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    Written by: Greg Haddrick   Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Alister Smart

A car pulls into the driveway of the nursing home and pauses just inside the gates. Craig is standing nearby and he looks around carefully before approaching the driver. It's Doug. He asks Craig, "You found her?" Craig replies, "Not yet, but I think she's here. I got a look at some clothes in the laundry. I saw an outfit I am positive I've seen Caroline wear before. Mrs. Boyle tried to cover it up when she saw me taking a gander." Doug smiles in relief, "Caroline's here alright. I can feel it."

Caroline is sitting on the bed in her room, looking at the note. There's suddenly a noise at the door and the small hatch near the top of the door opens. Caroline hides the note quickly and turns to stare at the man standing there. He says quickly, "It's alright. Don't be scared. I'm a doctor. I'm here to help. Did you get my note?" Caroline murmurs, "Yes." The man goes on, "I'm going to get you out. It won't be easy, though; it might take some time." Caroline asks, "How?" The doctor, however, looks around and says, "Somebody's coming. I have to go." With that, he closes the hatch. Out in the corridor, Mrs. Boyle wheels a trolley round the corner and says to the man, "Good morning, Kevin. How's the uniform? Looks better now it's clean, don't you think?" Kevin nods, "Yes." He looks down at the trolley Mrs. Boyle is pushing: it has several surgical instruments on it. Mrs. Boyle asks him, "How are you feeling?" Kevin murmurs, "Alright." Mrs. Boyle asks, "Taken your medicine?" Kevin nods at her. Mrs. Boyle tells him, "That's good." She then indicates the instruments on her trolley and comments, "Nice, aren't they? Now, just be patient. You won't have to wait very long." Kevin smiles at her...

Caroline is sitting on the bed in her room, stroking the cat and smiling, "Do you like that? It's good, isn't it? Would you like to live with me when I go away? 'Cos I'm going soon. The nice doctor's going to help me. Then we'll see who's mad or not..."

Out in the bush near Glen's parents' cabin, Wayne is panting heavily as he struggles through some undergrowth. He suddenly spots some berries on a bush nearby and he stops and stares at them. After a few seconds, he walks over to the berries, picks them and puts them in his mouth. He spits them out almost immediately, looking disgusted. He then sits down wearily on the ground, looking tired and fed-up.

Ginny is sitting on the couch in the lounge room at Charlie's, sketching designs for gym wear. Gordon is sitting on the other couch. Janice is standing in the middle of the room with Charlie, saying curtly, "I just feel I have to make my objections known, that's all. The gym's going to get a very bad name unless something's done." Charlie sighs, "Darling, I don't know what I'm supposed to do." Janice tells her, "Enforce my dress regulations. I've hung up the rules and no one takes any notice. Some of the outfits people wear are nothing less than obscene." Charlie smiles, "Don't be silly!" Janice, however, retorts, "They are. And those creations Ginny's coming up with are worse." Ginny snaps from the couch, "Now hang on a sec." Charlie says quickly, "Now, now, girls." She then says to Janice, "I'll tell you what: you go back to the gym and I'll pop down tomorrow and we can discuss the whole problem." With that, she escorts an annoyed-looking Janice to the front door. Left alone with Ginny, Gordon asks, "How are the designs coming along?" Ginny sighs, "Getting there. Nose to the grindstone, though: I've only got a few more hours to finish them." Charlie comes back in, muttering, "That girl: she's getting worse." Gordon smiles, "Don't let her upset you: it'll ruin your appetite." Ginny, putting down her designs, says, "Speaking of appetite..." Charlie, however, orders, "Finish and then you can eat. Until then, I don't want you wasting a second. Brian Bowman is arriving around four and we have to present him with a fully-integrated portfolio. Half a dozen sketches and a string of promises simply isn't good enough." Ginny declares, "In that case, I shall starve in the name of art! Enjoy your lunch!" She gets up and leaves the room, taking her sketches with her. When she's gone, Charlie asks Gordon, "How was your morning? Did you get on to Fiona?" Gordon nods, "Yep! She and May have gone pheasant-shooting with Neville's papa!" Charlie beams, "How exciting!" Gordon then continues, "I did, however, get the address of Glen's cabin - not that it'll do me much good; I hear the roads are still out." Charlie points out, "Then Wayne obviously made it. When the roads are back in action, he'll be in touch. You wait and see." Gordon, however, sits there looking worried.

Out in the bush, Wayne is staggering along, calling, "Glen..." He climbs between some trees, crying, "For God's sake, someone answer..." He then collapses to his knees, tears in his eyes, looking devastated...

Susan and Glen arrive back at Glen's parents' cabin. Susan is holding a couple of fish, and she smiles, "Who needs a supermarket to do the shopping?" Glen has a couple of bags of other foods, including mushrooms. Susan asks him if he's got a sharp knife so she can start cutting them up. Glen indicates a drawer. Susan opens it, but Glen says quickly, "I'll do it." He takes the knife and begins work. As he does so, he muses, "You know, the last few days have been about the nicest I've spent here." Susan asks in surprise, "What about all those times you came up as a kid?" Glen tells her, "They were good... in a way. Dad was always around, though. I could never relax as much. It always turned into a competition; he had fun, of course, but it wasn't much fun for us." As Susan goes to a cupboard to find a bowl to put the mushrooms in, Glen says, "You're enjoying it too, aren't you." Susan replies, "Of course. My life hasn't exactly been chockablock full of fun lately either, if it comes to that." Glen comments, "You are happy, though?" Susan pauses very slightly before saying, "Yes, I'm happy." Glen asks, "Happy with Wayne too?" Susan pauses again and then tells him, "Yes, I am." Glen, looking disappointed, murmurs, "Good." Susan then says, "I hope he's not worried about me." Glen points out, "He should have figured out where we are by now." Susan explains, "That's what I mean: you... me..." She then murmurs quickly, "What am I saying? He'll be alright. I'll just tell him nothing happened. He'll believe me. Why wouldn't he believe me? Nothing has happened. All we've done is talked. What's wrong with that? Everyone does it. You can't read much--" She breaks off as she realises Glen is staring at her. She then says quickly, "You can't read much into that... can you?" Glen just continues staring at her.

Wayne is trudging along out in the bush. He reaches a waterhole and collapses in front of it. He uses his hands to spoon some water into his mouth and onto his face. All-of-a-sudden, he appears to notice something. He gets up and staggers over to a small boat at the side of the waterhole. He quickly pushes it into the water and climbs into it - only to find it has a hole in it. As he steps in it, it turns over and tips him into the freezing water. He starts coughing miserably as he claws his way back onto the bank. A dog runs over to him suddenly and starts sniffing him. It trots into the water. Wayne says quickly, "Come here. Come on." The dog's owner then appears a short distance away and starts staring at Wayne suspiciously. A look of intense relief crosses Wayne's face as he lies back on the bank.

It's nighttime when Wayne awakes to find himself lying in a tent. He has a plaster on his forehead. A man is preparing some food on a gas stove and he asks Wayne, "How you feeling?" Wayne murmurs, "Cold." He then adds, "The name's Wayne." The man replies, "Michael Benson." He hands over a bag of jerky and tells Wayne, "It's roast beef." Wayne takes it, murmuring, "Ta." Michael asks him, "How long were you lost?" Wayne replies, "A couple of days." He looks down suddenly at the clothes he's wearing and asks, "These yours?" Michael nods, "Yours didn't survive the ordeal too well." Wayne then comments, "I could handle a shot of something, if you've got it. That'll warm me up." Michael, however, tells him with a smile, "No it won't. That's one of the great myths of all time. Alcohol makes you sweat, so your skin temperature rises and you feel warmer, but in fact you're losing body heat." Wayne murmurs, "I'll take your word for it." He then adds, "How do you know all that, anyway?" Michael explains, "I'm a doctor." He goes on, "Still, if you put this on, you're welcome to a drink." He hands over an extra jumper, adding as he does so, "After two days lost in the bush, I think I'd want a drink as well!"

In the cabin, Susan is sitting in a comfy chair opposite Glen. They have nearly-empty glasses in their hands. Glen offers Susan some more brandy. She nods, "Just a mouthful." She hands over her glass and Glen gets up and heads over to the kitchen to pour it. The 'phone rings once, suddenly. Susan looks at it in surprise and goes and picks it up. Glen apparently doesn't hear it, though. Susan listens to the 'phone line. She then hangs up, bends down and pulls the cable out of the wall socket. Glen returns with their refreshed drinks and asks, "How is it?" Susan replies quickly, "Still dead. Looks like another night..."

In the tent, Wayne is saying to Michael, "It's not that I don't trust my wife; I don't trust him - the guy she's with. That's why I tried to get through to them. He was her boyfriend before I came along. He still loves her, too; that's obvious." Michael points out, "That won't count for anything - unless she feels the same." Wayne insists, "She doesn't feel the same - but I think she could be persuaded." He adds, "Just jealousy, I guess." Michael comments, "Nothing wrong with that - in small doses." Wayne, however, adds, "And guilt." Michael looks at him. Wayne explains, "Let's put it this way: some of the things I did to make sure Susan would marry me weren't nice. They weren't exactly against the law - technically - but you're not sharing your tent with St. Paul, either. In fact, come Judgement Day, I'm going to need a damn good barrister!" Michael smiles at him. Wayne continues, "I love her, though. Sometimes, all she does is smile and I feel so happy. You feel great. I've never known that feeling before - which is saying a lot for a bloke who's been married five times!" A look of shock crosses Michael's face, and he gasps, "Five times? You will need a good barrister!" Wayne murmurs, "Her mother hates me... Beryl... She tried to move heaven and earth to stop the wedding." Michael comments, "But she failed?" Wayne nods at him. He then says, "I guess I can understand why she doesn't like me; she knows too much about me. Most of it's true. But it's also true I love her daughter. There was no way I was letting dear old mum stop us from getting married; no way in the world." He goes on, "Susan's pregnant; have I told you that?" Michael shakes his head. Wayne smiles, "Yep! She's pregnant!" He shivers suddenly and Michael tells him, "Wrap the sleeping bag round yourself." He helps Wayne to do so. He then asks, "What are you hoping for: a boy or a girl?" Wayne tells him, "Boy. It'll be a boy. He's going to have the best damn start in life. To begin with, he'll have Susan for a mother; that's worth a few thousand points. He'll certainly have it over his old man there." Michael asks, "You didn't get on with your mum?" Wayne hesitates before replying, "My real mum died when I was a baby. I was raised by a witch called Patricia. Alison, she calls herself now. Alison Carr. Word of warning, my friend: if you ever hear that name, run a mile. She's poison. Absolute poison. I grew up watching her operate. She seemed amazing when I was a kid: anything she wanted she got. Didn't matter what she had to do, who she had to take down... she got it." He adds, "You're a doctor; you'd know about role models, wouldn't you?" Michael shrugs, "I've read about them." Wayne tells him, "My problem was I adopted Alison as one of my role models. Anything she'd do, I'd do. And that's how I grew up: copying Alison. I couldn't - haven't - stopped. I have to get what I want." Michael asks, "Even if it's wrong?" Wayne replies, "As long as I get what I want." Michael remarks, "Sounds like an obsession. Doesn't that worry you?" Wayne tells him, "It's something you have no control over. Something you learn to live with." Michael asks, "What about your old man?" A smile crosses Wayne's face and he replies, "He's great. Bit too quick to think the best of people, maybe, but I respect dad. He's a top bloke. The times I've disappointed him I've felt the worst. If I can be half as good a dad to my son, he'll be set." Michael chuckles suddenly and says, "Listen, Wayne, promise me one thing: if it's a girl, don't slash your wrists, OK?!" Wayne laughs, "Not a chance! I'm a coward when it comes to suicide!" Michael adds, "Anyway, it's no big deal: if it's a girl, just try again." Wayne, however, shakes his head. Michael asks in surprise, "Why not?" Wayne explains, "I could have Huntington's disease." A look of shock crosses Michael's face. Wayne goes on, "We only found out about it after we knew Susan was expecting. My grandfather died of it. I'll never have another kid. That's why this one is going to have everything. That's why I panicked when I thought of Susan and Glen together: I'd die if she left me." Michael says reassuringly, "She won't mate." Wayne, staring into space, murmurs, "I'm not a good person, Michael." Michael, however, tells him, "You don't want to talk like that." Wayne just insists, "It's true. But that was all to do with my upbringing. That's why I want everything right for my kid: a mother who loves him, a father who loves him and enough money for the sort of life that most kids just don't have." Michael comments warily, "You're expecting a lot from this child, aren't you?" Wayne just replies, "No more than he has the right to expect from me." Michael asks, "What if he bombs out?" Wayne retorts, "That's his problem - but at least he'll never be able to say 'Dad, you didn't give me the start in life I deserved', will he?" Michael murmurs, "Guess not." He then looks up and comments, "If it doesn't rain again tonight, the roads should be clear by mid-morning. I'll drop you near the cabin and you can put your mind at rest. How does that sound?" Wayne smiles gratefully, "Great. Thanks." Michael then asks, "Warm now?" Wayne nods at him.

Gordon and Charlie are sitting with Brian Bowman in the lounge room at Charlie's. Brian is looking at Ginny's designs and he asks Gordon, "What do you think?" Gordon replies in surprise, "They look fine to me!" Ginny walks in and hands Brian a cup of coffee. She then sits down next to Charlie. Brian asks her, "How long did it take you to do these, Ginny?" Ginny replies, "A couple of days." Brian asks, "Are you happy with them?" Ginny tells him, "In the main. I suppose one or two could be improved. Any suggestion, of course, I'd be willing to incorporate." Brian just murmurs distantly, "Of course..." He then tells her, "It could easily amount to across-the-board changes." Ginny stares at him and he adds, "You have to admit: the whole collection is still rather sketchy." Ginny snaps, "That's because they are sketches, Mr. Bowman; that's what we asked you here to look at." Charlie glances at her, warily. Brian retorts, "I'm well aware what I was invited to look at, Miss. Doyle. It was billed as the work of a talented new designer." Ginny growls, "It is." Brian goes on curtly, "'Sharp-tongued' and 'immodest' were two qualities someone obviously neglected to mention." Ginny retorts, "Those designs are good, Brian. Calvin Klein mightn't lose any sleep over them, but they're original; attractive. If you want to market them, I bet you anything they make money, if you don't stop playing around and just say so. I've got better things to do than get treated like a schoolgirl by some offended back-room accountant." Charlie closes her eyes in horror! Brian just stares at Ginny and says, "The last person who spoke to me like that, young lady, I fired on the spot. I also learn from experience, and when the girl I fired went on to become one of the best designers in Australia, I told myself if it ever happened again, I'd swallow my pride - which means... I'll take you on." Ginny turns and looks at Charlie with a broad smile on her face!

It's the next morning, and Michael brings his car to a halt on a track in the bush. Wayne is sitting in the passenger seat and he asks Michael, "Where you headed?" Michael replies, "Orange. That's where my family live. I'm having a bit of a holiday - I take up my internship next week." Wayne asks, "Where abouts?" Michael tells him, "Park Ridge." Wayne smiles, "Good luck - and thanks for everything." He shakes Michael's hand. Michael then indicates the track and tells him, "The place you're after should be a mile or so up there." Wayne nods, "Right. I'll see you around, maybe." With that, he climbs out of the car. Michael drives off.

In the cabin, Susan is clearing the dining table when Glen comes in and tells her, "The roads are clear. We can move out." Looking disappointed, Susan murmurs, "Oh. Good. Are you sure?" Glen nods, "Positive. I just heard it on the car radio." He then adds, "They also said the lines were repaired last night; ours must have been last on the list or some--" He breaks off as he notices that the telephone cable has been disconnected. He turns to look at Susan. She's standing there with an expression of shame on her face. She murmurs, "I thought... I mean... I didn't want it to end, that's all." Glen walks over to her and says, "You should have just told me." Susan murmurs, "I know. I couldn't." Glen sighs, "How long are we going to have to live like this - always at arms' length?" Susan points out, "I've made my choice, Glen." Glen puts his hand on her arm and tells her, "It was made for you." Susan pulls away and insists, "It's wrong." Glen, however, puts his hands on both her arms and stares into her eyes, asking, "For who?" Susan stares back at him and then falls into his arms. Glen gives her a warm hug. He then tells her, "You have to be sure, Susie." Susan stares at him again for several seconds and then says, "I'm sure." They start kissing passionately. Neither of them notices as the cabin door opens silently and Wayne appears. He stands there, watching them kissing, a look of horror on his face...


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