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    Written by: Maureen Ann Moran   Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Russell Webb

Charlie is sitting with Isabella in the lounge room at her house, talking to her about names for puppies. She suggests, "How about 'Harry' if it's a boy - after the little prince - and 'Anabella' if it's a girl?" The front door opens suddenly and Alison and Ginny walk in. Charlie smiles at Alison, "Darling, I'm so glad you're back. You're here just in time." Alison asks blankly, "For what?" Charlie tells her, "Isabella is about to give birth. You can help me choose the names for her babies!" Ginny chips in, "If I had a pup I'd call him 'Garfield'." Alison points out, "Garfield's a cat." Charlie says sharply,"So is Caroline, come to that. Do you want to hear what she's been up to while you've been away?" Alison mutters, "Do I have to?" Charlie just goes on, "She tried to get her claws into Wayne. She went right off the planet. It was so bad, Gordon and Wayne had to do something: they were taking her to hospital when she escaped. Goodness knows where she is now and what she'll do next." Alison just murmurs, "Sorry I missed all the excitement." Ginny, however, says, "Are you kidding? You've had enough excitement to last a lifetime!" She picks up a fur jacket that's lying on the couch and starts putting it on. Charlie looks at her and sighs, "Put that down, Ginny. It's going into cold storage." Ginny comments, "You should have loaned it to Alison." Looking at Alison, she adds, "It would've come in handy while you were locked in the freezer." Charlie asks in surprise, "What freezer?" Alison sighs, "It's a long and boring story, Charlie." Ginny, however, retorts, "Don't you believe it: old ma Hopkins tried to put her and David in cold storage permanently." Alison just says, "David set off the alarm and we got out. End of story." Ginny adds, "It was nearly the end of her, too: doctors thought she was going to die." With that, she places the fur coat on the back of the couch - but no one notices as it slips off onto the floor behind the chair. Charlie gasps, "Why didn't somebody tell me?" Alison just retorts, "By the time they thought of it, I was on the mend." With that, she walks off to her room. Charlie goes to follow her. Ginny, however, says quickly, "Charlie, I think you'd better decide on those names quick." She bends down by a whimpering Isabella. Charlie gasps, "Oh my goodness. Are you sure?" Ginny tells her, "See for yourself." Charlie bends down with her pet and cries, "What am I going to do? The vet's at an all-day conference." Ginny suggests, "There's plenty of vets in the 'phone book, Charlie." Charlie, however, cries, "I haven't got time and I wouldn't know who I'd be getting." She then declares, "Gordon. He'll know what to do."

Gordon is talking on the 'phone on the bar at Dural, saying, "Don't worry about it, Janice; I'll try and get Glen's address from somewhere else. I just wish to God that Wayne had told me where the cabin was before he dashed off in such a blazing hurry." The front door bursts open suddenly and Charlie runs in, crying, "Gordon!" On the 'phone, Gordon tells Janice, "I've got a visitor. I'll talk to you later." He hangs up as Charlie pants, "Thank heavens you're here. Come quickly: Isabella's about to give birth and you said you'd help see us through. You've lived on a farm. You know about animals giving birth." She then looks at the 'phone and adds, "I'm not interrupting, am I?" Gordon explains, "I was just trying to get hold of Glen's number. I want to warn Susan about the mood Wayne was in before he dashed off. Still, if the roads are clear, he's almost there by now, I suppose..."

Wayne is staggering along through some undergrowth, looking dishevelled and weary. He murmurs to himself, "Just get back to the road..."

In the lounge room at Charlie's, Ginny tells Isabella, "Take it easy: help's on the way." Alison walks in and starts tidying up Ginny's bags, muttering, "Do you have to leave your things lying all over the place?" Ginny retorts, "Charlie told me to keep an eye on Isabella." Alison mutters, "The way she's carrying on you'd think no dog had ever given birth before!" Ginny admits, "She is going overboard a bit, isn't she?" She then adds, "I hope she gets back to normal soon: I want to try and talk her into letting me make Melbourne my permanent base." Alison comments, "I can't see her doing that." Ginny, however, insists, "She'll understand when I tell her about Craig. And I want to try and square things with Debbie, too. I might ask her if I can take one of Izzy's pups." Alison asks sarcastically, "As a consolation price?" Ginny retorts, "It might help." Alison comments, "You don't really think you can buy back Debbie's friendship, do you?" Ginny explains, "I just want to cheer her up. I feel bad about hurting her." Alison remarks, "Not bad enough to keep your hands off Craig?" Ginny retorts, "If it hadn't been me, it would've been some other girl. Anyone could see that she and Craig weren't meant for each other." Alison muses, "How perceptive." Ginny tells her, "I'm learning - and I know how rotten it feels to be dumped. Knocks all the stuffing out of you, doesn't it?" Alison, turning away, mutters, "I wouldn't know. I've never let any man get to me." Ginny tells her, "I was the same until I fell for Craig - and being me, I had to tell him how I felt, didn't I? And wear it when he told me it was no-go because of Debbie. It's bad enough being turned down, but being turned down for someone else..." Alison stands there, looking thoughtful momentarily, before saying, "So you just kept throwing yourself at him until he weakened?" Ginny snaps, "I didn't have to. When he saw Debbie again, he realised he wanted me and not her." Alison sighs, "You don't honestly expect me to believe that? I know the way you operate, Ginny: if you want something, you'll do anything you can to get it, even if it means doing the dirty on your best friend. So stop trying to whitewash yourself."

Andy is standing with Debbie at the entrance to a stud farm. He hands her a newspaper and, pointing to an item on one of the pages, says, "Guess who scored your friendship ring." Debbie looks at the item: there's a large photo of Craig with his arm around Ginny. Below this is the headline 'Youth Cleared of Murder Charge'. Debbie stares at it as Andy comments, "Didn't take Craig too long to forget about you, did it?" Debbie, looking tearful, thrusts the paper back at him and storms off.

Gordon is sitting on the couch at Charlie's, feeling Isabella's stomach. Charlie asks, "Well?" Gordon tells her, "False alarm - it'll be a while yet." He then asks, "Do you think you can do without me for a while, if I promise to stay on call?" Charlie sighs, "I'll try." Ginny dashes in from the hallway, saying, "She hasn't started yet, has she?" Charlie tells her, "No - it was a false alarm." Gordon heads off. Ginny is holding a cardboard box, which she's lined with a towel. She says, "Come on, Izzy - you can have your pups in here!" Charlie, however, gasps, "She wouldn't be seen dead in that old thing." Alison, walking in through the patio doors, adds, "And her name's not 'Izzy'." Charlie suggests to Ginny, "If you want to do something useful, why don't you start designing some sportswear? That's what I'm paying you for." Ginny mutters bitterly, "I didn't realise I was in the way. I'll go down to the gym and soak up some atmosphere, then." As she walks off, she adds sourly, "Hang in there, Izzy." When she's gone, Charlie looks at Alison and asks, "What's put her in a mood?" Alison explains, "She wanted to stay in Melbourne. She's in love." Charlie comments, "I thought I noticed a glow. Love does that to a girl. Nothing like it for the complexion!" Alison remarks, "You should know!" Charlie asks breezily, "Is it that obvious?!" Alison tells her, "Only to the trained eye!" She then goes on, "Gordon's one of the best. You'll make him a wonderful wife." Charlie explains with a sigh, "He hasn't actually proposed, yet - but I think it's only because the year's separation from Barbara isn't up." Alison comments, "It can't be long." Charlie replies, "Another 28 days, 5 hours and 10 minutes!" Alison laughs, "Not that you're counting!" Charlie trills, "As they say: love makes fools of us all!" Alison muses, "And I'm the biggest fool of them all." Charlie asks seriously, "What's the matter, darling?" Alison tells her, "David." Charlie sighs, "You two haven't been fighting again?" Alison replies, "No. When we were locked in that freezer and I thought we were going to die... later on, in the hospital, I wanted him to know how I felt - before it was too late - so I told him I loved him; that I always had and probably always will. It's like David: let Alison die the happy confessor." Charlie murmurs, "Darling..." Alison, however, tells her, "You haven't heard the best bit yet. You see, it didn't do me any good: he's passed me over for boring Beryl. Every uncultured middle-class hausfrau should take heart from that one..." Charlie murmurs, "Don't..." Alison, though, tells her quietly, "I still love him, Charlie. There's absolutely nothing I can do about it..."

Janice is working behind the reception desk at the gym, staring at some paperwork. Someone walks in and without looking up at them, she pushes a sheet of paper forward and says, "Just fill this in and I'll be right with you." The person smiles, "Your wish is my command, Janice." Janice looks up at the person. It's Doug! An expression of shock crosses Janice's face and she gasps, "Doug! You're supposed to be in America!" Doug chuckles, "I quit my job - and you could say you're pleased to see me." Janice assures him, "I am - only why do I always have to be the one to break the bad news...?" Doug tells her, "If it's about Caroline, I know. Glen called me; that's why I came back." Janice comments, "Never do anything by halves, do you?" Doug just says, "I should never have left Caroline in the first place - but I'm going to make it up to her. I'm going to get her well if it takes every cent I've got." Janice replies, "I hope you do. It's sad to see what's happened to her." Doug nods, "So Glen was saying." He then adds, "Is he around?" The 'phone starts ringing and Janice picks it up as she replies, "He's gone to see if he can find her." Doug stands there, looking puzzled as Janice says on the 'phone, "Bumps and Grinds.... Yes, we do massages... They're all the same price... No, we don't do house calls..." A look of shock crosses her face as the call continues: "You want to what?... You should wash your mouth out with soap and water!... I don't care what the name made you think... Stop calling me 'madam'!" Doug heads out as Janice slams down the 'phone!

A short time later, Doug goes to knock on the front door at Charlie's - just as Charlie opens the door and cries, "Get Gordon quickly. It's happening any minute now." Doug just comments, "Hello, Doug! Nice to see you, Doug!" Charlie cries, "I'll say hello when you get back. Isabella is about to give birth!" She runs back into the house. Doug stares after her and then walks off.

Gordon opens the front door at Dural to find Alison standing there. She steps inside as Gordon says, "Hello. The last report I heard, you were in Melbourne." Alison tells him, "I just got back. Thought I'd strike a blow." She then asks, "What's all this I hear about Charlie putting up the money for Wayne to buy a gym?" Gordon tells her, "It's a joint venture and they should both do very well out of it." Alison mutters, "You mean Wayne should do very well out of it." Gordon insists, "Wayne would never take Charlie down." Alison, however, retorts, "He'd rip off his own mother and you know it." The front door opens suddenly and Doug pushes his way in, saying, "Sorry to barge in. The door was open and Charlie said it was urgent." Gordon queries, "Isabella?" Doug nods, "Any minute." Gordon smiles, "I'm on my way." He heads out. Left alone with Doug, Alison comments, "Just like a bad penny, aren't you?" Doug retorts, "It's no big thrill to see you again, either. Still, let's not waste an opportunity. Tell me your version of what's been going on with Caroline."

In the lounge room at Charlie's, Gordon is placing Isabella in the cardboard box that Ginny prepared, saying, "She really will be much more comfortable in this." Charlie sighs, "But it's so grotty." Gordon insists, "Nonsense - it's perfectly clean and it's practical." Charlie asks, "What can I do? Buy some water? Get some towels? Brandy?" Gordon tells her, "A bit of soothing music might help." Charlie cries, "Of course! I should have thought of it!" She then adds, "I wish I still had her favourite record." Gordon asks, "What was that?" Charlie replies, "How Much Was That Little Doggy in the Window? Every time it got to the part where the little doggy barked, she used to bark along with it!" Gordon rolls his eyes and explains, "I was thinking of something more along the lines of Beethoven's Sixth: The Pastoral. Something to evoke the peace and beauty of nature." Charlie, looking impressed, trills, "Oh yes. How apt."

Out in the bush, Wayne is panting as he sits down weakly, his back against a tree. He murmurs desperately, "Where's the road...?"

In the hallway at Dural, Alison takes a sheet of paper out of her handbag and shows it to Doug. It's the note that Caroline made up from newspapers and magazines, saying 'You'll never live to see your child'." She tells him, "Here's a sample of her handiwork." Doug, looking shocked, murmurs, "I can't believe it." Alison shrugs, "Don't take my word for it. Ask anyone. Caroline's criminally insane. If she hadn't escaped, she'd be in the loony bin right now - probably for the rest of her life." Doug retorts, "Not if I've got anything to do with it." Alison muses, "You can go ahead and waste your money if you like, but it won't buy a cure." Doug growls, "You'd know, wouldn't you? Such an expert on mental health". As they stand there talking, neither of them notices a brown envelope being slipped under the front door. Alison retorts, "Don't try and get at me, Doug. It won't work." Doug stares at her and mutters, "You're right, you know? You're not worth it." Alison smiles, "I'd start at The Cross, if I were you. Those strip clubs don't ask their girls any questions." Doug glares at her and goes to walk out. As he does so, he notices the envelope on the floor. He picks it up, asking Alison, "Is this something you dropped?" Alison tells him, "No - but I recognise Caroline's calling-card when I see it." Doug takes a sheet of paper out of the envelope. It has several bits of newspaper and magazines stuck to it. Alison asks what it says. Doug reads it and then hands it over. Alison reads, "'Pay me $20,000 for what I suffered in jail or the next victim will be Susan. No tricks. Send Susan with money. Ten o'clock tonight at gym.'" Doug stands there, looking shocked.

A few moments later, Doug opens the front door and calls outside, "Caroline?" There's no one there. He steps back inside and Alison tells him, "I doubt whether she'd risk bringing the letter herself." Doug asks, "Let me see that again." He grabs the note. He looks at it and then comments, "There's something not quite right here." Alison mutters, "Loonies aren't noted for their prose." Doug ignores this and retorts, "It's in the wording: there's something not... sitting comfortably." Alison remarks, "I doubt it'll sit too comfortably with Wayne, either; you know what he's like when someone tries to corner him." Doug asks, "Where is he?" Alison shrugs, "You tell me. When he does show up, I've got a bone to pick with him. God knows what he's tricked Charlie into signing." Doug says, "If he does front, just say I've gone down to the gym to wait for him." With that, he heads out.

Janice is standing behind the reception desk at the gym when she suddenly hears a loud wolfwhistle. She looks up in surprise - to see Ginny strutting out of the main room, wearing a tight-fitting set of gym gear. She looks at Janice and smiles, "Hear that? I reckon we'll sell a million of these." Janice stares at her and retorts, "Not if I've got any say in it. Where did you find that disgusting get-up?" Ginny explains, "I put it together from a few outfits I found in the storeroom. I think it's great!" Janice growls, "I think it's pornographic." She steps out from behind the desk to take the outfit in in full. Ginny tells her, "Bare is sexy and sexy sells with the singles. A girl's got to flaunt it - if she's got it..." Janice snaps, "Rubbish." Ginny goes on, "You got to get your man somehow, Janice. Worked with Craig." Janice repeats in surprise, "Craig? Craig wouldn't look at anyone but Debbie." Ginny retorts, "She was just his training wheels - and when she wouldn't give him what he wanted..." Janice growls, "If you're saying what I think you're saying, you should be ashamed of yourself." Ginny just tells her, "You don't know what you're missing out on - and you'll never find out, if you don't stop trying to look like someone's maiden aunt." Janice snaps, "I would rather look like a maiden aunt than a trollop." Ginny stares at her and says, "Trollop? What's a trollop?" Doug walks in at that moment and says quickly, "A trollop is a brightly-coloured tropical fish." Janice stares at him and retorts, "No it's not." Doug suggests to her quickly, "Why don't you just introduce us?" Janice sighs, "She's Charlie's latest discovery." Ginny holds out her hand and explains, "I'm her star designer, Ginny Doyle." Doug shakes her hand and says, "Doug Fletcher." Janice adds, "A very close friend of Caroline's." Ginny comments, "Really? Got yourself a handful with that one." Doug insists, "She's worth it." He then goes on at Janice, "You were saying something earlier about Glen going out to look for her. You don't know where he was headed, do you?" Janice tells him, "He was driving up to his cabin on the chance she might be there. Susan was with him, apparently." Doug asks, "Where is this cabin?" Janice just shrugs, "Somewhere in the mountains. He said it was a three-hour drive." Doug remarks, "It's a pity. They've gone on a wild goose chase. Caroline's in the city." Janice asks in surprise, "You've seen her?" Doug, though, reaching into his pocket and taking out the blackmail note, replies, "No. Just her calling card." Ginny asks, "What's it say?" Doug hands it to Janice, who reads it and gasps, "This is dreadful." Ginny says eagerly, "I reckon it's dynamite. Wayne will have the place swarming with cops tonight." Janice, however, retorts, "Wayne won't be here to do anything." Doug asks, "Why not?" Janice explains, "He's gone after Susan and Glen." She adds, "I'll have to call the police for him." Doug says quickly, "I don't want Caroline hauled off to jail." Janice retorts, "It's for her own good." Doug insists, "She needs treatment, not punishment. I'm sure I can talk her into it; all I need is five minutes alone with her. You can help." Janice asks in surprise, "What can I do?" Doug tells her, "Pretend you're Susan." Janice remarks dubiously, "I think you've got a touch of the Carolines!" Doug, however, continues, "If Susan isn't here, Caroline won't come out into the open - but if we make you up to look like Susan--" Janice interrupts and gasps, "I don't look anything like Susan!" Ginny, however, chips in, "I could make you look enough like Susan to get away with it." Doug asks Janice, "Well? Will you be in it?" Janice comments, "The whole idea's ridiculous." Doug pleads, "Come on. It's our only chance. At least give it a shot. What have we got to lose?" Janice smiles weakly and says, "You could talk anyone into anything!" Doug says warmly, "Thanks, Janice - and if there's anything I can do for you..." Ginny says quickly, "I don't work for free. It'll cost you fifty bucks." Doug reaches into his jacket and removes his wallet. He takes out some cash and hands it over. Janice snaps at Ginny, "Trust you to make money out of someone else's misfortune." Ginny just shrugs, "He's getting off cheap. Besides, I like a guy who sticks by his woman."

At the stud, Debbie is sitting on a fence, stroking a white horse which has a bandage round one of its legs. She says to it lovingly, "I know your leg hurts, but we'll get it better." Andy walks over to her and comments, "I wouldn't waste my time on that one: I heard the boss say he was going to sell it." Debbie asks, "Who to?" Andy replies, "The knackery." Debbie gasps in horror, "He can't. Sugar's a champion; he's won heaps of races." Andy nods, "Yeah - but he'll never win another one now, so he's not worth his keep." Debbie, climbing down from the fence, cries, "Of course he is. Look at him: he's beautiful." Andy assures her, "I agree. I only wish there was something I can do. Wasn't my idea." Debbie strokes Sugar again, saying sadly, "Don't worry, Sugar, I won't let them hurt you."

Charlie walks into her lounge room, saying to Isabella, "It won't be long, darling." She peers into the cardboard box - to find it empty. She cries in horror, "Gordon! She's gone!" Gordon, steps in through the patio doors and tells her, "Calm down. She can't be far." He walks round behind the couch to where the fur coat is lying and then says, "Over here - and she's had her puppies. She made the right choice: pure-bred all the way." Charlie walks over and has a look: Isabella is lying on the coat with three small puppies lying next to her. Charlie smiles at them adoringly.

Doug is looking at a magazine on the counter at the gym. A blonde woman walks in and without looking up at her he asks, "Inquiring about new membership?" The woman nods, "Yes." Doug still doesn't look up. Instead, he grabs a form and says, "Just fill one of those out. The manager's busy at the moment, but I can help you." The woman tells him, "That won't be necessary." Doug looks up to find the woman is Janice! She's wearing a long, blonde wig and fashionable clothes. Doug stares at her and gasps, "Janice?!" Ginny joins them and asks, "Think I earnt my money?" Doug nods, "Every cent of it! I can't believe my... you look fantastic!" He goes on, "You're a very attractive woman. You just don't do yourself justice with the clothes you wear." Janice mutters, "There's more to life than clothes." She then adds curtly, "I'll be getting on with my work if you need me." She heads off to the main room. Doug tells Ginny, "You've done a marvellous job." Ginny muses, "Hope it's good enough to fool Caroline." Doug murmurs, "You and me both." Ginny suggests, "How about I give you a call tomorrow to find out what happens?" Doug takes a card out of his pocket and, writing a number on it, says, "If you don't find me here, I'll be down at the hotel." Ginny looks at the card and gasps, "You work in L.A.?" Doug smiles, "I used to. I just sacked myself." Ginny asks in shock, "Why?" Doug tells her, "My boss didn't believe in compassionate leave, and Caroline's much more important than any job." Ginny comments in surprise, "Didn't think guys like you existed anymore." With that, she reaches into her bag, takes out the $50 and, handing it back to Doug, tells him, "As Janice said: you shouldn't make money out of the misfortunes of other people." She adds, "Good luck for tonight." Doug smiles, "Thanks, Ginny." As Ginny heads off, Doug mouths to himself, "I'll need it..."

Andy is walking through the grounds at the stud. He approaches Debbie and tells her, "I've got some good news for you: Sugar's done a bolt." Debbie asks in surprise, "When?" Andy smiles, "I don't know. When everyone turned their backs, I guess." Debbie replies, "That's great. Told you he was a smart horse." Andy muses, "Must have heard us talking about him!" Debbie chides, "You can laugh, Andy, but horses are very sensitive to atmosphere." Andy comments suddenly, "You know what? I'm getting this itch every time I'm around them." He starts scratching his chest. Debbie suggests, "Maybe you should try my granddad's poultice?" She indicates the contents of the bucket she's holding. Andy asks, "What's it for?" Debbie explains, "One of the horses hurt himself." Andy remarks in surprise, "I didn't know the boss would be interested in home-made remedies." A horse neighs suddenly in the background. Andy looks at Debbie and comments, "I thought the horses were out exercising today." Debbie just stands there sheepishly, and Andy sighs, "Tell me that is not Sugar." Debbie cries, "I couldn't let them send him to the knackery." Andy sighs, "Debbie, you're not going to get away with it. They're going to find him sooner or later." Debbie retorts, "Yes, but by then I'll have him fit to race again." Andy cries, "Debbie, why do you have to be so stubborn?" Debbie just snaps, "If you had a horse you love, would you stand by and see it get killed?" With that, she storms off.

Ginny arrives back at Charlie's and, spotting the puppies lying next to Isabella, smiles, "She's had them!" Gordon nods, "On Charlie's mink!" Charlie comments, "I've always said: breeding wins out!" Ginny asks if she's chosen names yet. Gordon suggests 'Koko', after his father. A look of horror crosses Charlie's face, so he suggests quickly, "There's always 'Coco' as in 'Chanel'." Charlie stares at him and gasps, "Darling, you're a genius!" She then indicates the three puppies one at a time, naming them, "'Coco', 'Chanel' and 'No. 5'." Gordon raises his eyebrows in disbelief!

It's nighttime, and in the darkened reception area at the gym, Doug murmurs, "My foot's gone to sleep." He and Janice are crouching behind the desk, and Janice whispers back, "You might as well get up. She's not going to come now - it's way after ten." Doug suggests, "Let's give it another half hour." Janice sighs, "Alright. I think you're getting your hopes up for nothing." At that moment, they hear footsteps. Doug whispers, "She's here." Someone walks into the reception area. They're silhouetted in the light from outside. As the person looks around, Janice stands up from behind the reception desk, dashes over and grabs them. Doug switches on the lights - to find that Janice has grabbed Alison! She snaps, "What in the hell's going on here?"

A short time later, Alison is marching into the main room as Janice says, "I'm sorry, but when I saw the blonde hair I was sure it was Caroline." Alison retorts, "Then you should have had more brains. Caroline wouldn't set foot in this place. Wayne put her through a rather nasty experience here. It was late at night... no one around... I doubt very much whether she'd risk a repeat performance." Doug asks, "If she had no intentions of showing up, why bother sending the note?" Alison snaps, "I don't know and I don't care. I'm just here to do a quick audit on Wayne's books." Janice tells her curtly, "Not while I'm managing the place." Alison insists, "If Wayne's got nothing to hide, where's the harm? If Caroline was right about that waiver, Wayne could take Charlie for a fortune." Looking puzzled, Doug asks, "It was Caroline saying that Wayne was trying to rip Charlie off?" Janice tells him, "You couldn't shut her up about it. But Charlie wasn't taken in; it was simply Caroline going round the bend." Alison adds, "Which took the heat off Wayne very nicely." Doug comments, "So Wayne set out to make her look crazy..." Alison nods, "I wouldn't put it past him." Janice sighs, "You can't drive people crazy." Alison, however, muses, "Oh, I don't know... you seem to manage quite well!" Doug takes the note from his pocket, saying, "This is all starting to fit together. And I've realised what was bothering me about this note. Caroline hates Americanisms: she'd never spell 'gaol' 'jail'. She'd use the English spelling: 'gaol'." Alison asks, "So you think Wayne sent that note?" Doug replies, "I think at the very least he arranged it." Janice mutters, "If you ask me, you're both as twisted as Caroline." Doug just retorts, "Yeah, well I'd like to bet my bottom dollar that Caroline's as sane as you and me." Alison comments, "I agree. This whole business smacks of vintage Wayne. I don't think it's just a question of him sending threatening notes, either. My guess is he's the one behind Caroline's disappearance..."


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