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    Written by: Don Battye   Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Russell Webb

Janice snaps, "That's ridiculous. Wayne wouldn't have abducted Caroline; it's too absurd for words. Alison just retorts, "Not if you know Wayne, it isn't." She goes on, "If he was behind Caroline's disappearance, I'll guarantee it was connected with Charlie and the gym. Wayne's trying to fleece Charlie - that's my main concern. Find Caroline, we'll find out how he's going about it." Doug glares at her and mutters, "You're all heart, aren't you? What about what's been happening with Caroline? Wayne could have done anything to her." Alison shrugs, "Yes. He probably has." Doug cries, "All you're worried about is Charlie losing her money." Alison snaps, "I'll worry about Charlie, you worry about Caroline. That way, everyone's taken care of. Before we do anything, we have to find Caroline. Do you agree?" Doug sighs reluctantly, "I agree."

Caroline is standing in the room where she's being detained. A nurse is tying a gown around her as Mrs. Boyle says coldly, "There's just a few rules we like to apply to people like you: firstly, you have no visitors; and secondly, you have no television, reading matter or any type of entertainment." Caroline gasps, "Not even a radio?" Mrs. Boyle retorts, "Nothing. You've been behaving very badly; that's why we had to calm you down when Mr. Hamilton left." Caroline cries, "You can't do this. I've got my rights. I want to see my friends." She tries to pull away from the nurse. The nurse just pulls her back as Mrs. Boyle snaps, "I've told you the rules and that's the way things are. Any more of your nonsense and we'll have to keep you asleep." She goes on nastily, "There's really nothing for you to worry about. You can just sit and think - I bet you've always wished you had time to yourself, and now you have. Some people would think you were very lucky..." With that, she and the nurse leave the room. Caroline looks horrified.

Beryl is frying some breakfast in the kitchen at the country house when David walks in and smiles, "That smells good, Curly!" Beryl laughs, "Bacon and eggs is your one real weakness, isn't it!" She goes to take some toast out of the toaster as David takes over frying the eggs. As he does so, he comments, "Feels good, doesn't it? Us?" Beryl smiles, "Yes, us having bacon and eggs together does feel good. I haven't had them since... well, let's say it's just nice to get back into the habit." Craig walks in from the hallway suddenly and Beryl offers him some eggs and bacon. He declines, though, saying he'll just have some cereal. David says to Beryl, "I'd better do something about getting a job today." Beryl recalls, "Oh yes: with that insurance problem." David assures her, "I'm not letting it get me down." Beryl offers Craig some toast. He turns it down, however, telling her, "I don't feel much like eating this morning." Beryl remarks, "I hope you're not sickening for something." Craig replies quickly, "No, no - just want to watch the weight, that's all!" He then announces, "I'll get on with mowing the lawn." Beryl asks in surprise, "Aren't you even going to eat the cereal?" Craig murmurs, "No. Just not hungry, I guess." With that, he stands up and heads out. As he goes, the 'phone starts ringing and Beryl goes and answers it. She listens and says, "Yes..." A look of horror crosses her face as she than snaps, "I most certainly am not... I'm sorry: you must have been misinformed. Yes. Goodbye." She hangs up, turns to David and demands, "What is the idea of telling some real estate agent that I'm selling my house?"

A few moments later, Beryl snaps, "Well?" David replies hesitantly, "I thought it was a good idea." Beryl retorts, "David, it is my house. You had no right to contact an agent on my behalf without consulting me." David tells her, "It was an idea on the spur of the moment. I thought it was worthwhile getting a hint of what it would bring." Beryl glares at him and he goes on, "It's stupid both of us having a house. I just thought it was natural you'd move into here." Beryl snaps, "Did you, just? And what made you think I would enjoy living out here in Woop Woop?" David sighs, "Come on... it's a suburb." Beryl mutters, "OK - but it's still not my home where all of my friends are and where I've built most of my life. Besides, Robert's playgroup is just around the corner from there." David comments, "Fair enough." Beryl goes on, "And you're going to be looking for a job. It would make much more sense if you're closer to the city; that's where you're more likely to find one, isn't it? It would make much more sense to sell this property. Probably worth more than mine anyway." David muses, "That's a good idea. Hadn't thought of that." Beryl smiles, "I'm not just a pretty face!" David tells her, "I'll give the local agent or two a ring and see what they can get."

Doug is standing behind the reception desk at the gym with Janice. Alison is standing on the other side. Doug hangs up the 'phone and sighs, "The ambulance people say they've never had patient by the name of Caroline Morrell. Surprise surprise." Alison comments, "It's looking even more like Wayne to me." Janice snaps, "You two are obsessed." Alison just retorts, "Wayne's the one who's obsessed, if only you could see it." She then adds, "Actually, you could help." Janice growls, "I've got no intention of helping you." Doug just asks, "How?" Alison says to Janice, "You must have known what was going on that day: Wayne's comings and goings." Janice just retorts, "I don't believe Wayne would harm anybody. I'm prepared to give him the benefit of the doubt - which I can't give either of you." Alison says, "I've got an idea he was at the mansion - which means he would've had the chance--" Janice interrupts and snaps, "He wouldn't've had the chance to do anything because he was in Melbourne." Alison smiles, "Thankyou, Janice." A look of horror crosses Janice's face as she realises what she's given away! "Alison continues, "Now, why was he in Melbourne? Can't have been anything to do with the company because I'd have been told about it." Janice just retorts, "Not necessarily. I thought you were in hospital when Caroline disappeared: that business with the freezer." Doug asks in surprise, "What freezer?" Alison just mutters, "Never mind." She then goes on, "If he had been in Melbourne on company business, I'd have been told about it when I got back. I'm going over to the Hamilton house: there must be something in that study that'll give us a clue." Janice cries, "That's outrageous." Doug and Alison just ignore her. Doug says to Alison, "While you're over there, I might just nip over to the hospital where Caroline was supposed to have been taken; see if I can dig something up there." Janice cries in horror, "You can't just go walking into people's houses." Alison looks at her and says, "Janice: shut up." She then turns to Doug and goes on, "Come over to the Hamiltons' when you've finished - unless, of course, you come up with something, in which case you can call me." With that, the two of them head out, leaving Janice mouthing, "You're both mad..."

Caroline is sitting on the bed in her room at the nursing home, spooning a gruel-like substance into her mouth warily. She grimaces at the taste. She then stares at the bowl before hurling it and the spoon against the wall in disgust. The door to the room opens suddenly and Mrs. Boyle and the nurse walk in. Caroline snaps at them, "How can you possibly expect people to eat muck like that?" Mrs. Boyle retorts, "You eat what you're given or you don't eat at all. It doesn't matter to me." Caroline glares at her, snarling, "It's filth. You can't tell me that all the people here are fed that mess. You've singled me out. You're doing all you can to make me feel as disgusting as possible." Mrs. Boyle comments, "We don't have to try very hard, do we? But we must try and keep you in reasonable condition, so now it's time for your shower." The nurse steps towards Caroline. Caroline, however, cries, "Keep your hands off me. I'm not going. You're not taking me anywhere." The nurse glares at her and threatens, "Stop your nonsense or I'll give you a backhander." She raises her hand, menacingly. Caroline notices something on her wrist as she does so and cries, "That's my bracelet... my earrings... how dare you steal my jewellery." The nurse ignores her, though, and grabs her arms. Caroline tries to struggle away. Mrs. Boyle says coldly, "I told you before: any more of your nonsense and you go back to sleep. I'd think about it, if I were you." Caroline stares at her and says meekly, "You have no right to take my things." Mrs. Boyle just retorts, "Why? You're not going to have much use for them anymore, are you?" She then orders the nurse, "Take her to the showers." The nurse pushes a still-struggling Caroline out of the room.

Craig and Beryl arrive back at Beryl's. Beryl is holding Robert. She looks around the lounge room and remarks, "The first thing is where to begin. This place hasn't had a good going over for weeks." She puts Robert down on the floor, telling him, "Craig and mummy are going to do some boring old housework, and I don't want you in the way, right?!" Craig heads into the kitchen and Beryl follows him. She indicates the sink and gasps, "Look at that." Craig comments, "Looks OK to me." Beryl, however, runs her finger over the surface and retorts, "You're joking. I could no more prepare food in here than fly. The first thing we need is a bucket of hot sudsy water." She then adds, "You can sweep out the front, if you like." Craig picks up a broom and goes to walk out. Beryl, however, then says quickly, "Just a minute. Would you like to empty the 'fridge, then I'll do that before I do the cupboards and benches." Craig laughs, "Anyone would think you'd been away for a year!" Beryl just shrugs, "If David and I are going to make a fresh start, I'd like it to look as good as when we first moved in." Craig comments, "Must have been quite a day." Beryl nods wistfully, "Yes, it was. He carried me over the threshold and brought me straight out into the kitchen. I could've hit him! You know what he said?" Craig asks, "What?" Beryl tells him, "'There you go, love: cook all the pavs you want!'" Craig chuckles. Beryl then explains, "We met over a pav - well, under one, actually!" She continues wistfully, "Funny: I've had the place redecorated, but it still has the same feelings and same memories... I'll never forget the day we brought Susan home from hospital: David had done his darnedest to make the place spick and span - all except the stove: apparently, he'd tried to cook himself an omelette and was so nervous about picking us up from the hospital he forgot about it - so when we got back, there it was, all over the stove! I just dumped the baby in his lap and got to work with the cloths! He's never let me forget it! Silly thing to remember, isn't it?" Craig assures her, "Not the way you tell it." He then remarks, "I guess today's sort of important, too?" Beryl just replies, "Every day's important, love; it depends what you make of it!" With that, the two of them start to get to work on the cleaning! Beryl steps outside the back door and comments suddenly, "That's funny: Debbie's saddle - it's gone." Craig stares at her and then says, "I have been such a dummy: I know exactly where she is."

Debbie is sitting on a bail of hay at the stud farm, mixing up another poultice. Andy walks over to her and comments, "You're quite a little expert!" Debbie smiles, "I had a good teacher." Andy asks, "Your grandfather used to mix this stuff up?" Debbie laughs, "Yeah! We used to call it 'Poppa's Poultice'!" Andy stares into the bucket and remarks grimly, "That is the worst muck I've ever seen!" Debbie just laughs, "Don't be such a wimp!" A gate squeaks nearby, suddenly, and they look up to see a man walking towards them. Debbie, looking down at the bucket, cries, "Oh no... if he sees it he'll know it's meant for Sugar; he'll know it's meant for a sick horse." Andy suggests, "Hide it." Debbie retorts, "I can't." She then adds quickly, "Take off your shirt." Andy stares at her and gasps, "What?" Debbie repeats, "Take off your shirt. Hurry." Andy sighs, "Alright, alright." He does as he's told. Debbie starts rubbing the poultice onto his chest as the man joins them. Debbie tells him, "Just trying something out: see, Andy's got this allergy to horses and this is supposed to cure it." The man watches her suspiciously.

Craig is talking on the 'phone in the lounge room at Beryl's, saying, "Right. That's great! Thanks a lot." He hangs up and then tells Beryl, "That's it. That's the one. I've found it! I knew if I persevered and rang every horse stud in the book I'd have to come up with the one Deb's at." Beryl smiles, "Very good piece of deduction, I might say, working all of that out from a missing saddle!" David walks in suddenly and asks Craig, "Found her, have you?" Craig nods, "She and Andy are at this place called 'Pegasus'. It's a horse stud. There's where I'm going right now." With that, he heads out. When he's gone, David smiles at Beryl, "Ain't young love grand! We used to be like that - once upon a time!" Beryl comments, "You make it sound like a fairy tale. Suppose it was, in a way." David suggests, "It's about time we repeated it, don't you think?" He then takes a folded sheet of paper out of his pocket. Beryl stares at him and asks, "What's that?" David tells her, "A marriage certificate. I've arranged for us to be married one month and one day from now." Tears of joy starts to well-up suddenly in Beryl's eyes and David puts his arms round her as he asks why she's crying. Beryl just replies happily, "You know me: I cry at any old thing!"

Andy is shovelling some earth at the stud farm as Debbie stands watching him. He tells her, "I know it sounds stupid, but I reckon all that muck you've put over me has worked: I've stopped itching!" Debbie looks up suddenly as she spots Craig approaching. As he reaches the two of them, he smiles, "Hi." Andy looks up and glares at him. He demands, "Where did you spring from?" Craig explains, "I worked out where you were when I found the saddle was missing." Debbie mutters, "Very clever of you. What about you and Ginny?" Craig just shrugs, "What about her? I came looking for you, didn't I?" Debbie retorts, "Yes - but that's not the point, is it? Did anything happen between you and Ginny?" Craig looks away, awkwardly.

A few moments later, Debbie points out curtly, "It's a perfectly simple question: yes or no." Craig says sheepishly, "I don't think we should be talking in front of someone else." Debbie, however, retorts, "Andy's a friend. There's no need to be embarrassed. Just answer me the question, Craig: did anything happen between you and Ginny?" Craig hesitates and then sighs, "I can't lie to you, Deb: yes, it did." Debbie stares at him and then gives him a hard shove. He falls backwards into a old bath full of water! Debbie and Andy stare at him, Debbie looking furious.

Caroline is lying on the bed in her locked room at the nursing home when she suddenly hears a cat mewing. She sits up and spots a ginger cat on the floor in the corner of the room. She looks at it and smiles, "Hello, there. How did you get in here?" She looks at the window. The cat is licking up the scraps of gruel that fell on the floor when Caroline threw the bowl at the wall, and Caroline comments, "You must have been a hungry pussy!" She gets up and picks the animal up. She then goes and sits down on her bed and says, "We're both going to get out of here, aren't we?"

Doug is driving along in his car. He takes a tape out of his jacket pocket and puts it in his car's tape player. It's the tape Caroline made for him before he went to America. As it plays, Caroline's voice comes on, saying in an American accent: "Hi there, honey. Thought you should grab a few tips on how to speak the lingo over there in the good old US of A!" Doug smiles as he listens to the rest of the tape. At the end of it, Caroline wishes him a very successful trip. She then concludes: "Above all, remember that I love you. Bye bye."

There's a knock on the front door at Dural. Alison emerges from the study, holding a file. She opens the door to let Doug in, smiling, "Hi. How did it go at the hospital?" Doug tells her grimly, "Not a trace." He then asks warily, "Gordon's not about to walk in here unannounced, is he?" Alison assures him, "No, no, he's over at Charlie's." She then continues, "I've been going over some stuff ever since I arrived and I think I've come up with something." Doug exclaims, "You beauty!" Alison, however, tells him, "Don't get too excited - but it is a possibility. I've been trying to work out why Wayne was down in Melbourne the day Caroline disappeared." Doug asks, "And?" Alison replies, "The bad debts list could provide the answer. There's one firm listed in Melbourne that could have a connection. I checked it out and I discovered that the firm's actually a front for a nursing home." Doug queries, "A nursing home?" Alison explains, "It fits, you see? If Wayne's still holding onto Caroline on the basis she's mentally ill, it's quite feasible he took her down there." Doug, looking thoughtful, murmurs, "I think you've hit it right on the head." Alison, however, replies, "Not necessarily - but it's the best lead we've had so far." Doug nods, "Sure is. Listen: I'm going to go down there. You going to come?" Alison grins, "Try and stop me!"

Later that day, a car pulls up a driveway and comes to a stop outside an old building. Doug and Alison go to climb out. As they do so, Alison says quickly, "Before you go charging off like a bull at a gate, it might be an idea to let me do the talking, alright?" Doug retorts indignantly, "I am quite capable of making a few enquiries without putting my foot in it, Alison." Alison, however, tells him, "Think about it: I'm a Director of Wayne's company; at least I can claim some sort of valid reason for being here." Doug asks, "How are they supposed to know who you are?" Alison admits, "They mightn't - but if they want to check it out, at least I'm legitimate. They wouldn't know you from a bar of soap - so leave it to me, alright?" Doug mutters, "I suppose you've got a point." With that, they climb out of the car. As they do so, they spot a woman approaching them. It's Mrs. Boyle. Doug murmurs to Alison, "Get a load of her: she'd be a fright on a dark night!" Mrs. Boyle reaches them and demands, "What can I do for you?" Alison tells her, "We're friends of Miss. Morrell. We've come to visit her." Mrs. Boyle replies curtly, "I have no idea who you're talking about." Alison looks at Doug.

In her room, Caroline is hammering on the door and yelling, "Give me back my clothes. I want my things. Give them to me. Give them to me." Out in the corridor, the nurse comes round the corner, pushing a trolley. She stops as Caroline yells, "I'm going to scream this place down until somebody does something, do you hear?" The nurse unlocks the door and steps inside the room. Caroline glares at her and snaps, "About time. I want my things back. Give them to me." The nurse, however, just says coldly, "You've been warned before about misbehaving. I think we'll have to teach you a lesson." With that, she raises her hand. Caroline cries in horror, "Keep away from me..."

Out in the grounds, Mrs. Boyle is telling Doug and Alison, "I'm sorry, but there simply isn't anyone here with that name." Alison says, "You don't know me, but my name's Alison Carr. I'm a Director of one of Wayne Hamilton's companies." She hands over a business card, adding as she does so, "He's asked me to check on Miss. Morrell." Mrs. Boyle looks at her and then says, "I'm sorry: I must follow my instructions, and they are not to disturb any of the patients. I really don't think I can help you." Alison, however, retorts, "I'm afraid you're going to have to. You see, I do have a vested interest in this place, and I'd like you to show me around, if you don't mind." Mrs. Boyle sighs and starts walking away. Alison and Doug follow her up the steps of the building. As they head inside, Mrs. Boyle lingers and presses a button just underneath one of the windows...

Inside, a red light starts flashing in Caroline's room. The nurse who attacked Caroline pushes her trolley out of Caroline's room and turns off the red light. Mrs. Boyle, Alison and Doug come toward her and walk past her. Mrs. Boyle then walks up to the door of Caroline's room and makes a show of pulling it shut and locking it. Alison, however, says sharply, "Would you mind if I had a look in that room? Why is it barred?" Mrs. Boyle tells her, "Unfortunately, that's necessary for some of our patients." Alison demands, "Open it for me, please." She doesn't see the sly smile on Mrs. Boyle's face as she replies, "Of course." She unlocks the door and Doug and Alison head inside. They look around. Alison goes to the window and pulls at the bars. They're fixed firmly. She then turns and looks at Doug.

Out in the corridor, the nurse brings the trolley to a halt. She looks around and then lifts up some bedding that's lying inside. Hidden underneath is a terrified-looking Caroline, her hands tied and a gag in her mouth...


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