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    Written by: Ian Coughlan   Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Chris Sheil

Susan groans as she lies on the ground. Alison runs over to her, bends down and says, "Susan? Susan, can you hear me?" Susan murmurs, "Alison?" Alison nods, "I'm here. Don't move." Wayne climbs out of his car, runs over and cries, "I didn't mean it." Alison spits, "You drove straight at her." Wayne insists, "It wasn't deliberate; it was like someone else was driving the car." Alison tells him, "Go and get an ambulance." Wayne asks, "Is she hurt?" Alison snaps, "Of course she's hurt. Go and get an ambulance." Wayne runs off back to the house. On the ground, Susan murmurs, "I can't feel much..." Alison soothes, "It's alright - the ambulance will be here in a few minutes. Just take it easy and it'll be alright, OK?" Susan nods slowly.

A while later, Susan is sitting up in a bed in a room at Park Ridge Hospital. Michael is standing at her bedside, looking at her chart. He comments, "I have to say: you're a lucky girl. A few scratches and bruises seems to be the worst of it." Susan, however, mutters, "That's your idea of 'lucky'? Being married to someone who tries to run you down?" Michael asks, "You sure it was intentional?" Susan asserts, "It was intentional." Michael comments, "It's hard to believe he'd do it." Susan tells him curtly, "The thing that surprises me is he had the courage. He went to water straight after, of course." Michael just suggests, "The main thing is you're not badly hurt." Susan asks, "The baby's going to be alright?" Michael nods, "Yes, I think so." Susan gasps, "You think so?" Michael tells her, "The baby's OK - but the two of you did get quite a bump. You have to take it easy; don't let yourself get upset." Susan cries, "My husband just tried to kill me." Michael retorts, "You have to try not to think about it. It really is important you stay as calm as possible." Susan sighs, "OK. For the sake of the baby. I'll try my best." Michael then picks up a tablet from the bedside cabinet and says, "This'll help." Susan asks warily, "What is it?" Michael tells her, "A sedative - one that is safe for pregnant women." He hands over the pill, together with a glass of water. Susan swallows the pill. Michael then says, "The police will want to talk to you. I can hold them off if you don't feel up to it, but it's probably best to get it over." Susan sits there and then nods her head. Michael adds, "I'll let the others know you're OK."

Alison is pacing the corridor outside, while Wayne stands against the wall, looking down at the ground. Michael emerges from Susan's room and Alison asks, "How is she?" Michael replies, "OK. The baby could be a different matter." Wayne demands, "What do you mean?" Michael tells him, "I mean she has to be very careful. She wasn't hurt, but she has been very badly shaken up. Any more stress and she could lose the baby."

A short time later, a police officer joins Alison, Wayne and Michael and says, "Looking for Dr. Benson." Michael replies, "That's me." The police officer goes on, "You called about a car accident." Michael nods at him.

A few minutes later, the police officer and a colleague are standing with Susan in her room. The officer asks Susan, "You feel up to a statement? Just to clear up exactly what happened?" Susan replies, "Yes - I'd like to do that." Alison and Wayne are also standing in the room and Susan looks at her husband, pointedly. The officer says to her, "Your full name?" Susan replies, "Susan Jean Hamilton." The officer asks, "Address?" Susan tells him, "126 Montgomery Drive, Dural." The officer writes it down. He then says, "Can you tell us in your own words what happened?" Susan replies, "Well... I feel really stupid. It was just a dumb accident. It was completely my own fault. I'm only lucky my husband has good reflexes - or I could have been badly hurt." Wayne and Alison both stare at her in surprise.

A few moments later, the police officer asks, "How exactly did the accident happen?" Alison chips in angrily, "It wasn't an accident. Susan, tell him!" Susan, however, insists, "I'm not sure what you mean. You don't think I ran in front of the car on purpose?" Alison sighs agitatedly, "Come on, Susan..." The police officer asks her, "You know something about this, Miss?" Alison retorts,"Yes, I was there. He deliberately ran her down. He was trying to kill her." The officer looks at Wayne and asks, "Is that right?" Susan says quickly, "Of course not. Alison, I really don't think the police officers appreciate your sense of humour." She adds, "Alison wasn't there." The officer asks, "How did you come to be in front of the car in the first place?" Susan tells him, "I was chasing the cat." Alison gasps, "What?!" The officer queries in surprise, "You were chasing your cat?" Susan replies, "Not mine; I don't know whose cat it was. It was in our garden and it had a bird in its mouth. I was trying to save it - the bird, I mean. I ran across the driveway without looking. As I said, if Wayne hadn't braked so quickly, I probably wouldn't be here now. I owe him more than I can tell you..." Wayne stares at her. The officer says, "I suggest you be more careful in future." He then looks at Alison and asks, "Did you want to make a statement, Miss?" Alison, however, retorts, "Me? I wasn't even there. I was at home - feeding the emu!" The officer mutters, "Mrs. Hamilton's right: your sense of humour doesn't do a lot for me." He then turns to Wayne and adds, "I'll be needing your statement, sir. Why don't we go outside; let your wife rest?" Wayne murmurs, "Right." With that, the two officers and Wayne head out to the corridor. Alison closes the door behind them. She then turns back to Susan and demands angrily, "What on earth was that all about?" Susan insists, "I know what I'm doing." Alison snaps, "So do I. You have just thrown away a once-in-a-lifetime chance to put Wayne behind bars." Susan explains, "That's because I don't want him behind bars." Alison cries, "Oh, Susan, don't you know by now? You simply can't afford to be soft-hearted where Wayne's concerned." Susan, however, retorts, "Who's being soft-hearted? Believe me, I'll make him suffer a lot more than he ever would in jail - and I'll be there to enjoy every single minute of it..." Alison stares at her in horror.

Debbie and Craig are sitting on the floor in the lounge room at Beryl's, eating lunch at the coffee table. Robert is sitting nearby on a toy horse, watching them. Craig says glumly to Debbie, "I must have walked ten miles today - all for nothing." Debbie, however, tells him, "Don't be so negative; how do you know you won't get one of those jobs?" Craig replies, "You can tell: the way they say they'll let you know. Anyway, just got to keep on trying." Debbie suggests, "There's no point killing yourself. Why don't you take the afternoon off and spend it here with us?" Craig smiles, "There's nothing more I'd love - but I've got to keep on. Somewhere out there, there's a great job waiting; one that will give us a decent future; maybe even make your mother happy!" Debbie muses, "Don't expect miracles!" She then comments, "If you could just get the pizza run going again. What about hiring a van?" Craig, however, sighs, "What with? It's costing me every cent to fix this bloke's car up. I even had to give up the flat." Debbie exclaims in surprise, "What? Where are you going to live?" Craig replies, "Doug's letting me stay for a while - just until I get back on my feet. He's been really beaut." Debbie smiles, "You can pay him back when you're rich and famous!" Craig tells her, "I know you mean that for a joke, but one day, I will be. Matter of fact, I've got a job interview this afternoon - and it could lead to something really big. I've got a feeling I'll get it, too." Debbie asks, "What sort of job?" Craig, standing up, replies, "I'll tell you when I get back - but I bet you I get it. In fact, you can ring your mother right now and say 'Craig Maxwell is on his way to the top!'"

A short time later, Craig walks over to a man who's standing by a sign saying 'Car Wash'. He says, "I hear you've got a job going..."

Beryl is standing with Alison in the corridor at Park Ridge Hospital, muttering, "I can't even take a few days off for a honeymoon without something happening." Alison, however, retorts, "Don't take it out on me; go and talk to Wayne." Beryl assures her, "I intend to, don't worry - but you're every bit as much to blame as he is." Alison demands, "How on earth do you work that out?" Beryl retorts, "You're the one encouraging Susan to get involved with this pointless revenge." Alison, looking annoyed, snaps, "Let's get one thing straight: she came to me, not the other way round. This has got nothing to do with me." Beryl goes to walk off, muttering, "Excuse me." Alison says quickly, "Are you going to see Susan?" Beryl nods, "Yes." Alison tells her, "You can't." Beryl asks, "Who's going to stop me?" Alison replies, "I couldn't care less - but it's doctor's orders: no more visitors at the moment." Beryl just shrugs, "We'll see about that." She walks off.

Susan is lying on her side in bed in her room. The door opens and Wayne walks in, holding a packed bag. He closes the door behind him. Susan looks at him and snaps, "What are you doing here?" Wayne replies, "I brought you some clothes." He then demands, "Why did you lie to the police?" Susan retorts, "Why should you care? It got you off the hook." Wayne snaps, "Yes - and the one thing I know for sure is it wasn't for my benefit. I want to know your reasons." Susan cries, "Wayne, I'm tired. I don't want to talk about it." Wayne just retorts, "Well I do want to talk about it." Susan, sitting up, snaps, "Alright. Alright, I'll tell you. It's because I want to destroy you - bit-by-bit in the most hurtful way possible. When I've finished, you'll wish I had let you go to jail." Wayne snarls, "Is that right?" Beryl is out in the corridor and overhears as Wayne raises his voice and goes on, "And you think I'm just going to sit here and take whatever you dish out?" Susan yells back, "You bet you are. You haven't any choice." She then continues, "You know the funniest thing? If you had actually managed to kill me, you would've got everything." Wayne snaps, "What?" Susan tells him curtly, "I haven't changed my will yet. How about that? You had your chance and you just threw it away." The door to the room opens suddenly and Beryl bursts in. She snaps at Wayne, "What are you doing in here?" Wayne retorts, "I'm having a private discussion with my wife." Beryl reminds him, "The doctor said no visitors." Wayne demands, "Then what about you?" Beryl snaps, "I was on my way to see Michael when I heard all the yelling. Now, you get out before I call an orderly." Wayne walks over to her and snarls, "I don't care what you do. I am sick to death of you and your family trying to ride all over me. Who the hell do you think you are, anyway?" Beryl points out curtly, "I am Susan's mother." Wayne retorts, "And I am Susan's husband - whether you like it or not." Beryl growls, "You're not fit to be. You're not even fit to be alive." From her hospital bed, Susan cries out, "Stop it, please. Stop it, both of you." She begins to climb out of bed as Wayne snarls at Beryl, "You make things worse than they already are, and so help me, I'll--" Beryl interrupts and snaps, "You'll what?" Wayne threatens, "I'll put a stop to you once and for all, damn you." Susan walks over to them and cries, "Wayne! Please!" She suddenly clutches her belly and cries out in pain. Beryl gasps, "Susie!" Susan collapses onto the floor. Beryl yells at Wayne, "Call a doctor." She then bends down with her daughter and puts her arms round her.

A while later, Wayne is standing in the corridor. Alison and Beryl are seated opposite him, but they stand up as Michael approaches them. Beryl asks him, "Is she alright?" Michael replies, "She's lost the baby." Alison asks, "How's she taking that?" Michael tells her, "She's in her room, recovering." Beryl glares at Wayne and says coldly, "You've killed her baby... and you still won't be satisfied, will you? Not until you've destroyed everything that's good in her." Wayne retorts, "It was my baby too." Beryl snaps, "Somebody should put a stop before you hurt anyone else." Wayne demands, "How is it all my fault? If you hadn't come into that room and started that argument--" Michael interrupts suddenly and pleads, "Come on, this isn't helping anyone." Wayne, however, looks at him and snaps, "What would you know about it? You couldn't even save my baby." He storms off. Alison heads off in the opposite direction. Left alone with Beryl, Michael asks, "Would you like me to get you something?" Beryl, however, replies quietly, "No. I would like to see Susan, if that's alright." Michael nods, "I was going to suggest it. It'll help if she has someone with her; the full shock hasn't hit her, yet." Beryl murmurs, "She was looking forward so much to having that baby. Wayne's got a lot to answer for..."

Andy is standing with Debbie in the lounge room at Beryl's. He places a wad of notes in her hand. Debbie asks in surprise, "What's this?" Andy explains, "It's just a start, but I want to pay back Craig what I owe him. It was my fault that the bug wasn't insured." Debbie smiles, "That's good of you, Andy, thanks, but I thought you were broke too." Andy replies, "I was, but I had a bit of luck. Go on, take it." He clasps Debbie's hand closed around the money. As he does so, he notices the ring on her finger and comments, "Hey!" Debbie tells him, "Engagement ring." Andy smiles, "That's great! Congratulations!" He gives her a hug. There's suddenly a knock at the front door. Debbie remarks, "That'll be him now. I don't know where he's been!" She runs out to open the door. Craig is indeed standing on the step and he says, "Told you!" Debbie gasps, "You got the job! That's fantastic!" She throws her arms round him. Craig goes on, "That's where I've been all arvo: learning the ropes and meeting people." Debbie exclaims, "Great! What is it?" Craig hesitates before saying, "It's... it's... in a really classy part of town... big office blocks everywhere you look. Just the sort of place I've always wanted to work." Debbie exclaims, "You got an office job?!" Craig warns, "Well... it's going to take a little while to work my way up." Debbie, however, beams, "That doesn't matter! It's a good start. I'm so proud." She gives him another warm hug. The two of them then head inside and into the lounge room. Craig stops in his tracks as he spots Andy standing there. He demands coldly, "What's he doing here?" Debbie explains, "He brought some money to help us pay back the debt." Andy adds, "I reckoned it was the least I could do, seeing as it was my fault." Craig mutters, "You're not wrong." Andy puts on his jacket and says, "I'll leave you guys to it. I probably won't see you for a while: I'm heading up to Sydney." Debbie, looking surprised, murmurs, "Oh..." Craig doesn't respond. Andy continues, "Like I said, I'll send you some more money down when I get a chance. And all the best wishes for the wedding, hey?" With that, he heads out. When he's gone, Debbie sighs at Craig, "You were a bit hard on him, weren't you? I think he really wants to make it up." Craig just shrugs, "We'll see."

Susan is sitting up in her hospital bed. Beryl is sitting with her, clasping her daughter's hands and saying gently, "You've had a terrible shock, love - but you're young; there'll be plenty of other chances." Susan cries quietly, "I never want to go through this again." Beryl insists, "You'll feel differently in time - once Wayne is out of your life and all of this is behind you. You'll meet someone else and start a proper family." Susan cries, "Oh mum... I'm so sorry I've been so much trouble." She falls into Beryl's arms. Beryl soothes, "Don't be silly. I just wish there was something I could do to make it easier for you." Susan sobs, "You're here, and that means a lot to me; it really does."

Alison is standing in the hallway at Dural. Wayne is standing with her, slurring, "If there's one person I don't want to see today, it's you. Go away." Alison, however, muses, "And let you face this terrible emotional crisis alone? What kind of heartless person do you think I am?" She heads into the lounge room. Wayne follows her and snaps, "What do you want?" Alison smiles, "I thought I may be able to help, that's all - maybe I could line up some driving lessons, so next time you can make a proper job of it." Wayne lunges towards her, grabs her shoulders and goes to push her onto the couch, snarling as he does so, "Bitch!" Alison, however, side-steps him and it's him who lands on the couch. Alison muses, "Susan would never forgive me if I let you hurt yourself while she wasn't here to enjoy it!" Wayne stands up again and slurs, "Will you just get out before I throw you out?" Alison taunts, "You really think you're up to it?" Wayne walks suddenly over to the bar, reaches into the drawer and takes out the pistol he stashed in there. He then points it at Alison and snaps, "I could blow you away right now, if I wanted to, and the whole world would thank me." Alison asks lightly, "You think so?" Wayne snaps, "Why wouldn't they? What's happened is your fault. You turned Susan against me; made her provoke me." Alison, however, sighs, "Even you can't believe that. Everything that's happened to her is your doing - and you haven't even begun to pay for it." Wayne snarls, "You're the one who's going to pay for it." He aims the gun at her again. He finds himself unable to pull the trigger, though, causing Alison to mutter, "My God, you're pathetic." She walks over and grabs the weapon from him. She looks at it and remarks, "You're too drunk even to take the safety catch off." She puts the gun in her handbag as she adds, "The only person who needs protecting around here is you." Wayne glares at her and cries, "Will you just go away? Get out and leave me alone." Alison starts heading towards the front door, saying as she does so, "That's how you'll always be, Wayne, until your dying day: alone." With that, she heads out. Wayne leans on the bar, burying his head in his hands.

It's the next morning. There's a knock on the door of Susan's hospital room and Beryl walks in, holding a bunch of flowers. She smiles gently at her daughter, "Good morning, darling. You feeling better?" Susan nods, "A little bit." Beryl hands her the flowers. She then says, "I passed Michael on the way in: he seems to think they'll keep you in a day or two longer for observation." Susan cries, "That's silly. I feel well enough now; there's no reason why I can't go home." Beryl tells her, "I think they know best. Besides, a day or two's rest I think is a good idea." Susan hesitates before then asking, "Have you seen Wayne?" Beryl retorts, "No - and it's probably just as well because I wouldn't be held responsible for my actions if I did." Susan murmurs, "The worst part is not knowing where he is; what's he's planning. I'd much rather face him and have it out with him once and for all." Beryl comments, "He wouldn't dare come here, but if he does, I'll be here with you - and I'll make short work of him, don't you worry." Susan insists, "He's not that bad - really." She then says, "Listen, will you do me a favour? If I'm going to spend a couple more nights here, I need some extra things: fresh make-up, change of nightclothes..." Beryl tells her, "I'll buy them; I don't want to go near the house." Susan nods, "That'll be fine." With that, Beryl stands up and says, "I won't be long." She heads back out, leaving Susan sitting up in her bed, looking worried.

Craig is walking down a street in Melbourne with Debbie, his arm around her. He has a suit on. As they walk along, he tells her, "Not much further to go. There's no need to come all the way." Debbie, however, giggles, "Craig, I didn't just come to keep your company; I want to see where you work." Craig insists, "It's nothing special - honest." Debbie points out, "You said it was." Craig starts to bluster, "Well... yeah... you know... I sort of... I probably exaggerated." Debbie smiles, "That's alright. I want to see it anyway." They stop walking. Craig indicates a building just down the road, sighs heavily and says, "This is it." Looking impressed, Debbie exclaims, "Wow! You work here?" Craig replies, "Fantastic place, eh?" Debbie asks, "So where's your office?" Craig tells her quickly, "I don't know yet; it's my first day. I'd better get a move on or I'll be late." Debbie smiles, "There's no need to be so nervous: you'll knock 'em dead." She then suggests, "I'd better go back and get Robert from Muriel. Good luck." With that, she gives him a kiss and turns and walks off. Craig starts heading towards the building he indicated. After a few seconds, though, he stops and turns and looks at Debbie. He sighs heavily.

A while later, Craig slips a chamois leather onto the bonnet of a car and starts wiping it down...

Beryl walks into Susan's room at the hospital, holding some carrier bags and saying, "Did I say 'beat the'--" She breaks off as she finds the room empty. She puts the bags down on the bed and then spots a sheet of paper lying on the blanket. She picks it up. It's a medical record sheet - on which Susan has scrawled 'Sorry Mum, Something I have to do. Susan'. Beryl stands there, looking worried.

There's a knock on the front door at Dural. Wayne emerges from the lounge room, snapping as he does so, "Can't I have a minute's peace in my own house?" He opens the door to find Andy standing there. Wayne demands, "What do you want?" Andy retorts, "You owe me - and I want a job at your gym." Wayne growls, "You're joking. You think I'd hire someone like you?" Andy says curtly, "If you won't help me out, Charlie will." Wayne just snaps, "Get lost." Andy warns, "You can't stop me." Wayne, however, retorts, "You think so? You have got a lot to learn, boy. I keep files, remember? All I have to do is pull a couple of choice bits out of yours and show them to Charlie. How much time do you think she'll have for you then?" In reply, Andy snaps, "And what happens if something happens to you before you get to your precious little files, huh?" Wayne growls, "Is that a threat?" Andy retorts, "Call it what you like." Wayne snarls, "Should have been here last night: you could have borrowed my gun - except Alison's taken it, so you'll just have to get your own." Andy mutters, "Maybe I will. See you around." With that, he opens the front door and heads out. Wayne calls after him, "You come back in ten years - then maybe you can play with the grown-ups." He shuts the door and mutters to himself, "Drink."

Beryl runs down the corridor at the hospital. She spots Michael emerging from a nearby room and dashes over to him. She tells him breathlessly, "I've been looking for you. Susan's gone. She left this." She hands Michael the note. Michael reads it. He then comments, "There's probably no real need to worry - she's well enough; I'd have let her home tomorrow, anyway." Beryl cries, "Yes, but she's in a terrible state emotionally because of what Wayne put her through. She's likely to do anything." Michael asks, "Would she have gone to the house? Maybe she wants to have it out with him?" Beryl nods, "It's possible, but I hope not. I have to find her." Michael says, "I'd come with you, but I don't think I can get away from here." Beryl assures him, "That's alright - but whatever happens, I am getting her away from Wayne: that man has hurt her enough." She marches off.

A cab heads up the driveway at Dural and pulls up outside the house. Beryl pays the driver and climbs out. The cab starts reversing back down the drive. Beryl walks up to the front door of the house and knocks on it. She waits for a response, but none is forthcoming. She knocks again. There's still no answer.

Alison is talking on the 'phone in the lounge room at Charlie's, saying, "No, Michael, I haven't seen her... No, she hasn't come here. Is she alright? I mean, is she getting over everything?" She listens before saying, "If I do see her, or if I hear anything, I'll let you know." With that, she hangs up. She then picks up her handbag and checks inside it. Calling, "Charlie - just going out to the shop for a minute," she turns and heads out.

Wayne is staggering along by the pool at the back of Dural. He makes his way over to a sunlounger by the edge of the pool and climbs onto it. He picks up a glass of scotch from a table next to him and takes a sip from it. He hears the sudden squeak of the back gate opening and he puts down the glass and staggers back to his feet. He looks at the person who came through the gate, standing in front of him; the amount of drink he has consumed means their outline is blurry. He snaps at them, "What the hell do you want here?" Through the boozy haze, Wayne watches as the person raises a gun towards him. He mutters, "Not even you'd be that stupid. Put it away before--" A shot rings out suddenly, though, and Wayne drops to the ground...


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