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    Written by: Ian Coughlan   Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Alister Smart

The woman standing in front of Beryl is identical to the way Alison looked before she had plastic surgery! She looks at Beryl and says, "I'm Pam. Would've checked you out earlier, but I've been unavailable." She steps towards Beryl, who keeps staring at her. Pam snaps after a few seconds, "Staring's rude, love. Didn't your mother ever tell you?" Beryl says quickly, "I'm sorry - it's just that you look like someone." Pam muses, "I'd be a bit worried if I didn't!" Beryl clarifies quickly, "I mean like someone I used to know; how she used to look." She then sighs, "I'm not making any sense, am I?" Pam smiles, "I'm glad you said that - I was beginning to think I'd been in here too long!" Beryl tells her, "But you really do; it's like seeing a ghost - or the living image of her." Pam comments, "If this woman's a friend of yours, maybe she could come and change places with me?!" Beryl, however, explains, "No, no, she couldn't. That's what I meant: she used to look like you, but she doesn't anymore." Pam smiles quickly, "I was just joking! I've stuck it out here for ten years; I'd be mad to try a break now." Beryl, still looking nervous, indicates her bed and says, "Would you like to sit down? I mean, that's if you want to." As Pam seats herself on the bed, Beryl adds, "I'm sorry I'm babbling; I just don't know how you do things in here." Pam retorts, "Don't keep saying 'sorry' for a start: some people might get the idea you're a bit weak." Beryl shrugs, "They're probably right. I don't know how I'm going to cope." Pam tells her, "Neither did I at the start. You find ways." Beryl comments, "Daph said you're looking out for me. You don't even know me." Pam retorts, "I know enough." Beryl asks in surprise, "How?" Pam tells her, "You're famous: in the papers... on the radio... and I don't like anyone getting a hard time unless they deserve it." Beryl remarks in surprise, "You believe I'm innocent?" Pam asks, "Aren't you?" Beryl replies, "Yes - but I expect everyone that comes in here says that." Pam shrugs, "You develop an instinct after a while. Besides, Daph put in a good word for you; she's usually a pretty good judge. Course, if I find out later that you've been having us on, I could be quite angry..." Beryl assures her, "That won't happen; I am innocent." Pam comments, "In that case, someone else isn't..."

Doug is sitting on the couch in the lounge room at Caroline's. Caroline is standing talking on the 'phone, saying, "Thanks, Susan... Yes, I will. Bye." She hangs up and then tells Doug, "That was Susan. She just rang to say congratulations; she's down here on a business trip." Doug asks, "Will you get a chance to see her?" Caroline replies nervously, "I don't know; she's staying with Debbie and Craig." Doug stares at her and asks, "What's the matter?" Caroline says quickly, "Nothing!" Doug tells her, "You could've fooled me. You've hardly said a word since Debbie and Craig left. This is our wedding day; a little bit of enthusiasm wouldn't go astray!" Caroline smiles, "Honestly, there's nothing wrong. It's just... the anticlimax after the others have gone." Doug raises his eyebrows and remarks, "Thanks!" Caroline assures him quickly, "I didn't mean it like that!" She goes and sits down next to him as he replies, "I know - and I know there's something bothering you. What is it?" Caroline insists, "Nothing." Doug, however, warns, "Caroline..." Caroline sighs, "Nothing... serious. Just another one of Wayne's bluffs, that's all." Doug exclaims, "Wayne?" Caroline explains, "He's the one who really rang earlier. He said... it's so stupid. He said he remembers who shot him - and it was me. He said he's coming down here to sort it out." Doug gasps, "That's crazy! For a start, he's still in hospital - and if he starts spreading that ridiculous story, it's the same as saying he lied about Beryl. He's just not making sense." Caroline murmurs, "The trouble is, Wayne can be so devious." Doug puts his arm round her and says, "If he tries anything, he's got to get past me - and he won't. We're not going to let him wreck this day for us. Relax; you've got nothing to worry about." Caroline sits there, still looking worried.

Wayne is sitting at a picnic table in the grounds of Park Ridge Hospital, playing cards. He spots Andy walking over to him and mutters, "You took your time getting here." Andy retorts, "I was half way through an aerobics session; I wasn't about to walk out." Wayne growls, "I'm paying you to do as I say when I say." Andy shrugs, "I'm here. What do you want?" Wayne tells him curtly, "Information - on what Alison's up to with the business while I'm stuck in here." Andy retorts, "How would I know?" Wayne snaps, "By getting off your butt and finding out. Get over to Charlie's: there's always business papers lying around; grab whatever you can find." Andy remarks, "She won't be too happy if she catches me." Wayne suggests tersely, "Then see she doesn't." Andy turns and walks off.

A short time later, Charlie is showing Andy into her lounge room. Andy is saying, "I've noticed a lot of the more- successful gyms are operating in health complexes: physios and nutritionists all under the same set-up." The two of them sit down and Charlie sighs, "I've often wished we had the space to do something like that." Andy tells her, "What I was thinking we could do was set aside the back corner as a health-food snack bar." Charlie, looking thoughtful, remarks, "That's really quite a clever idea! We do have the room, don't we?" Andy adds quickly, "Maybe we should see what Alison thinks. Is she around?" Charlie, however, explains, "No - she's away on business." Looking disappointed, Andy then coughs slightly and says, "Could I have a glass of water, please? I'm a bit dry." Charlie, however, smiles, "Water? Don't be silly, darling; I'll make us some coffee. I won't be long!" With that, she stands up and heads out of the room. As soon as she's gone. Andy leaps up from the chair and goes and picks up a folder of papers on the drinks cabinet. He takes some of the papers out and stuffs them into his jacket pocket...

Fiona is walking with Beryl in the grounds at the jail. A prison officer is accompanying them. Fiona asks Beryl in concern, "You alright?" Beryl murmurs, "Yes... it's not too bad, really." Fiona carries on, "I would've come in earlier, but they said Susan had been." Beryl nods, "Yes - they only allow a certain number of visits." Fiona then says, "Listen - if there's anything you need; anything I can send in for you..." Beryl, however, replies, "Not that I can think of at the moment, thanks, Fiona - but the most amazing thing's happened!" Fiona asks, "What?" Beryl tells her, "One of the prisoners here is the spitting image of Patricia!" Fiona chuckles and remarks, "I haven't seen her for a couple of days; maybe justice has caught up with her!" Beryl, however, explains, "I'm not talking about the way she looks now. This woman doesn't look like Alison; she looks like Patricia before the surgery - and I'm not just saying she reminds me of Patricia; she's an absolute double. I got an awful shock when I first saw her." Fiona comments, "It's certainly a coincidence - but maybe if you took a close look at her--" Beryl interrupts and insists, "I've seen her close-up and I've talked to her. Fiona, I tell you, this woman could be Patricia. It's the most amazing thing; even her voice." Fiona asks, "What's she in for?" Beryl, however, shrugs, "I don't know. It must be something serious - she's been here for ten years. The other women are terrified of her." Fiona warns dubiously, "Yeah, well, you just be careful: you don't want to go making an enemy of her just because she looks like Patricia." Beryl assures her, "We're not enemies - I'm not sure what we are - but I can't help being curious. I'd like to find out more." Still looking concerned, Fiona says, "Best you don't. If she wants to help you, just accept it." Beryl, however, insists, "I'll be careful. I'll get to know her a little better and then I'll see what I can find out." Fiona nods unhappily.

A short time later, Beryl is walking slowly along the corridor inside when she spots another woman going through the locker in her cell and removing items from it. She snaps at the woman, "What are you doing?" The woman turns to her and retorts, "Rack off, before you get hurt." Beryl growls, "Those things are mine." The woman gives her a shove and retorts, "They're mine, now." Beryl falls down onto the bed. The woman goes on curtly, "Think you're something special just 'cos you're Hudson's pet? Well, you say one word to her and you know what'll happen to you?" Pamela appears suddenly in the doorway and says tersely, "Tell us. We'd be interested to hear." The woman looks round at her. Looking scared suddenly, she dumps Beryl's belongings down on Beryl's lap and says to Pamela quickly, "She was just showing me some of her stuff, that's all." Pamela muses, "That's fair enough. Why don't I show you some of mine?" She then walks in to the cell, grabs the woman's arm, shoves it up behind her back and pushes her up against the wall, before snarling, "If I see you near this cell again, you get steam-cleaned, right?" The woman snaps, "I wasn't doing nothing." Pamela gives her arm a twist and snaps, "You hearing me?" The woman nods quickly, "Yeah. Right." Pamela then pushes her towards the door, snapping, "Get out." When the woman has gone, she turns to Beryl and says, "No damage?" Beryl murmurs, "No. Thankyou." She pauses before then asking, "What did you mean 'steam cleaned'?" Pamela explains, "That's what we call it when someone has a little accident in the laundry." Beryl gasps, "You really do things like that?" In response, Pamela says only, "Just let me know if she bothers you again." Beryl stares at her.

A few moments later, Pamela asks, "Make you uncomfortable, these little skirmishes?" Beryl nods, "Yes." Pamela shrugs, "You'll just have to get used to them: round here, they're just one small part of life's rich tapestry." Beryl comments, "I can see why everybody's so..." She breaks off. Pamela completes, "Terrified of me? In here you've got to learn to survive." She continues, "I never used to think of myself as physically tough - 'til I came here and I had no choice. Still, I've always been the ruthless kind, and that helped." Beryl shakes her head and remarks, "That could be Patricia talking - every single word. You don't only look like her, you sound like her." Pamela comments, "Then this friend of yours has got the right idea. Being ruthless is just putting yourself first - all the way. You've got to learn to do that or you won't last ten minutes in here. I won't always be around to help you." Beryl looks down at the floor before asking, "Why are you here?" Pamela, however, retorts, "Not a good idea asking personal questions. Some people value their privacy." Beryl murmurs quickly, "Of course. I'm sorry." Pamela, heading back towards the door, suggests, "Just try and keep out of trouble, huh?" Beryl, standing up, nods, "Yes, I will - and thanks for your help just now." Pamela tells her, "I don't think you'll have any more trouble with that one. See you around." With that, she heads out of the cell, leaving Beryl looking puzzled.

Charlie is sitting on the couch in her lounge room saying to Fiona, "I'm sure there must be plenty of women around who look a little like 'Patricia'." Fiona smiles, "That's what I said, but Beryl insisted that this woman was an absolute double - even her voice." Charlie exclaims, "How intriguing! I wonder if we could find out more about her. How long's she been in prison?" Fiona replies, "Ten years, Beryl said." Charlie grins, "I can just imagine when Alison finds out: she'll simply die of curiosity!" Fiona comments, "I understand she's away." Charlie nods, "Yes. She's been awfully secretive about it, too. Goodness knows where she is. In fact, a courier delivered a stack of documents this morning and I haven't the faintest idea where to send them - which reminds me: I'd better put them away somewhere safe." She stands up and heads over to the drinks cabinet. As she does so, Fiona remarks, "It was awful seeing Beryl in that prison. She was being very brave about it." Charlie picks up the folder of papers from the cabinet, replying, "I know. I'm sure I wouldn't be; I'd just go to pieces." She then looks at the folder she's holding and remarks, "That's funny: it doesn't seem as full as it did. Someone's been at it! I'm sure there were more in here before." Fiona walks round to her and asks, "Are you certain?" Charlie nods, "Yes. Oh, Alison will be furious." Fiona asks, "Who else has been here?" Charlie replies, "No one. Well, only Andrew." Fiona echoes, "Only And--; oh, Charlie!" Charlie cries, "But why would he?" Fiona retorts, "For Wayne, of course." Charlie tells her, "He and Wayne had a falling out; I don't think they're even speaking." Fiona, however, sighs, "Surely you know that things are never what they seem with those two? Who else could have taken it?" Charlie, looking disappointed, says, "I'm sure it wasn't Andrew. I must've been imagining it. I've had such a lot on my mind; I really wasn't paying attention when I brought them in." Fiona shakes her head and sighs heavily.

Wayne is still sitting in the grounds of the hospital when Andy walks up to him, hands him the papers he stole and mutters, "This what you wanted?" Wayne looks at them and comments, "Mmm... Not bad. Thanks." Andy asks sharply, "Anything else or can I go now?" Wayne tells him, "I want you to move into my place; keep an eye on things." Andy nods, "Alright - as long as you keep the money coming." Wayne asks, "You got the spare keys?" Andy replies, "Yeah. I'll have to go over to the mansion and pick up my stuff." Wayne tells him, "As long as you're in there by tomorrow." Andy says, "I reckon I can manage that. I'll see you tomorrow." With that, he heads off. Wayne starts looking through the papers. A smile crosses his face...

Fiona is standing in the hallway at the mansion, about to head into her room, when the front door opens and Andy walks in. Fiona turns to him and says immediately, "Hello, Andy. How's Wayne?" Looking only momentarily caught-out, Andy replies quickly, "How would I know?" Fiona retorts, "I thought you might have seen him." Andy goes to walk off. Fiona calls after him, "Charlie had some very important documents go missing a little while ago." Andy asks warily, "What's that got to do with me?" Fiona tells him, "That's what I'd like to know." Andy turns to her and snaps, "You always have to be accusing me of something, Fiona. Well, you can rest easy because I'm moving out tomorrow." Fiona murmurs, "Really?" Andy retorts, "Yeah. I don't have time to talk; I've got to start packing." With that, he storms off.

Pamela is sitting on the bed in her cell at the Bendala Detention Centre. She's reading a book. It's nighttime. Beryl knocks on the door suddenly and says, "I wonder: could you help me?" Pamela sighs, "Who's giving you a hard time now?" Beryl, however, replies quickly, "No one. I just need some sticky tape and I didn't know where to get some." Pamela stands up and comments, "Redecorating, are we?!" Beryl explains meekly, "It's to stick a photo back together." Pamela says, "I heard about that. If it helps any, those two really copped it from Daph." She goes to a large cupboard by one of the walls and reaches into it. Beryl looks at a sheet of paper that's stuck to the front of one of the cupboard doors; the sheet has a number '9' drawn on it. Beryl asks Pamela, "Is that your lucky number?" Pamela replies, "You could say that. That is the number of days I've got left in here." Looking suddenly downcast, Beryl murmurs, "I didn't know. Congratulations." Pamela, however, smiles, "You'll probably get out before me - once they found out who really shot that guy." She hands over the sticky tape. Beryl tells her, "I wish I could believe that. I can't stop thinking about my family - especially little Robert... Gordon... I miss them both so much." Pat says coldly, "You get used to that, too. It's been ten years since I saw my two kids." Beryl asks in surprise, "Don't they visit?" Pamela mutters, "No." Beryl comments, "You must be looking forward to seeing them when you get out." Pamela, however, sitting back down on the bed, retorts, "They turned their backs on me once; that's enough." Beryl insists, "I'm sure it can't be that bad." Pam just growls, "If you want to get that photo fixed before lights-out, you'd better get a move on." Beryl stares at her.



Wayne and Andy are walking across the grounds outside Park Ridge Hospital. Wayne is dressed in normal clothes. Andy asks him, "Are you sure you're OK? You still look pretty crook." Wayne just growls, "I can't remember asking you for any medical advice." They reach Andy's car and Andy says, "I'm going to take us home the back way; miss the peak-hour traffic." Wayne, however, says, "I'm not going home. Take me to the airport." Andy stands there, looking surprised.

Charlie is standing in the doorway of Fiona's room at the mansion, saying excitedly, "I thought it might be worth going through some old newspaper files to see what I could find out about Patricia's lookalike." She steps into the room and she and Fiona go and sit down. Fiona takes an envelope from her and remarks, "I didn't think you were going to take it so seriously!" Charlie explains, "When you said there was such a strong resemblance, I thought she might possibly be connected to Alison in some way - but that--" she indicates the newspaper article that she's handed to Fiona "--mentions her parents' names, and they're nothing like Alison's. Evidently, it's just an amazing coincidence. What do you think?" Fiona stares at the article and the accompanying photo and exclaims, "Oh my God! Beryl wasn't exaggerating!" Charlie goes on, "And she's no small-time criminal, either: that's an enormous amount of money she's embezzled." She then adds, I thought Beryl might be interested - but I imagine she's found it all out by herself now." Fiona says, "I was going over to see her: I 'phoned up first, but Gordon's with her at the moment; I thought I'd go shopping or something, just to pass the time away." Charlie tells her, "If you're at a loose end, why don't you come to the gym? There's always someone to talk to there." Fiona shrugs distastefully...

Andy is training a woman in the main room at the gym when Charlie and Fiona walk in. Fiona remarks grimly, "I see Andrew's hard at work..." Fiona smiles, "Oh yes! He's wonderful with the customers; I don't know what I'd do without him." Fiona warns her, "I wouldn't trust him too much; not just yet. His track record's not all that clear - and you still don't know where those missing documents went." Charlie sighs, "I told you, Fiona: you must have been imagining it. If you took the trouble to talk to him, you'd see he's a totally reformed character." Fiona gives her a look.

Caroline is folding up some T-shirts on the table in the lounge room at her house when there's a sharp knocking on the front door. She heads out to the hallway to answer it - and Wayne barges in. Caroline stares at him in horror. He growls, "Don't tell me you weren't expecting me. I did warn you." Caroline stares at him.

A few moments later, Wayne suggests coldly, "Let's talk about a couple of things, shall we?" He heads into the lounge room. Caroline follows him and snaps, "I'm calling the police." Wayne asks lightly, "Don't you even want to hear my good news?" Caroline retorts, "What good news?" Wayne tells her, "My legal action against you, over the book: I've decided to drop it." Caroline mutters, "You didn't come all the way to Melbourne just to tell me that." Wayne admits, "No. The reason I've decided to drop the action was because I don't need it. I'm going to take every cent you've got, anyway." Caroline cries, "You're mad! Get out of this house!" Wayne shrugs, "Your choice - but if you don't pay up, I'm the one who'll be talking to the police, and you'll spend the rest of your life behind bars." Caroline cries, "This is absurd. You know very well it wasn't me." Wayne retorts, "Really? The fact is, we both know it was." Caroline snaps, "Aren't you forgetting something? You've already blamed Beryl." Wayne snarls, "And I'm perfectly happy to leave it that way: as long as she's inside, she can't cause me any trouble. But if I have to, I'll clear her and have you in there so fast, the cell won't even get cold." Caroline exclaims, "I can't believe I'm hearing this!" Wayne growls, "I suggest you do - and if you're thinking of having another shot at me, forget it: there's a sealed letter with my solicitor telling the whole story. Now, let's talk about your money and how we're going to transfer it to my account..." Caroline stares at him.

Pamela is sitting with Beryl in her cell. Beryl is chuckling, "I know I shouldn't laugh, but you make it sound so funny!" Pamela grins, "It was! It took them a week to get the smell of ammonia out of their hair! That's the last time that bunch tried getting into my stash." Beryl comments, "You know, you talk about being physically tough, but I think the real reason you're on top is because you're smarter than the others." Pamela tells her, "You have to be both; that's what gets you through in this world." Beryl looks at her. After a few seconds, Pamela remarks, "You're staring again!" Beryl smiles, "I'm sorry! It's just that you look so much like Patricia!" Pamela comments, "I'm starting to feel like I know this woman, you talk about her so much! But you've got to be exaggerating: no one could be that devious." Beryl replies, "No?" She then goes to her locker, takes out a copy of My Sister My Love and hands it to Pamela, saying, "You read that and you make up your own mind." Pamela asks, "What is it?" Beryl explains, "It's about her and her family - and it's quite true to life." Pamela asks, "Which one's she?" Beryl tells her, "You're not going to believe it: in the book, she's called 'Pamela'."

A female customer finishes some exercise on a bike at the gym. She then tells Andy, "I'll make another appointment for later in the week. I hope you'll be there..." Andy smiles, "I sure will. You know, I think of you as one of my special customers, Mrs. Hanson." Mrs. Hanson reaches into her handbag suddenly and says, "I have a little something for you." She takes out a $20 note. Andy says warily, "We're not supposed to accept tips." Mrs. Hanson insists, "It's a gift - because you're a nice boy." Andy takes the money - just as Fiona walks in - and says, "Thankyou." Mrs. Hanson adds, "See you next time," and walks out. Fiona saunters over to Andy and remarks, "Got yourself a little sideline, I see." Andy retorts, "She's a friend." Fiona comments, "Very expensive 'friendship'." She then goes on curtly, "Look, Andy, if you want to be the town gigolo, that's up to you - but do it away from here. I don't want you giving Charlie's gym a bad name." Charlie walks in as Andy growls, "That's something coming from you, Fiona: you're not exactly Snow White." Fiona stares at him and growls, "That's it: you haven't changed, have you? And I am sick and tired of giving you the benefit of the doubt." With that, she turns and heads towards the exit, adding curtly, "See you another time, Charlie." When she's gone, Charlie marches over to Andy and snaps, "How dare you say that to Fiona!" Andy retorts, "She started it." Charlie snaps, "You still had no right to say what you did. I came in to pass-on something complimentary Mrs. Hanson had said about you. I won't bother, now." Andy insists, "I didn't mean anything by it." Charlie says curtly, "Then I suggest you apologise."

Doug is standing in the lounge room at Caroline's, snarling at Caroline, "Who the hell does he think he is? I'll tear him apart." Caroline cries, "Doug, please, stay out of it, otherwise he really will go to the police." Doug retorts, "So what? You didn't do anything." Caroline points out, "I can't prove that." Doug reminds her, "You don't have to. They have to prove you did." Caroline cries, "You know what he's like: he'll fake evidence or something. I couldn't stand going back to jail again." Doug puts his hands on her arms and insists, "You won't, love - but if you give in to him, it's not only you who'll suffer: from what he was saying, Beryl's as innocent as you are - and if you call his bluff, he'll have to admit he lied about one of you; how much credibility will he have then?" He puts his arms round her. Caroline shakes her head, though, and says, "If Beryl's innocent, she's going to find a way to prove it. I can't take that chance, Doug; don't you understand that?" Doug says quietly, "Alright. There must be some other way to handle this.

It's evening-time. Andy is lying on the couch in the lounge room at Dural, reading a magazine, when the front door bangs and Wayne comes in. Andy turns to him and asks, "Good trip?" Wayne nods, "Mmm. Matter of fact, it went so well, I won't be needing you around anymore. I'm confident I won't be having any more problems." Andy leaps up and stares at him, looking shocked. He snaps, "You think you can just dump me like that?" Wayne nods, "Yep. Pack your things and disappear." Andy gasps, "Who the hell do you think you are?" Wayne retorts, "The owner of this house - so get out or I'll have you thrown out." Andy stares at him before growling, "Fine. Take your house and shove it - but the next time you need someone to save your bacon, don't bother calling me, alright?" He then adds, "You mind if I use your 'phone to call a cab?" Wayne smiles, "Course. Wouldn't want anyone to think I'm not a reasonable man." Andy heads out to the hallway, looking annoyed. Wayne stands in the lounge room, a smirk on his face!


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