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    Written by: Boaz Stark   Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Russell Webb

Beryl asks Detective Morris in surprise, "Why?" Gordon adds, "There must be some mistake." Detective Morris explains, "We have a statement from a taxi driver who claims he dropped-off Mrs. Hamilton at the victim's house. The time fits in with that of the shooting." Turning to Beryl, he continues, "You say you walked there from the house next door." Gordon asks Beryl, "Did you go over to see Wayne first?" Beryl nods and says weakly, "Yes." She sits down slowly on the couch. Fiona sits down next to her and asks in concern, "Why didn't you tell us earlier?" Beryl replies, "I didn't think it was important. I took a taxi from the hospital to see if Susan was there. I knocked on the door a few times, no one answered, so I went over to Charlie's." Morris says curtly, "You should have told us that when we first questioned you." Beryl exclaims, "I was only there for two minutes!" Morris shrugs, "It doesn't matter, now. You'll have a chance to explain at the station." Beryl stands up and gasps, "Are you still taking me with you?" Morris nods, "I'm afraid so." Gordon asks calmly, "Can we see a solicitor?" Morris replies, "You can. My advice would be to arrange it." Gordon tells Beryl, "I'll call Jim Harvey. We'll see you down there." Morris tells Gordon, "There's no point you coming, Mr. Hamilton; your solicitor will take care of things." Gordon, however, retorts, "Beryl is my wife and she needs my support. You're charging her with a crime she didn't commit." Morris just says, "That is up to us to decide, isn't it?" Beryl stands there, looking shocked.

Wayne's heart monitor is beeping as he lies, still unconscious, in his bed at Park Ridge Hospital. Michael is standing next to him, and he murmurs, "You're going to be OK, mate." He goes to head out of the room. As he does so, Wayne says suddenly, in a choked voice, "Michael..." Michael turns back to him and says quickly, "Yes?" Wayne groans, "Where...?" Michael tells him, "You're in hospital. You were shot. Do you remember?" Wayne shakes his head, slowly." Michael goes on, "There's no need to worry. We've got the bullet out. You're going to be feeling much better by the morning." Wayne says in a strained voice, "I... want... dad..." Michael tells him, "I'll see what I can do."

The door to a police interview room is opened by a female police officer. As Beryl steps into the room, she cries at the officer, "I didn't do anything." The officer just replies, "Then you've got nothing to worry about. The detectives will be here to see you in a minute." Beryl stands by one of the walls and stares around her.

Andy is helping a female customer at the gym lift some weights. Janice walks into the room and stares at him, disapprovingly. She then marches back to the reception area and snaps at Charlie, "It's disgusting." Charlie asks distantly, "What is, darling?" Janice retorts, "Andy's behaviour! He's over Mrs. Forrest like a leech!" Charlie sighs, "He's helping her use the weights properly. I call that good PR." Janice snaps, "I call it bad taste." Charlie says, "It's nearly closing time. Why don't you finish early tonight?" Janice, however, retorts, "And leave them to it? Before you know it, they'd be on the floor." Charlie growls, "Darling, you're an instructor, not a chaperone." Janice just snaps, "Come and see for yourself." She leads Charlie into the main room, where Mrs. Forrest is saying, "I don't think I can do any more." Andy, who's standing behind her, with his arms reaching round to hold her arms, assures her, "Yes you can. Two sets down, one to go." Charlie and Janice appear in the doorway and Janice snaps, "See what I mean? They give the name 'Bumps and Grinds' a whole new meaning!" Charlie, looking exasperated, cries, "For heaven's sake, Janice, they are not doing anything wrong." She storms off back to the reception area. Janice follows her and snaps, "Mrs. Forrest is married." Charlie retorts, "Separated, darling. There is a difference." Janice growls, "Not in my book." Charlie suggests, "Then perhaps you're reading the wrong book!" In the main room, Andy says to Mrs. Forrest, "I'd say you've got the hang of it, now." Mrs. Forrest smiles, "Thanks for your help." Janice walks back in as Andy continues, "You know, I did notice you making a couple of other mistakes before, on the equipment." Mrs. Forrest queries, "Did you?" Andy nods, "Nothing too serious - but I, however, could sort you out in no time... maybe over a cup of coffee, if you'd like?" Mrs. Forrest smiles, "Yes, I would." Andy tells her, "That's great! Why don't you go and have a shower and change and I'll meet you back here." Mrs. Forrest walks off. As soon as she's gone, Janice demands of Andy, "What do you think you're doing?" Andy retorts sarcastically, "Tap dancing!" Janice gasps, "With Mrs. Forrest?" Andy sighs, "Janice, you do things your way and I'll do them mine, alright?" Janice growls, "Your way's unethical." Andy retorts, "It keeps the customers happy." Janice snaps, "Are you saying I don't?" Andy tells her curtly, "All I'm saying is: butt-out of my affairs." Janice growls, "'Affairs' is right." Andy turns away from her, angrily.

Michael is walking along the corridor at Park Ridge Hospital. He's followed by Gordon, who says, "Thanks for calling; Fiona passed on the message." Michael comments, "She said you were at the police station; something about Beryl being questioned." Gordon nods, "Yes - and she's still there. I want to get back as soon as possible. You said Wayne wanted to see me...?" Michael replies, "That's right. I can only give you a few minutes. He's regained consciousness, but he's still very weak." With that, he opens the door to Wayne's room and the two of them head inside. Gordon sits down next to Wayne's bed and says gently, "Wayne, can you hear me?" Wayne turns to his father slowly and murmurs in relief, "Dad..." Gordon says warmly, "It's good to see you smiling." He then goes on, "Do you feel strong enough to tell me who shot you?" Wayne, however, murmurs distantly, "It's all hazy..." Michael tells Gordon, "He's had a huge shock to his system. It's normal to feel disorientated." Gordon pleads with Wayne, "Please try - it's important." Wayne murmurs slowly, "I was... by the pool... there were footsteps... a gun..." Gordon asks, "Who was holding it? Just tell me the name." Wayne goes on murmuring in his thoughts, "You... What are you doing here?... What do you want?" Gordon presses, "Who, Wayne? Who is it?" Wayne murmurs, "B..." Gordon mouths, "Beryl?" He stares at his son in shock.

A short time later, Gordon and Michael emerge from Wayne's room. Gordon asks Michael, "What do you think he meant?" Michael shrugs, "I'm not sure." Gordon goes on, "I asked him for a name and he said something beginning with 'B'. It couldn't have been Beryl." Looking uncomfortable, Michael says, "Gordon, I have to tell the police." Gordon, looking worried, asks, "What for?" Michael explains, "They want to know everything Wayne says concerning the shooting." Gordon points out agitatedly, "But he didn't say anything concrete. You said yourself he was disorientated. God knows what was going on in his mind." Michael assures him, "I'll stress all of that when I speak to them. I'm sure it won't count against Beryl. It might even help them track down the real culprit." He adds with a sigh, "I don't have any choice." Gordon just murmurs, "Do what you have to."

It's the next morning, and Andy is standing with Janice behind the reception desk at the gym. He's looking at some papers, and he comments, "Mrs. Vider hasn't been in for a while. Maybe I should give her a call; see what the problem is?" Janice, however, retorts, "I wouldn't bother. She's a happily-married woman." Andy demands, "What is that supposed to mean?" Janice growls, "I'd have thought after last night's performance it was obvious." Andy sighs, "All Julie and I did was to go out for a coffee and talk about her exercise program." Janice remarks, '"Julie', now, is it?" Andy snaps, "Yes." Janice demands, "Then why are you wearing Julie's chain? I saw her wearing it last night, and now you've got it on." She indicates Andy's neck. Andy retorts, "It was a present - for helping her out." Janice glares at him and sighs, "I don't believe you. I know what you were up to; I wasn't born yesterday." Andy rounds on her and snaps, "Oh no, you were born in the 19th Century, along with Queen Victoria. I wouldn't be surprised if you and her had the same Sunday School teacher!" At that moment, Angel walks in and demands, "What's going on?" Andy growls, "Stick your nose out of it, please?" Angel marches over to Andy, grabs his top and pulls him over the top of the desk. He then snarls, "No one talks to Janice that way, you get it?" Andy says quickly, "She started it; she made some very smart remarks--" Charlie comes dashing out of the main room suddenly, and, looking at what's going on, she cries at Angel, "What are you doing, you beast? Put him down!" Angel ignores her. He glares at Andy and repeats, "I said 'Do you get it?'" Andy nods quickly, "Yeah! I get it! Very much!" Angel shoves him back behind the desk and growls, "Good - 'cos I don't like seeing mates of mine insulted." Charlie, looking upset, cries, "What is all this about?" Janice tells her, "Andy and I were discussing his questionable behaviour with Mrs. Forrest. He was very rude." Charlie looks at Angel and snaps, "That gives you the right to bully him into being a gentleman?" Janice tells her, "I don't think you're being very fair." Charlie retorts, "I don't think you're being very fair on Andrew. He's marvellous at his job - unlike some others whose name I won't mention..." Janice realises, "You mean me." Charlie shrugs, "As I said, darling, I won't mention names." Angel turns to her and snaps, "I said shut up about Janice." Charlie, however, snaps back, "I'll say what I like. I'm the boss - and if you try teaching me some manners, I'll call the police." Janice growls, "Don't bother. It's been nice working for you, Charlie." With that, she marches out from behind the desk and, looking at Angel, adds, "Let's go." Angel grabs her arm as she passes, and asks, "You going to quit?" Janice retorts, "I just did." Angel then leads her off outside. When the two of them have gone, Andy tells Charlie, "I'm really sorry about that." Charlie, however, smiles, "Don't worry! I'm glad to be rid of her. She never did fit our image, if you know what I mean - unlike you, darling! I think you're the best thing to happen to gymnasiums since lycra tights! Keep up the good work!"

Gordon and Beryl emerge from a shop in Sydney, arm-in-arm. As they walk along the street, Beryl says, "Thankyou for all you did last night." Gordon tells her, "I just wish I could have done more." Beryl smiles, "You were there. Believe me - I was grateful for a friendly face." She then goes on more glumly, "They're convinced I'm the murderer, Gordon - those detectives; I could feel it." Gordon, however, says, "It doesn't matter what they're convinced of; they've got no hard evidence against you, so stop worrying about it." Beryl points out, "That won't stop them looking." Gordon shrugs, "Let them. They'll give up when they realise they're wasting their time." Beryl comments, "You read about cases like this in the paper. You don't give them much thought because you don't know the people and you don't really care about them. All-of-a-sudden, you're the one they're writing about and you realise the people out there don't care about you, either." Gordon soothes, "Hey! I care. All your friends care. Don't you ever forget that." Beryl smiles, "I won't."

Michael emerges through a door at Park Ridge Hospital. A nurse walks up to him and tells him, "Oh, doctor, I've been looking for you. There are some detectives in the waiting area: they want to speak to Wayne Hamilton." Michael asks, "Is he awake?" The nurse replies, "Not yet." Michael says, "Thankyou. I'll speak to them." The nurse then continues, "Wayne's father also called." Michael asks, "What did he say?" The nurse tells him, "They released his wife, but they say it's only because they haven't got enough concrete evidence. They're pretty sure she's guilty." Looking worried, Michael murmurs, "Hell..." The nurse asks, "What's wrong?" Michael replies, "If Wayne tells the detectives what they want to hear, they could end up with all the concrete evidence they need..."

Susan is giving Beryl a hug in Fiona's room at the mansion, crying, "I'm sorry, mum." Beryl soothes, "Oh, what for?" Susan murmurs, "I don't know. I just feel so involved - as if it's all partly my fault. I was the one you were out looking for." Gordon chips in and assures her, "It has nothing to do with you. You have nothing to feel sorry for. Wayne will clean this whole mess up today." Beryl sighs, "I hope so." Susan asks her mother, "Do you want anything?" Beryl replies, "A cup of tea wouldn't go astray!" Susan heads off to the kitchen. Beryl then says to Gordon, "I'm a bit chilly. Would you mind getting my cardigan from upstairs?" Gordon nods, "Of course not." He heads out of the room, leaving Beryl alone with Fiona. She says to Fiona in an urgent tone, "I need to talk to you about something." The two of them sit down and Beryl carries on, "I had a nightmare last night. I was running through this field and I kept calling out for David." Fiona, looking thoughtful, remarks, "That's not hard to believe; I mean, you've spent more of your life with David, than you have without him. You've learnt to rely on him through thick and thin. It only makes sense that you'd turn to him when you were in trouble." Beryl asks warily, "What about Gordon?" Fiona insists, "It doesn't mean you love him any less - but that sort of trust takes time." Beryl smiles, "I can always rely on you to say the right thing at the right time, can't I?!" Fiona nods, "You sure can!" She then adds airily, "I notice you didn't call out for me last night!"

Michael is standing at Wayne's bedside at the hospital, saying to Wayne, "There are two detectives outside who want to ask you a few questions. Do you feel up to it?" Wayne nods slowly and murmurs, "Yeah." Michael says, "OK - but if you start to feel tired, just say the word; they can come back later." With that, he heads over to the door, opens it and says to Detective Morris and his colleague, "Just a few minutes." Morris and his colleague step inside. Morris then says to Wayne, "Morning, Mr. Hamilton. I'm Detective Morris; this is Detective Fuller." He indicates his colleague. He then continues, "We'd just like to ask you a few questions. Dr. Benson said that, last night, you started to give the name of the person who shot you. Can you name that person now?" Wayne turns his head away and starts staring at the ceiling. Morris asks, "What's wrong?" Wayne looks at Michael - who's standing at the end of the bed - and murmurs, "I don't remember saying that. I don't even remember talking to you." Michael tells him, "You asked to see Gordon. We were both here." Wayne shakes his head slowly and murmurs, "I don't remember." Morris looks at Michael and asks, "What's up?" Michael explains, "He's still disorientated after surgery. He admitted last night he was still hazy." Morris turns back to Wayne and repeats, "Can you tell us who shot you?" Wayne stares at him for several seconds before murmuring, "I can't remember." Michael tells Morris, "He was very drunk when the shooting took place. That, coupled with the shock to his system, must be causing this memory loss. It should clear up when everything settles down." Morris says to Wayne, "Apparently, you started to say a name beginning with 'B'. Now, were you talking about Beryl Hamilton?" Wayne just murmurs, "I don't know. I don't know..."

Gordon is sitting in Fiona's room at the mansion, the 'phone to his ear. He asks, "How is he?" He listens for several seconds before saying, "I see. Thanks for calling, Michael. Let me know if there's any change. Bye." He hangs up. He then looks at Fiona, Beryl and Susan and tells them, "The police have just been with Wayne. He's had a lapse of memory and can't remember who shot him." Beryl gasps, "Can't remember?" Gordon explains, "It's a combination of his drunkenness at the time of the shooting and the shock to his system." Beryl sighs, "I thought it would all be over by now." Fiona tells her, "Wayne just needs a little more time to settle down. He'll remember." Gordon adds, "Michael said the same thing." Beryl remarks, "It could go on for weeks. How am I supposed to hold my head up in the meantime?" Gordon leans across to her, kisses her gently on the lips and says, "Like this." Beryl smiles at him, weakly. Susan announces suddenly, "I'm going to see him, mum." Beryl, however, retorts, sharply, "Oh, no, don't, Susie. I couldn't bear any more trouble with you and Wayne; not with everything else that's happening." Susan insists, "I'm not going there to fight; I'm going there to stop the fighting. I did a lot of thinking last night about Wayne and me. I lost my baby, you got involved... it's not worth it: we're all getting hurt, one-by-one. I want it to end. If it does, Wayne might relax and feel better. It'll take the pressure off him and he might remember." Beryl smiles in relief, "I have been waiting so long for the old Susie to come back. I think she finally has." Gordon looks at Susan and asks, "Do you want me to come with you?" Susan, however, tells him, "This is between me and Wayne..."

Wayne is sitting up in his hospital bed, reading. The tubes that surrounded him have been disconnected. The door to the room opens and Susan walks in. She asks her husband bluntly, "Can I talk to you?" Wayne replies, "Sure. I want to talk to you, too." Susan asks, "How do you feel?" Wayne, however, retorts, "What would you care? For all I know, it could've been you who shot me." Susan insists, "I didn't." Wayne suggests, "Maybe it was your mother?" Susan snaps, "It wasn't her, either." Wayne remarks, "The cops think she's running-hot-favourite." Susan hesitates. She then says, "I've been thinking." Wayne retorts, "Me too. You're the hotshot businesswoman now - always on the look-out for a good deal. I've got a little proposition for you." Susan asks suspiciously, "What?" Wayne tells her, "You sign over all your money to me, or I'll tell the cops Beryl shot me - because that's all the evidence they need to lock her away for the next twenty years. Deal?" Susan stares at him in disbelief.

A few moments later, Susan cries, "You're bluffing." Wayne snaps, "Don't bet on it." Susan gasps, "I don't believe it. I came here to patch things up with you. I really though that we'd both gone far enough - but there's no limit for you, is there?" Wayne just shrugs, "Is it a deal?" Susan goes in in horror, "You'd send an innocent woman to prison just for money?" Wayne retorts, "I have no choice." Susan cries, "Of course you do. She didn't do it, Wayne; she wouldn't survive in prison." Wayne mutters, "My heart's bleeding. So was my bank balance. It needs a nice big fat cheque to patch it up." Susan stares at him and gasps, "You're sick!" Wayne just points out, "I am in hospital!" He then continues, "Don't think I can't do it. Michael says it won't be long before my memory comes back - and guess what: the more I think about it, the clearer I can see Beryl's hand on that trigger." Susan turns to head out, looking shocked. Wayne calls after her, "I can wait for an answer. Don't leave it too long: I've got a bank manager who's getting a bit twitchy." Susan storms off.

Angel and Janice are sitting on the step outside the front door of the mansion. Angel is saying, "Look, I'm really sorry about you having to quit your job and that, you know?" Janice assures him, "That's OK - I needed the change, anyway." Angel sighs, "If I hadn't got rough with that mug, Andy, it wouldn't have happened." Janice assures him, "You did the honourable thing. I'm just not quite sure about your methods!" Angel remarks, "I'm just a big boofhead, eh? A man should have more sense." Janice smiles, "I think you're quite sweet, myself." Angel stands up and mutters in embarrassment, "Give me a break!" Janice stands up as well and tells him sincerely, "I mean it. When you first asked me out, I didn't want to go; I kept thinking about all the awful things I heard about bikers. But you're not like that. I'm glad I got to know you." Angel nods, "Me too." Janice goes on, "That's why Charlie's attitude annoys me so much: if only she'd take the time to get to know you." Angel shrugs, "Par for the course, really. I reckon you're the only person who's been nice to me who knows I'm a biker. Except Meredith." Janice asks, "Who's Meredith?" Angel explains, "Chick I used to know in Dubbo. Mother of my kid." Janice comments, "You never told me you were married." Angel replies, "We're not." Janice, looking taken aback, murmurs, "Oh." Angel goes on, "We were together for a while and it didn't work out." Janice, looking put-out, asks sharply, "Why not?" Angel tells her, "Because I'm not the fatherly type. Some guys are good at that sort of thing. I'm not." Janice snaps, "Nonsense - I think you'd make a wonderful father." Angel, however, retorts, "It's a waste of time. Meredith and the kid are better off without me." With that, he marches off.

Gordon is sitting in Fiona's room at the mansion, looking at a photo he keeps in his wallet of him and Wayne. Beryl emerges from the bedroom and Gordon asks, "How are you feeling?" Beryl tells him, "Better. Susan's taken a load off my mind. One good thing's come out of this mess: at least she seems to be getting herself back on the rails." She then comments hesitantly, "You were looking at the photo. Are you OK?" She sits down with Gordon as he replies, "You're here." Beryl, however, says, "It's not enough, though, is it? I've been so preoccupied with my own problems, I haven't given a thought to yours: Wayne in hospital, lucky to be alive..." Gordon murmurs, "He's flesh-and-blood. No matter how hard I try to cut myself off, I still want to help him." Beryl says, "Then do it - for your sake, as well as his." Gordon murmurs, "He's never been an angel - but the problem's worse since he found out about Huntingdon's: he's angry... and bitter. Maybe a psychiatrist might help?" The door bursts openly suddenly and Susan marches in. She cries, "I tried, mum, I tried my best." Beryl asks in surprise, "What happened?" Susan looks at Gordon and snaps, "Your precious son has given me an ultimatum: either I hand over all my money or he tells the police mum shot him." Beryl gasps, "He wouldn't!" Gordon assures her quickly, "Don't worry - he won't." Standing up, he adds curtly, "I think it's time that I had a little chat to him." He marches out.

Wayne is sitting up in his hospital bed, watching TV, when the door opens and Gordon bursts in. He storms over to the TV and turns it off. He then snaps at Wayne, "What the hell do you think you're doing?" Wayne asks in surprise, "What?" Gordon reminds him angrily, "You'll remember Beryl shot you unless Susan gives you all her money." Wayne looks at him and says blankly, "I don't know what you're talking about." Gordon, however, snaps furiously, "Don't you play innocent with me; it doesn't ring true anymore. Susan came here to make her peace with you and you pull a stunt like that." Wayne cries, "She's lying." Gordon, however, snaps, "No, Wayne, you are - yet again. Did you honestly think I wouldn't hear about it? You need help. You're going to see a psychiatrist." Wayne gasps, "I'm gonna what?" Gordon goes on angrily, "God knows I can't do any more with you. Maybe somebody with professional training can sort you out." Wayne snarls, "Is that right? What gives you the right to come barging in here telling me what I'm going to do? I thought you were finished with me, remember?" Gordon yells, "I had hoped so, but not when you continue to hurt people I love." Wayne mutters, "So I'm still on the outer." Gordon tells him coldly, "Wayne, you are impossible to love anymore." Wayne glares at him and cries, "Then get out. I don't want to know you, anymore." He winces, suddenly, in pain. Gordon yells, "You are going to see a psychiatrist." Wayne snaps back, "I'm not going to see anyone. Just get--" He winces again, and screws up his face in agony. He begins to pant heavily. Michael rushes in and tells Gordon, "Wait outside." He then pulls an oxygen mask down and places it over Wayne's mouth, soothing, "Just relax. It's alright."

It's evening-time. Beryl is talking on the 'phone in Fiona's room at the mansion, asking, "Is he going to be alright?" She listens before adding, "We'll see you soon. Bye." She then hangs up. Susan, who's sitting on the couch, asks, "What's happened?" Beryl tells her, "Wayne's had a relapse." Susan asks, "How?" Beryl shrugs, "I don't know. He's alright now, but Gordon wants to stay there a little longer, until he's well and truly out of the woods." Looking annoyed, Susan demands, "What for?" Beryl retorts, "Because Wayne is his son." Susan stands up and snaps, "And to hell with what he's doing to you." Beryl points out, "Gordon can't turn his feelings off for Wayne like a light." Susan snaps, "I wish everyone would just leave Wayne alone to die." Beryl stares at her and cries, "Don't you talk like that; it frightens me. I was so happy this afternoon when you were going to see Wayne to put an end to all of this fighting." Susan retorts, "Mum, he is using you as a weapon to get my money." Beryl snaps, "I know what he's doing, Susie, and I'm not asking you to forgive him - but you must control that hatred inside you." Susan, however, her eyes blazing, growls, "No. No, I'll get him for this - and the more I hate him, the easier it'll be - and I'll enjoy it." Beryl glares at her daughter. She then lashes out and slaps her hard around the face.


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