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    Written by: Bevan Lee   Executive Producer: Don Battye   Directed by: Alister Smart

Wayne is sitting in the lounge room at Dural, staring into space, when Pamela walks in from the hallway and announces, "I'm off to work. You should try some too; it'll take your mind off things." Wayne doesn't respond. Pamela goes on, "I know it's Saturday - day of rest and all that - but that's not really what you need. Mind you, you look as if you didn't sleep too well last night." Wayne still doesn't answer. Pamela walks over to him and calls, "Hello! Hello! Anyone home?!" Wayne turns to her, suddenly, and snaps, "Leave me alone." Pamela bends down to his level and says, "You know you're giving Alison exactly what she wants: she tried to make you feel riddled with guilt and she succeeded." Wayne again refuses to respond. Pamela sighs eventually, "OK, if you want to sit here all day feeling sorry for yourself, feel free. I'll see you this afternoon." With that, she heads out, closing the lounge room doors behind her. She then heads to the 'phone in the hallway and dials a number. The 'phone in the hallway at the mansion rings. Michael runs downstairs to answer it, saying, "Fiona's Den of Iniquity! Michael speaking!" Pamela comments, "You sound as if you're in just the right mood! It's Pamela. You doing anything this morning?" Michael shrugs, "I'm not sure. The right mood for what?" Pamela explains, "Alison's really been getting stuck into Wayne - trying to make him feel responsible for Susan's death." She listens before nodding, "Exactly: rock bottom. I'm just worried he'll do something stupid if he's left on his own." At the mansion, Michael asks, "Want me to come over?... No worries: I'm so up this morning, some of it has to rub off! Be there as soon as I can." At Dural, Pamela says, "Good, I'll wait." She listens to Michael before then saying coolly, "Yes, she can be very vindictive - but she's not going to get away with it this time..."

Alison is standing behind the desk in the reception area at the gum when a smooth-looking man in his twenties walks in. Alison smiles, "Morning." The man replies, "Morning. Charlie not here?" Alison replies, "No, she's away for a few days." The man shows her his membership card and Alison tells him, "Hope you enjoy your workout." The man replies, "I intend to; work off what I put into my system last night." Still looking at his card, Alison comments, "Mr. Robbins... that's not Robbins Real Estate?" Robbins nods, "That's right." Alison then says, "Look, I don't want to hold you up, but there's something on my conscience I feel I should talk to you about. It's about Pamela." The man queries, "Pamela?" Alison explains, "Pamela Hudson: she's my sister." Robbins smiles, "So you're Alison. Charlie's often spoken about you." Alison replies, "Charlie's a good friend - and that was why I feel I should say something. You see, she put herself out on a limb recommending you give Pamela the job, and, well, quite frankly, I think the limb's about to break." Robbins looks at her in surprise. Alison goes on, "You very decently ignored her background when you gave her the job." Robbins asks, "What background? All she told me was she was recently divorced and she wanted to get back into the workforce." Alison mouths, "Oh..." She then carries on, "Yes, well, Pamela is divorced, but not recently; quite a few years ago, in fact. You see, for the last ten years she's been in jail for embezzlement and forgery and now I have proof that she's back to her old ways." Robbins stares at her.

Michael is sitting with Wayne in the lounge room at Dural. They suddenly hear Pamela out in the hallway, snapping, "If you don't believe me, ask Wayne." Out by the front door, Robbins is standing with Pamela and he retorts, "You can't blame me for being concerned." Pamela growls, "I don't. What annoys me is the assumption I'm guilty until I'm proven innocent." Robbins sighs, "You're over-reacting." Pamela, however, mutters, "Funny about that: all you did was call me a criminal." Robbins points out, "I simply told you what I'd been told." Pamela suggests curtly, "Let's get it sorted out, shall we?" She leads Robbins into the lounge room. Michael comments to her in surprise, "I thought you'd be halfway to work by now." Pamela retorts, "I met Mr. Robbins at the bottom of the drive. He's come to show me this." She holds out a piece of paper to Wayne, adding curtly, "Alison's been at it again. She gave him it to him. You know about this, don't you?" Wayne, however, just mutters, "Whatever it is, I'm not in the mood." Pamela growls, "Will you snap out of it? My job is on the line here. You've seen this before, haven't you?" Wayne glances at the sheet of paper and murmurs, "Sure." Pamela orders, "Tell him about it." Wayne says wearily, "It's the signature Alison got you to forge." Robbins gasps, "You know Pamela forged your signature?" Wayne mutters, "Sure." Robbins adds, "And that doesn't worry you?" Wayne retorts, "No - because Alison conned her into it." Pamela points out to Robbins, "That's what I said." Robbins cries, "But your sister seemed genuinely concerned--" Pamela interrupts and snaps, "My sister is a troublemaker and a very good actress. She wanted you to fire me." Robbins asks in surprise, "Why did she bother? She must've known her story wouldn't hold up." Pamela explains coolly, "She wanted to set some doubts in your mind: you've got an ex-con on your payroll who's still capable of forging signatures - even if I was tricked into it." Michael chips in in disbelief, "Alison really did that?" Pamela indicates Wayne and retorts, "You heard the man." She then looks at Robbins and adds curtly, "If that's all, I should be getting to the office." Robbins nods meekly, "Yes, that seems to sort it out. Excuse us, gentlemen, for barging in like this, but it really needed to be cleared up." He adds, "I'm sorry, Pamela, for any embarrassment. I'll speak to your sister next time I see her." Pamela, however, retorts coldly, "Oh, don't bother - I'll speak to her myself..."

A while later, Pamela marches into the gym, heads over to the reception desk and rings the bell. A few moments later, Alison emerges from the main room and muses, "Sister dearest!" Pamela just says coolly, "It didn't work: Wayne backed me with Tyler. Anything you do, I'll undo - and you'll get a lot worse in return." Alison muses, "Touch of the spoilt brat in that!" Pamela, however, growls, "I think you're the one who's being childish." Alison retorts, "I wouldn't call letting Tyler know he has an ex-con on his payroll particularly childish; more a community service, I'd say. You can take the girl out of the clink, but you can't take the clink out of the girl." Pamela says coolly, "You are a bitch." Alison smiles, "Thankyou for the compliment." She then indicates the reception desk and says, "Have you seen the flowers? Read the note." Pamela ignores them. Alison smiles, "Let me read it for you." She picks up a card and reads, "'Can't we discuss things over dinner tonight? Nick.' And they were for me!" Pamela muses, "Probably sent them to yourself, to cause trouble." Alison comments, "You think so? You'll just have to wait and see, won't you. I'm thinking of taking him up on his invitation - just to make my point." She then adds, "Excuse me - I have a client inside, waiting." With that, she heads back into the main room. As soon as she's gone, Pamela picks up the 'phone on the reception desk and dials a number. When the call is answered, she says, "Is Nick Benson there, please?... Well can you tell me where I can contact him? It's very important." She listens before saying, "He'll be there round about two?... Thankyou very much. Goodbye." She hangs up. She then picks up the card that was with the flowers, rips it into pieces and drops the pieces on the floor before heading out...

Debbie is wiping up some tea things in the office at Sanders Air Charter. The dog in the small cage is still whining. Debbie looks over at it sympathetically and sighs, "OK - but you have to promise to behave, alright? You sit still and don't you move around, OK?" With that, she goes and opens the cage - and the dog bounds out and immediately leaps up onto the nearby table! Debbie starts chasing it around the office, but it knocks over a box of ball-bearings and begins making a mess of the papers lying around. Debbie cries in horror, "Stop!"

Outside, Bill and Craig have the battery from Bill's aeroplane out and resting on an upturned barrel in front of them. Craig looks at Bill and asks, "Why don't you get a mechanic?" Bill replies, "I am a mechanic - as well as a pilot. I farm out the bigger jobs like engine overhauls, but the bigger jobs I do myself." Craig murmurs under his breath, "Fascinating." He then adds more loudly and pointedly, "I wouldn't mind going up in one." Bill just tells him, "We'll get there. At least this way you know what it is that keeps you up there!" Debbie runs over to them suddenly and pants, "Thank goodness you're both still here! Quick: you've got to come and help me." Bill asks, "What's the matter?" Debbie explains hurriedly, "He's eaten a ball-bearing and I can't catch him. It could kill him. I know I shouldn't have let him out, but I did. Quick! Quick!" With that, she runs off back to the office. Bill looks at Craig, who just tells him, "Knowing Deb, it could be anything!"

A few moments later, Debbie heads back into the office, treading carefully over the ball-bearings that have rolled over by the door. The dog is whining. Debbie looks at it, lying on the floor, and she calls, "Stay there. That's a good boy. Stay." She makes her way carefully over to the dog, crouches down and takes hold of it. There's suddenly movement by the door. Craig rushes in and Debbie calls out quickly, "Watch out for the ball--" It's too late, though, and Craig cries out, "Ow!" as he goes flying!

Wayne is sitting in the lounge room at Dural, looking glum as he tells Michael, "Susan hated me... dad hates me... the whole world hates me." Michael hands him a slice of cake and points out, "Pamela and I don't." Wayne mutters, "Mr. Squeaky Clean himself. You're too forgiving for your own good. Pamela doesn't count; I hardly know her." Michael reminds him, "She cared enough to get me over here this morning." Wayne, however, retorts, "She's out to do the dirty on Alison; she'd look after anyone she thought could help." Michael remarks, "Cynical way of looking at it." Wayne retorts, "Realistic." Michael warns, "You'll realistic yourself into a breakdown, if you're not careful." Wayne just mutters, "Maybe." Michael then tells him, "What you need is something to hold onto. Your getting your dad back on his feet: that's something worthwhile." Wayne retorts, "It's the only thing worthwhile. If it wasn't for that--" Michael interrupts and says quickly, "Don't say it. Don't even think it. Maybe if he knew what you were doing, it might make a difference to how he feels?" Wayne, however, says curtly, "Nothing will do that. He's forgiven me too many times. It won't happen again - no matter how many good turns I do him. Anyway, I'm not doing it for forgiveness; I'm doing it because it's the only decent thing left I can do."

Pamela is standing outside a building, looking around as she waits for Nick. She watches as he emerges from a house nearby and she then walks over to him and smiles, "Hi! What are you doing here?" Nick points out, "I could ask you the same thing. I've just been seeing one of my patients." Pamela tells him, "I'm selling a property down the road. What a pleasant coincidence!" Nick smiles, "Is it?" Pamela replies, "What: pleasant or a coincidence?" Nick grins, "You tell me!" Pamela smiles, "I know you would love to think that I've been hanging around here, waiting to see you, but I haven't." She then goes on, "I'm sorry about the other night, but Wayne was really in a terrible state. What about dinner tonight?" Nick replies hesitantly, "I can't. Not tonight. Sorry." Pamela asks, "Another engagement?" Nick tells her, "A boring meeting. I'd much rather spend it with you. Anyway, I can't talk - I've got a patient waiting for me at my rooms. I'll call you tomorrow." Pamela asks quickly, "What's the meeting?" Nick assures her, "Nothing you'd be interested in. An Association get-together. Look, I've got to rush. Bye." With that, he gives Pamela a kiss on the cheek and walks over to his car, parked at the side of the road. Looking furious, Pamela mutters to herself, "Business meeting my eye..."

A while later, Pamela is standing with Michael in the hallway at Dural. Michael is telling her, "Keep pressing home the fact that he's doing good for Gordon; that seems to be the one thing he's holding on to. Everything else... well, you saw him for yourself." Pamela says coolly, "Don't worry - I'll handle it." Michael looks at her and asks in concern, "You OK? You've seemed a bit distracted since you got home." Pamela just shrugs, "Oh, this and that." Michael goes on, "I suppose you're still annoyed about what Alison did with your boss." Pamela, however, retorts, "I'm annoyed about more than that." She then goes to the front door and, opening it, adds, "You've had enough heart-to-heart for one day. Thanks for coming over; I'll be in touch." Michael smiles, "If you feel in the mood for some super deluxe sponge, it's in the 'fridge!" With that, he heads out. Pamela closes the door and then heads into the lounge room. She looks at Wayne, still sitting there glumly, and asks, "You OK?" Wayne just murmurs, "Yeah." Pamela asks, "Can I get you some tea or coffee or... if you want anything, just yell." Wayne murmurs, "Yeah, I will." Pamela turns and leaves the room again. She closes the doors and picks up the 'phone in the hallway. She dials a number. When the call is answered, she says, "Oh I'm so glad you're still there. I've got one hell of a problem; can we talk?" At the other end of the 'phone, Nick is sitting behind the desk in his office as he replies, "Sure. What happened?" Pamela tells him, "It's Wayne: he's getting worse and worse. He just threw a huge turn, crying and blaming himself for Susan's death. He's in there now, crying his eyes out. I'm very worried about him. I know you've got a meeting, but could you cancel? I just think that if you could come and talk to him, spend some time with him, it would do him the world of good." Nick muses, "It's an important meeting..." Pamela says, "I know; it's just that, for once in my life, I feel entirely helpless. I'm afraid he'll do something drastic. Please?" Nick replies hesitantly, "Yes, alright, I'll postpone it." Pamela smiles in relief, "Thanks... Yes, seven will be fine. Don't bother to eat; I'll cook you something... OK. Thanks again. Bye." With that, she hangs up. A broad self-satisfied grin then crosses her face as she murmurs to herself, "Well, Wayne, at least you're useful for something..."

The 'phone rings in the reception area at the gym and Alison answers it. She listens to the caller and then smiles, "Yes, I did get the flowers - and the answer's 'yes'. What about 7:30 tonight, at my place?" She listens to Nick and her face drops. She then asks coolly, "Why not?... Wayne. I see... Oh I'm sure she's worried; I bet she is." She listens to Nick again before retorting, "I am not being bitchy; I just--; look, do whatever you like. You can dance to her tune, for all I care." With that, she slams down the 'phone. She then pushes the flower arrangement onto the floor, looking furious.

It's evening-time. Nick is standing with Wayne and Pamela at the bottom of the stairs in the hallway at Dural. He's holding a small bottle of pills. Handing them to Wayne, he says, "You can have these for now and I'll leave a prescription for some more with Pamela." Wayne looks at the label and then starts heading upstairs. Nick calls after him, "If you want, you can check into a rest home for a few days--" Wayne interrupts and growls, "I'm not going in any nuthouse." Nick muses, "That's a very unenlightened Fifties attitude to psychiatric care. Anyway, take the sedatives and see how you go." Wayne mutters, "Thanks for bothering." Nick, however, tells him, "Thank Pamela: she's the one who got on to me." Wayne looks at Pamela and mutters, "For all the right reasons..." With that, he heads off upstairs. Nick looks at Pamela and asks, "Did I detect a note of hostility?" Pamela replies, "He just wants everyone to be as miserable as he is." She then declares, "Dinner!" The two of them head into the lounge room. The dining table has been laid with a candle and a bowl of salad. Nick tells her, "You didn't have to go to all this bother." Pamela, however, assures him, "I wanted to. It's ages since I've cooked. Nice to have someone to practice on!" She picks up a bottle of red wine and pours two glasses. She then hands one to Nick and says, "A toast: to a very pleasant evening." Nick chinks her glass with his and says, "Cheers!" He then smiles, "Why do I get the feeling that I'm being manipulated?" Pamela just shrugs 'innocently' and replies, "I can't imagine!"

Alison is sitting in the lounge room at Charlie's, wearing her nightclothes, staring at the TV. The programme she's watching ends and she turns the TV off. She then stands up and heads out of the room, switching off the lights as she does so. There's suddenly a knock on the front door and she calls, "Who is it?" A voice calls back, "It's me: Nick." Alison opens the door and asks coolly, "What do you want?" Nick replies, "I saw the lights on as I was leaving. Can I come in?" Alison retorts, "No." Nick insists, "Just a friendly visit." Alison growls, "Like the one you had across the road? What am I: dessert?" Nick starts to say, "I wanted to explain--" Alison interrupts suddenly and comments, "Passion De Nuit." Nick says, "Sorry?" Alison retorts, "Either you've taken to wearing it, or you've been in close proximity to someone who does. Strange, that: it's Pamela's favourite perfume." Nick sighs, "Alright, so I've been with Pamela. Now I want to be with you." Alison muses, "Double the fun, double the pleasure... You might be in to sophisticated relationships; I prefer one man, one woman." Nick asks, "Can we talk?" Alison just retorts, "No. Goodnight." With that, she closes the door in Nick's face." Nick calls through it, "Alison, I'm obsessed with the both of you. Can we at least talk about it? Alison, please open the door." Alison just stands there, looking downcast.

It's the next morning. Doug is standing with Gordon in the doorway of Fiona's room at the mansion. He's holding a bottle of champagne and telling Gordon, "Caroline's left me a grass widower, so I thought 'Who better to have brunch with than Gordon and Fiona?' Here's my contribution!" He indicates the bottle. Gordon remarks, "Champagne!" Doug nods, "The very best." Gordon then comments, "For someone who hasn't been around all that long, you know Fiona very well." Doug explains, "She's a woman after my own heart: likes to live the good life!" He then asks, "Is the body in question around?" Gordon replies, "Upstairs with Janice - but not for long, I'd say: she can sniff that stuff out at a mile!" Doug sits down and Gordon goes and picks up two glasses from the bar. As he then sits down next to Doug, Doug asks, "You heard any news on Beryl?" Gordon tells him, "No - but it won't be long, I'd say. I'm just about to ring Craig and Debbie; let them know we'll be back fairly soon." Doug nods, "Yeah - they'll have to start looking for their own place, won't they?" Gordon, however, explains, "No, I've given them the option of staying on. We can do with the money and they can probably do with the cheap rent." Doug remarks in surprise, "You're not that strapped for a quid, are you?" Gordon replies, "I am, I'm afraid." Doug says, "Then why don't you stop being so damn proud and take my offer to join the business?" Gordon starts to say curtly, "I told you--" Doug interrupts, though, and retorts, "I know what you told me, but pride doesn't pay the bills, mate. We're sitting on a goldmine with this air-charter service; it's a real goer." Gordon insists, "I said no and I meant no." Doug carries on, "People care about you, Gordon; they want to see you in a good job." Gordon snaps, "I can manage on my own." Doug points out heatedly, "You don't want Beryl coming out to any more trouble than's absolutely necessary. If you take Wayne's offer, you'll make sure she doesn't." He breaks off suddenly as he realises what he's said. Gordon looks at him and says coolly, "Whose offer?" Doug replies nervously, "Mine. I don't know why I said Wayne's; a slip of the tongue, I suppose. Look, Gordon, take my offer." Gordon just demands, "Why did you say 'Wayne', Doug? Tell me; I want to know..."

The bottle of sedatives that Nick gave Wayne is sitting on the coffee table in the lounge room at Dural. Wayne is sitting staring at it. Pamela is standing over him, saying tersely, "You're taking them if I have to shove them down your throat myself." Wayne growls, "I don't want them." Pamela sighs, "They're only sedatives, for crying out loud. The way you're carrying on, anyone would think they were going to kill you." With that, she marches out of the room in annoyance. The 'phone starts ringing suddenly and Wayne gets up to answer it at the bar. Gordon comes on and snaps, "I just heard about your dealings with Doug Fletcher. I don't want your help, Wayne, and I certainly don't need your help. It's too late to buy back my affections; I'd rather starve. Once, I pitied you - but after everything that's happened lately, I have no son. There's nothing further to discuss." With that, he hangs up. Wayne, looking shocked, cries down the 'phone, "Dad... dad?" He eventually hangs up as well, looking upset. His eyes then turn to the bottle of sedatives. He goes and picks them up. He also grabs his car keys.

A short time later, Wayne pulls up in his car at the cliffs where Susan 'committed suicide'. He climbs out of his car and walks over to the edge of the cliffs. Staring out to sea, he yells in a distraught tone, "Susan... Susie..." He then goes and climbs back in his car. He's holding a bottle of scotch and he takes a swig.

At Dural, Pamela comes downstairs, calling, "Wayne? Where are you?" There's suddenly a knock on the front door. She answers it to find Michael standing there. She says quickly, "Thank goodness you're here: I can't find Wayne." Michael asks, "What do you mean you can't find him? Has he gone missing?" Pamela shrugs, "I don't know. Well, yes. I thought he'd gone back to bed - Nick gave him some sedatives to help him sleep. I took him up a cup of tea and he's not there. He's not down here, either." Michael suggests, "Maybe he's outside; gone for a walk?" Pamela asks, "Could you have a look?" Michael nods, "Sure." He heads back out. Pamela walks over to the telephone and dials a number. When the call is answered, she says agitatedly, "Nick, it's Pamela. I'm sorry to bother you on a Sunday, but I've got an emergency on my hands." At his house, Nick asks, "How long's he been gone?... Alright. I'll be over in about 45 minutes. Let's hope his mental state hasn't pushed him over the edge...

Wayne's car is still parked by the edge of the cliff. Wayne is sitting in the driver's seat, his eyes closed. He's not moving...

Nick has arrived at Dural. Standing with Pamela and Michael in the lounge room, he asks, "What about his car? Is that there?" Michael replies, "No. No sign of him or his car." Pamela asks Nick, "Where do you think he'd go?" Nick says, "It depends how depressed he was. He could simply have gone for a drive to clear his head... or he's in a state of severe depression over Susan's suicide and is seriously considering taking his own life." Pamela mouths, "Oh God... Where would he have gone?" Nick replies, "Your guess is as good as mine. Somewhere to feel close to Susan." Pamela suggests, "Where we found her car." Nick nods, "Seems our only bet."

A short time later, Nick brings his car to a halt behind Wayne's car, at the cliffs. He, Pamela and Michael jump out and run over to Wayne's car. They find Wayne slumped over his steering wheel. Nick comments, "At least he hasn't gone for the big jump." Pamela muses, "Could be just as bad." Michael checks Wayne's pulse and Pamela asks, "Is he alive?" Michael nods, "Just." Pamela then spots the bottle of scotch in Wayne's lap and comments, "Drunk." Michael, however, tells her, "Worse." He picks up a small bottle from Wayne's lap and asks Nick, "These the pills you gave him last night?" As he reaches into the car to help Michael get Wayne out, Nick nods, "Yeah - and mixed with booze, they're deadly..."


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