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    Written by: Don Battye   Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Gaye Arnold

In the main room, Glen is asking Susan, "How about another appointment?" Susan nods, "Fine." Glen goes on, "How are you feeling about the classes?" Susan replies, "I'm really enjoying them; they're great." At that moment, she notices Wayne appear in the entrance and she glances at Glen nervously. Wayne walks towards Glen and mutters, "You seem to spring up in the oddest places, don't you?" Susan says quickly, "Glen's one of the instructors." Glen adds, "Susan floored me when she told me I was effectively back in the employment of the Hamiltons." Wayne just tells him, "Yes. Well. Provided you do a good job I can't see why we can't forget about what's happened." Susan comments to a relieved-looking Glen, "I think it's good that you've found something you enjoy." Glen murmurs, "I can't deny it comes pretty naturally to me." Wayne mutters, "Yeah, you always were the physical type, weren't you..." Glen glares at him and retorts, "To a point." There's silence. Wayne then turns to Susan and asks if she's ready to go. Susan replies that she might just pop off to the ladies' room, and she leaves Wayne and Glen alone. Glen says, "I'd better get back to work - I can't leave people alone for too long." Wayne remarks pointedly, "So it seems..."

Sometime later, Wayne is sitting on the desk in the study at Dural, talking on the 'phone and saying, "Bullet Bronowski? My name is Wayne Hamilton. Graham Kilpatrick mentioned you might be able to--; oh, he did? Good. Not too difficult for you?... I thought not. Man of your experience... As soon as you can get to the gym, the better for all of us - and the quicker you can get your money... Right... Oh, and Bullet: don't forget to sign in under another name... Great. Good luck!" With that, he hangs up, looking pleased with himself.

It's early evening and Glen is standing behind the reception desk at the gym, dialling a number on the 'phone, when a young man walks in. Glen puts down the 'phone and says, "Can I help you?" The man, who's carrying a sports bag, replies, "Yeah, I'd like to join up. I've seen the ads and it seems OK to me." Glen tells him, "I'll just take down a few details. What's your name?" The man hesitates before replying, "Er, Russell Coggins." He goes to head off to the changing rooms. Glen calls after him, "I need your age... your address... that sort of thing." 'Coggins' replies, "I'll fill it in later for you." Glen nods, "OK. I'm just going to make a 'phone call; I'll be in to check on you after that. Have fun."

A short time later, David hangs up the 'phone in the kitchen at the country house and, turning to Alison, says, "That was Glen." Alison asks, "What's the problem?" David sighs, "Craig and Ginny have disappeared and Glen thinks they could be on their way back here. They can ruin everything if Craig comes back now." Alison pauses and then says, "Remember John? If he got it into his mind to do something, he did it. Kids are impetuous and that's that. Why don't we wait and see if he arrives first and then worry about it?" David sighs, "There's not much else we can do." Alison, however, tells him, "I'm calling Colin Hopkins in the morning; we've organised another meeting. I am positive Ruby was blackmailing him; it's the only explanation." David asks, "How do we prove that?" Alison just replies, "A little more time with Mr. Hopkins might see him make some sort of slip." David tells her, "Make sure it's in the afternoon - I've got a solicitor's appointment in the morning." Alison mutters, "I'm alright by myself." David, however, retorts, "Come on. The guy could be responsible for Ruby's murder - and I'd like to be there, thanks very much." A smile crosses Alison's face and she comments, "My white knight, eh?" David, however, tells her curtly, "You can laugh. You don't know when to take things seriously sometimes." Alison insists, "I'll take Colin Hopkins seriously, I can assure you."

It's the next day, and in the kitchen at Beryl's, Alison is serving up a plate of biscuits. David walks in suddenly from the lounge room and Alison demands, "What are you doing here? I thought you had to see your solicitor." David retorts, "I'm not leaving you alone." Alison tells him, "Go out the back door." David mutters, "I'm not leaving, Alison." Alison sighs, "Alright, but for heaven's sake keep out of sight. Now go on." With that, she pushes him out through the back door - just as there's a knock on the front door. Alison mutters, "Just in time - he could've seen you." She closes the back door behind David and then heads out to the front door, closing the kitchen doors behind her. Outside, David leans his head up against the kitchen window, trying to listen. At the front door, Alison smiles at Colin, "Nice to see you." They head into the lounge room and Colin hands Alison a small gift box, telling her as he does so, "Here. I've brought you a little something." Alison smiles, "How nice. You didn't have to do that." Colin adds, "Go on - open it." Alison does so and finds a bottle of perfume inside. She smiles, "How marvellous. It's my favourite." Colin tells her, "I'm glad you like it. I usually manage to gauge a lady's taste..." With that, he starts leaning towards her." Alison says quickly, "I might just put the coffee on." Colin, looking mildly annoyed, asks, "Can't the coffee wait?" Out in the kitchen, David opens the back door and creeps inside as Alison suggests in the lounge room, "Maybe we should get down to business." David creeps up towards the kitchen doors and sticks his ear against them. In the lounge room, Colin sits down and tells Alison, "I've got quite a busy schedule on today. I'm pleased I could spare some time for you." Alison replies teasingly, "So am I..."

Several people are working out in the main room at the gym. A female customer is having trouble with one of the weight machines, and Glen tells her that he'll show her what to do. He sits down on the machine and demonstrates how to lift the weights. The woman smiles at him, "You make it look so easy." Glen assures her, "You will too after a little bit of practice." Susan and Wayne walk in suddenly and Glen walks over to them. He says, "Morning." Susan smiles at him, "Morning. It couldn't have been too bad - I've come back!" Wayne says a muted, "Morning, Glen. Take good care of her." Glen nods, "Of course. Special client." A look crosses Wayne's face... He then heads off, leaving Glen to ask Susan, "So, how did you pull up after yesterday?" Susan replies, "I feel good." She heads off to get changed. Elsewhere in the room, a man who's lifting some dumbbells asks Bullet Bronowski, who's sitting on a machine, lifting weights with his legs, "You ever been a boxer?" Bronowski replies, "I done a bit, yeah." The first man goes on, "You're Bullet--" Bronowski interrupts and says quickly - as Glen walks past - "Yeah, I'm Bullet Collins." Glen returns to the female customer and asks her how she went. She smiles, "OK, I think." Glen suggests that she move on to the next machine, and she does so. As Glen's back is turned, Bronowski turns over on to his front on the machine he's working and starts lifting weights with his legs again, this time bringing them up behind him. He suddenly yells out in pain. Glen dashes over to him and says, "Take it easy, mate. What is it? A cramp?" Bronowski retorts, "Feels like it's torn." Susan dashes in and asks, "Where's the pain? It's alright - I'm a nurse." Bronowski indicates a point on his leg, muttering, "Down here." Susan then tells Glen, "It's probably a hamstring." Bronowski snaps at Glen, "Oh great. Come here to try and get yourself fit and your stupid equipment ends up injuring you. Great advertisement." Susan tells Bronowski quickly, "Don't panic - I can help you." Bronowski, though, growls, "Keep your hands off me. I'd rather go to my own doctor, thanks." With that, he stands up, muttering, "I'll be lucky if I can make it to the car." Glen asks, "Can I call you a cab?" Bronowski, though, retorts angrily, "Don't try and buy me off, mate. You should have been watching me; too busy chatting up the birds, weren't you?" He glances over at the female customer. Bronowski goes on, "You're supposed to supervise everyone here, aren't you?" Glen suggests, "Let's just have a talk about it in the office." Bronowski, however, snaps, "You're not going to try and con me, mate." Glen tells him, "We'll pay for all your medical expenses; just let me know what the situation is." Bronowski, however, snaps, "You'll be paying more than medical bills by the time I've finished. Let me out of here..." With that, he limps out, leaving Glen standing there, looking worried.

A short time later, Bronowski is standing in a public 'phone box, saying down the 'phone, "You'd have given me an Oscar, mate." In the study at Dural, Wayne smiles, "As long as they were convinced." Bronowski assures him, "I had him shaking in his boots." Wayne comments, "I hope you didn't use your real name." Bronowski, however, tells him, "You're talking to a pro. Don't worry: everything went the way you wanted." He then asks, "When do I get the rest of the dough?" Wayne replies, "I'll get it to you this afternoon. And if it went as well as you say it did, I might even add a small bonus. I believe in paying for a job well done." He listens and then says, "Great. See you around." With that, he hangs up, looking very pleased with himself.

In the lounge room at Beryl's, Alison sits down on the couch with Colin and asks, "Do you only do one project at a time?" Colin replies, "Depends on how many projects I'm offered." Alison remarks, "Must get confusing sometimes." Colin, however, assures her with a smile, "Nothing I can't handle." In the kitchen, David is still crouching down by the doors. He listens as Alison asks Colin, "What do you think of this place - as an architect?" Colin just replies, "Haven't seen the bedroom yet - have I...?" He starts stroking Alison's arm... Alison pulls away and says quickly, "There's no rush. I'm planning renovations, so I--" Colin interrupts and explains, "To tell you the truth, I'm not actually in that end of the business. What you must realise is that there are all sorts of architects. My responsibility is the materials end of things: choosing the right tiles... bricks... the best timber and so on. I import construction materials. An artist is only as good as his tools." Alison remarks, "An architect's only a planner, really." Colin nods, "Right. You can plan to win or you can plan to lose. Customs and taxation can be pretty tricky." Alison prompts, "Unless, of course, you're clever - and pay people to keep quiet." She then asks, "What do you do about your staff? You can't possibly pay all of them as well." Colin tells her, "The secret is not to hang on to them for too long; that way, they don't get to know anything." Alison smiles, "You're quite an operator, aren't you?" Colin, however, grins, "Oh, I wouldn't say that... just successful." Alison asks, "Exactly how do you get goods through, though? I mean, I know it's to do with the paperwork, but there's the practical side..." Colin, however, says, "I think we'll leave that for another lesson. How about I teach you a few other things...?" Alison looks down at the drink she's holding and says quickly, "We're running out of ice. I won't be long." With that, she stands up and heads into the kitchen - almost knocking David over as she does so. Looking annoyed, she demands with a hiss, "What are you doing here? Get out." David, heading back outside reluctantly, warns quietly, "You be careful." Alison assures him, " Plan A is coming up. Don't worry." With that, she quickly gets some more ice from the freezer and then returns to Colin. As soon as the kitchen doors close again, David steps back inside. As she sits down with Colin in the lounge room, Alison says, "Tell me: what would you do if someone could prove you were cutting costs?" Colin, however, says, "Look: I think it's time we stopped discussing me and got down to a little bit of business between us." With that, he puts his arm round her. In the kitchen, David rolls his eyes. As Colin leans in towards Alison, she suddenly starts sneezing. She groans, "I'm sorry. It's been coming on for days." In the kitchen, a broad smile crosses David's face! Colin says meekly to Alison, "It looks as though our plans are set back a little, doesn't it?" Alison, sneezing again, insists, "I don't mind if you don't." Colin, however, tells her quickly, "I don't really think that would be fair to you; there'd be no joy in it at all if you're not feeling on top of things." Alison nods 'reluctantly', "Yes, you're probably right. All I can say is I can't wait to feel better." Colin looks at his watch and says, "I must move - I've got some important people to meet." Alison tells him, "I'm sorry it all blew up like that - I was trying to hide it from you." She goes to kiss him, but Colin stops her, saying quickly, "Best we wait - I reckon it'll be worth it." Alison smiles, "You have my word." With that, Colin heads out, leaving Alison looking pleased with herself. She picks up her and Colin's glasses and heads out to the kitchen - rolling her eyes as she finds David standing there again! He comments, "I might have known you'd pull something like that! He must have wondered what he struck!" He then adds, "On a serious note, I do appreciate what you've done." Alison, however, tells him, "We haven't finished yet - we need to nail him." David nods, "Yeah - and I've got an idea what our next step should be - or what my next step should be." Alison comments lightheartedly, "Are you sacking me now I've outgrown my usefulness?" David replies, "No - I just think you've done enough. The idea came to me when he was talking about not keeping his staff for long. I think it's a good chance for me to get in there and do a bit of snooping on his operation." Alison comments, "You've lost me." David explains, "There's no reason why I can't get a job there: he doesn't know me from Adam. I think it's our best chance." Alison stands there looking slightly dubious.

The boxes on the back of a truck are being unloaded into a depot. David is standing nearby, watching. He spots a set of overalls hanging over the door of the truck and he walks casually over, grabs them and puts them on. He then climbs onto the back of the truck, picks up a box and takes it into the depot. A short distance away, Colin Hopkins pulls up in his car. He climbs out, walks over to the truck and approaches the depot foreman, saying, "Let's have a look at that invoice." The foreman hands it over as David carries on working. As he lifts up another box, Colin stares at him and then calls over, "Hey! You!" David turns to look at him and asks, "Me?" Colin retorts, "Yes, you. Who are you?" David tells him, "Bill. Why?" Colin just growls, "I'll ask the questions round here. Who hired you?" David sighs, "I don't know. Some old guy." Colin snarls, "Don't make me laugh - I do all the hiring and firing round here. I don't remember you." David suggests, "Perhaps you've got a bad memory?" Colin glares at him and snaps, "I don't like smart alecks, either. Now, what are you doing here? Where are you from? Customs?" David asks, "Why would I be from Customs?" Colin retorts, "You look as though you might." David says quickly, "Just that I haven't worked for a while. I saw the dust coat on the door; I thought I'd put it on and start working and when you saw how good I was you'd take me on." Colin orders, "Get off the truck." David does as he's told. Colin adds, "Get that coat off." David insists, "I'm fair dinkum: I need work." Colin just mutters, "Yeah, and my old lady's the Queen of Egypt. Now, get the hell out of here. Consider yourself lucky. If I see you around here again, you're in big trouble. Understand?" David mutters, "Yeah." He storms off. When he's gone, Colin remarks to the foreman, "I've heard some beauties before, but that's a new one. A bloke deciding to hire himself? You see him hanging around here again, let me know straight away, right?" He stands there, looking suspicious...

David walks back into the kitchen at Beryl's, looking annoyed. Alison asks, "What happened? Did he catch you?" David claps as her retorts, "Got it in one." Alison sighs, "Oh no. How?" David tells her, "He wanted to know who I was, that's all." Alison demands, "Why didn't you make up something?" David mutters, "I did, didn't I? And I didn't get away with it." Alison tells him, "I would have thought of something." David growls, "I was doing alright 'til Hopkins turned up. I was in a top spot to see what was going off." Alison asks, "Why didn't you hide, or something, when you saw him coming?" David retorts, "It was too late, that's why. You weren't there, so it's useless trying to explain it to you." Alison asks, "Did he get a good look at you?" David snaps, "Of course he did - he asked me questions, didn't he?" Alison growls sarcastically, "That's even better: that means you have to keep right out of it from now on." David, however, tells her, "Not if I've got anything to do with it." Alison snaps, "Damn. It was all going so well." David mutters, "You think I feel good about it?"

Wayne is sitting in an armchair in the lounge room at Dural, sipping a cup of coffee and reading the newspaper. There's a smug look on his face. The front door opens suddenly and Susan walks in. Wayne puts on a dour expression quickly and Susan asks, "What's wrong? Why the long face?" Wayne tells her, "I had a call from the guy in the gym this morning - the one you told me about." Susan, sitting down, sighs, "The one who reckoned he'd torn his hamstring?" Wayne tells her, "Don't laugh: he's suing the company for damages." Susan grins, "Oh well - won't have a leg to stand on!" Wayne just mutters, "That would be funny if it wasn't serious." Susan exclaims in surprise, "You're not taking it seriously, are you? The other people there could confirm he was making a meal of it." Wayne, however, insists, "He injured himself on the property. He's got a case, whether we like it or not." Susan comments, "The insurance will take care of that, won't it?" Wayne retorts, "I don't want to get the gym involved in a court case: it'd be terrible for the image of the place." Susan sighs, "I hardly think it's going to make news headlines." Wayne, however, retorts, "Anything that reflects the abilities of the staff is bad news." Susan stares at him and snaps, "It was hardly Glen's fault." Wayne tells her, "Maybe not - but technically he is responsible. I know he can't be with everyone in the gym at the same time... don't get me wrong: I'm not blaming him." Susan comments, "It's nice to see you sticking up for him." Wayne, however, goes on, "It does put me in an awkward position." Susan asks, "How? I don't get it." Wayne tells her, "The guy's prepared to do a deal: he's prepared to drop the idea of suing if we pay for his medical expenses." Susan starts to say, "Glen offered that--" Wayne interrupts and adds, "His other condition is: we sack the instructor." Susan cries in horror, "That's not fair." Wayne retorts, "Maybe it isn't - but that's the way it is." He stands up and walks over to the bar as he goes on, "It turns out the guy's a gym freak; if he takes it into his head, he could damn near ruin us. He reckons he's had enough of going to places where the same sort of thing happens, and he's running a one-man campaign to get at people. Don't you see? I can't take the risk." Susan, standing up as well, snaps, "It's rotten, that all. To think a creep like that could lose someone their job - especially when they're so good at it." Wayne insists, "Don't worry: I'm sure I can find another instructor as good as Glen." Susan, however, says, "That's not the point, is it?" Wayne tells her, "It has to be - from my point of view. My hands are tied." Susan murmurs, "I can see that. Doesn't do Glen any good, though, does it?" Wayne looks at her, warily.

A while later, Glen is lifting weights with another man in the main room at the gym, when Wayne walks in. He asks the man to excuse him and he walks over and joins Wayne, asking quietly, "Something wrong?" Wayne nods, "You could say that. I've got some news for you. You're fired." Glen gasps, "What? What for?" Wayne retorts, "I would've thought that was obvious." Glen demands, "What the hell are you talking about?" Wayne replies calmly, "I'm talking about the guy who injured himself this morning." Glen insists, "It wasn't my fault." Wayne tells him, "You were in charge. You can't have the glory without the responsibility. I suggest you just pack your things and leave the premises." Glen glares at him and then exclaims, "You've been at it again, haven't you? You've set me up." Wayne remarks, "That sounds like sour grapes to me." Glen, however, snaps, "Oh no it's not. You decided as soon as you saw me here you were going to get rid of me - and in your usual dirty-handed way, you set me up." A broad grin crosses Wayne's face and he shrugs, "Like to see you prove it." Glen warns, "Don't worry, buster - 'cos this time I will."


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