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    Written by: Greg Haddrick   Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Alister Smart

Alison is sitting on the couch in the lounge room at Charlie's, looking at the newspaper article that Charlie dug out about Pamela. Charlie comments to her, "Uncanny resemblance, isn't it?" Alison just stares at the article and nods slowly. After a few seconds, she asks sharply, "How old is this?" Charlie replies, "Oh, nine... ten years. Something like that. According to Fiona, who got it straight from Beryl, she's the absolute spitting image of you - or at least, the 'pre-Santos' edition, that is!" She then sighs, "That was easily the most interesting news of the week. The gym's still doing well... oh, and Isabella started sneezing on Tuesday night! I thought she was getting a cold, but the vet assures me she isn't." She then adds more uncertainly, "And we think someone stole some of your files, too." Alison looks at her sharply and demands, "When?" Charlie replies, "Yesterday. Fiona thinks that it was Andrew, just because he was the only other person here, but I can't believe that--" She breaks off as Alison stands up. She asks, "Where are you going?" Alison retorts, "The boarding house." Charlie says quickly, "You won't find him there. He's moved: he's staying next door, with Wayne." Alison snaps, "He's back in cahoots with Wayne?" Charlie muses, "I don't know if 'cahoots' is the right word. I think he's helping him convalesce." Alison remarks, "Sounds like cahoots to me."

A short time later, in the lounge room next door, Wayne says curtly to Alison, "If you think Andy took them, why don't you ask him about it?" Alison retorts, "I did. He was at the front gate, waiting for a taxi. He told me he'd given them to you." Wayne just shrugs. Alison growls, "I want them back." Wayne tells her, "They were just business files, Alison. I was entitled to them." Alison points out, "You don't run the business; I do - and I need those files." Wayne, going to the bar and pouring himself a glass of scotch, remarks, "Surely you keep copies?" Alison snaps, "Of course I keep copies." Wayne shrugs, "Then you don't need them." Alison orders, "Give them to me." Wayne glares at her and retorts, "Make me." He then warns, "Don't get too cocky, Alison; you're not boss of the barnyard yet. You pull your head in or you might just lose it."

A sheet of paper with the number '2' drawn on it is taped to the cupboard door in Pamela's cell. Beryl is staring at it. She then turns to Pamela, who's sitting on the bed, and says, "I'll be sorry to see you go - not that I'd like to see you spend any more time in here than you have to, but it's certainly made things easier for me." Pamela smiles, "All part of the service." Beryl then asks, "How are you getting on with the book?" Pamela admits, "I haven't really started it yet." Beryl says, "You'll have to let me know what you think when you've finished it." Pamela nods, "I will." Beryl goes on, "Where are you going to stay when you get out of here?" Pamela shrugs, "I don't know. Spend the first couple of nights in a motel, I suppose." Beryl asks, "Don't you have any friends or relatives?" Pamela replies, "Not in Sydney." Beryl then tells her, "If you're looking for a cheap bedsit, I know of a boarding house. The friend of mine's a manager there; she'd have no objections. She's coming in tomorrow: I'll ask her about it." Pamela muses, "Great. Thanks."

It's late at night. Wayne is yawning as he sits in the lounge room at Dural, watching TV. He eventually picks up the remote control and turns the TV off. He then goes round and turns off the lamps in the room, leaving the place in darkness, before heading out into the hallway - where someone dressed all in black grabs him suddenly from behind and puts their hand over his mouth. Wayne starts trying to yell, "Help! Help!" The sound is muffled, though.

A few seconds later, Wayne is struggling with his attacker when the front door opens and Andy runs in, saying in concern, "Wayne?" The attacker runs off as Andy switches on the lights. He then turns to Wayne and asks, "What happened?" Wayne clambers up from where he was brought to the floor and pants, "I got jumped." Andy helps him up and asks, "You OK?" Wayne pants, "Yeah." He then goes on, "You still waiting for a taxi, were you?" Andy nods, "Yeah." Wayne tells him, "Cancel it." Andy says blankly, "Eh?" Wayne retorts, "I was obviously wrong earlier: it looks like I do need someone around." Andy gasps, "You must think I'm an idiot!" Wayne offers, "$200 a night." Andy snaps, "I'm not someone you can just push around as it suits you." Wayne presses, "$300." Andy then asks, "Cash in advance?" Wayne growls, "You can have it in gold bullion, if you like. I just need someone here. At least stay the night." Andy pauses before nodding, "Alright." The two of them head into the lounge room and Wayne switches the main lights on. Andy suggests, "A cup of tea?" Wayne nods, "That would be nice." Andy heads off to the kitchen to make it. In the lounge room, Wayne staggers over to the 'phone on the bar, picks it up and dials a number. The 'phone starts ringing in the lounge room at Caroline's. Caroline answers it, saying, "Hello?" She listens before growling, "What do you want?" At Dural, Wayne snarls, "I don't scare that easily, Caroline..." He listens before snapping, "I'm talking about tonight's little stunt: sending someone around to rough me up." Caroline retorts, "I didn't send anyone anywhere. Do you honestly think I'd gamble with a jail term to try and scare you? For heaven's sake, Wayne, I don't know what's going on, but I had nothing to do with it." There's silence at the other end. Caroline prompts, "Wayne?" At Dural, Wayne stands by the bar, looking uncertain. He eventually mutters, "Alright, I'll speak to you later." He hangs up.

It's the middle of the night. Andy is lying asleep on one of the couches in the lounge room at Dural. Wayne is lying asleep on the other. The lights are on. Wayne is having another nightmare about being shot. As the person with the gun comes into view, he sees clearly who it is: Alison. As the shot rings out, he wakes up and sits bolt upright. Andy wakes up as well and asks wearily, "You OK?" Wayne nods, "A bad dream." Andy mutters, "As long as that's all it was." He pulls the covers back over him.

It's the next morning. In the lounge room at Charlie's, Charlie is saying curtly to Alison, "Are you absolutely sure it was Andy?" Alison retorts, "He told me; he volunteered the information." Charlie gasps, "The lying little thief. You wait 'til I get my hands on him. He's probably been dipping into the till at the gym, too." Alison nods, "More than likely." Changing the subject, she then asks, "Where did you put that clipping from last night?" Charlie replies, "In the drawer." Alison stands up and heads over to the drinks cabinet. As she does so, Charlie asks, "Did you get the files back?" Alison sighs, "No. Wayne was rather stubborn about it." She removes the newspaper article about Pamela from the drinks cabinet drawer and stares at it.

Andy is tying up the laces of his trainers in the lounge room at Dural when Wayne walks in, still wearing his pyjamas and dressing gown. Andy tells him brightly, "I'm just popping off to the gym. I'll be back sometime this arvo." Wayne, however, retorts, "Don't bother, Andy." Andy says in surprise, "Pardon?" Wayne retorts, "I said don't bother - coming back." Andy stares at him and mutters, "Not again. What is this? Have you gone schizo or something?" Wayne snaps, "Just trying to figure out who attacked me last night, that's all." Andy snaps, "It wasn't me; I saved you, remember?" Wayne retorts, "I know. Convenient, wasn't it? You on-hand, the door unlocked, Saint George to the rescue..." Andy demands, "What are you getting at?" Wayne says coldly, "You set it up." Andy gasps, "Me? Don't be ridiculous." Wayne snaps, "You were on a good wicket and you lost it. You set the whole thing up to get back on it again." Andy exclaims, "I was waiting for a taxi. Alison left the door unlocked." Wayne just snaps, "'Three hundred dollars,' he says. 'Cash in advance.' Get lost, mate." Andy glares at him and growls, "You're mad. Fair enough - but next time someone's laying into you, Wayne, don't expect help from this bunny." With that, he grabs his gym bag and storms out. Wayne stands by the bar, grim-faced.

A while later, Andy walks into the reception area at the gym. Charlie is standing behind the desk and she growls, "There you are, young man." Andy asks in surprise, "What's the matter? I'm not late, am I?" Charlie retorts, "I have been told that you confessed to stealing Alison's files." Andy, looking suddenly wrong-footed, murmurs, "Oh, that. Erm..." Charlie presses on, "I suppose you've been stealing from here, too, have you?" Andy assures her quickly, "No!" Charlie says disbelievingly, "A likely story!" Andy insists, "It was a one-off thing, Charlie. Wayne had me trapped." Charlie, however, retorts, "It's too late for excuses, Andrew. You are fired." Andy gasps, "What?" Charlie repeats, "You're fired. I can't be expected to employ someone I know is a criminal." Andy starts to bluster quickly, "No, no, wait. Look, the only reason I stole it was because Wayne threatened to fire me if I didn't." Charlie asks in surprise, "What do you mean? From here?" Andy nods, "Yeah. He had me cornered; what choice did I have?" Charlie says in surprise, "Wayne can't fire you from here." Andy retorts, "He said he could. How was I supposed to know?" Charlie exclaims angrily, "What a hide! Just who does he think he is? Consider yourself reinstated. This is as much my gym as his. I have as much as say as he does." She then adds coldly, "Sometimes, one can't help thinking whoever shot that man deserves a medal." With that, she marches off into the main room. When she's gone, Andy picks up the 'phone on the reception desk and dials a number. When the call is answered, he says, "Yeah. Police. I'd like to talk to one of the detectives. I have some information regarding Wayne Hamilton..."

Beryl is sitting on the bed in her cell, looking at a magazine, when Pamela walks in and throws the copy of My Sister My Love down in front of her. She tells Beryl, "I got stuck into that last night, after you left, and I couldn't put it down. Is it really all true?" Beryl nods, "Uh huh." Pamela comments, "Amazing! Amazing she's not in here! How could anyone have kids and then just dump them? And she did it twice; that was the worst bit." Beryl replies, "I could never understand that either, but I suppose we're different people." Pamela tells her, "We're human; I think that's the difference. I'm surprised no one has put her down." Beryl muses, "A few have tried, but she's still very much alive and well and living in Sydney. I wouldn't go out of my way to meet her, though." Pamela assures her, "I don't plan to!" Beryl then adds, "On the other hand, if you did, I've love to be there! I can just imagine how far her jaw would drop when she saw you..."

A taxi pulls up outside the front gate of the detention centre and Alison climbs out...

Inside, in Beryl's cell, Pamela smiles, "Can't stand here gossiping all day. Thanks again for the loan." Beryl replies, "That's alright." Pamela adds, "I'll pop in later and say goodbye." She goes to head out to the corridor. As she does so, a prison officer walks towards her and demands, "What are you doing here?" Pamela puts up her hands and says quickly, "Just leaving." She walks out. The officer then tells Beryl, "You've got a visitor." Looking surprised, Beryl replies, "Already? Who?" The officer just retorts sarcastically, "If you get a move on, you might find out."

Two detectives are sitting in the lounge room at Dural, with Wayne. One of them says, "To put it bluntly, Mr. Hamilton, why did you want someone to stay here with you when you had already identified Beryl Hamilton and knew she was under arrest?" Wayne muses, "You've been talking to Mr. Green, I take it." The detective nods, "He contacted us." Wayne mutters, "That figures." The detective goes on, "Getting back to the question: why did you ask him to be a bodyguard?" Wayne puts on an expression of surprise, though, and says, "He thought I wanted a bodyguard?! That explains it: I just wanted someone to stay here, to help me around the house. I'm still not feeling the best, you know; a bullet in the chest does slow you down a bit." The detective asks, "Why didn't you try and get a qualified nurse?" Wayne assures him, "I will now. Andy turned me down. Can you believe that? Some friend, eh? Still, I suppose if he thought I wanted a bodyguard... who wants to be shot at? Apart from the police, of course." The detectives stare at him! Wayne clarifies quickly, "I mean... who's willing to risk themselves in the firing line, for the public good." The detective looks at him before reaching into his pocket, removing a notebook and saying, "We've also had a report from the Victorian Police. Your father brought Caroline Fletcher to them. He was convinced she the one who shot you. Any comment?" Wayne, looking wrong-footed, blusters, "Well... what do you think? He wouldn't think his wife would do it, would he?" The detective nods, "There is that, of course." Wayne then presses, "If you think I've lied to you, why don't you just come out and say it?" The detective explains, "We're not saying you've necessarily lied to us; however, we are beginning to wonder if perhaps your memory is less reliable than you think." Wayne stares at him. He then says, "I can tell you this, gentlemen: last week, I wondered the same thing - and I've got proof that it isn't. Like to hear it from the horse's mouth?"

Beryl is walking along the verandah of the detention centre with an officer. As they round a corner, Alison walks up to them and says brightly, "Hello, Beryl." Beryl glares at her and demands, "What are you doing here?" Alison tells her, "I just came to see how you were getting along. I imagine the change of environment must be quite a shock." Beryl mutters, "I'm managing." Alison smiles, "Good. I'm pleased to hear it." She then asks lightly, "Have you met any of the other girls?" Beryl retorts, "Yes. What about them?" Alison says, "Nice, are they?" Beryl nods, "Some." Alison then asks, "Have you met Pamela Hudson yet? I remember following her case a few years ago. It was rather fascinating: in the photo, she looked a bit like I did." Beryl mutters, "She still does." Alison asks, "Have you spoken to her yet?" Beryl shakes her head and sighs, "You're not really interested in me, are you?" Alison insists, "Of course I am." Beryl, however, retorts, "Oh come on, don't you think I know by now when you're lying?" Alison sighs, "Alright. I'm interested in both of you." Beryl shrugs, "That's too bad. Pam gets out of here tomorrow, and the last thing she needs is you trailing after her." With that, she looks at the prison officer and walks off. Alison stands there, looking frustrated.

Nick Benson is standing with Wayne and the detectives in the lounge room at Dural. Wayne introduces the detectives to Nick, explaining that Nick is his doctor. The first detective tells Nick, "I'm pleased you could spare us some time. We're enquiring into Mr. Hamilton's assertion that his stepmother was guilty of the attempt on his life." Nick comments, "I didn't know anyone doubted it." The detective replies, "There are a few puzzling aspects, shall we say. Nothing conclusive, but enough to make us wonder if perhaps he made a mistake." Wayne turns to Nick and explains, "I told them I asked to see you because at one stage I doubted it myself." Looking back at the detectives, he adds, "That's why we decided on hypnotherapy: to try and settle the matter." The detective asks, "And did you?" Nick says, "Settle it? Yes, we did." The detective goes on, "Tell me about it." Nick, however, replies, "There isn't much else to say. Wayne's memory of who shot him was becoming indistinct - which is common enough in times of trauma." He goes and sits down. The detectives do likewise. The first detective remarks, "This was a couple of days later, wasn't it?" Nick nods, "Yes." The detective carries on, "So he'd clearly remembered and then started forgetting. Isn't that unusual?" Nick replies, "It is unusual, but not unheard of." Wayne chips in, "'Subconscious repression'; isn't that what you called it?" He sits down as Nick tells the detectives, "'Subconscious repression' is when a particular memory is so unpalatable that the mind responds by forgetting it." The detective comments, "So you're saying his subconscious found it so hard to cope with his stepmother trying to kill him that it started to forget she was responsible?" Nick nods, "In short." The detective presses on, "But under hypnotherapy he definitely remembered it was his stepmother?" Nick replies, "Yes." The detective then says, "Alright. Thanks very much, doctor." Wayne asks him, "Is that it?" The detective nods, "For the moment. We'll see ourselves out." He and his colleague stand up and leave. When they've gone, Wayne asks Nick, "Time for a drink?" Nick smiles, "Why not?" As he goes to the bar, Wayne remarks, "Nosey lot, aren't they? I didn't think they'd stop asking questions!" Nick, however, tells him, "You're lucky they did." Wayne looks at him sharply. Nick goes on, "They assumed you'd told me that you remembered it was Beryl while you were still under hypnosis. In fact, it was later, wasn't it?" Wayne just replies, "Was it?" He then muses, "I guess it was. Still, I don't see the big deal about that." Nick looks him in the eye and asks, "Was the face you remembered Beryl's?" Wayne stares back at him and replies, "Yes. It was." Nick nods at him in acceptance.

Alison is standing in the reception area at the gym, ranting to Charlie, who's standing behind the desk, "I wasn't expecting the warmest reception, but I did think I'd find out something." Charlie comments, "Never mind." She then adds, "I can understand your curiosity about Pamela, but, well, if Beryl's lips are sealed, that's that, isn't it?" Alison gives her a look. Charlie then suggests, "Unless I go and see her, of course." Alison sighs, "Charlie, she's not an idiot. If, two hours after I've been there, my best friend goes around asking the same questions... it is a bit obvious, don't you think?" Charlie nods her head. She then looks at Alison and asks, "What's going on, Alison? You're more than just simply curious to find out what she's like, aren't you?" Alison retorts, "No." Charlie warns, "Don't lie. You are." Alison sighs curtly, "Alright, alright, there is more to it than curiosity. That's all I'm saying." Charlie pleads, "Come on, darling..." Alison, however, retorts, "There's no point in arguing. Until I find out more, I'm not saying anything to anyone."

Wayne is standing behind the bar at Dural, holding a decanter in his hands. Nick is standing on the other side of the bar. Wayne stares at the decanter and remarks, "English hand-cut crystal. Great, isn't it? It was my grandfather's." He then reaches to the shelf behind him, picks up another decanter and says, "So was this. Sterling silver, circa 1850. Can you believe--?" He breaks off suddenly as he winces with pain. He puts his hand to his chest. Nick asks in concern, "What's up?" Wayne tells him, "It's OK. It sometimes happens; I just bump a rib or something." Nick muses, "Or drink one too many scotches!" Wayne smiles at him weakly before saying, "Mike gave me some painkillers. You stay there; I'll get them." With that, he heads off upstairs. Nick takes a sip from a glass of scotch.

Caroline is standing in the lounge room at her house. She puts her hand on the telephone, but then removes it again. She stands there, looking thoughtful. After a few seconds, she appears to regain her resolve and she picks up the 'phone and dials a number. The 'phone starts ringing at Dural. Nick calls out to Wayne, "Would you like me to get it?" Wayne calls back, "Yes. Thanks." Nick picks up the 'phone on the bar." In Melbourne, Caroline says, "Wayne?... Oh, is Wayne there?" Nick replies, "He's not at the moment, but he won't be a minute, if you'd like to wait." Caroline says uncertainly, "No, that's alright. Could you just tell him that I didn't do anything and I've got nothing to be frightened of?" With that, she hangs up. At Dural, Nick says, "Hello? Who's calling?" There's no response, though, and he hangs up. Wayne comes back in with his pills and asks, "Who was it?" Nick shrugs, "She didn't say. All she said was 'she didn't do it and she isn't scared'." Wayne stares at him and asks, "Do what?" Nick replies, "She didn't say - but it was an STD call, if it was any use." Wayne remarks quickly, "Must have been business. She'll call back if it's important." Nick murmurs warily, "Yes, I suppose so..."

A short time later, Wayne is walking Nick out to his car. As they head down the driveway outside, Wayne says, "Thanks for coming over. You know what cops are like: you've got to keep them happy." Nick climbs into his car. As he does so, Wayne comments, "We did send them away happy, didn't we?" Nick turns to him and replies, "Yes, I guess they seemed pretty satisfied." Wayne declares, "Good." Nick then goes on, "Wayne, for a doctor-patient relationship to work, it's important they're both straight up-and-down with each other. There's nothing you're holding back from me, is there?" Wayne assures him, "Of course not. Why would I? I've got nothing to hide." Nick smiles, "Sorry. It's just my clinical mind at work. That's the trouble with us psychiatrists: we never take anything at face value. There are plenty of times when we should." Wayne tells him, "This is one of them." Nick nods, "I believe you." With that, he starts his car and drives off. Wayne stands in the driveway, watching him go, looking pleased with himself...

A few minutes later, Nick is talking on a 'phone in his car as he drives along. He's saying, "It's just a hunch... Yes, I know that... It's just that I--; hey, Michael, will you pipe-down a minute? Look, I don't have any proof, but there's a lot of circumstantial evidence pointing towards Wayne bending the truth for some reason... I don't know why; that's why I'm calling. All I can say is I have no intention of letting my professional skills be manipulated by some mate of yours, just to keep his stepmother in jail..." He listens before responding, "I'm not asking you to break any ethics; all I need is some information about his background, that's all... Tomorrow? Tomorrow's fine. Thankyou." With that, he hangs up.

It's evening-time. Beryl and Pamela are standing in Pamela's cell at the detention centre, along with a couple of other women. Pamela comments to Beryl, "Nice of the screws to let us have a little party, wasn't it?!" Beryl smiles, "Very generous!" Pamela goes on, "You know, I often wondered if I would be just the tiniest bit sorry to leave this place." Beryl grins, "But you're not!" Pamela replies, "I can't wait to get out!" Beryl then says seriously, "Thanks for all your help. When I first came here, I thought it was going to be open season on Beryl." Pamela insists, "You'll be right. Daph will be taking over, remember, so relax, let your hair down; it's a party!" Beryl smiles at her. She then says, "Oh, I saw Fiona: she'll be waiting for you outside the gates tomorrow morning. You feeling ready to face the world?" Pamela smiles, "I'm ready; it's the world I'm worried about!" Beryl queries, "Oh?" Pamela tells her, "I'm heading straight for the top, Beryl! Won't be long, I'll have that house... limo in the garage... yacht on the harbour..." Beryl declares, "Now that sounds like Patricia!" Pamela nods but then says, "It's all going to be legal, too; I'm not stealing another cent. I'm going to make it. If people are nice to me, I'll be nice to them." Beryl asks, "What if they're not?" Pamela shrugs, "I'll just have to be nasty..." Beryl goes to say something - but before she can do so, one of the other women walks over to them and says to Pamela, "Enough yakking! Time to blow out the candle!" She indicates a small cake on the table in the room. Pamela nods, "I've got to make a wish!" The woman cajoles, "Hurry up! I'm starving!" Pamela walks over to the table, pauses, blows out the candle and then says, "OK! Done!" Everyone bursts into a chorus of 'For she's a jolly good fellow!' As one of the other women proposes three cheers, Pamela stands there looking delighted at being on the verge of freedom.


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