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    Written by: Ian Coughlan   Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Alister Smart

Mrs. Boyle, Alison and Doug are walking back along the corridor. Mrs. Boyle asks curtly, "Satisfied?" Alison looks at Doug and sighs, "Come on, Doug, it's obvious she's not here." Mrs. Boyle points out, "As I told you in the first place." She then adds, "Now, if you don't mind, I do have patients I have to see to." Alison goes to walk off. Doug, however, says, "We haven't looked around the grounds yet." Mrs. Boyle snaps, "For goodness sake, where do you think she is: up a tree? I really do not have time for this and I certainly am not having strangers wandering about the place, upsetting the patients." Doug growls, "I'm not going 'til I have checked outside." Mrs. Boyle glares at him and mutters, "Come on, then - but be quick about it." She marches off.

David walks into the kitchen at the country house from outside. Beryl is sitting at the table - holding Robert - and she asks, "They gone?" David nods, "Yeah." He then sighs, "I don't know... you tell an agent you're selling a place and the next minute the whole world's on your doorstep!" Changing the subject, he announces to Beryl that he has something he's been meaning to talk to her about. Beryl asks what he means. David explains, "For years you've had a lot to put up with - the times I wasn't there..." Beryl points out, "You were there when I really needed you; well, mostly, anyway." David, however, sighs, "Come on, love, we both know that's not true. A lot of things got in the way back then: getting a job going... things just in my head... I just didn't have time to talk to you. The point is it's all going to be different this time." Beryl smiles, "I know that, love. Do you think I'd be willing to try again if I didn't?" David tells her, "You won't be sorry either, Curly. I'm going to be a proper dad to the young fella, too - not letting you do all the work like I did with the others." Beryl muses, "You know, I've been wondering why it's so bright in here. I think it must be your new halo!" David, however, insists, "I'm serious. For a start, this time, I won't always be racing around the countryside. I know you never liked me being a truckie, so I've given that away for good. Whatever I do now will be a nine-to-five job. At least I'll have plenty of time to hang around and annoy you!" Beryl smiles, "Thanks, love - but let's face it: whatever problems we had weren't all your fault; you weren't the only stubborn one." David comments, "That's all history now, isn't it?" He then looks out the window and remarks, "Looks like there's another mob here to see the house." Beryl says quickly, "With all these people coming and going, it's unsettling Robert. I might take him home. Would you mind?" David smiles, "Go ahead. I won't be long. Once I get this place off my hands, the three of us will be able to get together properly!"

Doug, Mrs. Boyle and Alison are wandering along in the grounds of the nursing home. Doug comments, "It looks a bit deserted. Aren't your patients allowed the use of the grounds?" Mrs. Boyle retorts, "At the proper times. This is their afternoon rest period - or it would have been if you hadn't insisted on disturbing them all." They stop by an outhouse and Doug asks, "What's in here?" Mrs. Boyle says quickly, "Nothing. Dirty laundry, waiting to be collected." Doug dashes over towards the building and heads inside. It's full of trolleys of washing. He starts looking in them as Mrs. Boyle snaps, "Hey. Now look. I have had quite enough of you. The person you want is not here. Now, will you go?" Doug lifts up a sheet covering Caroline, but doesn't spot her as he looks at Alison instead. She tells him, "Come on, Doug, you're making a fool of yourself. Let's go." She heads outside. Doug looks at Mrs. Boyle and then marches out, leaving Caroline looking distraught. Mrs. Boyle snaps at him, "I hope you are finally satisfied."

A short time later, as they head back to Doug's car, Doug says to Alison, "I still think she's here somewhere." Alison sighs, "Where?" Doug insists, "She's here. I feel it." Alison, however, tells him, "Admit defeat. We made a mistake. Wayne's done a far better job of hiding Caroline than we thought." They suddenly hear a call of, "Excuse me." It's the nurse who beat Caroline up. She runs over to Doug and, handing him a set of keys, says, "You dropped these. Good job I found them - lazy old fool of a gardener hasn't mown the lawn in weeks." Doug glances down at the nurse's wrist and a look crosses his face. The nurse asks uncertainly, "What's wrong?" Doug says quickly, "Nothing - I was just admiring your bracelet." Looking uncomfortable, the nurse walks off quickly. When she's gone, Doug says to Alison, "The bracelet and the earrings. Did you recognise them?" Alison mutters, "Why should I?" Doug declares, "They're Caroline's." Alison mutters in disbelief, "Oh, come on..." Doug insists, "They are. I ought to know: I bought them for her." Alison snaps, "If you're so sure, why didn't you ask the nurse where she got them from?" Doug sighs, "Great thinking: she'd only deny it and then let Wayne know that we were onto them. They'd move her out of here and put her some place else. We'd be back to square one. I've got to think of a better way of handling this." Alison just mutters, "Good for you, but I'm afraid I'm going back to Sydney." Doug comments sourly, "I thought you were interested in finding Caroline." Alison retorts, "I'm interested in Charlie's financial future." Doug points out, "Caroline was supposed to help with that, wasn't she?" Alison retorts, "Possibly - but we don't know where she is, do we? Now, if you want to stay here and look for her, that's fine. Just count me out." With that, she walks off.

A while later, David and Doug are heading into the kitchen at the country house from outside. David is smiling, "You know when to turn up, don't you! Just in time for the wedding!" Doug asks in surprise, "Whose wedding?" David explains, "Me and Beryl: we're going to tie the old knot again!" Doug smiles, "Congratulations!" He adds, "That explains the 'For Sale' sign out the front." David nods, "Yeah. With young Robert, we thought it would be best if we moved closer to town." He hands Doug a beer as Doug sits down at the table and says, "To be honest, this is a bit more than a social call. A few things have happened that you probably don't know about: Caroline was feeling a bit run-down, so Wayne arranged for her to go to hospital. Now, she's disappeared." David asks, "You mean shot through?" Doug replies, "That's the way it's supposed to look - but everything I turn up says that Wayne's behind it. My bet is that he's put her into this nursing home he owns." David asks in surprise, "Why would he do that?" Doug explains, "To stop her from wrecking a scam he's trying to run on Charlie - we think he's out to rip her off. Anyway, I went out there with Alison: they weren't too keen on letting us look around, but we heavied them and finally they agreed. No sign of her." David asks, "You think she's still there?" Doug nods, "I'm sure of it. One of the nurses was wearing Caroline's jewellery. I know this sounds a bit far-fetched--" David, however, interrupts and assures him, "No - it's the sort of thing right up Wayne's alley. How do I help?" Looking relieved, Doug smiles, "Ta, mate. I appreciate it. I don't care what it takes... I'm going to find Caroline and then I'm going to nail Hamilton so hard to the wall it's going to take a crowbar to get him off."

Wayne is climbing a tree out in the bush in the vicinity of Glen's parents' cabin. He looks around, but all he can see are more trees. He then looks up at the sky and mutters, "Why me? What have I ever done?"

In the corridor at the nursing home, a second nurse is saying to Mrs. Boyle curtly, "We can't leave her in the shed all day." Mrs. Boyle, however, retorts, "And what happens if that friend of hers sneaks back for another look? We'll leave it for half an hour and then we'll put her back in the room - but I want her kept quiet and no one allowed in the grounds or inside the building. Is that clear?" The nurse murmurs, "Yes." Mrs. Boyle declares, "Good - because I'm not having any more slip-ups."

Debbie is hosing down an area of ground at the stud farm. Andy is working nearby. Craig walks over to them suddenly and Debbie snaps, "You still here?" Craig retorts, "I swear to you, Deb: nothing happened between me and Ginny until you took off with him." He indicates Andy. Stepping away from Andy, Debbie asks, "What about the time when I caught you both?" Craig explains, "That was only because I was worried about you. We were planning how we were going to trap the Hopkins'. I didn't tell you because I knew you'd want to come with me, and it was too dangerous. I was going to explain, but by the time I got back you'd already gone." Debbie mutters, "You really think I'm stupid, don't you?" Craig insists, "No." Debbie tells him, "I'm not interested, Craig. Just go away: I've got work to do." Craig cries, "All I want is a chance to explain. I promise you: I never cared about Ginny." Andy walks over to them suddenly and snaps at Craig, "Look, mate, can't you take 'no' for an answer? She doesn't want to know you. Just rack off." Craig glares at him. He then looks at Debbie and asks, "Is that what you really want?" Debbie nods her head, sadly. Craig storms off. Debbie then turns to Andy and says quietly, "I've got to change the poultice on Sugar's leg. Can you give me a hand?" She walks off. Andy follows her. Craig watches them from a distance, looking upset.

A short time later, as he climbs over a gate, Andy says to Debbie, "I wouldn't get too attached to that horse, if I was you. Even if he does get better you're only going to have to give him back." The farm owner walks over to them suddenly and demands, "Where are you two going? You're supposed to be hosing-down." Debbie murmurs hesitantly, "We were. We've just finished." The owner indicates the bucket Debbie is holding and demands, "What's all that stuff?" Debbie replies, "I thought I'd leave it in here--" she indicates the stable "--just in cased we need it sometime." The owner walks over and takes a look in the stable. He then turns to Debbie and growls, "Been hiding him in there the whole time, haven't you?" Debbie admits meekly, "Yeah, but... take a look at his leg: see how much better--" The owner interrupts and snaps, "He goes. Now. Get him in the van." Craig appears behind Andy and Debbie as Debbie yells, "No. He is a good horse and it's cruel to send him to the knackery." The owner shrugs, "Then I'll do it myself. You're sacked, girlie." Andy looks at Debbie and puts his arm round her. He leads her away as Craig watches.

A few minutes later, the stud owner leads Sugar over towards a horse van. Craig watches from a distance. Nearby, Andy is telling Debbie gently, "Come on, you did all you can. At least he won't feel any pain." Debbie cries, "How do we know what he's going to feel? Look how much better he's walking." Craig dashes over to the stud owner suddenly and says, "Hey. Wait a minute." The owner turns to him and retorts, "Who are you?" Craig just says, "I'd like to buy this horse." The owner mutters disbelievingly, "Sure!" Craig goes on, "I've got $200. That's more than you'll get where you're taking him." The owner stares at him and then says, "You've just bought yourself a horse, mate." Craig takes the money out of his wallet as the owner goes on, "Want to take him now?" Craig, however, replies, "I'd like to stable him with you, if I can." Debbie looks on incredulously as the owner shrugs, "It's your money." Debbie runs over to them and cries, "Craig, do you know how much it costs to stable a horse?" Craig admits, "No - but as it happens I'm a bit flush at the moment, so it's OK. There's one condition, though: they've got to keep you on to look after him." Debbie stares at him and comments, "This doesn't make sense. What do you want a horse for?" Craig tells her, "Present - for you. To say I'm sorry." Debbie glances at Andy and then snaps at Craig, "Keep your presents and forget about saying 'I'm sorry'." With that, she dashes over to Sugar. Craig calls after her, "Come on... what am I going to do with a horse?" Debbie just shrugs, "Up to you." She leads Sugar off. Andy grins at Craig, nastily.

Doug and David are still sitting at the kitchen table at the country house. David is saying, "I reckon your best bet is to go to the police." Doug, however, points out, "We need proof. I know that was Caroline's jewellery, but the police would only have my word for it." David sighs, "They'd have all the proof they need if they could find Caroline." Doug just comments, "If they could hide Caroline from me, they could hide her from the police - and then that would scare them into shifting her some place where maybe I'd never find her." David murmurs, "I suppose you're right." Doug goes on, "Thing is, we need someone to go out there and have another look around. But who?" David responds, "Obviously someone who looks innocent and can put on a good act." At that moment, the back door opens and Craig walks in! He then notices Doug sitting there and gasps, "Where did you spring from?!" Doug, however, is staring at him. He then mouths, "Craig..." Turning to David, he asks, "What do you reckon?" David smiles, "I reckon he'd be perfect!"

A short time later, Doug is telling Craig, "What we need is someone to go back in there and take a really good look around. Someone they won't suspect." Craig nods, "It'll give me something to do; take my mind off... the problems I've got. Do you want me to go out there now?" Doug replies quickly, "Let's not push our luck too much. Besides, we've got to give you a cover yet. How about first thing in the morning?" Craig smiles, "OK by me."

It's the evening, and David is sitting with Beryl at the living room table at Beryl's. He's saying, "It's a pity it's such a rotten thing that brought him back, but I'm glad he's here." He adds, "You like Doug too, don't you?" Beryl nods, "Yeah - from what I know of him." David smiles, "Good - because I can't think of anyone else I'd rather have as my best man." Looking surprised, Beryl comments, "Oh?" David asks, "You don't mind, do you?" Beryl says quickly, "No, no, no. Course not." David then says, "We'll have to start thinking about a guest list - and what type of service we want. And we haven't even thought of where we're going to go for the honeymoon, yet!" Beryl comments uncertainly, "Isn't that a little early?" David insists, "I still reckon we should think about it." Beryl points out warily, "We're not exactly teenagers." David replies, "We're still young enough to have some fun!" Beryl suggests, "Why don't we look at it as a holiday?" David tells her, "Because I want a honeymoon. And I'll tell you what: I can't wait for it to start!" Beryl stands up suddenly and says, "It's getting late and I have had a tiring day." David chuckles, "Not going to throw me out, are you?!" Beryl retorts, "Yes I am. You know I'm the old-fashioned type." David laughs, "Come on... we've been married for twenty years and we're going to be married for another twenty - not to mention all the good times in-between!" Beryl just shrugs, "There'll be no more 'in-betweens' - and the good times will just have to wait until we're married." With that, she goes and opens the front door. As she does so, she says tersely, "I'm sorry if I've disappointed you, David, but I'm just not ready. You do understand, don't you?" David smiles, "Yeah. Yeah, sure." With that, he gives her a kiss and heads off. Beryl stands in the doorway, looking worried...

David arrives back at the country house to find Doug and Craig sitting at the kitchen table. Craig comments in surprise, "You're back early." David tells him, "Yeah... Beryl was a bit tired." Doug stands up and suggests, "I'd better be heading off." David asks, "Where are you staying?" Doug replies, "I'll get a motel in town, somewhere." David, however, says, "Like hell you will. We've got stacks of room here." Craig heads off to make up one of the spare beds. Doug notices suddenly that David is staring into space and he asks, "Is there something wrong?" David, coming back to earth, replies, "I'm not sure. Beryl acted a bit funny tonight. She was backing-off a bit. I was going to stay there, but she practically threw me out of the house." Doug points out, "You said she was tired... that's probably all it was." David, however, goes on curtly, "She reckoned she wasn't 'ready yet', whatever that's supposed to mean." Doug bursts out laughing. David asks grimly, "What's funny?" Doug tells him, "I guess it's just my night for handing out advice!" He then asks, "Is there any chance you might be taking her a bit for granted?" David asks, "How do you mean?" Doug replies, "I reckon you and me are a bit the same - kind of bull-at-a-gate sometimes. I know I didn't show Caroline much courting and I know that she'd have liked it much more if I had." David comments, "Come on, mate, me and Beryl are past the courting stage! I'd look a bit of a nong walking up there with a bunch of flowers and a box of chocolates!" Doug, however, insists, "It doesn't have to be things like that. Just... surprise her occasionally; show her that you think she's worth a bit of effort." David muses, "I suppose I could get a hair cut and buy a couple of new shirts!" Doug explains, "I mean something like... throw a party for her - and make it a surprise. Nothing big; just invite a few friends and keep it cosy and intimate." Craig walks back in and comments, "Sounds great. Who's it for?" Doug explains, "Beryl." He then tells David, "It'll be my shout. No arguments. Besides, it'll save me trying to think of an engagement present." Craig asks eagerly, "Can we invite Debbie?" Doug nods, "If you want." Craig exclaims, "Great! I'll get onto that first thing in the morning!" Doug, however, tells him, "Slow down. I'll organise Debbie. Besides, if you ask her, she probably won't come anyway - and you've got something more important to do tomorrow. For the moment, I'd like you to concentrate on helping me find Caroline. Remember, when you get out there, we can't afford any mistakes. I have a feeling that, if we blow it, we won't get another chance..."

The next morning, Craig is walking up the path towards the nursing home. Mrs. Boyle marches over to him suddenly and demands, "Where do you think you're going?" Craig just smiles, "Hi. I'm looking for Mrs. Boyle." Mrs. Boyle snaps, "Why?" Craig replies, "I just wondered if there might be any jobs going." Mrs. Boyle retorts, "There aren't - and we don't appreciate unwelcome visitors, so you can just be off." Craig persists, "I'll do anything - I'm not fussy." Mrs. Boyle snaps, "Well I am. There's nothing for you." She goes to walk off. Craig follows her, insisting, "I'll work cheap. I don't mind hard work." Mrs. Boyle turns to him and growls, "That's a joke. You kids today spend all your life dole-bludging. Never lift a finger, if you can help it." Craig points out, "I wouldn't be here if I thought that, would I?" He then looks around and comments, "Looks lovely. You could use someone in the garden." Mrs. Boyle retorts, "We have someone in the garden - although admittedly, the old codger's on his last legs..." Craig says eagerly, "I could help. I've done lots of gardening." Mrs. Boyle mutters, "Have you...? Just how cheap do you work?" Craig tells her, "Whatever you can afford to pay." Mrs. Boyle then says, "I might have something for you. Come inside: we'll talk about it."

Beryl and David are heading towards the back door of the country house, Beryl saying as they do so, "I just thought we should talk about a few things." They head into the kitchen as the 'phone starts ringing. David goes to answer it. Beryl says hello to Doug and they exchange pleasantries before heads off. David hangs up the 'phone again and tells Beryl, "That was good news: sold the house." Beryl exclaims in surprise, "Already?!" David nods, "Young couple." Beryl suggests, "You don't want to take the first offer." David, however, replies, "The agent doesn't think I'm likely to get a better one. They agreed to the asking price. The only thing is they want to move in straight away - so I'm glad you're here: you'll be able to help me pack." Beryl asks in surprise, "Where are you going to live?" David replies, "Our place - I mean your place." He then takes a small box out of his shirt pocket and hands it over, saying as he does so, "That reminds me." Beryl asks in surprise, "What's this?" David tells her, "Open it. Something I should have got you a long time ago - but now seems like a good time." Beryl opens the box to find an eternity ring inside. She smiles warmly, "It's lovely, David." David tells her, "I'm glad you like it. You'll be wearing it for a long time." Beryl just murmurs hesitantly, "Yes..." She then perks-up again and says, "About this house: they surely don't expect you to move out that quickly?" David nods, "By the weekend - but don't worry: you'll find room." Beryl pauses and then says, "I don't think that would be a good idea." David demands, "What's the problem? We'll be married again in a few weeks." Beryl sighs, "I thought I explained it all last night." David snaps, "I'm asking you to put me up, that's all. There doesn't have to be anything else in it, if you're so set against it." Beryl retorts, "I just don't think it would be a good idea. I'm sorry." David stares at her and murmurs, "So am I."

Craig and Mrs. Boyle are in the outhouse at the nursing home. Mrs. Boyle is folding up washing from one of the trolleys. Craig is fiddling with a lawnmower and Mrs. Boyle tells him, "The mower's old, but it's serviceable." Craig nods, "It needs a bit of work. I'm just going to give the plug and the fuel line a bit of a clean-out before I start." Mrs. Boyle comments, "I just hope you know what you're doing: if anything goes wrong, there's no one to help you - it's Dixon's day off." Craig insists, "Don't worry - I'm good with engines. Nothing to it." A purse falls out suddenly from one of the items that Mrs. Boyle is folding, and it drops into the trolley. Craig spots it, but looks away quickly before Mrs. Boyle notices him watching. She snaps, "Just as long as the lawn gets mowed." Craig insists, "No worries."

Caroline is lying on the bed in her room when she hears the cat mewing again. She sits up and looks over at it. She then smiles, "Come on... come here... that's it." She stands up and lifts the creature up. As she strokes it, she says, "I don't suppose you've thought of a way out of here yet, have you?" All-of-a-sudden, a piece of paper is pushed under the door. Caroline looks down at it in surprise and goes and picks it up. There's handwriting on it. She reads: 'Don't worry. Help is on the way'. A look of relief crosses her face.


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