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    Written by: Valda Marshall   Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Chris Sheil

Alison is sitting on the couch in the lounge room at Charlie's, painting her fingernails, when Charlie storms in, throws down her handbag and snaps, "Really! That man!" Looking surprised, Alison asks, "What man?" Charlie replies, "Wayne. Who else?" Alison looks up at her and asks, "Where did you see him?" Charlie tells her, "Going into the house. I tried to ask him about Gordon and Beryl and he practically snapped my head off." Alison smiles, "That's interesting..." Charlie, however, demands, "What's interesting about it? It's just Wayne with another bee in his bonnet - although why he should be rude to me, I can't imagine." Alison asks, "Was he on his own?" Charlie nods, "Yes." Alison just smiles. Charlie probes, "Why do I get the feeling that you know something I don't? Are you holding out on me?" She sits down as Alison replies 'innocently', "Why would I do a thing like that?!" She then asks, "How did he look?" Charlie giggles, "Absolutely ghastly! Probably too much champers!" Alison smiles, "I think I might go and pay our next door neighbour a visit..."

A short time later, Wayne walks into the lounge room at Dural, followed by Alison. Wayne tells her curtly, "If you're looking for Susan, she's not back." Alison replies, "Yes, I was, actually - I thought she might fill me in on the wedding." Wayne mutters, "I'm sure she'd be delighted - including the highlight: the groom's son fell flat on his face in front of the happy couple." Alison queries, "You were at the church?" Wayne looks at her and remarks, "You sound surprised." Alison tells him quickly, "No, no, it's just I understood from Susan you weren't going." Wayne growls, "I bet you did." He then demands, "Who thought up the sleeping tablets? You or her?" Alison admits, "I did." Wayne mutters, "I didn't think it was quite Susan's style - though she seems to be catching up fast." Alison remarks, "I gather they didn't work." Wayne, however, retorts, "Oh, they worked; just not the way you planned it. I was the star turn at the ceremony; a smash hit." He then adds grimly, "Maybe 'smashed' would be a better word for it." Alison bursts out laughing and exclaims, "I don't believe it! In front of all the guests?" She goes on, "Oh dear... Gordon will never forgive you." Wayne growls, "That was the idea, wasn't it?" Alison, however, insists, "No, it wasn't, actually; more an unexpected bonus." Wayne mutters, "Yeah, OK. You've done your gloating; now get out." Alison smiles, "When the wedding photos come through, I'd like an 8x10 glossy!" Wayne growls, "You think you're so clever, don't you, you and Susan? Well, you wait until she gets back." Alison warns quickly, "If that's a threat, I think you're forgetting something: you're not running things now; Susan holds the purse-strings." Wayne mutters, "We'll see." Alison tells him, "Empty talk - and you know it. Susan owns all the money now. When she says 'jump', you put on your parachute." Wayne snaps suddenly, "Get out." He puts his hand to his head in agony at the noise and repeats more calmly, "Get out." Alison turns and leaves, a smile on her face. Wayne stands there, looking furious.

Janice is hanging up some washing in the grounds at the mansion when Angel walks up behind her silently and throws his arms around her, smiling, "Got ya!" Janice immediately reacts on instinct and uses her martial arts training to throw him to the ground! She turns and looks at him and, realising who it is, gasps, "Angel! I'm sorry!" She helps him up. He tells her quickly, "That's cool! I just came about our date." Janice stares at him. Angel says warily, "You getting cold feet? Going to go back on your word, eh?" Janice, however, assures him, "No, I'll come." Angel smiles, "Good. I'll pick you up at seven. Where will I find you?" Janice tells him, "The manager's flat. Aunt Fiona's away at a wedding, so I'm managing the place for her." Angel listens, nods, "I'll see you," and walks off. Janice stands there, a grin on her face.

It's evening-time. Charlie is lying on the floor in her lounge room, doing some stretching exercises. She then sits up and exclaims to Alison, who's sitting on the couch, smiling, "It's amazing, but ever since I've let my body speak to me, I've been feeling so good!" She looks at the expression on Alison's face and demands indignantly, "What's funny about that?" Alison, however, tells her, "I'm sorry, Charlie, it's got nothing to do with you. I was thinking about something else." Charlie comments suspiciously, "You've been acting very strangely since you came back from seeing Wayne. What happened over there?" Alison muses, "If only I'd been there." Charlie asks, "Where?" Alison replies, "Beryl's wedding." Charlie sighs, "Oh, Alison, I hate it when you're like this! I'm supposed to be your best friend; you could at least share it with me!" There's suddenly a knock at the front door and Charlie stands up to get it, saying as she does so, "I'll be back." She heads out to the hallway and opens the door to find Susan standing there. Charlie smiles, "Susan, darling, we were just talking about you; well, at least, your mother." Susan queries, "The wedding?" Charlie carries on, "I was just saying to Alison I'm dying to hear all about it." They head into the lounge room, where Susan tells Alison, "It went very well. Better than expected!" Charlie looks at her and asks, "If it went so well, why is Wayne acting so bad-tempered?" Alison looks at Susan and says, "Shall I tell her or will you?" Susan remarks, "You've heard?" Alison nods, "Wayne told me." Susan, sitting down on the couch, explains to Charlie, "Wayne made a fool of himself: turned up at the church, drunk." Charlie gasps, "How awful!" Susan replies, "For Gordon and mum - but as far as Wayne's concerned, I couldn't care less." Alison smiles, "And so say all of us!" Charlie, however, cries, "I still don't understand. What did he actually do?" Alison tells her, "Brace yourself, darling: it's a long story...!"

Wayne walks over to the couch in the lounge room at Dural, holding a small wooden box. He puts it down on the coffee table, opens the lid and removes a small pistol...

Next door, Charlie is giggling, "How horrible! Falling down practically at their feet!" Susan, standing up, growls, "Wayne deserves everything that happened to him." Alison suggests quickly, "Why don't you spend the night here?" Susan, however, tells her, "If you're saying that because of Wayne, I'm not frightened of him." Alison replies, "I know that; I just think it makes sense - until he cools down." Susan muses, "Maybe you're right; I am feeling tired." Alison suggests, "Why don't you take the spare room?" With that, Susan heads off. When she's gone, Charlie snaps at Alison, "You're turning that girl into a monster." Alison mutters, "Rubbish." Charlie, however, insists, "Yes you are. You're using her to 'get back' at Wayne." Alison insists, "I'm sure Susan can look after herself." Charlie shakes her head, warily.

Wayne picks up a photo album from the coffee table in the lounge room at Dural and stares at a photo of Gordon. He then puts it down, picks up a notepad and pen from the table and writes:

"Dear Dad, I never thought it would get to this."

He puts the pad down again, before picking up the pistol. He loads a bullet into the barrel and closes it. He then takes off the safety catch and puts the gun to his head. He goes to squeeze the trigger - but then appears suddenly to have second thoughts. He throws the gun down onto the table, stands up, rips the page out of the notepad, puts the pistol back in its box and goes and puts the box in a drawer behind the bar. He goes and sits back down, finishes a glass of scotch and pours himself another one. He then turns to a photo in the album of him and Susan on their wedding day. He pulls the photo out of the album and starts ripping it it. He then grabs the whole album and begins to pull it to shreds...

The door opens to Fiona's room at the mansion and Janice says, "Woo-hoo! Mind if we come in?" She and Angel step inside and Fiona smiles, "Well, hello, there! What have you two been up to?" Janice tells her, "We were going to a movie, but Angel took me to his bikers club meeting, instead. It was wonderful!" Looking astonished, Fiona gasps at her niece, "You went to one of their bikers meetings?" Angel chips in, "Sure did! I was real proud of her!" Janice adds, "They've made me their mascot!" Angel goes on, "I'll tell you what: she's pretty cool!" Janice reveals, "I even know the password - but my lips are sealed!" Fiona says to her warily, "You haven't been on the Fluffy Ducks again, have you?!" Janice retorts, "Of course not! Angel doesn't drink, either!" She looks at him. Angel tells Fiona, "No, no! 'Lips that touch wine... well, they won't touch mine.' Shakespeare." Fiona murmurs dubiously, "I doubt it." Looking suddenly uncomfortable, Angel says, "I got to go. It's late." He tells Janice, "I'll call you tomorrow, eh?" With that, he opens the door and heads out. As soon as he's gone, Janice reminds Fiona curtly, "You were the one who said 'don't judge people by appearances'." Fiona insists, "I've got nothing against bikers - or that you're going out with one; I was the one who recommended you do it, remember? Just be careful, that's all; I don't want you to go getting hurt again." Janice mutters, "If you're referring to a certain unfortunate incident that happened a few months ago, I can assure you it's not likely to happen again - and Angel won't let it, either: he's a gentleman." Fiona sighs, "Just don't rush into anything." Janice snaps, "It was our first date!"

The next morning, Caroline heads into the kitchen at her house and hands Doug - who's sitting at the breakfast table - some post. He sighs, "More bills! I'm going to start sending some of these back 'address unknown'!" Caroline comments, "They're not all that bad, are they?" Doug opens an envelope, looks inside, and replies, "Not this one: it's a receipt, thank goodness." Caroline opens an envelope that she's holding and takes out a piece of paper. She then gasps, "I'm rich! I'm rich! My publisher: it's an advance on US sales!" Doug sits there looking dubious as Caroline goes on, "And all in lovely American dollars!" Doug mutters, "They should have made it thirty pieces of silver." Caroline looks at him and remarks, "That's not very fair." Doug growls, "It's blood money, Caroline." Caroline points out, "I've earnt it." Doug retorts, "Out of other people's misery." Caroline snaps, "For heaven's sake, Doug, it's going to be in America. Who is going to know the Palmers and the Hamiltons there?" Doug retorts, "It's still people's lives." Caroline mutters, "Too bad." She then goes on, "I think you're just jealous." Doug asks in surprise, "Why should I be jealous?" Caroline says, "Because I'm earning more money than you are." Doug leaps up from the table and growls, "Now look who's being unfair. You know I'm trying to get things off the ground." Caroline suggests, "I could help you. What about me putting this cheque into the business?" Doug looks at her. Caroline declares, "See? Double standards." Doug retorts, "At least I've got standards." Caroline snaps, "You nearly took the money." Doug growls, "Did not." Caroline pushes, "You did. Admit it." Doug snaps, "I will not admit it." There's a furious silence. After a few seconds, Caroline sighs, "What are we doing?" Doug murmurs, "I don't know. All I know is that I don't like it." Putting her arm round Doug, Caroline says, "If you're not happy, I'll send it back." Doug, however, tells her, "No. I'm being stupid. Keep it; it's your money." Caroline asks, "Truce?" Doug kisses her and nods, "Truce."

Susan arrives back at Dural to find the ripped-apart photo album strewn around the lounge room and Wayne lying asleep on the couch, a nearly-empty bottle of scotch on the coffee table in front of him. Susan walks over to her husband, shakes his body and snaps, "Get up." Wayne groans, "What's the time?" Susan retorts, "Morning." Wayne sits up slowly and mutters, "The lovely Mrs. Hamilton..." Susan snaps, "You've been drinking." Ignoring this, Wayne asks, "Where were you last night?" Susan retorts, "I slept at Charlie's." Wayne muses, "Afraid to face the music?" Susan snaps, "Of course not." Wayne demands, "Then why didn't you come home?" Susan says coldly, "Because I didn't want a repeat of what happened in Melbourne." Wayne muses, "Oh yes... Melbourne. Very clever of you, all that... you and Alison." Susan tells him curtly, "I only gave you sleeping tablets; it wasn't my fault you got blind drunk." Wayne yells, "One drink - that's all I had." Susan shrugs, "What's it matter?" Wayne snaps, "It matters because I wanted to show dad I could do the right thing for once, and you didn't give me that chance." Susan yells, "Because you didn't deserve it." She then adds curtly, "By the way, we've got a meeting this afternoon. Make sure you're cleaned-up and sober." Wayne growls, "What meeting?" Susan tells him, "A few business associates. I want them to see we're still capable of running the company." Wayne mutters, "Suppose I can't make it?" Susan just retorts, "Do you like eating, Wayne? The roof above your head? Be here: two o'clock. Don't be late." With that, she turns and storms out.

There's a knock on the door of Fiona's room at the mansion. Fiona, who's sitting at the desk, working, calls, "Yeah, come in, it's open." She turns as the door opens, to find Alison stepping inside. She mutters, "Oh, it's you." Alison smiles, "That's what I like about you, Fiona: always so warm and welcoming!" Fiona just retorts, "If you want to go through the books--" Alison, however, assures her quickly, "I'm not here to keep tabs on you. I have full confidence in your ability to run the place." Fiona murmurs, "Thankyou." Alison then asks, "Did the wedding go well?" Fiona replies, "Very well. Why, is there any reason why it shouldn't?" Alison assures her, "No, no. I'm just asking." Fiona goes on, "It was a very nice wedding. Beryl and Gordon were very happy." Alison muses, "Good." She then just stands there. Fiona sighs, "Alison, is there anything you want?" Alison smiles, "No, no, it's purely a social call." She wanders over to look out through the window, adding as she does so, "Michael seems a nice sort of person." Fiona nods, "Yeah, he is." Alison asks, "Does he go out much? Have any visitors?" Fiona retorts, "I really don't know. I don't keep check on my tenants." Alison assures her, "I'm not suggesting you do. I just thought the two of you were friends." Fiona pauses before saying, "Alison, keep away from him. I don't want you mucking up his life." Alison insists, "For goodness' sake, I'm not going to eat the guy; I'm just asking because I find him interesting." Fiona suggests curtly, "Then go and ask him yourself." Alison smiles as she comments, "You know, Fiona, you really should stop playing the Mother Hen. Michael's a big boy, now; I'm sure he can look after himself." With that, she heads back out of the room. Fiona sits at the table, looking frustrated.

The business meeting is underway at Dural. Susan, Alison and Wayne are all sitting around the living room table, along with three businessmen. Susan hands one of them a file and says, "That's Merchant Holdings. Quite a suitable investment proposition, I think." Another of the men asks, "Where's the capital coming from? I thought you were cleaned out, Wayne." Wayne tells him distantly, "We manage to get by." The man comments, "I've got to take my hat off to you: the way Gordon was talking, I thought it was a clean sweep. How'd you do it?" Susan says quickly, "Yes, tell them how you did it, darling..." Alison, however, interrupts and says, "The fact is, Mrs. Hamilton's come into some money. All the capital belongs to her." Two of the businessmen look at each other. Susan adds, "Naturally, my husband will still be playing a part in running the business - won't you sweetheart?" She looks at Wayne, who mutters, "Of course." One of the businessmen asks him, "Who signs the cheques? The little woman or you?" Susan tells him, "I do." The man smiles, "Good for you! I like to see a woman with a bit of get-up-and-go. I was only saying to the wife the other day: if you can run a house, you can run a business'. Don't you agree, Wayne?" Wayne mutters, "Yes." The man goes on, "Course, you got to watch them: give them an inch, they'll take a mile. Next thing you know, you'll be stuck in the kitchen, wearing an apron!" Wayne sits there, looking less than impressed. Susan says to the meeting, "If that's all gentlemen... time for a break?" She looks at Wayne and suggests, "Coffee for five, darling." Wayne stands up, looking annoyed.

Doug and Caroline are enjoying a picnic in a park in Melbourne. As Caroline picks herself a grape from a bunch she's holding, she looks round - and her eyes alight upon a woman sitting on a bench nearby. She stares at her. Doug asks, "What's wrong?" Caroline gasps, "She's reading my book!" Doug shrugs, "So?" Caroline, beginning to stand up, says, "I wonder if she'd like me to autograph it for her..." Doug, however, puts his hand on Caroline's shoulder and says, "No you don't." Caroline demands, "What are you doing?" Doug tells her, "We came out here to have some fun. Forget about that damn book." Caroline sighs, "I don't understand it: you should be proud that I've written a bestselling book." Doug points out curtly, "Out of other people's lives." Caroline retorts, "The readers don't know that, so what does it matter?" Doug asks, "Doesn't it matter to you?" Caroline snaps, "No it doesn't - and why do we have to end up in a row every time that book is mentioned?" Doug retorts stroppily, "Because it's ruining our lives. Can't you see that?" Caroline tells him curtly, "No, I can't. OK, we've got a problem, I agree, but it's in your head, not mine. You're the one who's got to sort it out." Doug glares at her. He then stands up, starts clearing away the picnic things and announces angrily, "The party's over."

Susan, one of the businessmen, Alison and Wayne head from the lounge room into the hallway at Dural, the businessman saying as they do so, "I'll get that report to you in a couple of days, Wayne." Susan, however, tells him, "Send it to Alison. We'll get back to you with an answer." The businessman nods, "Whatever you say." He then turns to Wayne and smiles, "Keep that coffee pot bubbling, eh?!" With that, he and Alison head out. Susan closes the door and then walks back into the lounge room. She's followed by Wayne, who snarls, "What the hell do you think you're doing?" Susan replies calmly, "Running a business." Wayne growls, "You and Alison set the whole thing up." Susan shrugs, "If that's the way you want to read it." Wayne goes on angrily, "All that claptrap about what you're going to do with Hamilton Industries." Susan retorts, "Of course it's what I'm going to do. It's my money we'll be using. All you have to do is sign the papers." Wayne snaps, "If I don't?" Susan says coolly, "Then I still have the money - but you have nothing." Wayne snarls, "Don't be so sure about that." Susan demands, "What's that supposed to mean?" Wayne smiles, "The book: I'm suing Caroline." Looking suddenly wrong-footed, Susan blusters, "You haven't got a hope." Wayne retorts, "Is that what you think, is it? My advice is that I stand a very good chance of making a packet. By the time I'm finished with Caroline, she'll wish she'd never learnt to type..."

The 'phone is ringing at Caroline's as Caroline and Doug arrive home. Caroline goes to answer the call in the kitchen. Susan comes on from the hallway at Dural and says, "Caroline? I've been trying to get you for the past hour. Wayne's going to sue." Looking shocked, Caroline gasps, "What?" She listens before murmuring, "He's been to a lawyer..." She then goes on, "Well, thanks for warning me; it's much appreciated... I will. Bye." With that, she hangs up. Doug looks at her and asks warily, "Who's been to a lawyer?" Caroline tells him, "Wayne. He's suing" Doug mutters, "I told you that book meant trouble." Caroline, however, snaps, "For heaven's sake, Doug, stop it. I am getting sick and tired of your continual nagging and criticism." Doug insists, "I'm just stating a fact." Caroline retorts, "For the fiftieth time. Quite frankly, you're staring to bore me." Doug stares at her. He then mutters, "Thanks a lot. Just tell me one thing: what comes first: the book or me?" Caroline retorts, "After the way you've been carrying-on, the book - or at least, it should be: I've turned down a publicity tour to stay with you. What an idiot. Well, no more. I am going whether you like it or not."

Susan walks into the lounge room at Dural. Wayne is sitting on the couch, a file of papers in his hands, and he muses, "The queen's been in her counting house, counting all her money." Susan, however, tells him, "Actually, I've been on the 'phone - to Caroline. I told her about the lawsuit." Wayne mutters, "I've made up my mind." Susan shrugs, "Forewarned is forearmed. You've got Buckley's chance of getting anything now - especially if I support her." Wayne glares at Susan and growls, "Get out." Susan shakes her head and retorts, "You don't frighten me." Wayne stands up and snarls, "I said: get out." Looking suddenly scared, Susan takes a step back. Wayne follows her. Susan then turns and heads out of the room, closing the doors behind her. When she's gone, Wayne goes to the bar, checks a number in the telephone index and then dials the number on the 'phone. When the call is answered, he says, "Alec? Wayne Hamilton. That legal action I was talking about: I want to get onto it right away. Can you see me now?... Thanks. I'll be over." With that, he hangs up and heads out.

Susan is walking down the driveway at Dural. Wayne follows her out of the house and climbs into his car, which is parked by the front door. He starts the engine. He then starts heading down the driveway - behind Susan. All-of-a-sudden, he puts his foot down on the accelerator. As the car roars towards Susan, Alison, who's standing nearby, spots what's happening and yells, "Susan! Look out!" Susan turns round to find Wayne's car heading straight at her. It hits her and she rolls up onto the bonnet. She then drops back down onto the ground and rolls several feet. Wayne sits in his car, looking horrified.


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