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    Written by: Don Battye   Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Russell Webb

Beryl stares at her daughter. She then begins to break down and cries, "Susan... I'm so sorry... I'm so sorry..." She puts her arms around Susan and gives her a hug, sobbing as she does so, "I can't bear to hear you talk that way; it's not my daughter... it's not my little girl... it's not the way she was." She steps back as Susan tells her, "That's the point mum: I'm not." Beryl carries on, "I know what you've been through... I know how terrible it's been for you... Please, don't turn into someone who doesn't know how to feel." Susan just retorts coldly, "If you don't feel, you can't hurt." Beryl, looking horrified, cries, "Oh, Susie..." Susan insists, "We change; we all change, whether we like it or not." She then announces, "I think I'll go for a walk; have a think." She turns and heads out, leaving Beryl looking worried and upset. She sits down slowly on the couch.

Wayne is lying unconscious in his bed at Park Ridge Hospital. Michael is in the room, carrying out some checks. After a few seconds, he turns and walks out again. Gordon is standing out in the corridor and he asks, "What's the news?" Michael replies, "He's in a reasonably stable condition; that's all I can honestly tell you." Gordon murmurs, "It's terrible, isn't it, this waiting?" Michael tells him, "I think you should go home, Gordon; get some sleep. Everything that can be done is being done." Gordon, however, replies, "No, I couldn't possibly sleep. What if he regained consciousness and I wasn't here? I know he doesn't deserve to have anybody care about him... but he is my son."

Fiona is sitting at the desk in her room at the mansion as Beryl stands peering out through the window, saying in concern, "I'm worried, Fiona: she's been gone for over an hour." Fiona points out, "You said she wanted to think." Beryl murmurs, "Just the same..." Fiona smiles, "Put yourself in her position: after what she's been through lately, it'd take an awful lot more than one hour to try and sort yourself out." Beryl cries, "I'm her mother; I want to help." Fiona sighs, "Oh, my darling, how many times have you said that? How many times have all mothers said that? Look back on your own life... on your own mother. Did you always turn to her for help? Uh-uh: there comes a time in all our lives when we have to make a decision for ourselves, whether our mothers like it or not." Beryl retorts, "I know that, and I agree, but I don't know whether she's in the right frame of mind to cope, that's all. I don't even know whether I'm in the right frame of mind to help her. And what about Gordon? A son who might not live and a wife who's been arrested for attempted murder. Great start to married life!" Fiona comments, "This might sound over-simplified, but you both know you've got lots of friends who want to help." Beryl nods, "Yes, I do, and I'm very grateful, Fiona." Fiona insists, "Not just me..." Beryl just murmurs, "I think I might go and look for her." With that, she heads out, leaving Fiona sitting at the desk, looking worried.

Wayne is still lying unconscious in his hospital bed. The door to the room opens slowly and someone walks in. They close the door behind them and walk over to Wayne's bed. They then pick up a pillow that's resting on a chair next to the bed and place it over Wayne's face. Wayne comes-to suddenly, and begins to start struggling. The intruder goes and switches off the light - just as the door to the room opens and Michael comes in. He steps into the room and stops in his tracks, looking puzzled at finding the lights off. The intruder lunges at him suddenly, from behind, and hits him. He falls to the floor. The intruder makes their escape...

A few moments later, Wayne beings to pant heavily as he comes round more fully. Michael climbs up slowly from the floor, holding his head. He spots Wayne's heavy breaths and quickly grabs an oxygen mask to place over his mouth and nose. He then presses a buzzer to call for help.

A short time later, out in the corridor, Michael is telling Gordon, "Fortunately, I arrived just in time. His condition is still as it was." Looking worried, Gordon remarks, "That means there's still somebody out there trying to get him." Michael nods, "Without a doubt." Beryl walks up to them suddenly and asks, "How is he?" Gordon tells her, "Not good. There's been a terrible accident. If Michael hadn't gone in to attend to him... well... Somebody tried to suffocate him." Beryl gasps, "Oh no!" Gordon assures her, "It's alright: his condition is stable." Beryl replies, "Yes, but Susan went out for a walk. I've been looking for her because she's been gone so long." She then implores, "Michael, you mustn't tell the police about this - please." Gordon points out, "They have to know; there's somebody out there who's trying to kill him. We both know it's not Susan." Beryl retorts, "I know, but what about me? I'm the one they already suspect; if they find out I arrived just after it's happened..." Gordon says sharply, "We can't expect Michael not to tell them; it's his duty. Besides, it could be important in tracking down the real culprit." Looking uncomfortable, Michael says, "I'd better get back to Wayne." He heads off. Left alone with Gordon, Beryl cries, "Do you realise what this means? It could be the extra evidence they've been looking for." Gordon puts his arms around her, comfortingly.

In her room at the mansion, Fiona is preparing some tea for herself and Susan. The door opens suddenly and Beryl and Gordon walk in, Beryl saying grimly as they do so, "I suppose we can expect a visit from the police in the morning." She notices Susan sitting there, and she cries in relief, "Susie, you're back!" Susan smiles, "Of course! I said I was only going for a walk." Beryl comments, "I've been so worried about you. Where did you go?" Susan shrugs, "Just walking; don't know, really." Beryl presses, "You didn't go anywhere near the hospital?" Gordon warns quickly, "Beryl..." Susan asks her mother, "Why is it important whether or not I went near the hospital?" Beryl tells her, "No reason; just, something happened there earlier." Fiona chips in, "What?" Beryl explains, "Whoever's been after Wayne tried again." Susan exclaims darkly, "And you think it was me." Beryl retorts, "Of course not, but to the police it could look funny." Susan, however, snaps, "No; to you it looks funny. You really think I'm the one, don't you?" Beryl retorts, "I don't know what to think, Susie. I don't know what to think about anything anymore." Susan stares at her, looking upset.

Debbie is taking some items out of the 'fridge in the kitchen at Beryl's as Craig stands by the table. He's wearing a suit. Debbie is also dressed in smart clothes. She asks Craig, "How are Caroline and Doug getting on? No more arguments?" Craig shrugs, "Not sure." Debbie comments, "I must say: I'm disappointed in Caroline walking out on Doug like that - and then finding out that she'd lied to him about that promotions thing." Craig suggests quickly, "Must have had a good reason." Debbie, however, declares, "No! No reason is good enough when it comes to trusting someone you love. I don't see how she can possibly expect their relationship to work if she doesn't stick to the rules." She sits down at the table as Craig stands there, looking uncomfortable. Debbie then smiles more brightly, "Anyway, I've got more to think about today. You haven't said whether I looked alright or not." Craig grins quickly, "Of course you look alright! You look terrific." Debbie comments, "I've got to create the best impression I can, going for these jobs." Craig tells her, "I don't see why you have to - look for a job, I mean." Debbie asks, "Why not? Robert's gone up with Beryl, so there's nothing to keep me here - and we need the money: we've got to save for our wedding. Besides, I just get bored rotten staying at home." Craig murmurs, "Yeah... I guess that's true." Debbie smiles, "Course it is! And it's going to be great, us working close to each other!" Craig smiles nervously.

A while later, Craig and Debbie are standing in a street in Melbourne, kissing passionately. As they pull apart, Craig says, "I'd better get going. See you!" Debbie asks, "Aren't you going to wish me good luck?" Craig smiles, "Good luck!" Debbie then says suddenly, "Hey... do you reckon there'd be anything going in your office? We could be working side-by-side!" Craig, however, tells her quickly, "No, no, no, not a thing. In fact, it's looking pretty bad: a few people were laid-off last week, so I reckon you'd have no hope." Debbie shrugs, "Plenty more places to look around here." With that, she walks off. Craig starts to head in the opposite direction, towards an office block. When he's sure Debbie is out of sight, though, he turns and starts walking towards the carwash.

Beryl, Fiona and Susan are picking up toys in the reception room at the mansion. As they do so, Susan comments, "Robert took the 'plane trip well, didn't he?" Beryl nods, "He was very good; Muriel said he wasn't a spot of bother." Fiona remarks, "It's just as well she brought him up; it saved you having to go down to Melbourne to get him." Beryl replies, "Yes." She then adds, "It was a shame she and Victor couldn't make it to the wedding, though." She then announces, "I'd better go and check on him." Fiona, however, smiles, "No, I'll do that, I'll do that!" She takes the last of the toys and heads out of the room. When she's gone, Susan says seriously to Beryl, "I've come to a decision, mum: I've decided Wayne can have the money." Beryl gasps, "What on earth for?" Susan explains, "Watching you and Robert earlier: there's no way I could see you two separated. If he gets the money, he tells the police the truth and you're off the hook." Beryl, however, retorts, "That's not the way to do it, Susie. Wayne has got away with far too much in his life, and I'm determined not to let him win this time. I'm innocent and they'll prove that in court. That is the only way to handle it. You go and tell him he's not getting a cent - and he's not holding any threat over my head. I mean it."

Michael is helping Wayne into a wheelchair in his room at the hospital. Susan walks in suddenly and asks Michael, "Where are you taking him?" Wayne retorts, "Outside, to get some fresh air." Susan remarks sourly, "You must have improved." Michael tells her, "Fresh air is the best medicine money can buy." Susan then says, "I'd like to talk to him for a moment. It won't take long." Michael warns, "I don't want him excited or upset." He leaves the room. Wayne growls at Susan, "What do you want?" Susan retorts, "Just a few moments." Wayne mutters, "For what?" Susan snaps, "To tell you you haven't won." Wayne growls, "You reckon, do you?" Susan retorts, "Yes, I do. I'm not signing my money over." Wayne warns coldly, "I meant what I said: your mother's going to suffer." Susan tells him, "She's prepared to take that risk - but you're not getting a cent out of me." Wayne shrugs nastily, "Then I can guarantee one thing: you're going to be very, very sorry..." With that, he wheels himself past out of the room.

Michael is at the gym, lying on a bench, lifting some weights. Alison walks in and, smiling at him, remarks, "You look like you could do with a good sleep, not a workout!" Michael explains, "I thought it might get the blood pumping again." Alison asks, "Rough night at the hospital?" Michael nods, "Yeah. I spent most of it with Wayne Hamilton. Somebody had another go at him; tried to suffocate him." Alison comments breezily, "And they didn't succeed? Oh well, there's always the next time, I suppose!" Michael, putting the weights back in their resting position, retorts, "I'm too tired to bite, Alison." Alison suggests, "Why don't you forget all this macho image stuff and go and relax in the steam room? I'm sure it would do you much more good." Michael stands up and smiles, "That is a very sensible suggestion." Alison beams, "Of course it is!" Michael heads off as Fiona walks into the room. She says to Alison curtly, "Not giving him a hard time, I hope: the poor guy's been up all night." Alison replies, "So he told me. Must be devoted to his profession to be spending so much time on Wayne." Fiona points out, "He is a doctor - and a very good one." The two of them head out to the reception area, Alison going on as they do so, "I wonder what the man's like, though." Fiona, however, chuckles, "Oh no you don't! I've already told you: you're not getting your claws into him." Alison insists, "I am simply interested to know what makes him tick." Fiona says curtly, "You would do well to remember you're not getting any younger, Alison." Alison, however, retorts, "Fiona, my mind doesn't work like yours; I have never had a penchant for younger men. I meant what I said before: I want to know more about him because I happen to like him." Fiona warns, "The slightest hint that you have anything else in mind and you've got me to answer to." Alison laughs, "I'm petrified!" With that, she turns and walks off.

Craig and another guy are busy soaping down a car at the carwash. Craig looks up suddenly - and spots Debbie walking along the road, towards them. He climbs into the car quickly. The other guy looks at him in astonishment and asks, "What are you doing?" Craig just tells him, "Send it through!" The guy presses a button on a nearby machine and the car starts moving. Debbie walks past as the car begins to go through the machine. When it emerges on the other side, Craig peers out carefully through the window and, when he sees the coast is clear, climbs out. The guy working with him cries, "You're nuts!" Craig explains, "It was my girlfriend. She thinks I'm working in those office blocks across the street; I couldn't let her see me." The second guy suggests, "You could have just told her you had an extra job in your lunch hour!" Craig smiles, "Very funny!" He then grabs a soapy sponge and starts rubbing it in the other guy's face! The carwash owner calls over suddenly, "Hey! Enough of that. Get on with it."

Michael sits down in the reception area at the gym and picks up a glass of squash. Alison emerges from the main exercise area and joins him. As she pours herself a drink, she asks, "Feel better for a shot of steam?" Michael replies, "Sure do. I could curl up in a corner and sleep for a week, now." Alison tells him, "I must say: I admire you medicos. I can't think of another profession where the hours are so long and so relentless." She sits down as Michael says, "There are a few. The thing you have to watch is the emotional side." Alison comments, "I thought you weren't meant to get involved - although I can see how easy it would be: every patient can't be a success story." Michael admits, "They're not - and that's a hard thing to face." Alison queries, "What: actually losing patients?" Michael tells her, "Not from any sense of ego; just the fact that you weren't able to save a life." Alison remarks, "That's obviously the whole point of being a doctor." Michael shrugs, "Most of it, I suppose. There are lots of illnesses that don't cause death, of course." He then adds grimly, "The worst are the accidents. I had a brother who died because of an accident." Alison looks at him sympathetically and asks, "How did it happen?" Michael, however, murmurs, "Not important." He then stands up and says, "I think I'd better go and put my head down somewhere, before I drop off. Thanks for suggesting the steam room: it helped." Alison smiles, "My pleasure." With that, Michael heads out, leaving Alison looking thoughtful.

Wayne is sitting in his wheelchair in the grounds of the hospital when Detective Morris and a colleague walk over to him. Wayne looks at the visitors and says, "Detective Morris, thankyou for coming." Morris remarks, "The message said you had something important to tell me." Wayne nods, "That's right." He then asks, "How much evidence do you have against Beryl Palmer?" Morris asks, "Why?" Wayne tells him,"I just wondered whether anything more had come up, that's all." Morris shrugs, "Nothing further than what we had." Wayne presses, "No clues on who it was came into my room last night?" Morris replies, "As Doctor Benson didn't see the intruder, no - unless, of course, you've got something to add." Wayne tells him, "I think I might." Morris looks at him sharply. Wayne then goes on, "You see, I've remembered who it was who shot me in the first place. Although I was pretty much out of it last night, I have a vague recollection of seeing the same person. It was Beryl Palmer." Morris raises his eyebrows and looks at his colleague.

Fiona is playing with Robert on the couch in her room at the mansion as Gordon sits at the table and watches. Beryl emerges from the kitchen with a tray of tea things. Gordon stands up to give her a hand with them, saying warmly as he does so, "You know, your whole attitude has changed since I brought him back from the airport." He indicates Robert. Beryl explains, "Yes, well, he makes me think of all the good things in life." Gordon muses, "And I don't?!" Fiona laughs, "Don't be so awful, darling!" There's suddenly a knock on the door, and Fiona groans, "Oh, now who wants to go interrupting our afternoon tea?" She heads over to open the door - and finds Detective Morris and his colleague standing there. Morris says to her, "Is Mrs. Hamilton in, please?" Fiona nods, "Yes, she is. Please, come on through." Morris and his colleague step inside. Gordon looks at Morris and says, "You have some news?" Morris, however, replies, "Not 'news', exactly, Mr. Hamilton." He then turns to Beryl and says, "Mrs. Hamilton, you were at the hospital last night; we established that with Dr. Benson." Beryl retorts, "I'm not denying that." Morris goes on, "As you know, Dr. Benson disturbed someone in Wayne's room." Gordon says curtly, "Could you please get to the point?" Morris tells Beryl, "Wayne's identified you as that person, Mrs. Hamilton." Gordon cries in horror, "That is an absolute lie." Morris demands, "Why? Do you have some proof that it wasn't Mrs. Hamilton?" Gordon snaps, "No, I don't. I don't need any." Beryl tells Morris tersely, "I merely called in to check on his condition. Is there anything wrong with that?" Morris says, "Of course not - but Wayne is certain that you were the person who tried to asphyxiate him." Beryl retorts, "Then he's lying." Morris tells her, "I'm afraid we can't take your word for that, Mrs. Hamilton. We have enough for a case. You're under arrest for attempted murder." Beryl gasps, "No!" Gordon snaps at Morris, "My son is lying." Morris, however, retorts, "I don't believe he is, sir." Beryl murmurs in shock, "What am I to do?" She then turns to Fiona and asks distantly, "Will you look after Robert for me?" Fiona assures her, "Of course, darling." Beryl then tells Robert, "You be a good boy for Aunty Fiona, OK?" Gordon tells Beryl, "I'll come with you." Morris says, "There's no point, Mr. Hamilton." Gordon, however, snaps, "I have every right to accompany my wife." Beryl gives Robert a final hug and a kiss and hands him to Fiona. She then makes her way to the door, slowly, and, after a last look at Robert, murmurs to Gordon, "I will never forgive Wayne for this." Gordon tells her tersely, "Nor will I."

Sometime later, Gordon is standing in Wayne's room at the hospital, saying coldly, "I never believed that you would go so far. You have a sick, diseased mind, Wayne, and I am ashamed to be your father." Wayne starts to say, "Dad..." Gordon, however, snaps, "Don't come that snivelling act with me. You claim - you actually claim - that you want me to love you, and yet you sink to such malicious lies to get the woman that I happen to care more about than anyone else on Earth. Well, that's it, I suppose: jealousy; blind, stupid, petty jealousy. That's the only possible explanation I have for what you've done. But I don't suppose it even vaguely crossed your mind how much you hurt me: the one person who you profess to love so much." Wayne starts to insist, "It was Beryl I saw--" Gordon interrupts him, though, and yells, "Don't lie!" He then goes on coolly, "There is, of course, one vital thing that you've overlooked: because of your stupid jealously, you've totally ignored the fact that there is somebody out there who really wants to kill you." Wayne looks down at the bedclothes, realisation dawning. Gordon continues, "I know Beryl didn't do it, and you know that Beryl didn't do it, but by being so bloody clever and putting her behind bars, you've left the way wide open for whoever it is to do whatsoever they want to, now. You'd better be very alert from now on, Wayne, 'cos you'll never know when they're going to strike again - and if you weren't my son, I would wish them all the luck in the world..."

Debbie is sitting at the kitchen table at Beryl's, a newspaper in her hands. Craig is standing with her and she tells him, "Listen to this." She then turns back to the newspaper and goes on, "A guy from the carwash has just written to this guy from the newspaper, and he says: today, he was washing a car with his mate, and suddenly the other guy leapt into the car and went through the whole carwash with it because he saw his girlfriend and he didn't want her knowing he was working there!" She bursts out laughing. Craig sits down and takes off his tie, muttering as he does so, "That's not that funny." Debbie muses, "I suppose it's not; it's just the way this reporter's written it. Actually, it's quite sad: I mean, the guy and the girl can't have much going for them if he's not prepared to be honest with her." Craig suggests quickly, "He might have other reasons." Debbie shrugs, "Mmm... still... I wonder whether he got wet!" Craig murmurs distantly, "No." Debbie stares at him. Craig adds quickly, "How would he? Being inside the car." Debbie shrugs and nods in acceptance.

Michael is noting down some readings on a chart in Wayne's room at the hospital. He then tells Wayne, who's sitting up in bed, "You're doing fine. The main thing is to stay relaxed - which you don't look at the moment..." Wayne murmurs, "I'm not. Do you know a good psychiatrist?" Michael asks in surprise, "You serious?" Wayne retorts, "Yes." Michael says, "As a matter of fact, I do. I think you'd get on well with him." Wayne murmurs, "As soon as you can." Michael replies, "Sure." He then adds, "Now, just try and take it easy. I don't want to dope you up too much, but I will if I have to." Wayne says sharply, "No, I don't want anything, thanks." Michael puts down the chart and says, "Take it easy." He heads out of the room. Wayne sits back in his bed, looking worried. He mutters to himself, "Who in the hell was it?" He then starts thinking back to when he was sitting on the sunlounger by the pool at Dural. He'd taken a sip from a glass of scotch and had heard the gate squeak. He'd put his drink down again and clambered to his feet. In his hospital bed, Wayne repeats to himself, "Who in the hell was it...?"


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