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    Written by: Colin Tregenza   Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Alister Smart

The door of a cab opens outside the gates of the Bendala Detention Centre and Fiona and Janice climb out. As Janice stares at the prison building, she muses, "I wonder if she ever tried to escape. Just imagine: ten years locked behind those walls..." Fiona looks at her watch and remarks, "They should have let her out by now." Janice suggests, "She's probably having a last look around." Fiona, however, comments, "No. From what Beryl said, she's not the nostalgic type." Janice points out, "Nevertheless, it's been home for a long time." At that moment, Pamela appears on the other side of the gate, accompanied by a prison warder. Janice asks Fiona, "Is that her?" Fiona stares at Pamela and murmurs, "Yes, that's her..." They walk up to the gate as the warder lets Pamela out. A short distance away, another car is parked. Alison and Charlie are sitting in it, watching. As she stares at Pamela, Charlie gasps, "I don't believe it. It's incredible!" Fiona and Janice walk up to Pamela and Fiona says, "Hello. Pamela?" Pamela shakes Fiona's hand and replies, "Hi. You must be Fiona." Fiona nods, "That's right - and this is Janice." She indicates her niece. Pamela then tells Fiona, "It's very nice of you to come and pick me up." Fiona assures her, "It's the very least we could do after all you've done for Beryl." With that, they head over to the cab. In her car, Alison remarks to Charlie, "At least we know where she's going to stay." Charlie murmurs, "You wouldn't read about it. It's like... Patricia's back from the dead." Alison, staring at Fiona, Pamela and Janice climbing into the taxi, hisses, "It has to be..." Charlie asks, "What?" Alison, however, replies quickly, "Never mind."

As the taxi drives along a road a short time later, Janice asks Pamela, "How does it feel to be on the outside?" Pamela replies, "Good." Janice goes on, "I suppose you kept in touch through television." Pamela shrugs, "Yeah... There's a lot you forget." Janice comments, "It must have been a hard life in prison." Sounding slightly annoyed, Pamela mutters, "Yeah, it was." Changing the subject quickly, Fiona says to Pamela, "Is there anything you'd really like to do before we go home?" Pamela pauses only momentarily before asking, "Could we go through the city?" Fiona smiles, "Of course!" Pamela continues, "It's just that I'd like to see the crowds and all the latest fashions and the big buildings." Fiona grins, "Sure thing! Big smoke coming up!" She then adds, "While we're there, what say we do a bit of shopping?" Pamela smiles at her.

Susan is sitting with Debbie at the kitchen table at Beryl's. She has some business papers laid out in front of her, while Debbie is looking at a paint chart. She comments, "We've got to decide on a colour scheme if we're going to do some painting. Why don't you take some time off? We can choose something, then go buy the paint." Susan, however, murmurs, "I'm sure you and Craig can do it. I want to finish all this up--" she indicates the papers "--so I can get back and see mum. I feel guilty enough being down here as it is." Debbie remarks, "It must be hard for her." Susan nods, "Gordon says she's coping. She's even made friends!" Debbie smiles, "That sounds like Beryl!" Susan carries on, "I remember Caroline saying you need all the friends you can get when you're in prison." Craig walks in from the hallway suddenly, wearing his suit and saying, "Bye, everyone. Got to fly!" Debbie hands him some toast for breakfast as she suggests, "Why don't we meet for lunch today? My shift doesn't start 'til one." Craig, however, tells her, "That's when my lunch break starts." Debbie shrugs, "Take an early lunch." Craig, though, insists, "I'd better not. I'm still a rookie and I've already taken time off for the wedding." A puzzled look crosses Susan's face as Craig continues telling Debbie, "I'm sorry, Deb; I just want to make the right impression." Debbie accepts this and smiles, "Of course. I'll see you tonight, then." With that, she gives Craig a kiss and he heads out. Susan sits at the table looking thoughtful.

The taxi pulls away from the road outside the mansion, leaving Pamela, Fiona and Janice standing at the side of the road, holding some shopping bags. Fiona smiles at Pamela, "Welcome to the mansion!" Pamela comments, "Nice place!" Fiona tells her, "It's not a palace, but the rent's low!" A sleek-looking car pulls up suddenly a short distance away, and Pamela remarks, "Got some pretty flashy-looking tenants." Janice, however, tells her, "He's not one of our tenants." The car is Nick's, and he climbs out and looks around. He then walks over to the three ladies and Fiona says, "Can I help you?" Nick replies, "Does Michael Benson live here?" Fiona nods, "Yes he does. Down the hall, second door on the left, near the stairs." Nick smiles, "Thanks." He then adds, "I'm Nick Benson - his brother." Fiona, looking taken aback, mouths, "Oh!" She then introduces herself, Janice and Pamela. Nick stares at Pamela and says brightly, "How do you do?" Pamela smiles at him and replies, "Very well, thanks." Nick then asks, "Do you all live here?" Pamela tells him, "Just about. I'm going to move in." Fiona then remarks, "I thought I knew Michael quite well, but I didn't know he had a brother." Nick explains, "We mostly go our separate ways - but now that I know where he lives, I'm sure my visits will be more frequent... He looks at Pamela again! She smiles back at him. He then heads off inside. Janice stands there and mutters, "He's very sure of himself, isn't he?" Pamela stands there looking impressed!

A short time later, Michael lets Nick into his room inside. Nick looks around and remarks, "Home sweet home!" Michael mutters, "I like it." Nick then asks him, "What do you know about Pamela Hudson?" Michael shrugs, "I heard she was moving in." Nick remarks, "Very foxy lady! I met her outside with an older woman - Fiona, I think - and a rather skinny young woman with glasses." Michael nods, "Janice." Nick smiles, "That's it! Both very good friends of yours, apparently." Michael retorts, "Yes." Nick presses, "But you know nothing about Pamela?" Michael mutters, "Not a thing." Nick tells him glibly, "You will, buddy boy. She's moving in, apparently - so just remember: I saw her first." Michael stares at his brother and announces, "She's just come out of jail. Ten years." A look of shock crosses Nick's face. Michael gloats, "Not so foxy now?" Nick mutters, "Let's just say I'm not in the business of buying myself trouble. She's all yours." With that, the two of them sit down. Michael then says, "You wanted to know something about Wayne." Nick nods darkly, "His relationship with his stepmother, Beryl Hamilton: there's something rather strange going on and I want to know where I stand before the police start grilling me again." Michael asks, "What happened yesterday?" Nick explains, "Wayne called me over to back him up in front of the police. I had the distinct impression I was there to get him off the hook. He claimed the hypnotherapy session proved that Beryl tried to murder him." Michael asks, "Did it?" Nick replies, "Yes - given the facts as I know them. But it seems I don't know everything - so maybe you can fill me in on a bit of his background." Michael shrugs coldly, "I'll do what I can."

Alison is sitting on the couch in the lounge room at Charlie's. Charlie is pacing the floor, exclaiming, "I don't know how you can remain so calm, darling. If I'd just seen my double, I'd be terribly excited!" Alison points out, "You are!" She then stands up and announces, "I'm going to check the mansion accounts." Charlie smiles, "You can't help yourself, can you?! You're going to see Pamela, aren't you?!" Alison insists, "I simply want to know a little more about her." Charlie replies, "So do I." Alison snaps, "I'm going alone." Charlie, however, tells her with a smile, "You might need me!" With that, she heads off to change. As soon as the coast is clear, though, Alison picks up her handbag and creeps out.

In Michael's room at the mansion, Nick gasps in disbelief, "How many?!" Michael repeats, "Five." Nick exclaims, "He's had five wives? But he's not even thirty!" Michael smiles, "And you thought he was relatively normal, didn't you!" Nick asks, "Where are they all?" Michael tells him, "Two are dead." Nick repeats, "Dead?" Michael confirms, "Dead. One was pushed over a bridge; the other one died of a drug overdose." Nick murmurs, "Hell." Michael goes on, "The fourth was his half-sister; they had to get an annulment. The first left him standing at the altar when her real husband, who everyone thought was dead, turned out to be alive! And there was a sixth - Julie somebody; she was the smartest of the lot: she got out before they tied the knot." Nick exclaims in astonishment, "This is incredible." Michael carries on, "It isn't difficult to see why Beryl had reservations about Susan marrying him." Nick murmurs, "It sure isn't," Michael, however, continues, "Still, for a while, they seemed to be quite happy." Nick asks, "How long's 'a while'? Two weeks?!" Michael smiles, "A few months, I think. The real problem was this bloke Glen - he was the one Susan really loved; but there were complications, of course." Nick nods, "Of course!" Michael continues, "Because, at the time, Susan was carrying Wayne's baby - and that's not as simple as it sounds, either." Nick asks, "Why not?" Michael tells him, "Wayne could also have Huntington's disease." Nick stares at him.

In Fiona's room next door, Janice is sitting with Pamela. She asks her, "Is there anyone you'd like to ring? Aunt Fiona wouldn't mind." Pamela, however, retorts, "Thanks, but there's no one I need to contact." Janice asks, "Won't your family be worried?" Pamela mutters coldly, "I don't think so." Janice presses on, "Do you have any children?" Pamela snaps, "Two." Janice smiles, "That's nice." She then asks, "Why didn't your husband pick you up?" Pamela, looking clearly irritated, growls, "We lost touch." Janice comments, "That's very sad. Do you have any idea where they are?" Before Pamela can answer, though, the door opens and Fiona comes in. She tells Pamela, "I'm so sorry to keep you waiting: there's been a bit of a mix-up and your room's not ready yet. Would you mind waiting here for a while?" Pamela smiles, "Of course not." Janice tells her aunt, "We've been having a nice chat." Fiona looks at her and says in concern, "Oh really...?" She then says to Pamela, "Would you like something to eat? What about a sandwich?" Pamela stands up and smiles, "Great! Do you mind if I make it myself? After ten years of prison food it would be nice to prepare something myself." Fiona nods, "Of course." She then indicates the kitchen. Pamela heads out there. When she's gone, Fiona murmurs to Janice, "It's incredible. It's like seeing a ghost." Janice tells her, "I see a lonely woman who wants to be reunited with her husband and children." Fiona asks in surprise, "Did she say that?" Janice admits, "Not exactly - but I'm going to find them for her." Fiona rolls her eyes and sighs heavily!

In Michael's room, Nick remarks, "It certainly sounds like Beryl had enough motivation to pull the trigger. On the other hand, Wayne sounds as though he's capable of keeping her in prison out of pure spite." Michael, looking puzzled, asks, "Why are you getting so involved? You've told the truth, as far as you know it; you've got nothing to worry about from the police, really." Nick explains, "My professional reputation's at stake. Besides, I don't like being used - especially when an innocent party is getting hurt." Michael remarks, "It's not like you to be acting the Good Samaritan." Nick retorts angrily, "It may surprise you to know I do have a conscience." With that, he heads over to the door and storms out.

A short time later, Nick marches over to his car outside, starts the engine and beings to reverse down the driveway - not noticing as another car - Alison's - comes towards him. Alison slams her foot on the brake. A moment later, Nick does the same. The two cars come to a halt millimetres apart. Alison climbs out of her car and storms over to Nick, who's climbing out of his car. She snaps at him furiously, "What in the hell do you think you're doing? I've only had this car five minutes; don't you look when you reverse out into the street?" Nick replies, "I would've if I'd known." Alison demands, "Known what?" Nick tells her, "That a very attractive woman was heading straight for me!" Alison growls, "You were heading towards me." Nick shrugs, "Can you blame me?!" He then goes and examines the two cars' bumpers. He comments, "Luckily, there's no damage." Alison snaps, "There would've been if I hadn't braked in time." Nick comments, "Just as well you did, then. Still, if you want to sue for nervous upset..." He takes out a card, hands it over and adds, "Give me a call." With that, he climbs back into his car and drives off. A few seconds later, Janice comes walking down the path and asks Alison, "What happened?" Indicating Nick's departing car, Alison snaps, "That smart aleck nearly wiped me out. Who is he? What's he doing here?" Janice explains, "He's Michael Benson's brother, Nick." A smile crosses Alison's face suddenly, and she muses, "Is he, indeed...?"

There's a knock on the door of Fiona's room inside. No one is in the room. A few moments later, the door opens and Alison steps in. Looking around quickly, she walks over to the table, picks up a wooden box resting on it and starts looking inside. Fiona emerges suddenly from the kitchen and remarks, "Usually, people knock before entering." Alison retorts, "I did." Fiona then indicates the wooden box and asks suspiciously, "What are you doing with the register?" Alison tells her, "Just checking on the cashflow. Any problems with the tenants?" Fiona retorts, "If you mean is there any rent overdue, the answer is no." Alison remarks, "Good. Looks like we've got a full house." Fiona growls, "Yes - and I'm very busy trying to run it. We can talk upstairs if you'd like to help me move some tables." Alison, however, tells her, "No, I won't keep you; I've got a lot to do myself. Don't overdo it!" With that, she heads back out. Fiona closes the door behind her and sighs heavily. Pamela emerges from the kitchen, holding a plate of sandwiches, and smiles, "Care for a bite?" Fiona rolls her eyes!

Alison is walking down the path outside when Charlie walks towards her and cries, "Why didn't you wait for me?" Alison, however, tells her, "I can't explain now, Charlie; you'll just have to wait." Charlie asks, "Did you find Pamela?" Alison replies, "No - I don't think she's moved-in yet." They approach Janice, who says, "If you're looking for Pamela, she's in Fiona's flat." Alison retorts, "No she's not: I've just been in there." Janice suggests, "Probably in the kitchen, making a sandwich." With that, she heads off inside, leaving Alison standing looking annoyed. Charlie suggests suddenly, "I know: I could make a secret telephone and entice them out to a secret rendezvous." Alison muses, "You could - but you won't. No, my guess is Pamela won't want to stay cooped-up for too long." Charlie asks, "What about Fiona?" Alison replies, "She's upstairs. I think she's cleaning out one of the rooms." Janice rejoins them and remarks, "You two are spending a lot of time in the garden this afternoon." Alison says quickly, "Yes. Actually, I'm having a look around; I'm thinking of landscaping some of the grounds." Janice exclaims, "What a coincidence! Only this morning I was thinking how nice a rockery would look, with a little goldfish pond in the middle." Alison spots movement by the mansion's front door, suddenly: Pamela heads outside. Alison says quickly to Janice, "That sounds very exciting. I'm going round the back; I'll see what I can do there." With that, she and Charlie walk away.

A few seconds later, the front door of the mansion opens and Alison and Charlie head inside. Alison knocks on the door of Fiona's flat. There's no answer. Alison tells Charlie, "It shouldn't take too long to find what I want." Charlie cries, "What if she comes back?" Alison retorts, "Get rid of her." Charlie asks, "What if it's Fiona?" Alison insists, "You'll think of something." She then adds, "If you really can't stop someone, give me a knock on the door and I'll escape through the bookcase." With that, she heads into Fiona's room and closes the door behind her. She takes a good look around. She then walks over to Pamela's suitcase, opens it and starts going through the contents. She takes out a small book and starts looking at it. Out in the hallway, Fiona walks up to Charlie suddenly and smiles, "What are you doing here?" Charlie says quickly, "Meeting Alison." Fiona suggests, "Maybe I can borrow you for a few minutes: I need some help moving tables upstairs." Charlie nods warily, "I suppose so." She then adds, however, "Silly me - I just remembered: I absolutely mustn't get this dress dirty." Fiona looks at the dress and then mutters, "I'll get an apron." She goes to head into her room. Charlie, however, says quickly, "No! No! It's alright. What's a puff of dust anyway? I must learn not to be so fussy!" Fiona goes to lead her upstairs. Charlie, however, tells her, "Wait a minute." She then goes and pokes her head out through the front door. Returning to Fiona a few seconds later, she says, "The coast is clear; she's not coming. Let's go." Fiona stares at her in surprise and asks, "Who's not coming?" Charlie tells her, "Alison!" Fiona stands there, looking bemused!

Janice is pruning some bushes in the garden outside. Pamela starts heading up the pathway. Janice calls over to her, "Been for a walk?" Pamela nods, "I went out to get a paper and halfway there realised I didn't have any money." Janice starts to say, "Hang on a moment - I think I've got some." Pamela, however, assures her quickly, "No, no, it's alright: I've got some inside; I just forgot. After ten years inside, you get out of the habit of buying things." Janice warns her, "You'll get a shock when you see the prices in the supermarket." Pamela smiles, "I'll start with the paper and work my way up slowly!" With that, she heads off inside.

Alison is crouching down in Fiona's room, still looking through Pamela's book. The suitcase is open beside her. The door opens suddenly and Pamela walks in. She stops in her tracks as she finds Alison there. She then demands furiously, "Who the hell are you?"

A few moments later, Alison stands up as Pamela snaps, "What do you think you're doing?" Alison looks at her and says, "You must be the new tenant. I hope you're settling in alright." Pamela just snaps, "You haven't answered my question." Alison hesitates before telling her, "I simply took the precaution of inspecting your belongings--" Pamela interrupts and gasps, "Inspecting? What are you: the local Customs Officer?" Alison retorts, "I happen to own the place. Nothing's been taken. I was worried about the safety of the other tenants, that's all." Pamela growls, "All your tenants get this kind of treatment, I suppose?" Alison retorts, "No - only those who've--" Pamela interrupts and snaps, "Come out of jail?" Alison nods, "Yes." Pamela then grabs Alison's arm and snaps, "Get out." Alison pulls away and orders, "Keep your hands off me." Pamela, however, points a threatening finger at Alison and snarls, "Lady, you are in no position to tell me what to do. Now, get out." With that, pushes Alison out into the hallway and shuts the door behind her. She then bends down to examine her suitcase.

Outside, Alison storms down the path, ignoring Janice as she calls to her, "I had another idea for the landscaping." Alison marches to her car and climbs in. A few seconds later, Charlie comes running down the path, crying, "Alison, Alison! I can explain!" She then turns to Janice and snaps, "Why weren't you helping Fiona move the tables?" Janice stands there looking astonished.

Fiona walks into her room inside to find Pamela packing her belongings back into her suitcase. She asks in surprise, "What are you doing?" Pamela snaps, "Leaving." Fiona asks, "Why?" Pamela retorts, "I had an argument with the management." Fiona chuckles, "What are you saying? I'm the management." Pamela retorts, "The owner, then." Fiona queries, "Alison?" Pamela snaps, "We didn't get around to introductions." Fiona says, "Blonde girl with a red dress--" Pamela interrupts and snaps, "And the big earrings; yeah, that's the one." Fiona asks in concern, "What happened?" Pamela explains, "I went out to get a paper, I come back and I find this Alison woman going through my suitcase." Fiona asks, "What did she say when you walked in?" Pamela retorts, "That she was checking to see I wasn't going to be a danger to the other tenants." With that, she closes her suitcase and adds coldly, "You can tell them they'll be quite safe from now on." Fiona asks, "Don't you think you're over-reacting?" Pamela, however, retorts, "If I stay here, I'm going to see her again and I may do something that I'll regret." Fiona warns, "You're letting her get under your skin. She's not worth it." Pamela growls, "I don't like people sticking their noses in where they're not welcome." Fiona insists, "Neither do I - and I intend to have it out with her." Pamela cries, "Is she going to listen to you?" Fiona smiles, "Oh, I've won a fair few battles with Alison Carr, and you'll find I always stick up for my tenants." She then pleads, "Stay? I know you could possibly do better, but you could also do a lot worse, and running away the first time you hit trouble isn't always the best idea in the world." Pamela just looks at her. Fiona adds warmly, "Your room's ready now." A hint of a smile crosses Pamela's face.

Alison is standing in the lounge room at Charlie's. The front door bangs and Charlie marches in, crying, "Why did you run out on me? That's the second time today." Alison retorts, "You deserted me." Charlie cries, "I had no choice. If you'd have waited, I could've explained." Alison crosses her arms and snaps, "I'm waiting." Charlie tells her, "Fiona turned up. She wanted me to help with some silly furniture. I tried to get rid of her but she was getting suspicious. How was I to know Pamela would come back so soon? I was only gone a few minutes." Alison snaps, "You should've warned me." Charlie retorts, "I didn't get a chance. At least I stopped Fiona going in." Alison mutters, "I think I wouldn't preferred her to Pamela." Charlie asks, "Was she very angry?" Alison retorts sarcastically, "What, to find me ransacking her suitcase? No, she gave me a slap on the back and we had a cup of tea together." Charlie sighs, "How awful - and it's all been for nothing." Alison, however, smiles, "Not quite! I got the same of someone who might be able to help..."

Debbie is washing down a car at the carwash when Susan walks over to her and smiles, "I've brought you an afternoon snack." She hands over a paper bag, adding as she does so, "I also came to say goodbye." Debbie asks in surprise, "Already?" Susan explains, "I finished my business sooner than I expected, so I'm flying back this afternoon." Debbie murmurs, "Gee, I'm sorry I can't see you off." Susan then asks, "How's it going?" Debbie shrugs, "It's alright. The pay's not that good, but once we add it to Craig's wage, we're doing OK." Susan tells her, "You're a lucky girl, having Craig." Debbie nods with a smile, "Yeah, I know." The carwash owner calls over suddenly in a stern tone, "Debbie..." Debbie tells Susan, "I'd better get back to work." She then gives Susan a hug and adds, "See you later. Tell your mum we're thinking of her." Susan nods, "Sure." With that, she heads off. As she does so, she passes the owner, who's saying to another guy, "I'll have to put Maxwell and Halliday on the same shift. If you start an hour earlier and I come on in the afternoon, that should just about solve it - for the time being, anyway." The other man nods, "OK," and walks off. Looking thoughtful, Susan heads over to the owner and says, "Excuse me - were you just talking about Craig Maxwell?" The owner replies, "That's right." Susan describes, "Tall, blond hair?" The owner smiles, "You're the girlfriend, are you?" Susan, however, smiles, "No, no, that--" She goes to point to Debbie, but then changes her mind quickly and says, "No, I'm just a friend. I didn't know he worked here, that's all." The owner accepts this and walks off. Susan looks round at Debbie, still hard at work washing down a car. A look of concern crosses her face.


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