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    Written by: Bruce Hancock   Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Chris Sheil

Charlie opens her front door to find Beryl standing on the step. Beryl says quickly, "Hello, Charlie. I'm sorry for barging in, but something's happened. Have you got a minute?" Charlie nods, "Of course, darling. Come through." They head into the lounge room and Charlie asks in concern, "What on earth's the matter?" Beryl explains, "It's Susan: she's disappeared from the hospital." Looking shocked, Charlie asks, "When?" Beryl replies, "This morning. I was hoping that you might know where she's gone." Charlie, however, shrugs, "No. I'm sorry. I didn't know 'til now that she'd even gone off." Beryl suggests, "Perhaps Alison might know something?" Charlie muses, "Possibly. You can ask her when she comes back; she's just popped out for a minute." Beryl, sitting down slowly on the couch, sighs, "I just can't understand it." Charlie sits down next to her and says hesitantly, "I know it's a dreadful thought, but you don't think she's been kidnapped?" Beryl, however, assures her, "No, no. She left a note; she said there was something she had to do. I just hope it's not something rash." Charlie tells her, "Don't worry, darling; Susan's far too sensible." Beryl retorts, "Not the way she's been acting lately." The front door bangs suddenly and Charlie says, "That's Alison now." Alison heads into the room and, looking at Charlie's guest, mutters, "Hello, Beryl." Charlie stands up and tells her, "Darling, something awful's happened: Susan's disappeared from the hospital. Apparently, she just left a note and took off." Alison replies, "I know. Michael called." Beryl stands up and asks, "Do you know where she's gone?" Alison, however, shrugs, "I'm afraid not. My guess is as good as yours." She begins to pour herself a glass of scotch. Charlie turns back to Beryl and suggests, "Perhaps you should ask Wayne? He might know where she is." Beryl explains, "I've just been over there; he doesn't seem to be home." Looking puzzled, Charlie comments, "That's funny: I'm sure he's there. Why don't you try again?" Beryl nods, "Alright. I will." With that, she says a curt, "Goodbye, Alison," and heads out. Alison stands there, looking thoughtful. A hint of a smile then crosses her face...

A short time later, Beryl heads round the back of the Dural mansion, calling, "Wayne..." She stops in her tracks as she spots Wayne lying on the ground by the pool. She dashes over to him, bends down and checks his neck for a pulse. She stares at the blood that's seeped onto his shirt from where he was shot in the chest. She then picks up the portable 'phone that's on the table next to the sunlounger, dials a number and, when the call is answered, says quickly, "Could you send an ambulance to 126 Montgomery Drive, Dural? It's urgent: someone's been shot." She listens and then says, "Beryl Hamilton. I'll wait until you get here. Please hurry." She stares back down at Wayne again. A look of concern crosses her face.

Sometime later, Beryl is sitting in a corridor at Park Ridge Hospital. She stands up as Gordon strides along the corridor towards her and asks, "How is he?" Beryl tells him, "There's been nothing new since I called. They're still operating." Fiona joins the two of them as well as Gordon asks, "Who on earth did it?" Beryl shrugs, "I have no idea." Gordon asks, "Didn't you see anybody leave?" Beryl replies, "No one. I waited until the ambulance arrived... the police... then I came here." Gordon asks, "What did the police have to say?" Beryl tells him, "Nothing much. They'll want a statement, but they said they'll catch up with me. They were taking photos, searching for clues... the usual sort of thing the police do." Fiona chips in, "If you'd both like to wait at my place until you get any news, you're more than welcome." Gordon, however, murmurs, "No, thanks all the same. I'll be staying until we find out how he is."

Charlie is standing with a man in her lounge room, putting some old clothes into a black plastic bag that he's holding. She smiles, "It's so sad saying goodbye to old clothes, isn't it?!" The man, however, tells her, "Not when you know someone's going to get some use out of them!" There's suddenly a knock on the front door and the man comments, "Busy afternoon!" Charlie beams, "Yes! I can't imagine who it is!" She heads out to the hallway and opens the door - to find Andy standing there. Charlie glares at him and snaps, "I thought you were still in Melbourne." Andy smiles, "You can't keep me away that easy. I'm back to stay." Charlie mutters dismissively, "Aren't we lucky..." The man with the plastic sack heads out, saying, "Thanks again, madam." Andy steps into the house and Charlie closes the door. Andy then tells her, "I'm not going to carry on like I did last time I was up." Charlie growls, "I should hope not." They walk into the lounge room and Andy goes on, "In fact, I was wondering if there was a job going down at the gym. It would give me a chance to show you how serious I really am." Charlie, however, retorts, "As far as I know, it's another scheme of Wayne's to plant you as some sort of 'private detective'." Andy cries, "Come on, Charlie, I'm fair dinkum." Charlie, however, says, "You must admit, darling: after what happened before, it is rather strange you suddenly turning up, asking for work, unless you were paid to." Andy tells her earnestly, "I have got nothing to do with Wayne anymore - honestly. I wish I'd never laid eyes on the turkey." Charlie asks suddenly, "Have you seen him since you've been back?" Andy pauses only briefly before replying, "You kidding? I'm steering right clear of him. Makes life a lot easier." Charlie hesitates and then says, "I'll think about it." Andy presses, "You mean you'll give me the job?" Charlie tells him, "We'll see. I'm not promising."

Fiona, Gordon and Beryl are all sitting in the corridor at Park Ridge Hospital. Michael walks towards them; he's wearing operating gowns. Everyone stands up and Gordon asks, "Have you seen him?" Michael replies, "I assisted with the operation. The bullet punctured one of his lungs - but he was also very lucky: a few more inches, it would have entered his heart." Gordon asks, "Is he going to be OK?" Michael, however, tells him, "We can't say for sure. We'll continue to monitor him and keep our fingers crossed." He adds, "There's no point you staying: he won't be out of recovery for hours, yet." Gordon murmurs, "I'd prefer to stay..." Beryl, however, tells him,"He's right, Gordon. Besides, you need your rest; we both do." Michael insists, "I'll call you the minute we know anything. Go on." Gordon looks at Beryl and the two of them then head off down the corridor." Fiona pats Michael's arm and then follows them. Michael stands in the corridor and sighs heavily.

Andy is pacing the corridor at the mansion when the front door opens and Fiona, Beryl and Gordon come in. Fiona looks at him distastefully. Andy says quickly, "Hi. I'll save you asking: Melbourne didn't work out; I'm back here to stay." Fiona mutters grimly, "Why didn't you try Darwin?" Andy sighs, "Give me a break. I need somewhere to stay. I'd like to rent a room. Do you have any spare rooms?" Fiona retorts, "Yes, there are some, but I don't feel obliged to show them to you." Andy insists, "I know how you feel, Fiona: I did a lot of rotten things to a lot of people, and I'm sorry. All I'm asking for is a room." Fiona hesitates before murmuring, "Alright, I'll show you what we have." She turns to Beryl and Gordon and adds, "I'll be back in a moment." She and Andy then head off down the corridor. Beryl looks at Gordon and asks, "Could we have a word? It is important." The two of them head into Fiona's room and Gordon closes the door behind them. He then asks Beryl, "What's the matter? Are you OK?" Beryl, however, tells him, "No, I'm not. I'm terrified. I think Susan might be the one who shot Wayne. I know it sounds ridiculous, but you know how she's been since she lost the baby: she's a different person." Gordon insists, "Susan isn't capable of shooting anybody." Beryl, though, retorts, "We have to face facts, Gordon: Susan disappears, and later, when I go and see Wayne, I find he's been shot." Gordon tells her, "You're jumping to conclusions." Going and sitting down, Beryl murmurs, "Maybe I am... but what if I'm not? What if she did--?" She breaks off before sighing, "What am I thinking? What sort of a mother am I, assuming something like that?" Gordon sits down next to her and says gently, "You've had a shock. We all have." Beryl looks at him and cries, "Where is she, Gordon? What's happened to her?"

Sometime later, Fiona emerges from her kitchen with a plate of biscuits. She puts them down on the table in her room as one of two detectives asks Beryl - who's still sitting next to Gordon - "Can you describe everything that happened from the moment you arrived?" Beryl tells him, "I knocked on the door a few times. No one answered. So I walked down the side of the house, calling his name... then I saw him, lying down by the pool." The detective asks, "No sign of anybody else?" Beryl murmurs, "No." The detective asks, "What did you do next?" Fiona hands her a cup of tea as she replies, "I checked his pulse, then I went to the pool 'phone and called an ambulance." The detective, "That was it?" Beryl tells him, "I walked back to the front of the house and waited for help." The detective comments, "OK. Pretty straight forward." Beryl then asks him, "Did you find any leads?" The detective replies, "Nothing." He continues, "I know it's unpleasant, but I'd like you to give me the names of anyone you think might have reason to dislike Wayne." Beryl looks at Gordon. He tells the detective hesitantly, "He did have difficulties with a few people we know - mostly over business - but nothing that would give cause to attempted murder." The detective says, "I'd still like the names, if you don't mind." Gordon nods, "Yes, well, um... Alison Carr - she lives next door to him; Caroline Morrell in Melbourne; and Andy Green, I suppose - he just moved into the boarding house here today." The detective asks, "What was his previous address?" Gordon shrugs, "Melbourne somewhere. I don't know where. He just came back to Sydney yesterday." The detective asks, "Is Mr. Green here now? I'd like a word with him." Fiona says quickly, "No. No, he's not. He's over at Charlie Bartlett's gymnasium." The detective asks, "Does he work there?" Fiona replies, "Not yet - but he is hoping to." She stands there, looking worried...

Charlie is standing behind the reception desk at the gym. Andy is standing on the other side, saying, "Why won't you give me a chance?" Charlie retorts, "To be quite frank, darling, I don't think you have a feel for the sort of clientele I cater for." Andy sighs, "Come on, Charlie, you haven't even tried me. I mean, I've worked out at gyms; in fact, I got on quite well with the clientele then." Charlie mutters, "Working out is not the same as working, darling." Andy grabs her hand suddenly and says, "OK - I'll prove it." Charlie asks in surprise, "What are you doing?" Andy replies, "What I do best! Come on!" With that, he pulls her into the main room. He then says, "Watch." He walks over to where a female customer is lifting some weights on a bench. He takes hold of the bar she's lifting and says, "Need a hand? Down we go... and up 1-2-3..." The woman places the bar back in its resting position and smiles, "I didn't think I was going to make it!" Andy insists, "You were great. Just remember to breathe properly: out on the compression and in when you relax." The woman nods, "I'll bear it in mind." She then adds, "Tell me: is this just friendly advice or are you a new instructor?" Andy looks round at Charlie. She sighs wearily. He then turns back to the woman and tells her, "A new instructor - but you're getting this for free; I'm off-duty." The woman comments, "You must really like this place; not many people stay at work after hours." Andy smiles, "You keep fit... meet real nice people... in fact, it's hard to drag yourself away sometimes!" With that, he turns back to Charlie and asks, "Have I got a job?" Charlie pauses before replying, "One condition: my clients spend their time in the gym, and not in your boudoir!"

Gordon and Beryl are sitting on the couch in Fiona's room at the mansion. Beryl murmurs, "I'm so glad they're gone: I felt like a criminal just answering questions." Gordon comments, "I don't exactly feel like an angel." Beryl, however, points out, "You had no choice: they asked for names." Gordon stands up and says, "It's only Caroline that I'm worried about: I mean, she couldn't possibly have been involved: she was in Melbourne. He's going to ring her now and give her the third degree, and I can imagine what she feels about me - and I don't blame her." Beryl suggests, "If it makes you feel any better, why don't you ring and explain before Detective Morris contacts her?" Gordon, going and sitting down at the desk, muses, "Yes, I think I will. At least that will soften the blow." He starts dialling a number on the 'phone as Beryl walks over to him and says, "Don't be too hard on yourself. He only asked for those who had problems with Wayne, not who shot him." Gordon's call is answered and Gordon says, "Doug... Gordon Hamilton... Oh, fine, fine. And yourself?" He listens and then goes on, "Actually, I've got some bad news: Wayne has been shot... No, we don't know yet. Anyway, to cut a long story short, the detectives were here a while ago and they wanted a list of names of anybody who'd disagreed with Wayne over the last few months. I'm sorry, but I'm afraid I had to mention Caroline." He listens to Doug's response before insisting, "He wasn't asking for suspects, you understand; that's why I called: I don't want Caroline to get a fright if the detectives ring her." He listens again and then says, "I'm glad you feel that way... Oh, I see. Is she?... Well, thanks anyway." He hangs up. He then looks at Beryl and tells her, "Doug understood. Anyway, Caroline's gone away for a few days - a promotional tour." Beryl suggests, "You could get in touch with her through her publisher." Gordon nods, "Yes, yes, that's an idea."

Andy sits down next to Charlie in the reception area at the gym and gasps, "I had no idea." Charlie asks, "Is he alright?" Detective Morris is standing in front of the two of them and replies, "He's still critical." Turning back to Andy, he adds, "What I'm concerned with is why you returned to Sydney." Andy shrugs, "Melbourne didn't work out; you know." Morris remarks, "It seems a coincidence you arrived yesterday morning." Andy exclaims, "Hey, you don't think I had anything--" Morris interrupts and asks, "Have you seen Wayne since you got back?" Andy retorts, "Yes, but only to ask him for a job." Charlie glares at him and snaps, "You said you hadn't seen him." Andy snaps back, "Because I was afraid if I told you, you wouldn't've given me a job either." Morris demands, "When did you see him?" Andy, however, retorts, "Why are you giving me such a hard time? Alison's the one you should be talking to; she took the gun." Charlie's mouth falls open. Detective Morris asks, "Whose gun?" Andy retorts, "Wayne's gun." Morris asks, "How do you know?" Andy mutters, "He told me." Morris queries, "Alison Carr?" Charlie looks at him.

On the 'phone at the mansion, Gordon says, "I see. Thankyou. I'm sorry to have bothered you. Bye." He hangs up. Beryl asks immediately, "Can they get a message to her?" Gordon, however, tells her, "Caroline's not on a promotional tour. It would seem that Doug has been misled; she must have lied to him." Looking surprised, Beryl asks, "Why?" Gordon shakes his head. He then suggests, "I'd better ring the police." Looking suddenly concerned, Beryl says quickly, "Just a minute. Maybe we're being overly suspicious." Gordon points out, "She's not on tour and she's not at home..." Beryl, however, retorts, "She's a friend. We should wait until we find out a bit more." Standing up, Gordon sighs, "Alright. Let's leave it for a while - although I can't see her lying to him without a very good reason..."

Alison is standing with Charlie, Detective Morris and another detective in the lounge room at Charlie's. She snaps at Morris, "Yes, I do have Wayne's gun. I took it from him for his own protection." Morris asks, "May I see it, please?" Alison retorts, "You can't honestly believe I shot him?" Detective tells her curtly, "Miss. Carr, we're still searching for the weapon that was used against Wayne Hamilton. What we need to know is whether the gun you have is the gun we want." Alison sighs, "It's upstairs in my dressing gown." She goes to head out of the room. Charlie follows her and, looking suddenly awkward, says, "You don't mean the cream gown?" Alison nods, "Yes. Why?" Charlie tells her meekly, "I gave it to the Red Cross people." Alison glares at her and mutters, "I don't believe it." Charlie cries, "I'm awfully sorry, but I didn't know there was anything in the pockets." Morris says to Alison, "You don't have the gun?" Alison retorts, "I did have the gun. Looks like I don't have it now. Give me time - a couple of days. I'll find the gun." Morris says coolly, "I hope you do - for your sake. We might start looking for it ourselves." Alison stares at him and snaps, "Listen, don't point the finger at me. Why don't you question Beryl? She's the one that went off her head when Susan lost the baby; even swore he had to be stopped." Morris looks at her blankly and asks, "What baby?" Alison explains, "Susan was pregnant. She lost the baby after an argument with Wayne." Morris looks at his colleague and says, "We'll talk to Mrs. Hamilton again."

It's evening-time, and Detective Morris and his colleague are back in Fiona's room at the mansion. Morris says curtly, "According to Miss. Carr, you were heard to say Wayne had to be stopped. Is there any reason why you didn't tell us about that? Or Susan's baby, when we spoke earlier?" Beryl, sitting next to Gordon on the couch, murmurs, "I didn't think it was important." Morris snaps at her, "Mrs. Hamilton - please - let me decide what's important. Perhaps you'd better go over that story again, and this time, don't leave anything out." Beryl stands up as she cries, "I don't know what else to tell you. I arrived, I found Wayne out the back, I checked his condition and then called an ambulance. What I said before." Morris asks, "You left the scene exactly as you found it?" Beryl retorts testily, "Yes." Gordon stands up suddenly and says, "Detective Morris, I think you should know that Caroline Morrell hasn't been seen for two days." Morris asks, "You know where she is?" Gordon replies, "She told her fiancé she was going on a promotional tour for a book she's just had published. I rang the publisher and they don't know a thing about it." Morris murmurs, "I see." The 'phone starts ringing suddenly, and Gordon answers it. He listens and then says, "Thankyou. I'll be round straight away." He hangs up. Turning to Beryl, he says, "That was Michael: Wayne's regaining consciousness." Morris chips in, "Good. Maybe he'll be able to tell us who shot him; clear this up once and for all..." Beryl stands there, looking worried.

A short time later, Gordon is walking down the hospital corridor with Michael, who is saying, "He started coming round about half an hour ago. It's still touch-and-go." Beryl and the two detectives follow. Gordon asks Michael, "Is he out of danger?" Michael tells him, "We don't know. At least he isn't worse." He then adds, "Remember: only a couple of minutes; he's extremely weak." Gordon looks at him and then heads into Wayne's room. Detective Morris asks Michael, "What about questions?" Michael tells him, "None just yet, I'm afraid." Morris says, "I'd like to speak to him as soon as possible." Michael assures him, "I'll let you know as soon as he's ready."

Gordon closes the door to Wayne's room and walks slowly over to his son. Wayne is lying in a bed, tubes surrounding him and a heart monitor beeping as it measures Wayne's pulse. Gordon puts his hand tenderly on Wayne's.

Andy is packing some clothes into a bag in the reception area at the gym when Janice walks in and smiles, "Hello! You just finishing-up for the night?" Andy nods, "Yeah. Heading back to the mansion." Janice asks in surprise, "What are you doing back there?" Andy explains, "Fiona gave me a room." Janice remarks, "She didn't mention anything to me." Changing the subject, Andy says, "Hey, did you hear Wayne's been shot? In the chest, apparently. Bam! Shot! Can you believe it?" Janice nods, "I know. Aunt Fiona told me." Andy goes on, "I nearly freaked. They thought I might have done it for a minute, but I managed to put them onto Alison, thank goodness." Janice mutters, "That was big of you." Andy retorts, "It's more her style, anyway. He then looks at Janice blankly and asks, "When did Fiona tell you?" Janice replies, "Half an hour ago. She was waiting for me to get home before she went to the hospital. I don't know many details - except after you put them onto Alison, Alison tried to put them onto Beryl; and then, when they got back to the mansion, I gather Gordon tried to put them onto Caroline." Andy queries, "Caroline?" Janice nods, "Mmm. Personally, I don't see why it couldn't have been a burglar who Wayne caught in the act." Looking thoughtful, Andy says, "Caroline shot Wayne before, you know." Looking surprised, Janice retorts, "When?" Andy tells her, "Round about two years ago. She thought he was someone else, but he wasn't - he was him - and she shot him. In the chest, too... And she sent him all those death threats. That led to Alison shooting him, except they were just blanks, remember?" He goes on, "A lot of people hate Wayne, Janice, and you know why? Because at one time or another, he's had it in for everyone. He wrecked all my disco equipment and burnt out my van." Janice says warily, "You didn't shoot him, though?" Andy retorts, "Of course not. I almost drowned him: me and Colin got him in Charlie's pool, but I wouldn't shoot him; but Caroline might - you know what she thinks of him; and Beryl - Beryl's never liked him. Hey, yeah, it could have been Beryl: she hates him for what he did to try and get Susan to marry him." Janice sighs, "Grow up, Andy. Next you'll be saying it was Charlie." Andy insists, "It could have been Charlie, too. I mean, Wayne tried to take her down for millions when he got her to buy the gym. I should tell the police that." Janice mutters, "Oh, really." Andy stares at her and growls, "You don't think it would be me?" Janice points out curtly, "You tried to blackmail him with that silly Maria-woman tape." Andy retorts, "That's just blackmailing. Blackmailing's nothing! You can see the difference, can't you? We're talking about murder. That's not my style; that's more like Caroline... or Alison... or Beryl, maybe." Janice just muses, "If you ask me, you're not a well man, Andy. You're not well at all...!"

Alison pours herself a glass of scotch in the lounge room at Charlie's and slams the decanter back down on the drinks cabinet. She sighs heavily. Charlie walks in and trills, "Don't worry, darling. Everything will sort itself out; it always does." Alison, however, snaps, "How can you say that, Charlie? We have spent the entire afternoon rummaging through moth-eaten clothes bins looking for a gun, and come up with nothing." Charlie suggests, "The gun's not really important, is it? I mean, the police know you're not the sort of person to go around shooting someone." Alison, however, retorts, "The police know I have a record, I had a gun, and now I can't produce it." Charlie shrugs, "The afternoon wasn't a total loss: I got that dress back; the one I didn't mean to throw away." Alison snaps suddenly "For goodness' sake, Charlie, can't you concentrate on what's important, for once in your life? I have to find that gun. I've had enough trouble with the police; I don't want any more."

Gordon is staring down at the unconscious Wayne in his hospital bed. He tells his son gently, "You're going to be OK." He then heads back out to the corridor, where Beryl asks, "How is he?" Gordon replies, "Not good." He then asks, "Where are the police?" Beryl explains, "They've gone. Michael said he'd tell them when Wayne was ready to be interviewed." She asks Gordon, "How are you? How are you coping?" Gordon murmurs, "I'm praying he'll pull through, like I'd pray for anybody else in that situation - but it doesn't change anything. I hate to say it - especially now - but I never feel any love for him; not after all the trouble he's caused." He then suggests, "Let's go back to Fiona's." Beryl nods, "Yes - but I have to stop off on the way: something I've got to do..."

Alison is sitting reading a magazine on the couch in the lounge room at Charlie's. She hears Charlie at the front door, saying, "It's all been so ghastly for you, darling. I just wish there was something I could do." She escorts a stony-faced Beryl in. Gordon follows them. Beryl tells Charlie, "That's very kind of you, Charlie, but I'm not here for sympathy; I'm here to tell Alison exactly what I think of her performance this afternoon." Alison stares at her and snaps, "I beg your pardon?" Beryl growls, "How dare you suggest to the police that I was the one that shot Wayne? As if I didn't have enough trouble with Susan's disappearance. You would have to be one of the most disgusting human beings--" Alison stands up and retorts, "I didn't tell the police anything that wasn't true. You said exactly what I told them." Gordon suggests to Beryl, "Darling, I think we should leave." Beryl ignores him, though. Turning back to Alison, she snaps, "I'm not denying what I said. Susan lost her baby because of Wayne. Any mother would be angry." Alison muses, "Angry enough to stop him herself?" Beryl starts to protest, "Don't be ridic--" Alison ignores her and goes on, "Or perhaps to cover for someone who did - like Susan?" Beryl glares at her and warns coldly, "If I was you, I would stop spreading rumours and I would start looking for that supposedly-missing gun. For my money, you're the one the police should be thinking of arresting."


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