and Janice comes in. Andy says to her quickly, "Don't go." Janice tells him, "It's alright - I can come back later." Andy, however, asks, "What did you want?" Janice replies, "Just my knitting." She then asks, "Has Fiona gone?" Andy explains, "She's looking after Susan while Wayne's in Melbourne." He then goes on, "Why don't you sit down for a minute? Pull up a chair; I want to talk to you." He guides Janice over to the couch and the two of them sit down. He then says, "Fiona and I knocked on your door a couple of times last night. Why didn't you answer?" Janice retorts, "Because I didn't want to see anyone. I knew you were all thinking 'I told you so'." Andy insists, "We were not thinking that at all." He then asks, "Do you want to talk about the interview?" Janice retorts, "No." She then carries on, "It was terrible. The minute I walked into the Personnel Manager's office, I just knew I wouldn't get it. He looked at me and I could see his expression change. He said I was - what's the word he used? - too intimidating to be a welfare worker. Too intimidating. When I got out I just wandered around. I sat in a coffee shop for hours; I was too upset to come home." Andy says sympathetically, "What does one bloke know? I know you will make a great social worker, and do you know why? Because I know what you're really like inside. The trouble is you don't let other people see the real you. You always act like you're some Sunday School teacher - you know: Miss. Prim and Proper - but if you let that drop, people will see what you're really made of and you'll get whatever you're after. Does that make sense?" Janice nods, "I think so. You're saying it's not just a matter of clothes and hairstyle." Andy agrees, "Yeah. You've got to loosen up inside a bit, that's all." Janice demands, "How?" Andy, however, muses, "That's a good question..." There's silence for a few seconds. Janice then says eagerly, "You could take me to that disco you go to." Looking suddenly worried, Andy murmurs, "The disco...?" Janice stands up and smiles, "Let's go soon. Don't want to waste any time!" Andy murmurs, "Whatever you say." Janice then tells him, "Andy, you shouldn't hide behind your mask so much, either." Andy demands, "What do you mean?" Janice smiles, "You're a really nice person." With that, she heads out of the room, leaving Andy looking surprised!

Craig is washing up some dishes in the kitchen at Beryl's when the 'phone rings. He wipes his hands and goes and answers it. Wayne comes on. He's calling from a public 'phone box and he tells Craig that he'd like to talk to Doug. He listens to Craig's response before saying, "I've already tried there, but he's not home. I thought you might know where he is." Craig just retorts coolly, "Doug doesn't keep me informed of his whereabouts." Wayne listens and then says, "Look, Craig, I'm aware of your loyalties to Doug, and that's very commendable, but I'm sure he'd be interested in what I have to say. It's strictly business and he could do very well out of it. Couldn't you even hazard a guess?" Craig sighs and says, "You might find him at the Sanders Air Charter Services, at the airport." Wayne repeats, "Sanders Air Charter... No, no, I'll find it. Thanks." With that, he hangs up, looking pleased with himself. At Beryl's, Craig hangs up, looking worried.

Bill and Doug are walking along the airfield at Sanders Air Charter. As they pass a small aircraft, Bill smiles, "I can take you up in one of these later, if you want." Doug laughs, "Bit small for me, mate!" Bill, however, tells him, "The smaller the better. You won't even know you're flying. Maybe you should start training for your pilot's licence?!" Doug just grins, "No way! I'll buy 'em, you fly 'em!" He then asks, "Where's Deb?" Bill replies, "She's over arguing with a mechanic about a bill we got. She thinks we've been ripped off." Doug exclaims, "You get her to do that too?" Bill replies, "She volunteered. The mechanic can't say 'no' to her!" They suddenly spot Wayne approaching on foot. Bill asks Doug, "This guy a friend of yours?" Doug glares at Wayne and retorts, "Not likely." Wayne reaches them and, holding out his hand, says, "Doug." Doug just growls, "You've got a nerve. What do you want?" Wayne insists, "I just want to talk." Doug spits, "Forget it." Wayne tells him, "I've got a, er... business proposition." Doug snaps, "Business. You and me? Get out of here." Wayne pleads, "At least hear me out; it could be worth a great deal of money." Doug, however, retorts, "You can't buy a clear conscience, Wayne." Wayne growls, "I don't need to." Bill interjects suddenly, saying to Doug, "Look, I don't know this guy from Adam, but it might be worth listening to him." Doug, going to walk away, mutters, "No way." Bill insists, "It can't hurt to give him five minutes." Looking annoyed, Doug growls, "Five minutes." He walks off.

A short time later, the three men are standing in the office. Wayne says to Doug, "I'll get straight to the point. I've been checking out your business interests--" Doug interrupts and snaps, "You what?" Wayne just retorts, "Will you hear me out?" He then goes on, "I'm aware that you're stretched thin financially - mainly because of the T-shirt business, but, knowing you, you've probably got other projects on the boil waiting for finance. I also know that my dad needs a job. So, if you've got something in mind where he can come in as manager, I'll give you a low-interest loan, no strings attached, to get it off the ground." Doug glares at him and snaps, "You must be crazy to even think that I'd even consider doing business with you, Wayne." Bill, however, says, "Hold on, Doug. Not so fast." He then looks at Wayne and asks, "How good a manager is your old man?" Wayne tells him, "The best." Bill goes on, "Well we'll need money for the jet... We could do with a good manager... Sounds a pretty good package to me. " Doug shrugs, "Then you go ahead. There's nothing to stop you dealing directly with Wayne, but I, for one, won't have anything to do with him." Bill, looking suddenly concerned, muses, "You obviously have your reasons for not wanting to work with Wayne and I'm probably getting in the way, so why don't I disappear for a while to see if I can work it out?" Doug mutters, "Waste of time, mate." Wayne, however, says to Bill sincerely, "Thanks, mate." Bill leaves them. When he's gone, Wayne says to Doug, "I know what you're thinking, but give me a chance to explain. Right now, dad's in a real rut: he can't get a job and he's running out of money. He's losing all his confidence and self-esteem. I've got to help him before it's too late." Doug mutters sarcastically, "You're all heart, aren't you!" Wayne retorts coolly, "I am where my father's concerned." Doug asks tersely, "What happens when Gordon gets back on an even keel? You withdraw the loan and ruin the business?" Wayne insists, "Never. I'd be destroying my own father." Doug points out curtly, "You've done worse." Wayne glares at him. He then says, "Look, dad would help you if you were in strife, so for his sake why not believe me?" Doug just replies, "Even if I wanted to help, there's one problem." Wayne mutters, "I know: Caroline. If she knew I was lending you money, there'd be all hell to pay." Doug murmurs, "That's the understatement of the year." Wayne tells him, "If you agree to the deal, I'll hand over the loan immediately, and that's all the contact we need have. No one will ever know." Doug stands there, not responding. Wayne adds, "Don't forget: dad's got the business and political contacts to give your business an inside edge." Doug pauses before saying finally, "Alright - on one condition: it's an interest-free loan arranged through a broker, so if Gordon does check he can be told that the finance came from a business mob who wanted to show a nil-return for the year." Looking thoughtful, Wayne nods, "That's a good idea. So, we've got a deal?" Doug tells him, "It's a deal - but just remember: no one must know - especially Caroline." Wayne adds, "Or Gordon. That's fine by me."


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