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    Written by: Bevan Lee   Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Alister Smart

Glen eases Susan down onto the couch, to take things further. Susan, however, tells him, "No..." Glen carries on kissing her. Wayne pulls the door back towards him and walks off. Susan and Glen carry on kissing...

Outside, Wayne runs to some trees nearby and crouches down. He then pulls the plaster off his forehead and also removes one that's on his hand. He rubs some mud from the ground onto his hands and onto his face. He then heads back towards the cabin.

In the cabin, Glen tells Susan, "I love you." Susan murmurs, "I love you, too..." Glen says gently, "Come into the bedroom." Susan, however, says, "I can't..." Glen takes her arm anyway and starts leading her off to his room. All-of-a-sudden, they hear Wayne outside, yelling, "Help me! Help me!"

Outside, Wayne puts on a show of looking weak and vulnerable. As Glen and Susan come racing over to him, he 'collapses' onto the ground and lies there, 'unconscious'. Glen picks him up.

A short time later, Glen carries Wayne inside. He tells Susan, "You find him a blanket." Susan dashes off to the bedroom as Glen lies Wayne down on the couch. Wayne groans, "Oh, Susie..." Susan runs back in with a blanket and asks Glen, "How did he get here? What happened?" Glen just shrugs, "Blowed if I know. I don't think we'll be getting much out of him for a while." The two of them place the blanket over Wayne as Susan asks in concern, "He's going to be alright, isn't he?" Glen tells her, "It just looks like a few scratches. Probably exposure." Susan says, "Make sure nothing's broken. I'll get some water to clean him up with." At that moment, Wayne groans, "Susie... Susie..." Susan assures him quickly, "I'm here." Wayne starts saying 'weakly', "Water... there was a roadblock... I tried to walk... I got lost..." Susan insists, "Try not to talk. The main thing is you're safe." She then turns to Glen and says, "Could you get the water, thanks? - and a sponge and if there's any bandages and antiseptic..." Glen stands up and walks off. Wayne then tells Susan 'weakly', "I was so worried about you... I'd do anything for you..." Susan crouches next to him, looking worried.

Alison sits down with Charlie in the lounge room at Dural, telling her, "You are the most exasperating woman. Don't come crying to me when you wake up one morning and find all your money gone." Charlie sighs, "You're as bad as Caroline: all that nonsense about invoices and Wayne was totally innocent." Alison mutters, "Lucky, more like it." She then says, "Charlie, Wayne is going to use that gym chain to bleed you dry." Charlie smiles, "You make him sound like Dracula!" Alison muses, "Yes, well, he's working on it!" Charlie insists, "It's not fair, people going around blackening his reputation." Alison asks, "What if I got proof?" Charlie admits, "Then I'd have to believe you. But you won't; I trust him." Gordon walks in at that moment and says, "Ready?" Charlie smiles, "Good! I couldn't imagine buying a new doggy bed for my babies without you there to help me!" Gordon remarks, "At least it'll keep my mind off Wayne." Charlie says, "I'm sure he's fine, darling." Alison chips in quickly, "Actually, what I am worried about with Wayne away is the business. Are you sure there aren't any urgent accounts that need doing?" Gordon replies, "Nothing I know of." Alison goes on, "I'm free all morning. If I had Wayne's safe keys, I could check the computer." Gordon, however, retorts, "I don't know that Wayne would approve of you having access to the computer files." Alison rolls her eyes and snaps, "For goodness' sake, I am as much a part of the company as Wayne is. I have every right." Gordon murmurs, "Alright, I'll open it up." He walks off, leaving Charlie to ask Alison suspiciously, "What are you up to?" Alison just says 'innocently', "Me?" Charlie retorts, "Yes, you. Trying to find that proof you were talking about?" Alison 'assures' her, "I wouldn't lie to Gordon." Charlie, however, points out, "You lied your way through twenty-odd years of being married to him." Alison sighs heavily, "Charlie, if you can't take care of yourself, I have to. If there's any proof on any of those files, I'll get it."

In the study, Gordon removes some 5¼" floppy discs from the safe, but leaves the door open. He then hands Alison the discs and says, "There we are. You know how to use it, don't you?" Alison smiles, "Yes. Thanks." With that, Gordon heads out. Alison goes and sits down at the desk. Putting a disc into the slot in the computer that's sitting on there, she mouths to herself, "Now, you little high-tech monster... what have you got to show me?"

Wayne still has his eyes closed as he lies on the couch at the cabin. Susan is stroking his forehead as she tells him soothingly, "There. You rest." She gets up and heads over to the kitchen area. Glen joins her and she tells him, "I think he's OK; just exhausted." Glen asks, "He's been out there for days?" Susan nods, "That's the impression I got. I feel so guilty." Over on the couch, Wayne opens his eyes and listens as Glen insists, "You've nothing to feel guilty about." Susan points out, "I was just about to go to bed with you." Glen retorts, "You wanted to; we both wanted to. There's nothing to be ashamed of." Susan reminds him, "I'm married to him, Glen." Glen retorts, "And you wish you weren't." Susan cries, "That's not fair. I love him; I--" Glen interrupts and says tersely, "You know you made a mistake the day you married him - and you know you want to be with me. Admit it." Looking upset, Susan cries, "I don't know. All I know is that part of me is angry that Wayne turned up. The other part's ashamed. I'm worried for him. I love you both, but in different ways." Glen pauses and then says, "You're going to have to choose." Susan, looking shocked, cries, "No!" Glen just tells her, "You are." Susan cries, "I can't. I don't know what I'd do." Wayne suddenly lets out a huge groan from the couch. Susan runs over to him and says in concern, "You alright, darling?" Wayne murmurs, "Where am I...?" Susan tells him, "You're at the cabin. Don't you remember?" Wayne murmurs, "Yes..." Susan then says, "Don't talk. We're going to get you to a doctor, just to be on the safe side. How long were you out there?" Wayne murmurs, "Days... I kept walking round and round in circles... and the nights... insects ate me alive..." Susan soothes, "I know. It's all over now - and I'm here." Wayne groans, "Hold me..." Susan puts her arms round him. As she does so, Wayne looks over at Glen, sharply.

Alison is typing some instructions into the computer in the study at Dural. A message comes up on the screen, though, saying 'Unauthorised access. Procedure cancelled.' It then asks for a password. Alison murmurs to herself, "Now, what would your devious little mind think up...?" She types in 'GYMSCAM' and presses 'Enter'. The same error message appears, though. Alison suddenly hears a car pull up outside. She goes over to the safe, removes the keys and puts them in her handbag. She then puts another floppy disk in the computer and types a command. A message appears on-screen: 'Copying data diskette... Please wait.'

Out in the hallway, the front door opens and Susan, Wayne and Glen walk in, Susan telling Wayne as they do so, "You go up to bed and I'll bring you something to eat." Wayne points out, "The doctor said I'm fine." Susan, however, insists, "You should still be resting." Wayne calls for Gordon but there's no answer. He then suggests to Susan, "Why don't you put some coffee on? I'll go and find him." He holds out his hand to Glen and adds, "Thanks again. We'll be right, now." Glen shakes his hand and nods hesitantly, "Yeah, right, well, I'll be going." Susan, however, says quickly, "No. Stay. For coffee." She turns to Wayne and adds, "You find your dad and Glen can help me. It's the least we can do." Looking annoyed, Wayne mutters, "Of course it is. I'll be with you in a tick. Put a cup out for dad." With that, Susan and Glen head into the lounge room, leaving Wayne standing in the hallway, looking furious.

Alison is still sitting at the computer in the study, urging it, "Come on. Come on." She bangs the desk in frustration. The door opens suddenly and Wayne walks in. He stops in his tracks as he spots Alison sitting there, and he demands, "What are you doing here?" Alison just says, "You're back. Gordon's been worried sick about you." Wayne retorts, "I asked you what you're doing here." He steps towards the computer and looks at the screen. He snaps, "What do you think you're doing?" Alison says quickly, "Gordon just asked me to do something for him before he went out." Wayne snaps, "Bull." Alison adds, "You were gone so long he was worried." Wayne growls, "You're copying the disc." He then pulls the disc out of the machine as he snaps, "I don't know what you're up to, but you can just get out. Now." Alison stands up and comments lightly, "You're acting like a man with something to hide." Wayne growls, "You'd love to think that, wouldn't you?" Alison insists curtly, "Just because Caroline's out of the way doesn't mean you're safe. One way or another I'll prove to Charlie what you're up to." Wayne just comments, "And they say I've been out in the sun too long." Alison tells him, "Whatever it is you're up to, the details are stored on that disc." Wayne just shrugs, "Overactive imagination." Alison demands, "Then why the need for secret passwords?" Wayne retorts, "I'm a kid. I like playing games." He then screws up the disk and smiles nastily, "So much for your copy. Sorry." Alison mutters, "So much for having nothing to hide." With that, she marches out of the study, leaving Wayne looking annoyed.

Susan emerges from the kitchen and joins Glen in the lounge room. She tells him nervously, "Coffee won't belong." Glen replies, "I think Wayne's back on form: Alison just went out the door, looking like thunder." Susan sighs, "What's she doing here?" Glen replies, "Search me, but I think they had a barney." Susan, heading towards the hallway, cries, "Wayne's not up to it." Glen, however, grabs her arm and says, "He'll survive. We've got to talk before he comes back." Susan cries, "No!" Glen tells her, "I didn't stay for coffee. You know what we've got to do; we both do." Susan retorts, "You're not going to force me into anything." Glen insists, "I'm not trying to force you. We've got to talk. Get away and come over to Charlie's as soon as you can." At that moment, Wayne walks in and Susan says quickly, "Did you find your father, darling?" Wayne replies, "Apparently he's out." Susan goes on, "Glen said he saw Alison." Wayne replies, "She was working. She's gone, though." Susan asks, "Everything alright?" Wayne asks, "Why shouldn't it be?" Susan explains, "Glen thought you two may have been arguing." Wayne assures her, "Not at all. She was just about to leave anyway. I'm back with you." With that, he puts his arms round her and adds, "Of course everything's alright." He looks slyly at Glen...

Charlie and Gordon are at Charlie's, putting down the new dog basket that Charlie has bought. Alison marches in suddenly and snaps, "Newsflash: Wayne's back." Gordon cries, "Thank goodness. Where on earth has he been?" Alison shrugs, "I've no idea, but he's had a pretty rough time of it, wherever he was." Gordon asks in concern, "Is he alright?" Alison replies, "He survived, but I'd say he's been in the wars." She then hands over the safe keys and suggests, "I don't think you should leave them lying around." Gordon thanks her and adds, "I'd better go." He heads out. Left alone with Alison, Charlie asks, "What's that?" Alison is fitting a key onto her keyring and she replies, "Just a key I've had cut for future reference." She then indicates the departing Gordon and adds, "I don't know why he bothers about him." Charlie sighs, "Darling, how can you be nasty about him when he's been in trouble?" Alison retorts, "Because whatever it was, he probably deserved it. You know he came back with Glen and Susan?" Charlie asks in surprise, "Where did they meet up?" Alison replies, "I've no idea - but I can't wait to hear the full story..."

Sometime later, Glen is standing with Alison in Charlie's lounge room, asking her, "What happened with you and Wayne after we arrived?" Alison, however, retorts, "I'll ask the questions." Glen asks, "Do you think Charlie will mind if I hang around? Susan's going to be over for a talk - or at least I hope so." Alison asks eagerly, "What happened?" Glen, sitting down, tells her, "I think I may be close to getting Susan to leave Wayne." Alison asks in surprise, "How did you manage that?" Glen explains, "We were trapped up in the cabin. She realised how she felt." Alison asks, "What happened when Wayne turned up?" Glen sighs, "Susan was all over him, of course. He looked terrible, but I think we was bunging a lot of it on." Alison asks, "How did he get that way?" Glen explains, "He tried to walk in past the wash-out and got lost." Alison chuckles, "It's a pity he didn't stay that way!" Glen goes on, "Anyway, he barged in just as Susan was starting to think twice about him. I know I could get through to her if I just had a bit more time." Alison comments, "You said she was coming over..." Glen nods, "Yeah. Wayne knows something's going on, though; he's been busting a gut to make sure he doesn't let her out of his sight. I can make her happy if she'd just give me a chance." Alison offers, "If there's anything I can do, just tell me."

Gordon is sitting with Wayne and Susan in the lounge room at Dural, saying to his son, "You were lucky you stumbled onto the cabin; you could have been out there a lot longer." Wayne remarks, "Good job it wasn't winter." Susan looks at him and asks, "Shouldn't you be in bed, darling?" Wayne, however, assures her, "I'm feeling fine." Susan insists, "It'll all catch up with you, if you're not careful." Wayne just replies, "I'm just happy to be with you. I spent days trying to find you. I'm not going to let you out of my sight for a moment..."

Glen is staring out through the patio doors in the lounge room at Charlie's. From one couch, Charlie glances at Alison on the other couch. She then tells Glen, "Wishing won't change things." Glen sighs, "She should be here by now - if she wanted to come." Alison comments, "I bet Wayne's got her on a leash." Glen carries on staring out through the window. Charlie stands up and leaves the room, indicating to Alison to follow her. Out in the hallway, she then growls, "I don't know if this is right... we're helping break-up a marriage." Alison points out curtly, "It's Wayne and Susan." Charlie retorts, "They're still married. I think you're just using it to get back at Wayne." Alison, however, tells her that Glen isn't happy because the girl he loves is married to a creep. She adds, "If you like him and you want to see him happy, just do as I say, alright?" Charlie starts to say, "Yes, but--" Alison interrupts quickly and says, "Good. I'm glad you see it my way." With that, she heads back into the lounge room and tells Glen, "I think positive action's called for." Glen asks, "What?" Alison, picking up the 'phone, tells him, "It's time I helped Susan slip the leash. I can feel a business meeting coming on..."

In the lounge room next door, Susan is asking Wayne, "Don't you think you should at least go upstairs for an afternoon nap?" Wayne just grins, "You're desperate to get me into bed, aren't you?!" The 'phone starts ringing and Susan stands up to get it. As she goes to the bar, she adds, "See if you can convince him, Gordon." Gordon, however, shrugs, "I'm staying out of it! I've got some work to do in the study." He gets up and leaves the room. Susan picks up the 'phone and says, "Hello?" Alison comes on and says, "I'm glad you answered. It's Alison. Glen's over here, waiting. Can you talk?" At Dural, Susan just says, "Right. Hi." Alison realises, "Wayne's there, is he? Just pretend you're talking to Janice and answer 'yes' and 'no'. Alright?" Susan replies, "It's nice of you to worry, Janice." She glances at Wayne, who smiles back at her. She then says, "Yes, we got back about an hour ago... it's a long story. Don't ask!" At Charlie's, Alison comments, "You're good!" She then goes on, "Do you want to come over and see Glen?" She listens and then gives a thumbs-up to Glen. She goes on, "Wayne's not making it very easy, right?... No, no, I didn't think so. I'll tell you what I'm going to do: it'll leave the coast clear for you to sneak across." At Dural, Susan says, "Right." She listens to Alison and then smiles, "Right. Yes. Yes, well, it must have been hard with Glen away. Did you take his classes?... I see... I told you, Janice, it's a long story. I'll come over to the mansion in the next day or so and tell you all about it - or I'll be into the gym... Yes, that sounds a wonderful idea. I'll see you soon." Next door, Alison grins, "I take it back: you're not good, you're brilliant! I'm on my way over now. Bye." With that, she hangs up. She then tells Glen, "Wish me luck." At Dural, Susan hangs up as well. Wayne asks immediately, "Didn't she want to talk to me?" Susan replies sheepishly, "It was just a personal call. She was wondering whether we were back or not and what had happened." Wayne comments, "She could at least have told me how the gym was going."

Glen is pacing the lounge room floor at Charlie's, sighing to a seated Charlie, "It has to work." Charlie, however, snaps, "Have you really thought what you're doing?" Glen retorts, "Of course I have; I love Susie." Charlie tells him, "I wasn't talking about that. Have you thought what you're doing to Wayne?" Glen shrugs, "Why should I care about Wayne?" Charlie points out, "He's a sick man. He could be dying. Susan's carrying his child; if you take her, you take everything he's got to live for." Glen, however, just declares, "If you were talking about anyone else, I'd feel lousy, but not Wayne. If he hadn't played so dirty, I'd be married to Susie now, not him, and it would be my baby she's carrying - but he used every rotten trick in the book and screwed it up for me. I'm giving him some of his own medicine back, that's all." Charlie stares at him and says, "I think you're too decent to break up a marriage." Glen, however, retorts, "I'm sorry, Charlie, but sometimes even nice guys pull off the gloves and fight dirty."

Alison is standing in the hallway at Dural with Wayne and Susan. Wayne is yelling at her, "Save yourself the embarrassment; Dad'll only tell you to get lost." Alison mutters, "We'll see about that." She then calls, "Gordon." Wayne goes on curtly, "I have been through a hell of a lot. Can't you just leave it until tomorrow?" Gordon emerges from the study and demands, "What's going on?" Alison tells him, "I wasn't going to make an issue of this, Gordon, but I thought 'Damnit, he's not going to get away with it'. Did you or did you not give me permission to use those files this morning?" Gordon nods, "Of course I did, but I don't see--" Alison interrupts and says, "Then could we go into the study and sit down? I want to re-establish a few guidelines on our partnership - because I'm not going to have him--" she indicates Wayne "--playing Lord High and Mighty again." With that, she marches into the study. Wayne tells his father, "Turf her out." Gordon, however, replies, "I'd rather calm her down and find out what the hell she's talking about." He follows Alison into the study. Susan says to Wayne quickly, "You go in; I'll bring some coffee." Wayne, however, snaps, "Don't bother. If I have my way, she'll be out before you even got it perc-ing." He storms angrily into the study. Susan immediately heads out through the front door.

There's a knock on the front door at Charlie's. In the lounge room, Glen tells Charlie urgently, "We need to be alone." Charlie stares at him and mutters, "I wish I didn't like you so much." With that, she heads out. Glen goes and opens the front door. He and Susan look at each other and they then hug warmly. Susan cries, "What are we going to do?"

In the study at Dural, Alison is snapping at Gordon, "It may seem a mountain out of a molehill to you, but it's the principle, as far as I'm concerned." Gordon sighs curtly, "I appreciate that Wayne should have used more tack, but he wasn't exactly on top of things." Alison growls, "He never is." Gordon goes on, "Alison, I am not being unsympathetic, believe me, but I think this is all best left until tomorrow." Wayne snaps, "Better shelved, if you ask me." Gordon, however, warns quickly, "You're not helping things either." Alison snaps, "I'm not going until I get an apology - and unless I do, I'm thinking of reviewing the whole partnership." There's suddenly a knock on the front door and Wayne mutters, "I'll get it." Alison snaps at him, "I haven't finished yet." Wayne just retorts, "I didn't think you had." He heads out to the hallway and opens the front door - to find Janice standing there. She stares at him and comments, "You look terrible. What happened?" Wayne just stares at her and demands, "What are you doing here?" Janice explains, "I brought the gym takings." Wayne retorts, "But you only just call--" He breaks off and then snaps, "Where did you ring from earlier?" Janice stares at him blankly and replies, "I didn't ring." Wayne dashes off suddenly to the kitchen, calling, "Susan? Susan!" Gordon and Alison emerge from the study and Gordon asks Janice, "What's up?" Janice shrugs, "I've no idea. I brought the gym takings and Wayne started going on about me ringing earlier. I didn't ring." Wayne rejoins them. He then glares at Alison and snarls, "It was you, wasn't it?" Alison just replies, "Sorry. I don't know what you're talking about." Wayne snarls, "I bet you don't." With that, he runs out through the front door. Gordon, rolling his eyes, asks, "What the hell is going on?" Alison tells him, "I really don't know - honestly. I'm starting to think Caroline's not the only one with mental problems..."

In the lounge room at Charlie's, Susan is saying to Glen, "You have to let me choose my time to tell him." Glen replies, "Take as long as you like." Susan insists, "I'm not using it as a way to put you off; I will do it." Glen nods, "I know." Susan stares into his eyes and they then kiss. When they pull apart, Susan declares, "I love you." They hug, tightly. Susan then tells Glen, "No matter what you think about him, he needs me - and losing me... it's going to hurt him a lot. I have to do it right." Glen smiles, "You wouldn't be the girl I love if you didn't." With that, they kiss again, more passionately this time.

Outside, Wayne runs up to the front door and goes to bang on it. He then hesitates, though, and growls to himself, "You'll keep..." He storms off again.

Inside, Susan and Glen pull apart. Susan says, "I'd better go. Alison can't keep them talking indefinitely." Glen tells her, "I don't want you to." Susan admits, "I don't want to, either." Glen comments, "Still, it won't be long. We won't have to worry." He adds, "It is right - you know that, don't you?" Susan smiles at him, "I do now."

Wayne downs a shot of brandy at the bar at Dural as Alison walks in from the kitchen with a tray of coffee. She smiles, "Well, well, well. Didn't take long." Wayne snaps, "Don't push it." Alison just comments, "Couldn't have happened to a nicer couple." Wayne, however, retorts, "She doesn't even know I was there." Alison asks with a smile, "Why? Couldn't you face her with it? Scared she'd tell you to get lost?" Wayne glares at her and snarls, "Listen, lady, you're heading for--" He breaks off quickly as they hear the front door bang. Alison calls, "In here, Susan." Susan walks in and remarks in surprise, "I thought you'd all be in the study." Alison tells her, "We're taking a break. Gordon's still in there." Susan then tells Wayne, "It was so nice outside I decided to take a walk." Wayne mutters, "Half your luck." Glaring at Alison, he adds, "I would, too, if I didn't have to sort this thing out." Susan asks, "How's it going?" Alison smiles, "Fine. Fine. Everything's just fine - isn't it, Wayne...?" Wayne mutters, "We're getting there." Susan tells them, "I'll leave you to it." Turning to Wayne, she adds, "I'll be upstairs when you've finished, darling." With that, she walks off. When she's gone, Alison says lightly to Wayne, "I wonder if she calls him 'darling', too." Wayne glares at her and then lifts his hand up to hit her, snapping as he does so, "You bitch." He hesitates, though. Alison grins, "You haven't even got the guts to face her with it. You know you'd lose her if you did. You're not only a creep, you're a pathetic little coward." With that, she walks out, leaving Wayne standing by the bar, looking furious.


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