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    Written by: Colin Tregenza   Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Alister Smart

Kevin Jones is sitting on a bench in the grounds of the nursing home, his eyes closed. Mrs. Boyle walks over to him slowly and says nastily, "Pleasant dreams, Kevin?" Kevin replies, "Just enjoying the fresh air, Mrs. Boyle." Mrs. Boyle sits down with him and asks slowly, "Have you been talking to our new guest: the lady with the blonde hair?" Kevin hesitates before telling her, "I've said hello." Mrs. Boyle nods, "Good. She's lonely. She needs a friend. Why don't you spend some time with her; really get to know her?" She then reaches into her pocket, takes out a door key and places it in Kevin's hand. As she does this, she adds, "Be nice to her, Kevin. Make her feel at home..." She then stands up again. Kevin does likewise and turns back towards the building. As he walks off, Craig head over towards Mrs. Boyle and smiles, "Afternoon, Mrs. Boyle. I've just finished raking up the leaves in the backyard. What's next?" Mrs. Boyle tells him, "There's a couple of boxes in the shed, full of order books. They have to be delivered to the wards - except the security block." Craig asks, "Don't they need any?" Mrs. Boyle retorts, "They do, but no one goes in there without my authority - and that includes you. Understood?" Craig nods, "Yeah, sure." He walks off, looking thoughtful.

Caroline is sitting on the bed in her room, stroking the cat. She murmurs, "Won't be long now. Don't worry. You're coming too." She suddenly hears noises at the door and she puts the cat down on the floor quickly and lies back on her bed. Mrs. Boyle comes in and says tersely, "Having a nice time, dear?" Caroline doesn't respond. Mrs. Boyle hands her a cup and some tablets. Caroline takes them, sits up and, turning on her side away from Mrs. Boyle, pretends to put them in her mouth. Instead, however, she places them inside the sleeve of her gown. She then turns back to Mrs. Boyle, hands her the empty cup and lies back down. As she does so, Mrs. Boyle orders, "Look at me. Open your eyes." Caroline does so, 'weakly'. Mrs. Boyle stands up and demands, "Have you been taking all your tablets?" Caroline murmurs, "Yes." Mrs. Boyle glares at her and then suddenly throws the cup at her. Caroline recoils in horror. Mrs. Boyle comments immediately, "My, you are full of beans, aren't you? I think we'll have to increase your dosage." The cat mews suddenly. Mrs. Boyle walks round the bed and, staring at it, says nastily, "My, isn't it cute?" She picks up the cat as Caroline pleads, "Please... can I have him back?" Mrs. Boyle, however, just says to the cat, "Been keeping her company, have you? We can't have that; it excites the patients." With that, she heads to the door. Caroline starts crying, "Please. You can't take him. You can't." Mrs. Boyle just retorts coldly, "Watch me, dear." With that, she heads out, leaving Caroline looking upset.

Craig is ripping open the boxes of order books in the shed when Kevin walks in, wearing his white doctor's coat. He holds out his hand to Craig and says, "Dr. Bartholomew." Craig shakes his hand and introduces himself. Kevin then comments, "The place is a mess, isn't it?" He goes on, "There used to be some magazines here. They help stimulate the patients' minds, magazines." He picks up some clothes and, throwing them over to Craig, says, "Here... help me put this lot somewhere, would you?" Unnoticed by Kevin, Craig finds a set of keys in amongst the clothing...

A short time later, Craig is creeping along the corridor in the secure block. He stops by a door and goes to try the handle. He doesn't notice, however, as Mrs. Boyle walks round the corner suddenly and catches him. She snarls, "What the hell are you doing?"

A few moments later, Mrs. Boyle demands, "How did you get in?" Craig replies quickly, "The door round the corner. I'm delivering the order books." Mrs. Boyle snaps, "I told you I would deliver to the security block, remember?" Craig says 'innocently', "Oh, is this the security block? I'm sorry. I didn't realise. One of the nurses in the next block said to come here. I told her all the wards I'd been to and she said this was the last one." Mrs. Boyle says suspiciously, "It didn't look like you were delivering books to me." Craig tells her, "I was looking for someone. The place seemed deserted." He then adds, "I've obviously done the wrong thing. I'm sorry. What else can I say? I don't want to lose my job." Mrs. Boyle warns, "You will if I catch you in here again." Craig murmurs, "Thanks, Mrs. Boyle. You won't." He goes to walk off. Mrs. Boyle, however, snaps, "I didn't say you could go." She then holds out an old sack and tells him, "This cat has been making a pest of itself. Drown it." Craig takes the sack and nods, "Sure." He walks off. Mrs. Boyle watches him suspiciously.

Doug is looking in the 'fridge in the kitchen at the country house. As he does so, he says to David, "I'd better pick up some lemonade, too, down the street while I'm picking up the champers." David chuckles, "Champers sounds a lot better than sparkling burgundy! Beryl's parents laid it on for our wedding breakfast!" Doug suggests, "Maybe I should rustle some up for old times' sake?!" David, however, retorts, "Spare me!" Doug comments, "It would be nice to have some sort of memento at your party - or something to bring back old memories. Or someone." Looking suddenly thoughtful, David nods, "It would be - and I know who." Doug asks, "Who?" David tells him, "Reverend Sloan. The bloke that married us." Doug smiles, "Brilliant! You're home and hosed." He then says more seriously, "You know, I envy you being given a second chance. Doubt if I'll ever get that with Caroline. I lost her because I was too worried about making money; thought she'd get in the way when I was trying to get back on my feet. I made the big sacrifice and proposed to her... but she saw that my heart wasn't in it. Turned me down." David asks, "When did you realise your big mistake?" Doug replies, "When she didn't answer any of my letters." David points out, "She has spent three months in prison, mate." Doug asks, "So? They still let you write, don't they?" Looking suddenly uncomfortable, David says warily, "Caroline had a pretty bad time of it inside. One of the prison guards felt sorry for her - so Caroline thought - and he started helping her; showing her the ropes... and then he was expecting favours in return. When he didn't get any, he raped her. That messed her up quite a bit - understandably. She couldn't cope being touched - by anyone." Looking shocked, Doug asks, "Why didn't anybody tell me? Does Alison know?" David nods at him. Doug mutters, "Never said a word. I told her to tell me everything that had happened. She never let on." He then spits, "Probably just forgot, eh?" David tells him, "You forget about Alison. Start thinking about Caroline." Doug nods, "You're right, mate. I'm going to make it up to her no matter what it takes."

Caroline is sitting on the edge of the bed in her room at the nursing home when the door opens and Kevin walks in. He's wearing his white coat. Caroline stands up immediately and cries, "Doctor, they've taken my cat away and it wasn't doing anything wrong. Please, you've got to help me. I don't know if I can stand it for much longer. I've got to get out of here - I've got to." Kevin, however, tells her, "You must be patient. We can't just walk out of here in broad daylight." Caroline cries, "The horrible woman took away the only friend I have." Kevin asks, "What about me? I thought I was your friend. Don't I count?" Caroline murmurs, "I'm sorry, doctor. I didn't mean it like that." Kevin nods, "I know. You're under a lot of stress." He then adds, "Sit down. I've brought you these." He places a pile of old magazines on the bed. Caroline just turns to him and asks, "When can we go?" Kevin replies, "After lights-out. It should be safe then." Caroline nods in relief, "Yes." She then looks down at the magazines and adds, "How very thoughtful of you. We'll have to hide them, of course, otherwise they'll take them away... like the cat." She doesn't notice Kevin reaching out with his left hand to stroke her face... As she looks back up at him, he pulls his hand away quickly, saying, "Don't worry about the cat. I'll make enquiries. And at least you've got these for now." He indicates the magazines. Caroline looks down at them again and murmurs, "Yes, they'll be a big help. They'll keep me occupied." Kevin goes to reach out to her with both of his hands but then starts shaking suddenly and pulls them back. He reaches quickly into the pocket of his white coat and pulls out a bottle of pills. Caroline asks him sharply, "What are you doing?" Kevin tells her, "I get dizzy spells." Caroline suggests, "You'd better sit down." Kevin, however, replies quickly, "No. No. I'll be right. I must go." Caroline asks, "You sure you're OK?" Kevin just nods, "Enjoy the magazines. I'll be back as soon as I can." With that, he dashes out of the room, leaving Caroline still looking worried.

David is sitting at the kitchen table at the country house when the back door opens and Ginny appears, smiling, "Ta da!" David stares at her and smiles, "What are you doing in Melbourne?!" Ginny explains, "Charlie sent me down on business. One day. I have to 'liaise' with Lisa on some fashion stuff. I was hoping I could pitch my tent here." David grins, "I think we could squeeze you in!" He then adds, "You're just in time for the party." Ginny asks eagerly, "When?" David explains, "Tonight. It's a sort of second engagement for me and Beryl. Beryl doesn't know about it yet." Ginny stares at him and he clarifies, "The party, I mean! It's a surprise." Andy and Debbie walk in suddenly, holding some boxes of party food. Looking at Ginny, Andy comments sourly, "Look who's turned up. I didn't expect to see you." Ginny comments pointedly, "You never know who you meet in the big city, do you?" David goes to head off to the lounge room to put up some streamers. As he goes, Andy asks him "Do you need anyone to blow up balloons?" David replies, "We need someone to keep Beryl out of the way. Would you care to do the honours?" Looking put out, Andy stutters, "I--I-- don't know, I--" Ginny tells him, "Go on. I'll make sure everything goes smoothly this end; solve any little 'problems' if they turn up..." Andy nods, "You've convinced me." David smiles, "Good. I'll give you a ring at Beryl's when it's all clear." He heads off to the lounge room. Debbie follows him. When they've gone, Andy asks Ginny, "What if Craig turns up? You've got to make sure he stays right away from Debbie." Ginny smiles, "Why? Having problems, are you?" Andy mutters, "She's not too keen at the moment." Ginny comments, "Maybe she's just a slow starter. You'll get your chance at the party: right music... wine... dancing close together... she'll melt in your arms." Andy mutters, "I reckon Craig will cause trouble." Ginny just retorts, "He'll be with me. You stick with Debbie and I'll stick with Craig. That way there can't be any trouble."

A while later, Beryl is showing Andy into her lounge room, asking as she does so, "Is something wrong?" Andy replies quickly, "No, just visiting. Everything seemed to be a bit busy at the farm so I thought I'd come out here." Beryl asks, "Lot happening, is there?" Andy tells her, "Not really - just more people: like Doug and now Ginny..." Beryl nods, "I see." She then goes on, "You're very welcome to stay, Andy, but I'm afraid you'll have to amuse yourself. I'm getting ready to go out." Andy asks sharply, "Tonight?" Beryl smiles, "I am a big girl now, you know. I'm allowed out!" Andy asks hesitantly, "You going out to dinner, are you?" Beryl replies, "Yes. As a matter of fact, David just rang. Doug's taking us." Andy smiles in relief, "That should be nice." He adds, "I'll drop you off to the farm, if you want." Beryl replies, "Thankyou very much. Help yourself to some coffee!"

Caroline is sitting up on the bed in her room at the nursing home, looking at one of the magazines. She hears a noise at the door suddenly and hides the magazine quickly under the bedclothes. The door opens and Mrs. Boyle walks in, holding a tray. She announces, "Dinner time." Caroline mutters, "It's still light. Why do I have to eat so early?" Mrs. Boyle retorts, "Because I say so." She hands over the tray. As Caroline takes it, she demands, "What have you done to my cat?" Mrs. Boyle just shrugs, "I had it drowned. Now, eat your dinner." Caroline glares at her, furiously, and snarls, "You what? You killed it?" With that, she leaps up from her bed and wraps her hands around Mrs. Boyle's throat, shouting, "You killed my cat!" Mrs. Boyle calls, "Nurse! Nurse!" A nurse runs in and grabs Caroline's arms. Caroline yells, "Let me go. Let me go." As she stands there, struggling, Mrs. Boyle threatens, "You've just made a very big mistake. Bit too hot-tempered, this one, nurse. Take her to the shower - and make sure it's cold. Very cold..."

It's evening time and Debbie is all dressed up as she sets out some food and drink on the kitchen table at the country house. The back door opens suddenly and Craig walks in, holding the sack containing the cat. He looks at Debbie uncomfortably and says, "Hello, Debbie." Debbie just murmurs, "Hi." Craig asks, "Anything I can do?" Debbie just retorts, "Everything's all been done." She then looks at the sack in Craig's arms and asks warily, "Is that for the party?" Craig smiles, "Might provide some entertainment." Debbie asks, "What is it?" Craig opens up the sack and reveals the cat. A broad smile crosses Debbie's face and she says, "It's beautiful. Where did you get it?" Craig tells her, "This old battleaxe at the nursing home said it was getting in the way. Wanted me to drown the poor thing. Course, I couldn't do that - so here it is." Debbie takes the cat and starts stroking it lovingly as Craig adds, "Maybe you'd like to look after it?" At that moment, Ginny walks in from the hallway. She goes and puts her arms around Craig, saying, "Miss me? Never mind: we've got all night. We can make up for lost time between now and sunrise." Debbie and Craig both stand there awkwardly. David runs in from the hallway suddenly, saying, "Quick: hit the lights. Beryl and Andy are here." Out in the courtyard, Beryl comments to Andy in surprise, "Oh! The lights have just gone out!" Andy comments, "A fuse must have blown." He goes and opens the back door. Beryl calls inside, "David?" The two of them head into the kitchen. Beryl calls again for David, but there's still no answer. Andy suggests, "Let's go through to the lounge." The two of them make their way out there carefully. As they head into the lounge room a few seconds later, the lights come on and all the party guests yell, "Surprise!" Beryl stands there with a surprised grin on her face!

The door to Caroline's room at the nursing home opens and Caroline is pushed inside. She collapses against the bed - where she finds her magazines lying ripped up in pieces. She recoils as she stares at them. The little hatch in the door opens suddenly and Mrs. Boyle peers in. A nasty smile crosses her face. Kevin then looks in before closing the hatch and opening the door. He steps inside and asks Caroline quickly, "Are you alright?" Caroline indicates the ripped-up magazines and cries, "Why?" Kevin tells her, "I'm afraid there are some very sick people round here, Caroline." He looks at her, nastily...

In the lounge room at the country house, Doug pours Beryl a glass of champagne. David hands her a canapé, telling her, "I made them myself - under Debbie's supervision!" Beryl tries one and smiles, "Very interesting - and very tasty! Congratulations!" There's suddenly a knock at the back door. David heads off to get it. Elsewhere in the room, Debbie is standing with Andy. They look over at Ginny and Craig as Ginny tells Craig, "Open up." Craig sighs, "Do I have to?" Ginny nods, "Yep. Come on." Craig opens his mouth reluctantly and Ginny slips some food into it, smiling as she does so, "There you go: eat it all up." Doug offers Andy and Debbie a refill of their drinks. They accept. Craig comments to Beryl that the canapés are good. Beryl nods, "They're not bad, are they?" Doug looks at Debbie and tells her, "Your biscuits are going down well, Deb." Andy chips in, "She's not a bad cook. Always coming up with something new." David comes back into the room with Reverend Sloan, indicating Beryl and telling him, "There she is!" Sloan smiles, "Oh yes. Charming girl." Beryl looks over at them and gasps, "I don't believe it! What a lovely surprise! Where did you spring from?" Reverend Sloan explains, "David told me he was throwing you a surprise party and he invited me along." Beryl smiles, "That was very nice of him." Sloan goes on, "My dear, it just seems like yesterday when you walked down the aisle with young David." David declares, "And she hasn't changed a bit!" Doug walks over and hands Reverend Sloan a drink. He then comments, "I bet this brings back old memories, eh?" Sloan smiles, "It does. They were a charming couple!"

Caroline is sitting on the bed in her room at the nursing home, crying to Kevin, "I don't know how much more I can stand. If I'm not careful I will end up mad." Kevin insists, "No you won't; you're as sane as I am." Caroline cries, "Then when are you going to get me out of here? You keep on saying you're going to help. When?" Kevin tells her, "Tonight." Caroline points out, "It's tonight now." Kevin says, "Half an hour after lights-out, alright, when everyone else is asleep. That way, we won't be disturbed." Caroline asks warily, "You'll come for me then?" Kevin nods, "Yes." He adds, "Try not to worry: soon this horrible nightmare will be over once and for all." Caroline murmurs, "I hope so, doctor. I hope so..."

At the engagement party, David says to Doug, "I think I might ask the little lady for a dance!" He walks over to Beryl, who's sitting at the side of the room, and asks, "Would you like a slow waltz round the living room?" Beryl asks warily, "Now?" David takes her hand and nods, "Yep." Beryl sighs, "I don't think I want to." David, however, tells her, "Of course you do. Come on - do you good." Beryl murmurs, "I'm sorry - I'm just tired, that's all." She stands up and they start dancing. Over on another chair, Ginny says to Craig, "Come on, let's dance." Craig mutters, "I'm no good." Ginny insists, "Doesn't matter - it'll be fun." She looks over at Andy and Debbie, who are staring at them. Andy then invites Debbie to dance. As the three couples waltz around the floor, Ginny tells Craig, "You're a great mover. Sort of... sexual." Craig pulls away suddenly, though, and snaps, "This is crazy." Ginny asks in surprise, "What's going on?" Craig retorts, "No more games, Ginny. I love Debbie. I can't go on pretending to be your boyfriend. I'm sorry." Ginny, tears welling-up in her eyes, glares at him and snaps, "Don't apologise. I couldn't give a damn." She marches out of the room. Craig turns and look over at Debbie. She's looking back at him, but turns away quickly and looks at Andy. Craig heads out of the room. Beryl comments to David, "Looks like Ginny and Craig have had an argument." David, however, tells her, "Don't worry about them; worry about us." He goes on, "I thought about of putting a room on the back of the house - for young Robert. His own little pad. Then we'll be able to do the things we used to - like going to the movies and dancing..." He pulls Beryl closer to him. Beryl, however, pulls away and cries, "David, it's no use. It won't work." David asks in surprise, "What won't?" Beryl tells him, "Us. Getting together. Getting married again." David smiles, "You've had too much champagne, Beryl." Beryl, however, tells him, "What we had was wonderful. Too much has happened and we're not the same..." David says, "I still feel the same." Beryl murmurs, "Do you? I wanted to, I really did... It isn't." David stares at her as she tells him, "I'm sorry, David. I can't go through with it." David stands there for several seconds and then walks out of the room, slowly.

Kevin is creeping round the corner of the corridor in the secure block of the nursing home. He stops outside the door to Caroline's room and then opens it. Caroline is lying on her bed, but she leaps up as says to Kevin, "I was starting to think you weren't coming." Kevin just says, "Shhh... you must be very quiet. Mustn't spoil our little secret." He then closes the door. Caroline asks in surprise, "What are you doing? Can't we go now?" Kevin tells her, "Soon." Caroline says, "I don't understand." Kevin just says, "It's very simple." He then reaches out his hand and starts stroking her cheek. He murmurs, "Love me... love." He then puts his other hand into the pocket of his white doctor's coat and pulls out a pair of medical scissors...


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