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    Written by: Bevan Lee   Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Chris Sheil

It's the next morning, and Doug is buttering a piece of toast in the kitchen at Caroline's when he hears the front door bang. He calls, "Is that you, Craig?" Caroline, however, calls back, "It's me." Doug heads out to the hallway to join her. Caroline then murmurs, "I flew off the handle, didn't I?" Doug just replies, "If that's a question, I reckon you know the answer." Caroline asks meekly, "Will 'sorry' do?" Doug smiles, "A bloke can't ask for much more than that. Reckon I helped things along a bit, too, the way I carried on, so... I'm sorry, as well." Caroline says, "I was so worried you wouldn't accept my apology." Doug puts his arms round her and smiles, "I'm just a forgiving sort of guy!" With that, he heads back into the kitchen. Caroline walks into the lounge room. A few seconds later, Doug calls, "I missed you!" Caroline called back, "I missed you." Doug calls, "How was the publicity tour? What did you do? Sit in bookshops and sign copies for shocked little old ladies who thought it was disgusting, but couldn't help reading it?!" Caroline, looking suddenly uncomfortable, murmurs, "How did you guess?" Doug goes on, "Seriously, what did you do?" Caroline says quickly, "Oh, the odd chatshow... this and that. That sort of thing. Anything exciting happen here?" Doug calls from the kitchen, "Up in Sydney it did. Someone shot Wayne Hamilton." There's silence. Caroline walks into the kitchen after a few seconds and asks, "Will he live?" Doug says, "They don't know." He then comments, "You don't look very surprised." Caroline shrugs, "He's been asking for it for ages. I can only hope that the person who did it will get away with it." Doug remarks, "That wasn't very nice." Caroline retorts, "After what he did to me, I can't feel any differently." Doug sighs, "I can't say I blame you, in one way. Still, it's good that you weren't up in Sydney: with your attitude and the fact that he's suing you, you would've been a prime suspect." Caroline murmurs knowingly, "I suppose I would..."

Susan is walking along a street, looking thoughtful as she glances around her. She stops by a newspaper stand and stares at the full-page headline on a newspaper: 'Murder Attempt in Dural. Man Fights for Life'. A photo of a smiling Wayne accompanies it.

In Fiona's room at the mansion, Beryl stands up from where she's sitting with Gordon and Fiona and cries, "I know I was stupid to go out there, but I wanted to get it out of my system. I'm sure Alison's the one who shot Wayne; she had every reason to." Gordon, standing up as well, comments, "I hate to say this about my own son, but who didn't? He alienated so many people, the list of suspects reads like a telephone book." Fiona chuckles, "Alison... Caroline... Susan..." Beryl snaps sharply, "Susan would never do anything like that." Gordon soothes, "Fiona didn't say she did - and if you remember, you were worried about her yourself." Beryl sighs, "Yes, I know. I'm sorry, Fiona, I suppose it's my way of coping with being their main suspect." Gordon, however, mutters, "Rubbish. There's no more likelihood of you being arrested than I. And stop worrying about what Alison said: it doesn't make a scrap of difference." There's suddenly a knock on the door. It opens and Susan comes in, saying meekly, "It's only me." Beryl cries in relief, "Oh, Susan, I've been worried sick. Are you alright?" She gives her daughter a hug as she replies, "I'm fine." Beryl pleads, "Please, never ever run off like that again." They sit down as Susan explains, "I couldn't take it in the hospital anymore." Gordon asks her, "Where have you been? Where did you spend the night?" Susan replies, "In a hotel. I went to Glen's grave; stayed there for ages. When it got dark, I was feeling weak, so I booked into a hotel down the road. I couldn't walk any further. I lay on the bed and the next thing I knew it was morning." Fiona chips in suddenly, "Can anyone verify that?" Everyone turns to look at her. Fiona points out, "It's a problem we have to face." She then says, "Susie, darling, something has come up about Wayne." Susan retorts sharply, "I saw the paper - and no, I haven't got an alibi." Beryl insists, "There's no question of anyone suspecting you, love, but it would help if you could find someone to vouch for your whereabouts yesterday afternoon. Did anyone see you at the cemetery?" Susan replies, "Not that I know of. I was pretty out of it." Beryl insists, "You should be back in hospital." Susan assures her, "I'll be alright." Beryl, however, tells her, "Still, we'll get Michael in to have a look at you." Susan nods, "OK." She then looks at Gordon and comments, "The paper said that Wayne's critical. Is that right?" Gordon, however, replies, "It now looks as though he could be out of the woods." Susan murmurs, "If he is, I hope whoever did it gets to him and finishes the job. He deserves to die..."

Sometime later, Susan is sitting in an armchair in the reception room, dozing. Beryl puts a cup of tea down on the table next to her and Susan stirs. Beryl tells her, "Michael's here. He'll see you whenever you're ready." She then adds, "You looked so peaceful; I wish I could make it like that for you all the time." She goes on sincerely, "I love you, Susie." Susan murmurs, "I love you, too." Beryl continues, "I hate seeing you unhappy." Susan tells her, "I don't like it either, mum. I shocked you with what I said in there, didn't I?" Beryl nods, "It certainly wasn't my little girl talking." Susan sighs, "I'm not your little girl; not any more. I'm your neurotic, crazy, mixed-up daughter - and I am unhappy, mum. Very." Beryl murmurs, "That does sound like my little girl." She then declares, "When Wayne recovers, I want you to leave that house; just walk away from it - or you'll destroy each other." Susan stares at her and says, "I can't. I have to make him pay for what he did to Glen - and to the baby." She then stands up and adds, "I don't want to keep Michael waiting." With that, she heads out of the room, leaving Beryl looking worried.

Doug is sorting out T-shirts in the lounge room at Caroline's when the 'phone starts ringing. He goes and answers it. He listens and then smiles, "Just the man I was thinking about - I was packing more T-shirts, partner! The orders are pouring in!" At the desk in Fiona's room at the mansion, Gordon murmurs, "Good." He then adds quickly, "I'm sorry - I didn't want to sound unenthusiastic." He listens and says, "No, not at the moment. Plenty of suspects, but nobody that I would consider capable of killing somebody." He then asks, "Is Caroline there?" Doug, however, replies, "Just missed her, mate; she's gone over to see Debbie. 'Phone her over there, if you like." He listens before smiling, "She just got back about an hour ago. I'm glad to have her home, I can tell you: we had a blue before she left; sweet as pie now, though." Gordon asks, "How is she? Is she alright?" Doug replies, "Why shouldn't she be?... You're not thinking what I think you're thinking, are you?" He listens and then retorts, "Caroline couldn't have shot Wayne even if she wanted to: she was on the publicity tour." Gordon, however, tells him, "Something strange is going on, Doug; that's what I wanted to speak to Caroline about. I rang the publishers: there was no promotional tour. She lied to you - and that looks pretty suspicious to me..."

The door opens at Beryl's and Debbie smiles at Caroline, "You're back! Quick! Come and help me look!" She pulls Caroline into the house and into the lounge room. Caroline asks, "What for?!" Debbie laughs, "My house-key! I put it down somewhere special so I wouldn't lose it, and now I can't remember where! I'm in a rush, too!" Caroline asks, "Why?" Debbie explains, "I'm going to surprise Craig for lunch. Did Doug tell you about his new job?" Caroline nods, "Yes, he did." Debbie goes on, "It's great. Lots of chance for advancement. I wrote to mum; she'll be rapt." Caroline smiles, "So? When's the wedding?!" Debbie, however, tells her, "Oh, we're not going to rush into it." She suddenly spots her keys in the fruit bowl on the table. Caroline asks in surprise, "What on earth did you put them there for?" Debbie giggles, "So I wouldn't lose them! It made sense at the time!" Caroline gives her a hug, suddenly, and Debbie asks in surprise, "What's this for?!" Caroline tells her, "Stay happy, sweetie; it's so good to see." Debbie asks in concern, "Are you alright?" Caroline nods, "Yes... It's just there's a lot of hurt going on. Being around you kids is like a tonic; that's why I came round, I guess." Debbie accepts this. She then says, "I've got to rush. Could you give me a lift? We can talk on the way." Caroline replies, "Sure! I want to know all about Craig's job." As they head out, Debbie enthuses, "It's fantastic. Best thing is it's proved mum wrong; she said he didn't have any future..."

Craig is washing down a car at the garage where he's working. He doesn't notice as Caroline pulls up in her car across the forecourt. Debbie climbs out and says, "Thanks, Caroline, I can walk from here; his office is just down there." She points down the road. Craig hears her voice and quickly runs over to hide behind a nearby wall. He listens as Caroline invites him and Debbie over to dinner. He then dashes over to where another guy is washing a car, says to him quickly, "Do me a favour: I've got to take an early lunch; something urgent's come up," and runs off down the road. Debbie starts walking along the street. A few seconds later, Craig emerges through a side door at the garage, dressed in his suit. He starts running along a back road and spots Debbie standing at the bottom of some steps. He pauses to get his breath back and then starts walking down the steps nonchalantly, calling to Debbie as he does so, "Hey! What are you doing here?" Debbie smiles, "I wanted to surprise you for lunch! Where do you want to go?" Craig says quickly, "How does sandwiches in the park sound?" Debbie nods, "Fine by me." She then remarks, "You're sweating." Craig tells her, "The air-conditioning's gone on the blink. It's as hot as hell in there..."

Gordon is pacing the floor of Fiona's room at the mansion. Fiona is sitting at the desk, reading My Sister My Love, but she tells Gordon tersely, "I've read the same sentence ten times - and it wasn't that interesting in the first place!" Gordon looks at her and murmurs, "I'm sorry." He sits down and sighs, "I just wish I could get on to Caroline; confront her with what she's been up to." Fiona suggests, "I think it's best to leave that to Doug, now." She then declares, "You know, the best thing I can say about Caroline's prose style is that it makes Jackie Collins read like Dickens!" Gordon, however, stands up again and snaps, "I don't give a damn about her prose style; I just want to know: was she in Sydney last night?" There's suddenly a knock on the door and Fiona calls, "Come on in." The door opens and Alison walks in. Fiona mutters at her, "If you're here in your capacity as landlord, fine, but if you want to know anything about the shooting, forget it." Alison retorts, "I should have known you'd take Beryl's side. It's Gordon I want to speak to." She looks at Gordon and goes on, "All I want you to do is come down to the police station and give them a description of the gun you used to keep around the house. I know I took it from Wayne, and now they're trying to use that to make a case against me." Gordon says coldly, "I've never kept a gun in the house." Alison insists, "You must've. Where did Wayne get it otherwise?" Fiona suggests curtly, "He probably bought it. You do try to complicate things, Alison." Alison growls, "In other words, you're not prepared to help me." Gordon tells her, "I am not going to perjure myself for your sake. I don't know anything about a gun, and if you want to think that I'm lying, you go ahead." Alison pauses before saying coldly, "Don't kid yourself your precious Beryl doesn't have it in her. I saw the way she threatened Wayne; that was a woman who could very easily kill." With that, she turns and heads out. Gordon stares after her.

Doug is sitting in the lounge room at Caroline's, looking at a magazine, when the front door opens and Caroline calls, "Only me! It's great being around Debbie; the kid's so positive, it cheered me up no end." She joins Doug in the lounge room and looks at the expression on his face. She smiles, "What's wrong with you, sourpuss?" Doug stands up and Caroline goes to kiss him. He pulls away, though. Caroline asks in surprise, "What is it?" Doug retorts, "I know there was no publicity tour - so where have you been for the last few days?"

A short time later, Doug is pacing the lounge room floor as Caroline sits in an armchair and says, "After our argument over the book, I wanted to lash out; I wanted to go off on my own and think - so I made up the publicity tour on the spur of the moment. Once I'd done that, I had to stick with it. So, I left and booked into a hotel and stayed there for a few days." Doug asks, "Where was this hotel? Here or in Sydney?" Caroline glares at him and snaps, "Do you honestly think that I--" Doug interrupts and retorts, "It doesn't matter what I think; it's what the police can make of it." Caroline says coolly, "It was in Melbourne. I'm not lying; I can prove it." Doug, sitting down on the couch, mutters, "It was still a pretty juvenile thing to do." Caroline snaps, "I was hurt after the way you attacked the book. I'm proud of it, Doug." Doug retorts, "It's a pretty destructive thing to be proud of." Caroline retorts, "It is something that I have done all on my own and it looks as though it's going to be a success. Quite frankly, I don't care whose nose it puts out of joint." Doug, standing up again, mutters, "Why do you have to keep playing silly games? Why can't you just be honest with me?" Caroline, however, cries, "That's rich, coming from you, after everything that happened when Billie was here." Doug sighs, "OK. Why can't we be honest with each other? Let's try from now on, OK?" Caroline murmurs, "Alright."

Angel's motorbike pulls up outside the mansion. Janice is sitting pillion, and as the bike comes to a halt, she exclaims to Angel, "It's such a stimulating experience! No wonder you and your biker friends get hooked on it!" Angel turns to her and replies, "It's more than just a ride; it's a way of life!" Janice then says, "I don't mean to be critical, but I've never understood why you all look so scruffy!" Angel shrugs, "Maybe we don't dress what you call 'neat', but there's good and bad everywhere; it's what's on the inside; you know that." Janice smiles, "Yeah." She then goes on, "Thankyou for a lovely morning. Will I see you soon?" Angel nods, "I reckon." He climbs off his bike before continuing, "You're not my type, Janice, but I reckon you're a nice lady." Janice smiles, "I think that was a compliment!" Angel assures her, "It was! I'll see you tomorrow!" Janice tells him, "I look forward to it." Angel then steps forward to kiss her. Janice, however, grabs him quickly and flips him over onto the ground. Angel lies there, looking astonished. Janice says in horror, "I'm sorry. Martial arts. Reflex action." Angel clambers to his feet and insists, "It's just a 'goodbye' kiss!" He gets back onto his bike, adding, "Next time, I'll give you a few minutes' warning, eh?!" With that, he rides off.

Detective Morris is inside, in Fiona's room, with a colleague. Beryl and Susan are sitting on the couch. Morris comments to Susan, "You say you went to visit a friend's grave. Seems rather a morbid thing to do, so soon after losing a baby." Susan, however, retorts, "I don't think so. It was comforting." Morris asks, "In what way?" Susan explains, "I was very close to Glen. It helped me being there." Morris sits down and remarks, "Surely after what you've been through, it would be better to be with your husband?" Beryl chips in curtly, "I don't see how that has anything to do with this investigation." Morris points out, "Someone attempted to murder your daughter's husband at a time when she went running away from hospital. I'm trying to establish Susan's frame of mind at that time, so if you don't mind..." He turns back to Susan and repeats, "After losing your baby, one might expect you to be with your husband rather than a friend." Susan cries, "I was upset; I didn't know who I wanted to be with. But I wasn't upset enough to shoot someone." Morris asks, "How would you describe your marriage, Susan?" Susan asks warily, "What do you mean?" Morris prompts, "Is it happy? Miserable? Do you love your husband? Do you like him? Tolerate him? Hate him? It's a simple question." Beryl chips in quickly, "They were very happy. You only have to check out a tape of Susan and Wayne when they were on television; you'll see just how happy they were to see each other again. I'd call that hard evidence - good enough to be shown in court." Looking at Susan, she adds, "Right, love?" Susan nods, "Right." She looks at Detective Morris. Morris just sits there, looking suspicious...

Caroline is sitting at the table in her lounge room, typing away at a typewriter. Doug walks over to her and gives her a kiss. Caroline giggles. She then says, "The publisher's been nagging me to start on the sequel - so I thought I'd take Wayne's shooting and do my own version. The culprit's always the most unlikeliest, so I thought I'd make it someone like Charlie!" Doug warns, "You'll be stepping on a few toes again..." Caroline just shrugs, "Authors always take their inspiration from life." She then asks, "Where did you get to?" Sitting down at the table, Doug replies, "I went down to the hotel where you were staying; talking to the staff. They definitely remember you being there, so you've got no worries: you're in the clear." A stony look comes across Caroline's face. Doug asks, "What's wrong?" Caroline spits, "You didn't trust me enough to believe my story." Doug insists quickly, "No! I just want to make--" Caroline stands up and says coldly, "Loving is believing, Doug. You take Gordon and Beryl: he'd never have done what you just did." Doug tells her, "You can't blame me; you've been up to some pretty weird things in the last...; not that I mean--" Caroline interrupts and snaps, "I know exactly what you mean. Thankyou for your vote of confidence. If that's all you feel about me..." She then removes her engagement ring and places it on the table before storming out of the room. Doug sighs heavily.

It's evening-time. Debbie emerges from the kitchen at Beryl's to find Craig standing in the lounge room. She smiles, "Hi! I didn't expect to see you 'til later!" Craig explains, "I went to Doug's, but he and Caroline had had an argument, so I cleared out." Debbie sighs, "Not another one. What's this one about?" Craig shrugs, "Not sure. Something about Doug not trusting her." They sit down, Debbie laughing as they do so, "Sometimes they act more like kids than we do. Still, I don't have to worry about that with you, do I? I know I can trust you a hundred per cent." Craig murmurs nervously, "Yeah, sure..." Debbie then announces, "I've been thinking." Craig asks, "What about?" Debbie replies, "You and me - and how you spend most of your time around here - and how it's not really working out with you living with Doug and Caroline... and I've also made a few 'phone calls." Craig asks, "Who to?" Debbie tells him, "Beryl - and she says it's alright - that is, if you want to - for you to, um... well, move in with us." Craig, looking surprised, remarks, "I thought you wanted some time away from me." Debbie replies, "I did - and I needed time to think." Craig comments slyly, "If I did move in, it wouldn't be just to keep you company; just another person in the house..." Debbie tells him, "I want us to go back to what we had, Craig. I love you." Craig smiles, "I love you, too." They kiss passionately. When they pull apart, Craig comments, "You certainly know how to surprise a guy, don't you?!" Debbie tells him, "I've got another one, too!" Craig asks, "What's that?" Debbie explains, "After I left you today, I thought about how much I enjoyed having lunch with you, then I thought about how unfair it is that you're working and I'm not, so I've decided to look for a job in the same area. We can have lunch together every day! I can meet you outside your office; might even meet a few of the people you work with. Good idea, hey?" Craig smiles warily, "It's great..."

Alison is sitting in the lounge room at Charlie's, watching TV and wiping tears away from her eyes. She gets up and switches off the TV - just as there's a knock at the front door. She mutters, "Dammit." She gets up and heads out to open the door - to find Detective Morris standing there. She tells him, "Come in." Morris says, "Thankyou. I won't keep you a moment - I've got some good news for you: we've found your gun." Alison corrects, "You mean Wayne's gun." Morris says in compromise, "The one that your friend gave away with your dressing gown." He then continues, "We ran some tests, and from the markings from the bullet that we took from Wayne Hamilton, we know that it couldn't have come from the gun you had in your possession." Alison points out, "I'd already told you that." Morris replies, "It's something that we had to make sure of." Alison goes on, "So I take it I'm in the clear?" Morris nods, "Yes." Alison continues, "And you've narrowed your list of suspects?" Morris nods, "Uh-huh." Alison muses, "I must say, this is one set of finals where I'm glad I'm not playing!"

Beryl emerges from the kitchen at Fiona's. There's a knock on the main door, and Fiona calls from the kitchen, "Would somebody get that, please? I'm up to my elbows in flour." Beryl calls to her, "I'll do the honours." She passes Gordon, who's laying the table, and opens the door - to find Detective Morris standing there with his colleague. Beryl says to him sharply, "If you're here to talk to Susan, she's lying down; she's still not well and she shouldn't be disturbed." Morris, however, retorts, "It's you we're here to see, Mrs. Hamilton." Beryl steps aside and lets the detectives in, saying curtly as she does so, "I've told you everything I can." Morris says, "We've cleared one of our major suspects in the shooting - and a witness has just come forward to prove that you were lying about your whereabouts yesterday. We'd like you to accompany us to the station for further questioning." Fiona emerges from the kitchen, a look of shock on her face. Beryl stares at Detective Morris and asks, "Why? Am I being arrested?" Gordon chips in, "You're not charging my wife over Wayne?" Morris turns to look at him and says, "Attempted murder is a serious crime, Mr. Hamilton. It would be in your wife's interests to help us with our enquiries..."


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